How to make your blog post more stunning in 2021?

This is the most common question for most bloggers because a simple and attractive blog post may drive more traffic to your post.

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while writing an article on any niche and make it much eye-catching as you can.

It’s normal to seek WordPress Plugin for even a tiny task on your blog for most of the beginners, and those who don’t have much knowledge coding and programming.

Do you know most of the hacked blog’s owners admit that they were using more than five to ten plugins installed on the website?

I highly recommend you to make changes manually in most of the cases. We also recommend you to install plugins that have high priority and rest can go back to the drawing room.

Make Your blog Post More Stunning in 2019
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Note: We are preparing you for Present, and Future of the Google search engine, and Penalties.

Fixing/Using Images on your Blog Post

Using Images on your Post

After deciding your article topic do some research on available images at or any other

free image providing platform to avoid unnecessary claims. Or even you can use free images on Wikipedia,

and there are many other free images library sites like Unsplash, Flickr Images, etc.!

In the modern year of the Internet, we recommend you to use free stock images that suit your subheading and concept of your content.

It is also mandatory that you avoid adding copyrighted images from Google Images or any other site without taking proper permissions.

Always add custom images designed for your content, or you can use free stock images for your content.

You should always avoid copyrighted Images on your article, or you may get penalized in the future, and it may affect your Adsense account as well.

Before adding images to your article, make sure that you have edited and cropped the images according to your blog structure.

I rarely use large height images in the middle of the post, but you may adjust according to your WordPress layouts.

Note: Please use ALT tags in every image you upload, and one more important thing is to remove the link from your images, and don’t make them clickable it will avoid unnecessary pop up’s.

Using Custom CSS for Heading and Unique Font

blog post more stunning

Currently, we are not using custom CSS for headings like (H1 to H6) tags, but we do change font according to our needs.

Most of the times, I prefer to use Google Fonts. However, you can install a library of awesome fonts using the WordPress plugin.

But if you are looking for a single font on your blog, then I would suggest you to kindly edit your CSS files, or hire a professional from any freelancing portals like Fiverr to get the job done.

As you can see in the above image that I have used five different fonts, and every font has its unique look.

You have to choose a better font style according to your layouts, and sometimes it depends on the content niche.

It would be an exception when you are running a blog that has informative content in it. You must understand your audience and the niche you are involved.

Do not forget that wrong font can drive away readers and it can also impact the user-satisfaction rate.

You should review the content and compare it to another worthy website. Thus you get prominent results.

Website Layout or Colours

This is also a most important factor to make your blog more user-friendly and drive more traffic to your site.

You may try hard to get readers from various methods like Social Media, SEO Methods,

LinkBack and many others but the fact is you will hardly get unique readers until your blog is not simple and easy to operate to them.

Visual appearance always matters, and you can take Images for example. We only select Images for our blog post that has quality and vibrant.

You cannot weasel out of this because it has proven by many bloggers that website layout appearance does matter.

Colors = Happiness and spread positive vibes.

Suggestion: You can use White (It is the symbol of peace,) and Orange as border layout would make a great combination.

You can also use Black instead of Orange to maintain a low-profile.

Post Quality Content on the blog post

blog post more stunning

Nothing would work unless you have a high quality of content. We know that every expert in the industry puts a tag “High-quality content,” but what does that mean?

We know that many beginners would crumble at this point trying to figure out the word QUALITY!

Allow us to explain and make you understand the rules of quality content.

1 – There are many beginners, who add too many advertisements in between blog post. Quality will be blown away when you have advertisements in between post.

2 – Misleading information, Unverified information, Information you have never even tried (If you haven’t tried it, then at least mention it), and keyword stuffing that ends up with NO SENSE making sentences.

3 – In-depth information. If the topic cannot add a lengthy article, then try to make it better than anyone on Google’s first page.

Clean Content writing with SEO

blog post more stunning

Everyone wants to make Google search engine happy by using SEO techniques.

But, in that process, bloggers and experts lose sight of what Google stands for, which kills your post rankings.

Google main business comes from the users, and they are in the business to provide ACCURATE, HELPFUL, and Right solution for the users.

Question: What do this mean to us “The Writers?

Answer: Write to the users. Not for Google or any other search engine.

If the specific keyword “SEO tips beginners 201,” then the beginners would paste the same keyword plenty of times in the post.

Let me tell you that Google AI is smart and it can tell that the word makes no sense to the users.

Then, how do you write it?

If you want to rank, then write “SEO tips for the beginners in 2018” for users, and it takes months, but you will rank ultimately.

Also, Proofread (You have to check your content for mistakes, errors, passive voice, sentence formation, etc.) your content twice to ensure that it is ready to publish.

Use Social Media

blog post more stunning

We don’t need to give you any special instructions on how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Remember, you have to use the main Keywords in the Social Media post because many social media pages rank on Google first page.

Suggestion: You can use Quora, Medium,, and Lockerdome because they rank in Google search results, which means free traffic to your site.

Make Responsive Website

blog post more stunning

There’s no secret that Google announced that responsive websites would rank faster on a search engine. What do you do now?

Eliminate speed killers, and you can use Google’s page speed insight tool to figure out the errors.

Remember, for next years, smartphone or mobile experience will be calculated as a ranking factor.

First, make your website smartphone or mobile-friendly because 70% of the traffic is coming from smartphone users.


Several experts are exploiting SEO, which usually ends with a disaster, but do not get yourself into black hat SEO.

We would love to know your ideas and suggestion to improve the content to help the community.


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How to make your blog post more stunning in 2021?

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