Is there a way to create an eCommerce website for free?

As people are becoming more dependent on internet to buy their daily life products, business owners are also moving towards eCommerce to sell their product. With time there have developed multiple platforms to create eCommerce websites but many of them cost a good amount of money. Hiring a professional to build your shopping website will cost you a lot. But wait; don’t get depressed, there is something for you.

There are many open source platforms that allow you create your eCommerce website for free and today I am going to discuss two of them.

WordPress as a shopping platform?

It might sound weird to a person who is new to the world of websites but the truth is WordPress provides a very good platform to run eCommerce websites. It is open source, so it can be molded into any way that suits user and this is a feature that many developers have used to convert WordPress into eCommerce platform. Today hundreds of plugins are available on WordPress plugin store that allow to create a shopping cart on your website. Some of these plugins come bundled with really strong features including option to link a payment gateway.

Payment gateways are angels and take a large part of your headache. There might be many aspiring business owners who don’t want to through the long banking process and these payment gateways can help you in this. They provide a bypassing system, just register with your favorite Payment gateway company (they will need your bank account details), put their checkout system on your eCommerce website. Now all your payment related issues will be taken care by your payment gateway provider and you will receive money for the sold goods directly to your bank account.

WordPress is a very good platform to add shopping cart to your website but still it is in its early stage of developing an eCommerce environment. It is best if you want to create a website focused on a different area and you want to put a shopping cart just to earn extra money. But if you want to create a full fledge eCommerce website with a powerful backend support then you need another platform.


Opencart is a very powerful platform for you If you are really serious about youreCommerce website. It comes packed with all the powerful features that you will need and installing it is super easy. A detailed instruction to installing OpenCart can be found here.

Initially OpenCart was considered as an intermediate level eCommerce platform, but after the release of OpenCart 2.0, it has got a nice reputation over internet. A good and responsive storefront packed with all the features that you would expect on a big eCommerce website is what you get at the moment you install it. A backend management system gives powerful features including:

  • A Dashboard that displays all your statistics including orders and users online.
  • Extension manager to install any additional plugin if needed.
  • Power to run and track campaign.
  • Option to start affiliate programs and you can also generate Coupons to give discount to your customers.
  • A set of option to set location and currency of sale.

These are just a few features of OpenCart, it is the best free of cost platform that I will recommend you for your eCommerce website.

There are business owners who use OpenCart to sell just one product and they use it because of the powerful features that this platform provides. You can also add accounts for your assistants or customer representatives and you can also set what powers will be available to each account.

WordPress and Opencart are both best in their own context. If you wantto run a website focused on a business other than eCommerce and want to add a shopping cart just to earn some extra revenue then WordPress is best for you. And if you want to create a full fledge shopping website then there can be nothing best than OpenCart for you.

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