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Someone Copied Blog Post What To Do? – DMCA Letter

Blog writing always comes with the risk of plagiarism that people who don’t want to put an effort to learn and they don’t have the skill as you do, and then they copy it.

Copy content is bad for both parties because Google is an AI that can make mistakes and it can take your original content as duplicate, then you are the one to suffer.

I have seen Someone Copied Blog Post on their website, and it had impacted negatively on my website as well, so it’s time to find out about copyright infringement notice and how to use it.

Will your blog have any impact if Someone Copied Blog Post?

Someone Copied Blog Post

The answer is YES because you cannot rely on Google AI to understand who published it first on the World Wide Web.

Let’s assume that you have published the piece of content on 1st November and the copywriter published on 1st December; then you are going to take the win.

However, it is important that Google AI can read data of “Post Publish Date.”

  1. Google uses Webmasters tool to find out when you submitted your URL to crawl. It also does the same thing with copywriter published post and then it compares it.
  2. In case, the copywriter did not submit, and Google bot automatically crawled it, then it also has records of the crawl data, then it compares it.

Remember, you cannot depend on search engine bots to see at the content. It does have a negative impact, and there are some SEO factors behind it.

How to find if Someone Copied Blog Post?

Someone Copied Blog Post

There are many ways you can find stolen content from your website and allow us to show you two ways to find it accurately.


I use Grammarly premium, and it has a plagiarism option that enables you to find copied content source links directly, which is an advanced tool in my opinion.

In case, if you don’t have the premium version of the Grammarly, then move to the second option which is free-of-cost.


One of the popular free Plagiarism site that helps you identify the culprit within a matter of moments.

  1. Go to the official site of the Copyscape.
  2. Copy the URL of the website post that you want to check.
  3. Paste the URL on the Copyscape, and then hit enter.
  4. The tool takes a few seconds to analyze and check for the culprits, and then give you the result.

I have tested it on a website that was shut down for a few months, and then backed up! Usually,

copywriter scrape content from closed websites and published them on their websites, so the chances of copying without permission is higher.

How to stop people from copying your blog content?

Someone Copied Blog Post What To Do? - DMCA Letter

There are many ways to stop the content scrappers to use your content without your permission.

However, it does not stop newbie’s because they are not aware of the rules and regulations, and how serious you are when it comes to copy and paste jobs.

But, you can keep the Professional Bloggers who are spammers creating 100’s of blogs to build Tier 2 backlinks out of it.

  1. Add watermark to your Images and Thumbnails used in the post. It does prevent content scrapping tools from copying your content, and even when copied, then the readers will quickly find out that it is a copied content.
  2. Add “2015 – 2018 © All Rights Reserved– Your website name or company name” in the footer area on your Blogger website and your WordPress website, or your HTML website.
  3. SUE them by reporting stolen content using DMCA, which we will get through it.

5 Steps to take down those Content Copy bloggers

In many ways, you can stop copywriters to steal content from your website, and we will tell you a few approaches that might help you get rid of the stolen content.

Send Polite E-mail:

Honestly, you should give it a try, but it works sometimes, and most of the time it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, many websites that copy content are spammed, and they don’t have a contact form, to begin with.

We have also encountered people who have blamed and cursed us instead of apologizing or publishing unique content.

But, it’s worth to give a shot.

Cease and Desist Notice:

Cease and Desist Notice is a legal notice to tell the business or an individual that they are conducting purposely an illegal activity on their website.

The notice will bring them to light and it is the first step to get the attention of the website or business members.

DMCA Letter to Web Host:

Have you ever heard of the DMCA?

DMCA has the power to reach high-level authorities and they send your request on your behalf.

You have to fill the form properly with valid details, then they will forward your request to the hosting providers, then they will take action against the website.

DMCA letter to Google Adsense:

We have many situations where the company or the individual does not respond to your emails on purpose.

If the website has monetized its website using Adsense, then they have a strong policy to fight against SPAM and CONTENT Plagiarism.

You can report the Adsense team that a specific website has stolen your content and you can file a report to inform Adsense.

The Google Adsense sends a report that they have copied content that violates Adsense policy.

DMCA letter to others:

DMCA notice does allow you to send other letters to websites that try to copy your content and they even submit to Google as well, which results in de-index of the website pages.

The Google does support DMCA notice reports and they remove any websites that copy your content and they take strong actions in rakings.

Legal actions:

In case, if the theft is serious and damaging your reputation, then you can contact a lawyer, who can help you by giving you the right advice and direction to proceed with it.

It might cost you plenty of money, but you can sue the individual for the damages and reputation damages.


There are many ways you can avoid website content scrapping, but it is inevitable to keep everyone away from the content infringement.

Let us know what methods you are using to keep the content scrappers away from your website.

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