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Free Email Hosting Providers 2021 for Your Custom Domain

Free Email Hosting Providers 2021: These days it is next to impossible to run a business without an email address.

Even if you are a blogger or running a personal brand email is a necessity for every purpose. A customized email gives your business a professional look.

But you must be thinking you have to spend huge bucks to get one email with your domain name.

I would like to tell you that many service providers are offering free or almost free email hosting for your custom domain and you can utilise them for your benefit.

Are you looking for free email hosting providers for your personal or professional use?

Stay tuned till the end of this article to know more about how email hosting works and what are the free email hosting providers in 2021 you can trust.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service that rents out email servers to the user. There is both a free and paid version of email hosting, and you can go for any of them as per your choice.

If you have a domain name and you want an email with the same domain name, then you have to sign up for a hosting email service.

Reasons to Choose a Professional Business Email Address?

Almost all web hosting companies offer email hosting service, but the most part only supplies you with POP3 email and the basics in spam/virus protection. In contrast, free email hosting providers support ads.

When you are operating a business, small or big- you need an email to manage every business activity.

Getting a free business email hosting service can bring peace of mind because it not only gives professional looks but also works as a hub for all your business activities.

Below are some of the essential factors why you should choose a professional business email address:

#1 Branding

A professional business email address helps you building and maintaining a professional image and brand name.

In business, this is very necessary to keep a brand name to play for a longer time in the market.

Picture this: a potential customer contacted you with a question, and you replied to them using an email address like [email protected].

Does this look professional? Or sending a reply from an email id like [email protected] looks more professional to the reader?

Sending mails from your official mail id always looks more familiar and customers can connect to it. It shows that you are genuine and your business is established. In a word, professional business emails save and protect your business brand name.

#2 Trust

Trust is another factor that plays a vital role in any business. Customers trust your business; that is why they invest or expense their money with you.

If you do not hold a professional email id, then people may feel insecure investing their hard earn money with you.

It is easier for anyone to create a free email id on Hotmail or Gmail. But having an email id with domain name shows your experience in the field. It also shows your trustworthiness to the customer.

A business with a personalised email id is way more reliable than an email with other extensions.

#3 Advanced Spam Filter

As I mentioned above, creating a free email id with other domain is very easy, and this is why spammers are frequently using it. As an email recipient, I too receive many spam emails in a day.

So I would never prefer an email from random mail id. But if I get any mail from a business domain name, then I will spare some time to check the inside content.

Now you must be getting some idea of how professional email hosting works as an advanced spam filter. When you connect with your customer via professional email with your own domain, it looks more genuine and never ends up in spam folder.

Similarly, when you receive any important mail communication from the customer, the mail will drop in your inbox rather than bypassing via some random spam or malware filter.

A professional email address reduces the risk of business email bounce and reaches the recipient’s inbox.

#4 Extra Advanced features and add-ons

If you get an email hosting service you can enjoy many advanced and add-on features like custom theme, custom layout, the color combination of the email layout.

Free email hosting also provides you sync contact facility – you can sync your social media contact to your mail too. Calendar gets synced with your email so that you can schedule and manage appointments.

How to Choose a FREE Email Hosting Provider?

Choosing an email provider is one of the crucial act as you need to choose the perfect email provider for your brand name. Choosing any free email hosting service in 2021 may not suit your business goals.

Here are some of the main factors one should take care when going to get a free email hosting provider service for their personal, professional or business use.

#1 Security

Security is one of the main concern when you decide to get a free email hosting provider. There are many companies offering free email hosting but not all of them are secure.

Always choose email service that never shares your data with any third-party service and even don’t access your email on their own. SSL certified email hostings are one of the safest one to avail.

#2 Spam Filter

At a time when spam messages are everywhere, you as a business need an email service that doesn’t entertain spam mails and messages.

So it is necessary to check the spam filter system before opting for any email service that is free.

When free versions usually don’t take necessary precautions to prevent spam mails- you have to choose an email hosting provider who is strict in this matter.

No one should waste their valuable time in manually filtering the spam emails from others.   

#3 Easy to use

Easy to use interface is another main factor in choosing a perfect free email hosting provider.

If the dashboard will be clumsy or confusing then it will be difficult to work and you may miss any important information or mail. So, always choose a free email hosting provider that has easy to use interface and simple dashboard.

#4 Storage

Storage is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about emails. How much data, files, images, and mail can be stored in an email is the main concern for any business.

If you get an email service that doesn’t have enough storage then you may face problems every now and then to store your valuable data and files.

Choosing a free email hosting provider with high storage capacity is very essential.

#5 Uptime

Most of the time as a business you may not get extra time to send each and every mail on time.

Here, scheduling the mail comes to the rescue. But, if you schedule a mail at a particular time and some of the mail didn’t get delivered because of the server downtime then it may harm your business image and profitability.

That is why it is very necessary to check the server uptime while taking up any free email hosting provider service.

Best of Best Free Email Hosting Providers 2021

Choosing a free email hosting provider in 2021 is no more a myth. You can go for any of the available email services in the market. But as per the above essential factors, I have listed some of the best free email hosting providers in 2021.

#1 GMX Mail

GMX Mail is not as well-known as other email services, but it is one of the powerful free email hosting providers. It meets every basic need of a business in term of emailing.

It has various options like contacts, organizers, message composition, and many more.

You can also import contacts from your social media handles and sync them to your email. You have to manually add contact lists after it gets synced from your social media.

GMX Mail
GMX Mail

GMX is easy to use email hosting. Follow below steps to sign up to GMX mail

  • Sign up and give basic information like name, birthdate, country.
  • Choose an email and set your password.
  • Your email id is ready to use.

It can also integrate calendar tasks so that you can set up appointments. The program will send you reminders whenever needed.

You can also add an auto-responder to send a reply to the mails received when you are away. You can use online subscriptions or accounts while hiding your personal information by creating alias email accounts.

GMX mail supports redirecting your other email account to its inbox so that you won’t miss any of the important mail.

While most of the email service providers allow only 20MB or 25MB file, GMX has a 50MB limit for attachments. You can add any of the files from your computer drive or from cloud storage.

GMX also gives you an option to cancel the mail before sending in case you want to recheck or edit the message body.

Your email and files are protected with SSL so that they can stay safe. GMX service has a 7 built-in spam checker to screen emails before reaching your inbox. This way, you can stay safe from spam and unwanted emails.

One of the drawbacks of GMX mail is – it shows frequent ads. And the inbox is separated into various mini windows, and every section shows a lot of ads.

Click here to sign up for the first time and enjoy free email hosting now!

#2 Zoho Mail

If you are a small business with a low budget then Zoho Mail is for you. Zoho Mail is an email hosting service provider that offers ad-free email hosting.

As a leading player in the email hosting industry, it has everything in its free version.

Zoho Mail
Zoho Mail

It is a secured email hosting service provider with numerous benefits. It has an in- built collaboration platform so that the entire business team can stay connected on a single inbox.

Zoho Mail has 5GB storage capacity and it supports 25 users in free version plan. The free version is full of features and gives easy access to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package.

If you want to set up a new account in Zoho Mail it may take some time. If you are a new user then follow below steps to sign up for the first time.

  • Sign up for new account by providing your domain name.
  • Provide your personal details.
  • Verify your domain by logging in to your DNS manager.
  • Once your domain is verified, you can add users and create groups to begin with customizing client base.

Zoho Mail is one of the responsive and trustworthy email service with easy to use interface.

You can tag emails and enable different members from the team to access the message as per relevance.

Users are free to create detailed spam filter to avoid unnecessary emails.

Not only performance but also Zoho Mail is very good in terms of security concern. Its high security data centers are backed up by physical security and DDOS protection.

You can also select data protection tools to detect malware, DMARC and spam filter.

Plan and Pricing

Zoho’s free forever plan is for small business and individual users. You can use it up to 5 users with 5GB storage per user and 25MB attachment limitation. Only single domain can be used in the free plan.

If your requirement is more then you can go for any of the three paid plans of Zoho Mail. The plan starts at below $1 per user per month.

Do you want more features than free version! Upgrade your plan from free to premium in a click.

A 15 days free trial is available for Mail premium plan-no credit card required.

#3 iCloud Mail

Apple iCloud Mail is another email provider to have business email that adds regular new features.

People who use Mac can utilise iCloud Mail as their email provider. In free version the user will get 5 GB storage for file storage and emails. For more storage you can get a premium version iCloud Mail.

You can share the storage between all the apps and devices. It is easy to use and accessible on the Web via IMAP.

Advantage of using iCloud mail is its ease of integration. iCloud Mail is encrypted with SSL but the data store on IMAP mail server is not encrypted.

It has easy to use search functionality and an ability to label email senders as VIP senders. This way you won’t miss any new messages from important senders.

iCloud Mail supported with all Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and also supports Windows computer with iCloud for Windows.

Best part of iCloud Mail is that its web interface doesn’t show advertisements.

To set up iCloud Mail:

  • Create an iCloud address
  • Set up your iCloud Mail service on Mac or other Apple device.

To access iCloud web you have to visit on your PC browser and login with Apple ID. iCloud Mails spam filter keeps junk and spam mails out of your inbox. You can manually add mails to junk folder or create rules to block unwanted emails.

iCloud Mail doesn’t support POP access, that’s why you have to configure iCloud Mail IMAP access  to receive messages in outlook and other emails.

Plans and Prices

Plan name                                 Price

5GB                                                Free

50GB                                             $0.99/month

200GB                                           $2.99/month

2TB                                                 $9.99/month

Try premium version of iCloud mail and enjoy more storage now!

#4 GoogieHost

If you are someone who is looking for free or almost free web hosting with free email service then Googiehost is a perfect choice for you.


Googiehost- Founded in 2011 is a free hosting service provider that offers free email hosting service with its web hosting services.

You can enjoy up to 2 free email address along with its free web hosting to give your business a professional look.

Googiehost’s free web hosting you will get 1000MB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. There will be no add on your website as well as on email service.

Create free professional e-mail accounts for your business without paying any extra charges. The uptime guarantee is 99.95% and you will get 24/7 helpdesk support.

Googieshost is a leading player in the web hosting and well known for providing cheaper web hosting and free web hosting service with email hosting service absolutely free!

Enjoy free web hosting with free email addresses now! Click here to sign up and create your account.

#5 Yandex Email

If you are looking for free email with additional storage then give a try to Yandex Email. Yandex- a Russian web company that offers global email tool.

It offers a free email service with unlimited online message storage. It has rich text formatting and email card templates to customize your email.

Free Email Hosting Provider
Yandex Mail

Yandex mail has a facility to attach files up to 22MB individually and 30MB in total per mail. For security enhancement, Yandex mail scans each incoming mail to check spam and malware. You can also manually block spam mail senders.

Though Yandex mail doesn’t offer two factor authentication enhance security but it has a detailed activity log to detect any suspicious activity.

You can schedule your mails with its customise interface to make it simple looking mail to your customer. All of your Yandex service can be accessed via one email account.

Create your account on Yandex and enjoy free email domain hosting now!

How to create iCloud email account?

If you don’t have an Apple ID then you have to create one. You can follow below steps to create an iCloud email account on your iPhone or iPad

  • Visit the App Store and tap the face icon
  • Click on create new Apple ID.
  • Create your email address and give as the suffix.
  • Fill details like region or country. Please note- you have to give the country code of the billing address for payment method.
  • Check the Term and condition box and click Next
  • Now fill up your personal details like Name, birthdate and click Next
  • You will be asked to give credit card details, you can also skip this step. And click Next
  • Enter your contact number and confirm it.
  • Click Next and check your email to get verification mail from Apple. Verify your email.
  • Your iCloud email is now ready to use.

How to get free email Hosting from GoogieHost?

  • Sign up to free web hosting and create your account.
  • Choose your free plan along with domain names.
  • Fill your personal details like name, birth date, country, other details
  • Wait for 24 – 48 hours. It typically takes this much time to activate your account.
  • Once your account is activated enjoy free web hosting along with free email service.

Final Words | Free email hosting provider

Free email hosting for small business is a necessity because this is the best way to stay in loop with your customer with your brand name.

While choosing a free email hosting for your domain always take some factors into consideration- speed, uptime, security, storage and easy to use dashboard.

At a time when every business has their customise email address, it is a must to get free email hosting custom domain for your business.

The above listed free email hosting providers are best in the industry players and they are safe and secure to use. That is why we have covered them.

You can now sign up for best free email hosting along with free web hosting with Googiehost. This way you will get hosting and email service absolutely free! Hurry Up!! Your next domain name with free web hosing along with 2 email addresses are waiting for you!

I hope this article has cleared your queries about free email hosting provider and now you can choose your desired email id as per your domain name.

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