Top 10 Best Call Center Software September, 2023

Customer support service 24/7 is the bedrock for any renowned company operating with a sole motive to earn profit. However, due to insufficient calling agents the quality of customer service is impacted which results in a heavy loss to the firm. What should one do in such a case?

In such circumstances, Call Center softwares can be widely used to mitigate the issues arising not only out of insufficient service staff but also due to difficulty in managing multiple calls & tickets in an efficient manner.

In this page, we will be covering the 10 Best Call Center Softwares and the factors that one should consider while choosing the Right Call Center Software for handling the support services of his company.

So without any further delays, let’s dive in to get the creamy details about various Call Center Softwares. 👍

Comparison of Call Center Software Solutions

10 Best Call Center SoftwareStarting just @Buy Now
Zoho Desk$9.68 per month Visit Here
3CX$175 per month Visit Here
RingCentral Contact Center$20 per monthVisit Here
DialPad$15 per monthVisit Here
CloudTalk Business Phone$25 per monthVisit Here
FreshDesk₹999 per monthVisit Here
Vonage$5000 Visit Here
8X8 Virtual Call CenterN/AVisit Here
Live Agent$9 per agentVisit Here
RingOver$21 per monthVisit Here

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Importance of Call Center Software

Best Call Center Software

Before we take a leap forward to explain to you about each and every Call Center Software, First, let us understand the importance that it carries in the Marketing Field. Here, are the importance listed as under:

Enhanced Customer Service

Since the customer Care Service is the GrassRoot benefit that any firm needs to offer its potential clients, it becomes crucial to handle the Inbound & Outbound calls, Support tickets, Live Chats, Emails and many more support mediums efficiently.

Thus, by using Call center software, the quality of customer services is enhanced.

Improved Efficiency

The good quality customer care service in turn improves the overall efficiency of the firm. Using the Right call center softwares, the support staff can respond to the multiple calls and several tickets according to the level of priority, can answer the live chat requests instantly and provide technical assistance to various requests in an efficient manner.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Call center Softwares not only efficiently turns raw data into comprehendible reports but also helps to analyze patterns & trends and suggest actionable insights to make necessary changes and improvements. 

With so many advantages at stake, let’s now dig deep into the creamy details about the 10 best Call center software that can provide you with enhanced call center solutions. 

Top 10 Call Center Software Solutions 

Here, we have listed the 10 best Call center software that can provide you with easy call center solutions at times when you have several issues to solve. To start off, let’s discuss the Zoho desk.

#1) Zoho Desk

With Zoho Desk as our point of discussion, is a comprehensive customer support software that provides a wide range of powerful features to simplify and enhance your support related operations.

Zoho Desk

It assists you to easily access your clients and provide them with quick resolutions. It also helps your support staff to remain productive and organized 24/7 with the help of powerful tools. 


With that being said, lets see some of its highlighted features which may help you understand Zoho desk in a better way.

  • Ticket Management: Zoho Desk provides you a centralized system for managing customer support tickets. It allows you to properly track priorities and resolve customer queries and problems. 
  • AI tool (ZIA): Zoho desk uses an AI tool ZIA to provide you with an efficient way of handling customer services. ZIA provides necessary assistance to your clients from your knowledgebase, identifies key aspects of the tickets, and responds to the clients in the live chat if the agents are unavailable.
  • Automation: The software enables you to automate repetitive tasks and workflows, saving time and thereby increasing productivity.
  • Self-Service: Zoho desk includes a self service portal where clients can access a KnowledgeBase, FAQs and community forums to find answers to their queries on their own. This in turn helps in reducing the number of support tickets and empowers clients to self-serve.
  • Ensures Security: It protects your customer’s data while providing your team with the information they require. Zoho desk allows only authorized people to access the data. 

Plans and Pricing

Want to buy this software, right? So let’s have a look at the pricing policy of zoho desk that it offers for its useful services.

  • Standard- ₹800 per month
  • Professional- ₹1400 per month 
  • Enterprise- ₹2400 per month

#2) 3CX- 

3CX is a powerful communication system that offers a wide range of features designed to enhance the communication among your team members within your organization and streamline the customer care services as well. 


It provides App free Web Conferencing, Live chat with website visitors and answer whatsapp business messages to mention a few. Want to know more about 3CX Application software? Let’s get down for more features offered by 3CX:


The features provided by 3CX are as follows:

  • Centralized communication channel: 3CX brings together various communication channels like voice calls, video conferencing and messaging in a single platform. This not only simplifies communication but also allows for easy collaboration within team members. 
  • Video conferencing: it includes an in-built web conferencing feature that allows users to host virtual meetings with audio and video capabilities. It supports screen sharing making it ideal for online presentations, training sessions and team collaboration.
  • Security: 3CX prefers security by offering end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls, making sure that the sensitive business conversations and necessary details are protected.
  • Call analytics and Reporting: 3CX offer detailed call analytics and reporting abilities. This in turn allows the businesses to benefit valuable insights from calling activity such as call duration, call volume and response time as well. These reports can be successfully used to optimize call handling and improve customer service.

It is normal for you to inquire about the pricing policy after knowing attractive features that can provide useful assistance to your firm.

Plans and Pricing

The cost of various plans offered by 3CX are as given under:

  • FREE- $0 forever
  • SMALL- $175 per year
  • PROFESSIONAL-$295 per year
  • ENTERPRISE-$330 per year

#3) RingCentral Contact Center: 

RingCentral is a Cloud-based phone system and efficient collaboration platform that provides customer service friendly features to enhance the support provided by the team to the clients. 

RingCentral Contact Center

It combines all the support channels to impart intelligent, connected and personalized customer experience. Let us see what Ring central Contact center has for you to offer:


The features of RingCentral Contact Center are as follows: 

  • Self service conversational AI bots: RingCentral have in-built AI bots that assists the staff in answering the issues through combined support channels. Using this, the contact center agents can respond to the calls promptly and without any unnecessary delays. 
  • Easy to use: Provides effortless experiences for support staff and supervisors with a desktop integrated with RingCentral business communications.
  • Omnichannel: RingCentral has omnichannel abilities with all digital channels under a single umbrella to provide the customer care service efficiently.
  • Automation: It enables the clients to assist themselves and make use of virtual assistance to manage upto 70% of their interactions.
  • Agents and supervisors tools: It not only provides assistance to the support staff to resolve the customer queries faster but also assists supervisors to monitor performance of various agents.

Are prices as attractive as the features provided by RingCentral? Continue reading to know more about it.

Plans and Pricing

The plans offered and their related prices are provided as under:

  • Core: $20 per month
  • Advanced: $25 per month 
  • Ultra: $35 per month

#4) Dialpad- 

DialPad is an AI-powered intelligent Platform that offers a variety of Customer care features to enhance the business communication and customer services as well. It provides Phone Support, Video conferencing, Cloud Contact center, Live chats and a lot more.


With AI powered features Dialpad elevates the level of performance and productivity in customer support service.

What more does it offer? Might be the question cropping up in your mind. To this we have brought the features offered by DialPad:


The Followings are the features provided by DialPad:

  • Voice Calling: DialPad allows you to make and receive calls using your existing internet connection. It provides good quality HD voice technology and offers unlimited calling.
  • Video Conferencing: With DialPad’s in-built videoConferencing features, you can conduct face-to-face meetings with your team members or clients even if they are located remotely. It supports screen-sharing and recording for a professional and engaging meeting experience.
  • Messaging and SMS: It includes a chat feature that enables you to send instant messages and SMS to clients. This feature facilitates quick and efficient communication within your team as well, helping to collaborate and stay connected at all times.
  • Call Analytics and Reporting: DialPad Provides detailed call analysis and reporting tools allowing you to get valuable information about the calling activities. You can track calls and refer the reports collected to draft analysis accordingly.
  • VoiceMail and Transcription: DialPad includes Voicemail capabilities, allowing you to receive and listen to voicemail messages directly from your devices or email.Besides Dialpad’s transcription feature can automatically convert the voicemail messages into texts, making it easier to respond to the messages.

With that being said, let’s make an effort to look at the various pricing policies offered by DialPad.

Plans and Pricing

The various plans and the prices offered are as follows:

  • Standard: $15 per month 
  • Pro: $25 per month

#5) CloudTalk Business Phone System- 

It is one of the best Call center softwares that is renowned for helping businesses to connect with their customers in an efficient way. To explain further, CloudTalk is a VoIP business calling solution that is used by customer service staff members. 

CloudTalk Business Phone System

It handles various operations and gives managers with analytics that they need to optimize performance thereby increasing calling efficiency. 

Let’s have a look at its features to know about it in more details:


1. Voice features

  • It creates a call queue by sorting out the inbound calls enabling the agents to attend them on the basis of level of priority. 
  • CloudTalks can record all the calls attended by the agents automatically. Once the call ends you can listen to it for future reference.
  • Gives a Toll free number enabling your clients to reach you at all times.

2. Call routing features

  • You can give high priority to your VIP clients by using the VIP queue feature of CloudTalks.
  • The automatic answer feature assists you in handling large volumes of calls from your potential clients.
  • Gives you a call forwarding feature to enable your clients to address issue to agents free to take the calls.

3. Integrations

  • Provides you with a caller id feature to show you the name and other information of the client trying to reach you.

So many features offered by CloudTalks? This means the price is skyRocketing ? Not at all! Lets see the plans and prices offered by CloudTalk.

Plans and Pricing

Below, we have discussed the prices of the services offered by CloudTalks:

  • Starter- $25 
  • Essential- $30
  • Expert- $50

#6) Freshdesk- 

Freshdesk is a customer support software platform that helps firms to manage and control their customer service operations. It offers a wide range of features and tools to enable efficient and effective customer support, Ticketing management and collaboration among support teams. So what makes FreshDesk different from other softwares? 


It easily manage inbound(incoming) customer queries and requests from various support channels such as phone, email, chat and social media as well. Let’s have a deeper look at the features offered by FreshDesk


The features offered by FreshDesk are as follows:

  • Ticketing- with FreshDesk you can prioritize, group and assign tickets to the right agents and elevate the performance of your company.
  • OmniChannel- centralize the support channels and other communication mediums on a single platform to improve customer service and agent productivity.
  • Automations-FreshDesk assigns tickets, emails and chats to agents based on their available bandwidth, workload and skills.
  • Self-service- It provides a chat bot that automatically suggests the solutions and converts the serious issues raised in the community into tickets.
  • Security-Freshdesk comes with SSL certificates that lets you secure your customer data from online threats.

Lets see what the various plans offered cost?

Plans and Pricing

A brief has been provided about the prices of the plans offered by FreshDesk

  • Free up to 10 agents 
  • Growth- ₹999
  • Pro- ₹3599
  • Enterprise- ₹5699

#7) Vonage- 

Lets see what Vonage actually is? Vonage is a call center application that is designed to improve customer service and enhance communication capabilities within a call center environment. 


Vonage offers integration with customer relationship management systems, enabling agents to access important customer information during calls. Overall, Vonage aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service operations. There are a lot more features which we’ll be discussing below.


The features offered by Vonage are as follows:

  • MultiChannel ChatBox automation: AI bots answer the live chat requests in natural language and arrange the tickets as per the set priority ensuring a smooth conversation with the clients.
  • Marketing support and analytics: Broadcasting market promotion using pre-built templates and capturing performance for sales agents.
  • Multiple Channel Live Chat: Vonage LiveChat, powered by, can guide your clients to the products they like to purchase and improve sales using this option.
  • Commerce Engine: Elevate your Live Chat with commerce, payments, and CRM tools to create a smooth conversational commerce Platform.

Plans and Pricing 

The plans and pricing offered by Vonage are as follows:

  • Start-up Fee- $5000 
  • Monthly fee- $1000 

#8) 8×8 Virtual Call Center- 

Talking about 8X8 Virtual call center refers to a specific type of call center  setup that relies on the technology provided by the company 8X8 Inc. to handle inbound and outbound customer calls IT offers a range of tools and features designed to facilitate efficient call center operations.

8x8 Virtual Call Center

What more does 8X8 have to offer? To see the features, look down further to get more details about it.


The features offers by 8X8 virtual call center the following are:

  • Connects faster and responds promptly using Omnichannel Routing: Enables to answer the clients promptly and efficiently without unnecessary delays.
  • Results with Workforce engagement management: helps to activate agents potential and enable them to deliver great customer services offering tools to generate better results.
  • SelfService and Automation: Give customers intelligent solutions from Knowledgebase and resources minimizing the number of tickets and live chats requests.
  • 24/7 Global support: at times of emergency, you can call the customer care support team via chat, phone and email for doubt clearance.

Plans and Pricing

To know the pricing policy for each and every plan offered by 8X8 virtual call center, you need to contact the sales team for the same.

#9) LiveAgent- 

With LiveAgent as the point of our discussion, it is a call center software that offers smooth ticket solutions, enables the agents to connect with the clients via multiple support channels and offers integration with several relevant tools to enhance the work performance of the agents.


Most of the features are driven by AI ensuring effectiveness in handling customers.

Let’s look at the features that LiveAgent has to offer:


The features are as follows 

1. Ticketing system:

  • Agent collision detection to prevent multiple agents from working on the same ticket
  • Receive Rating and identity trends after each conversation.
  • Offers an option to drag and drop files while reporting issues via ticket.
  • Automatically create optimum workload for the agents by not overloading them.

2. LiveChat features

  • The LiveChat button is easy to implement.
  • Offers an option to access the chat history to know the basis of conversation.
  • Provides an animation option to animate your chat button.
  • Monitor who is browsing your website.

Plans and pricing

The features offered by LiveAgent are available at the prices provided as under: 

  • Small: $9/per agent
  • Medium: $29/per agent
  • Large: $49/per agent
  • Enterprize: $69/per agent

#10) Ringover- 

RingOver is a cloud based call center software that is designed to empower businesses with effective communication solutions for their virtual call centers.


With Ringover you can effectively manage the inbound and outbound calls, track call logs and provide smooth customer support. It is a reliable and feature rich call center software that empowers businesses to efficiently manage their virtual call center. To see the features provided by RingOver, keep reading the page further:


The features offered by RingOver are as follows:

  • Incredible call quality: the call quality is skyRocketing when it comes to RingOver, the connection is secured and maintained without having any technical glitches.
  • Boost your productivity: an efficient communication line ensures productivity of the enterprise thereby securing a better place among the customers by providing timely assistance.
  • Simple and intuitive interface: the interface is user-friendly and enables the agent and the customer to handle the communication easily.

The features always come with a price tag, so to see the prices of the related services, keep reading.

Plans and Pricing

The pricing policy are as user:

  • Smart-$21 per month
  • Business- $44 per month
  • Advanced- $54 per month

With so many call center softwares at stake, the problem of choice arises among all of you, Right? Now to choose the Perfect Call center software, you need to adopt a few factors that we have discussed below. We urge you to read forward and acknowledge yourself with the relevant details.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Call Center Software

Keep in mind the Factors stated below before Choosing the Right call center software to handle your customer services and communication within your organization efficiently.

The factors are as follows:


Pick the software that can be easily operated by browser so that simply using laptops, headsets and internet connections you can connect with your customers.

Integration Capabilities

Before you choose the right call center software to handle your customer support services, make sure it has the ability to integrate with various other platforms to provide excellent support service to your clients.

Features and Functionality

Select a call center software that can make a variety of features like call routing, call recording, security, integrations with different platforms to help the needy customers by self services, thereby increasing customer service efficiency.

Free trails

Who doesn’t want to check first and then use it to be double sure about the quality of features offered by the Call Center Software? So choose the software that can provide you a privilege to perform free trials of 5 to 10 days before actually buying the services from it.

Conclusion- Best Call Center Softwares

Through this article, you got to know the Top 10 call center softwares that you can use to reduce your effort on customer services and thereby efficiently managing the Support staff as well.

We sincerely believe that the information provided about the call center softwares, its features and general pricing policies might help you to compare and analyze the same before you can make an effort to purchase it. You can also contact the support staff of various call center softwares Provide your valuable insights to help us improve more. 


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