How To Earn Online Through Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing

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Web hosting services allow their users and marketers to use Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing so that they can earn from sales commission, and the industry offers cheap web hosting, so the chances of sales increases. The top affiliate programs offer less commission and higher commission on various packages. But you have to suggest the best package for the users of your web hosting Affiliate marketing strategy.

How Are Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Useful?

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Useful

Affiliate programs are designed to benefit all three parties at the same time, and top affiliate programs design their product to keep business, promoter, and customer happy.


1: Webhosting affiliates calculate the market value of their product, and they have in-house servers, and it gives them the advantage to cut down the cost of expenses or cut down their profits to offer the hosting discount coupons for the customers.

2: The top affiliate programs understand their promoters, and they try to work with them by learning the customer’s pain points, and their opinions. The web hosting services call a meeting, and they make their affiliate commission profitable for the promoters as well.

3: The best of the affiliate programs that it involves valued-package for the customers. It makes it easier for the promoter to promote the product via hosting review on blogs.

But, make sure to understand the difference between Unknown cheap web hosting company, and reputed cheap web hosting company. The unknown brand web hosting company may offer a great commission, but the customers can suffer from their bad service.

1. High Commission Payout

Now, this is where you have to be careful because the commissions of a hosting service might encourage you to promote them on your blogs, and social media, but it can end up being a scam.

1: Make sure to select a reputed company like BlueHost, DreamHost, YouStable, DigitalOcean, NameCheap, and more. But, make sure to stay away from the unknown companies because it could be a scam.

2: Ensure that you comply with their policies, or you may end up losing commissions from the Webhosting Affiliate Programs.

3: Top affiliate programs offer $10 per sale to $25 per sale depending on the package. The number of years the customers adds to their package, then the commission increases. Many marketers make $1000+ a month from sales commission from WordPress themes, Hosting packages, and SEO tools.

2. Increase in Popularity of building Websites

If you are planning to make plenty of money from an affiliate, then you better have a reputed blog, then you better add direct company sales to web hosting affiliate marketing strategy. You can contact reputed companies, and they will offer you greater commissions when you have a high-ranking and traffic blog that promotes their product. The more popular you are in the market, the more you are going to make out of the hosting sales.

3. Suggested Niche for Webhosting Affiliates

Webhosting affiliate programs do give you a high-commission payout when your blog is about websites, hosting, and SEO. Yes, you can run a blog that teaches visitors about multiple things, but make sure to promote hosting companies at the footer, sidebar, and even review posts.

The preferred niche is web hosting because it increases your chance to sell packages to the customers.

4. Hosting Discount Coupons

Top affiliate programs have dedicated teams who work with the promoters, and industry experts to introduce new ways for the promoters to make their selling process easy. There should always be a pitch to sell the packages to the new customers, right?

The hosting discount coupons come in handy when the promoters need a selling point to pitch the product to the people.

5. Popular Webhosting Affiliate Programs

There are so many web hosting companies, who offer affiliate programs, but only a few them are legit, and they pay you well. But, do not get greedy because nowadays, it’s hard to get high payouts from Webhosting Affiliates programs.

Note: The websites we are going to list are not in ranking order.

1: Youstable – Even if you manage to get one person buying the highest package, You get the recurring commission.

2: A2 Hosting Affiliate Program.

3: SiteGround Affiliate Program

4: BlueHost – Keep it in mind that international endurance group owns Bluehost, Hostgator, Reseller club, and LogicBoxes etc.

5: iPage offers $100+ per sale.

6: Siteground offers good commissions to their promoters, and you can make up to $100+ from per sale.

Note: Make sure to check the official websites for more information because they change their policies and payouts from time-to-time.

How to promote Webhosting Affiliates?

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Useful

I know that many of you are wondering on how to promote your Webhosting Affiliates websites from scratch.

Write Hosting review:

I highly recommend you to write a review, but the content matters here. Remember, never write a review unless you have the product yourself, and you have tried every feature of the website hosting the company offered to their customers.

Reviews only work, when you write in-depth information that no one but a customer can tell. The review is an experience, not just a piece of content that brings customers. Write positive and negative points properly to gain people trust.

Hosting Discount coupon:

Everyone loves few bucks off on a package, right? Why don’t you use Hosting Discount coupons to attract people to read your content, and click on your buy links?

Keep in mind that run few Hosting Discount coupon campaigns, but ensure you check the Hosting Discount coupon from time-to-time because once a visitor leaves, then he/she might not return.

Custom Discount coupon:

Discount coupons are seasonal, and they come and go after a while. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot offer the coupons yourself! If you are a beginner, then you can avoid it, but if you are someone who has an established website, then you can offer coupons. You may be limited now, but keep in mind so that you can offer it in future.

Put Hosting Banner:

A website has Header, Sidebar, and Footer space, which you can use that space in your web hosting affiliate marketing strategy. How about you add hosting banners with affiliate links? They do get clicks, and the proof is Adsense.  Try Adsense on your website for a month, and then check how many clicks you get in a month with your current traffic.

Create Hosting Comparison sites:

I say that people want to learn about Hostgator vs Siteground because they are unable to determine which is the better choice is for them. You can help them learn more about it in the comparison articles, and you can write hosting comparisons to give them additional information.


Webhosting concept is a crowded niche, and you might get lucky for the first time, but if you aim for long-term brand building and Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing, then you can expect to make plenty of money out of affiliates. I have learned the hard way that long-term goals work, but they take time.


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