Perfect Way To Optimize Images For WordPress 2023

Optimize Images for WordPress: Every beginner should Optimize Images for WordPress, and there are several reasons behind it.

Every expert in the industry lists different reasons, but they all have one common opinion on Optimize Images for WordPress, and it is SEO.

I know that many of you have different questions, but it is a crucial part of WordPress optimization to improve performance because Google loves optimized websites.

If you are missing the basic optimization rules, then you are missing the growth factor that will cost you low rankings.

How to solve it?

Read the article on Optimize Images for WordPress to learn & utilize the techniques.

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Why Do You Need to Optimize Images for WordPress?

I had the same question in mind when I started the digital journey, and I realized that Images,

Pictures & Photos optimization because it is a ranking factor and it drives a lot of traffic from Google Images.

Is that all? Nope, there’s more to it that no one tells until you realize it. But, we will reveal it to you and make sure to follow it.

Fast Server Load

Your first and most priorities are readers and visitors, who land the page that has Infographics, Images, Pictures & Photos in it.

Remember, your visitors and loyal followers might be using slower connections, and if the Images are not optimized,

then they will load the entire slower. If you have a fast-loading server because the server cannot load faster unless loyal followers or visitors’ Internet speed is decent.

Many beginner bloggers use shared hosting that comes with HDD storage space, so the server speed is likely to be slow or regular.

Bloggers need Image hosting sites to host their images separately.

Even if you purchase a faster loading server and the visitor’s Internet speed is slowing, then they will face slow-loading pages.

  • I would like to let you know that 70% of the traffic comes from smaller screens like mobiles, smartphones, and tablets.
  • 2G Internet speed downloads 10 Kbps to 24 Kbps per second, and if the webpage size is more than 1 Mbps, then it will take one minute to load the page. You have to the truth that nobody would wait for one minute.

You lose tons of traffic.

Fast Image Loading on Website

It is extremely important that the Images on your page should load faster.

You might have seen many blog posts on popular websites that don’t have images to explain the point, do you know why?

They eliminate the images from the pages so that the page can load faster from mobile browsers and desktop browsers.

But, did you know that you can add ten Images to your web page, and the server will load the website faster?

For example, I have a page with more than five Images with 2000 words of content.


I have used the tool PageSpeed Insights to learn about the selected page loading speed and optimization rating.

Optimize Images for WordPress

I have shared the snapshot above, where the Google tool has rated it 93 out of 100 for mobile devices, and 86 out of 100 for the desktop.

It is an amazing rating for a blog post that has more than five Images.

Suggestion: Use compressed Images or don’t use images at all.

Search Engine Rankings Will Improve

Many Bloggers and professionals work on Optimize Images for WordPress because it improves search engine rankings.

Optimize Images for WordPress

I have entered the term “speed” in the search engine, and I’ve got about 2,05,00,00,000 results within 0.68 seconds.

Your web page takes around 4.2 seconds to load, right?

Google will show web pages that load within 0.68 or the least on the first page.

By the time, the Google bot reads your website content, the user has decided to click on someone else website.


X = Google bot search result speed = 0.68 seconds.

Y = Your web page loading speed = 4.2 seconds.

Then X – Y = 3.52.

You have to make your website 3.52 faster to rank on the first page.

Suggestion: Always check your competitor’s website page loading speed to improve your webpage speed to rank faster.

Perfect Way to Optimize Images for WordPress

You can WordPress optimize images without a plugin,

but I will show you how you can manually optimize the Images and make good use of the plugins to do it for you.

1. WordPress Compression Plugin

You can compress the image without losing quality using the Ewww image optimizer. It comes with many features,

but the most appreciated feature is compressing the Images without losing quality and making them SEO-friendly images.

You can try the Image compressor free of cost.

Download: Ewww image optimizer.

2. Choose the Right Format

There are many WordPress image quality plugin that allows you to maintain the Image quality even after the image is compressed.

But, which is the right format? According to our research, JPG format Images rank higher on Google Images, and PNG format ranks in the second position.

Optimize Images for WordPress

Remember, the Image size also matters, where 800×500 Images rank on the first row,

and I recommend you add pictures, photos, or Images with 800×500 dimensions.

Formats: Recommended JPG and PNG.

3. Resize Images for Optimal Display

I have mentioned that Google Images ranks pictures that are sized 800×500 aspect ratio and you can resize an existing image.

I have resized the Images many times, so I can have a lower size and lower resolution Image because it loads faster.

You can use MS Paint to resize the image on your Windows PC.

But, you have to be sure of the Width and Height, and the incorrect size may shape out the Images.

How to reduce image size in WordPress?

  • Step 1: Select the Image and right-click the mouse to “edit” it.
Optimize Images for WordPress
  • Step 2: Now, you have to click on the resize button, and it applies to Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 machines as well.
Optimize Images for WordPress
  • Step 3: You have to click on the “pixels” and start reshaping the Images.
Optimize Images for WordPress

Horizontal = width, and Vertical = height.

MS Paint isn’t the best resize tool, so I suggest you look for an online image compressor and I recommend Kraken.

  • Step 1: I assume that you have an active Internet connection, and go to Kraken.
Optimize Images for WordPress
  • Step 2: You can upload the file directly, or you can paste the URL. You also have three Image quality choices, and I am going for the lossless.

In case, I also recommend you play around with the expert mode because I prefer to use it.

Optimize Images for WordPress
  • Step 3: First, click on the upload icon, then a small window will pop up on your screen. You have to browse the file and upload it.
Optimize Images for WordPress
  • Step 4: Scroll down, and the Kraken will begin compressing it free of cost.
Optimize Images for WordPress

The original file size is 909 KB, and after compression, it is 522 KB, and you can achieve even lower by using the expert mode.

But, you can compress the image without losing quality.

Suggestion: You can use the expert mode and compress the file up to 24 KB, but the quality will drop.

Improve Image SEO

Google Images and third-party Image portals can provide you with extra traffic that you need badly. You need SEO-friendly images to rank higher on Google images.

Nobody builds links for the Images, and it increases your chances to rank higher on the first row,

and you will get extra traffic. Also, Google provides some free tools to optimize your website performance.

Google bots cannot visually experience the beauty of the Image, so you have to describe it because bots can read it.

  • Optimize Your Image Title Text

Adding a title text helps your visitors about the Image, and the Google crawl bot will also learn about the Image.

The title text is also known as captions.

Suggestion: Add your main keyword in the title text.


You can consider it as the description that explains the context of the Image. You have to be a storyteller and use grammar-error-free words.

Suggestion: Add your main keyword in the ALT TAG.

  • Image Filename

Many Bloggers and even experts in the industry don’t edit the image file name, and then upload it directly with the name “Img-54525,” and it’s not a good sign.

You have to rename the Image file into something that explains the story and the search engine bot can read it to understand the in-depth meaning of it.

Suggestion: Add your main keyword in the image filename.


You must have seen “Top 100 HD Wallpapers blog posts,” right?

These websites make tons of money from Google Ads, but did you know that the primary source of traffic is Google Images?

Yes, you read it right! They get millions of traffic every year from Images portals alone,

and that’s why there are so many websites in the wallpaper niche. Let us know what we have missed in our article in the comment section below.


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