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How to make money with hosting affiliate marketing for beginners in 2021

Making money blogging can be a little tricky in 2021. But there are many bloggers who earn thousands of dollars every month.

Ever wondered how they do that?

A great part of that comes from affiliate marketing. Probably the best way to earn money passively if you know how to write a good blog is through promoting branded products,

you get paid when the company makes a sale through you and when they don’t, you don’t.

Now, there is a pretty overwhelming range to choose the products from.

While selecting what you would promote on your site you need to keep in your mind that the product or the service should be 💯 related to the content you write in your blog.

Why Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Why promote web hosting services of all the products? There are good reasons for that.

Highly demanded Product for every online business:

Websites and blogs on the internet are multiplying. Numerous users sign up for a new website every other day. A site doesn’t exist without hosting it on the web.

Up to 100% Recurring Income:

Excluding the top paid folks who might get an exclusive offer to promote the reputed brands, advertising web hosting is the best paying when it comes to earning from your blog or website.

Web hosting services allow their users and marketers to use Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing enabling them to earn from the sales commission.

Such industries offer cheap web hosting, so it is more probable that you’ll make a sale.

The top affiliate programs offer less commission and higher commission on a variety of packages. Though the job of suggesting the best product is yours.

A good Affiliate marketing strategy is the first thing you should focus on when entering this field of business.

Read our simplified guide on how to top the web hosting affiliate marketing strata. Earn money from web hosting affiliate marketing programs now.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate programs are designed to benefit all three parties at the same time. The top affiliate programs are designed to keep business, promoter, and customer happy.

  1. Web hosting affiliates Marketing calculate the market value of their product. They have in-house servers, and it enables them to cut down the expenses and cut down their profits to offer the hosting discount coupons for the customers.
  2. The top affiliate programs understand their promoters, and they try to work with them by learning the customers’ pain points, and their opinions. The web hosting services call a meeting, and they make their affiliate commission profitable for the promoters as well.
  3. Top affiliate programs ensure that the customer the promoters drive in stay happy. They do this by including valued products in the packages. This way, advertising the company doesn’t ruin the reputation of the blogger.

Reputed Web Hosting Programs Vs Unknown Web Hosting Programs

Now, this is where the difference between some unknown cheap web hosting company and a reputed cheap web hosting company kicks in.

The former may offer huge commissions but the customers at the other end suffer from the bad service which is not advised for the long term reputation of your blog.

High Commission Payout

This is where you have to be careful because the commissions of a hosting service might encourage you to promote them on your blogs, and social media, but it can end up being a scam.

Make sure to select a reputed company like BlueHostDreamHostYouStable, DigitalOcean, NameCheap, and more. But, make sure to stay away from unknown companies because it could be a scam.

Top web hosting affiliate marketing programs offer $10 per sale to $25 per sale depending on the package. The commissions increase when customers choose packages for more than one year.

So many bloggers make more than a thousand dollars a month selling WordPress themes, Web hosting plans, and website plugins.

Promote the Best Services

When advertising it is strongly recommended to promote the products you can be confident about. Now, there is a reason the reputed web hosting services are reputed. You got me.

They are good for their customer. So when you’re showing off a well-established web host, you can do it more easily and that will only build your site’s reputation.

Web hosting Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Just like good content and attractive website guarantee you ranking on google, enrolling in a good affiliate program isn’t the end of the story.

While becoming a pro is a long process that comes from experience, knowing a few things gives you a significant advantage over the others.

Promote Web Hosting You’re Confident About

Everyone should say “He knows what he is talking about” when they read your reviews.

I’ve said this earlier, promote the products you have used and found okay and the ones you would really recommend.

While it is advised to affiliate to the high paying ones, don’t let their money get into your brain.

A way around this will be choosing the hosting providers you or someone you know has had a good experience with and provide high paying opportunities for you too.

Look for Programs You Can Always Promote

Your attention should be more on the programs that you trust are going to last longer. Look for the already established companies, branded names and the programs that had been there for a while now.

Because you want to start earning consistently one day soon, you don’t want to have to search for a new affiliate program every other day.

Find web hosts that work for you and stick to them, the same goes to the bloggers advertising products in different niche.

In your free time, it is good to stay updated on new opportunities in affiliate marketing and try them out, no one hates extra money.

Appear a Web Hosting Adviser

You don’t want to come off as a vendor when you’re recommending a web hosting service to your readers.

Moreover, the users on your blogger and website must get the impression that you have good knowledge of web hosting services. Isn’t that why they are going to trust you?

Create a Web Hosting Services Comparison Page

If you don’t have good information on some top cheap and premium web-hosting providers, now is the time to do your research.

That will help you with the confidence part too. What you want to do is make your site look a handbook, if not an encyclopedia, on the top web hosting providers.

Make a few webs hosting providers comparison pages and don’t let them get outdated, a little update often works generally.

Publish Bias-Free Review on Web Hosting

I take it you already know how to write reviews. Anyways, get good in writing reviews and write a few unbiased,

honest reviews on web hosting companies and services. Note down the good and bad things about the packages and share personal experiences.

Tips for writing great reviews:

  • Write about the services and products that allow you to make it interesting – excellent features at affordable prices, products that are a fraud actually but have deceptive appearances, etc.
  • Give better alternatives for the bad services.
  • Be honest and disclose every time you provide the users with an affiliate link, tell them that you make a small commission and why should they trust you.

Reviews only work, when you write in-depth information that no one but a customer can tell.

The review is an experience, not just a piece of content that brings customers. Write positive and negative points properly to gain people’s trust.

Website Optimization

All the work you’ve done can go waste if no one is opening your site. You might have come across this earlier;

statistics say that users expect their site to load in less than two seconds. In the present day,

when there are more than 640 million websites on the cloud, everyone has plenty of options for anything they are searching for. If your website is taking too long to load, you’ll lose them in the race.

  • Bad Performance experience is out of the question. Use hassle-free plugins and links on your blog. The user experience shouldn’t be anyhow irritating.
  • Compress your HTML files, use tools to trim the fat ends of the data like images, CSS, Javascript, etc. Disable image hotlinking. Enable keep-alive mode. Enable browser caching.
  • The sidebars, the footers on your blogs, optimize everything for the maximum output. Because when your site loads on a page, it does so with the content and advertisements both. Moreover, if the extras on your blog are taking too much, the browser might just load the text and the basic material.
  • Optimize your website for the best results in data saving mode.

I must say optimizing your website for slower loading time is a thorough process you must go through once.

For a simplified guide, check out our article on WordPress Speed Optimization.

Optimize for Mobile

How many of your friends jump on their laptop whenever they want to search for something or read a blog? I guess not many.

Yeah, it is the truth, while you keep working on your website’s outlook opening it on your computer, it is not how it really appears to half of the users who open it on their Android or iPhone.

Another question, is your site mobile responsive? You got the hint, work on it mate!

Keep the Traffic

How do you ensure that the person who visits your website visits again? (Assuming that your website is enough for the content he was looking for.)

After putting up a thirst-quenching content on your blog, you have to take care of your visiting family by providing them with discounts, etc.

Discount Coupons for Web Hosting

Share the hosting discount coupons you find on the websites of Webhosting companies. Stay updated and keep an eye out for the good coupons present over the internet. Your affiliate companies also bring out coupon codes,

if the users use it, they get a discount and you make a sale. Things get even better if your niche is close to web hosting.

You can write good articles on web hosting services and provide your readers with a little discount through your website.

However, make sure, to be honest, and disclose your personal income with the affiliate links.

The ‘Something Extra’

This has more to do with earning through your website and not limited only to web hosting affiliate programs.

If you are writing about setting up a blog you can provide your readers with free themes, plug-ins, SEO tools, etc. Similarly, you can find something to help your readers within all the genres you write about.

“A good web hosting affiliate marketing strategy is inevitable in the lessons of affiliate marketing.”

Learning the Business

Use Keywords

You probably know how important it is to use keywords on your website. Without proper keywords included in your content, your site will not rank on search engines.

People, when searching, enter two kinds of search terms actually, informative and transactional. Either they want a little knowledge and tricks on something (informative;

usually start with how to, why…) or transactional like discounts, offers, etc. Include high traffic keywords of both type in your blog.

Boost Web Hosting Sales

Use special discounts and offers on Special occasions to boost your hosting sales. The trick is to stay updated on special offers about the web hosting affiliate marketing

programs and being the first one to provide your customers with the discounts. Utilize Christmas, Black Friday, to add special vibes.

Landing Pages

The landing pages are the most crucial to make sales. Statistics has it that the conversion rate can be as much as 2 to 5 per cent.

That means for every thousand visitors, you make sales 20 to 50 often!

  • Multiple offers can ruin the sale. You should aim for one offer per page. Try to bet at one horse and give it your best shot.
  • Use appealing buttons so that your readers can click on the products links.
  • Where you place the promotions matters a lot. While advertising the products on the header can tamper the image of your blog, placing them on the end might mean your visitors never see them. The sidebar is usually a good idea, but the choices vary from blog to blog. Find out what works well for your page, there are tools like Google Analytics and Smartlook you should consider.

Study Competition

Check what your competitors are doing, that is a good way to learn new tricks and incorporate them into your blog.

This will also help you widen your horizon about the keywords, page layout, and content overview.

Try to get more ideas on campaigns and selling strategies.

Building a Trusting Relation with Your Reader Family

We’ve already seen why do we need to be honest. Top sites publish an income report on their earning through Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing programs and links.

If you can put a little more work here, get this looking very real. Try to keep screenshots of the payouts and publish them later.

Also, you can consider making an income page on your website to post the income reports.

That was another benefit of adding some content on your site which many will surely be reading.

Promote Web Hosting You’re Affiliating

To make good bucks out of your web hosting affiliate marketing program, you need to make the maximum sales you probably can.

Do this by advertising your site as much as possible without coming off as a spammer.

Here are the tips for reaching a wider audience and making great sales:

  • Use ad banners and links in your sidebars and footers to promote your web hosting. You can find the affiliate links and add banners in the affiliate panel of your program’s website.
  • Build a social network and utilize social media to be widely available. Use various social media platforms to advertise Webhosting.
  • Begin a weekly or monthly week letter, that would be a good place to highlight the web hosting services you’re getting paid to promote.
  • And as I mentioned earlier, build a reputation as a web hosting adviser.

Top Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Programs

Let me give you a head start in the form of a list of good web hosting affiliate marketing programs.

This will help you to choose a good one to start with.

Here’s the list, not essentially in the ranking order:

  • Youstable – Even if you manage to get one person buying the highest package, you get the recurring commission.
  • A2 Hosting Affiliate Program.
  • SiteGround Affiliate Program
  • BlueHost – Keep it in mind that international endurance group owns Bluehost, Hostgator, Reseller club, and LogicBoxes etc.
  • iPage offers $100+ per sale.
  • Siteground offers good commissions to their promoters, and you can make up to $100+ from per sale.

Note: Make sure to check the official websites often, because they change their policies and payouts from time-to-time.

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