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SendinBlue Review

When it comes to the best email marketing solutions, one name that is likely to be seen is SendinBlue. It comes with smart marketing tools and amazing features, allowing you to run automated campaigns in just a few clicks.

We have been using it for the last six months, and here in this SendinBlue review, we will discuss our personal experience with its services and features to help you decide whether it will suit your business or not.

So without any further delay, let’s get started. 

About SendinBlue 

😀Free Trial-Dedicated Free plans
💰Starting Cost-$25.00/month
🔔Amount of Subscribers-100/hour
👨🏽‍💻Support-24*7 customer support
💳 Payment Method-Debit and credit card 
♻️ Refund Policy-No refund policy 

SendinBlue is one of the most popular digital marketing service providers offering its services to both B2B and B2C customers with the same quality and reliability.

SendinBlue Review

It enables you to run bulk email marketing campaigns to as many subscribers as you want with a predesigned automation workflow in just a few clicks — we will cover this in-depth in the automation section of our SendinBlue review.

SendinBlue Features

Here in this section of our SendinBlue review, we have covered some of its key features, which we found pretty unique while using their services. It will help you to understand their service’s quality better

  • Well-centralised format:

With its well-organised interface, you can store all your subscribers’ lists in a centralised format, making it easy to manage and maintain.

  • Marketing automation:

It is a process of making all marketing campaigns in the automated system in order to run them without any active involvement. 

  • Segmentation:

It is a technique through which you can divide your customer’s database into single or multiple categories to run more effective and targeted campaigns.

SendinBlue provides many elegant and beautiful-looking email templates for effective email marketing and better conversions.

  • Unlimited emails:

With its premium plans, you can send unlimited emails to your subscribers without any restrictions or interruptions.

These were some of its significant features that we found unique so we mentioned them in this section. 

Easy To Use Interface 

One of the most interesting aspects of SendinBlue is its easy-to-use dashboard interface that looks elegant and well-labelled, making navigating to any of its sections easy and smooth. 

SendinBlue Dashboard

After landing on the homepage of your dashboard, you will find five buttons and the top-left corner, which are mentioned below:

🔘 Campaigns: You can see all the records of your current and previous campaigns  

🔘 Automation: As we mentioned above, SendinBlue provides predesigned automation workflows, which you will find in this section. 

🔘 Transactional: You can create and run your email marketing campaign from this section.

🔘 Contacts: In the contacts, all your listed contacts will be stored, which you can use to run targeted campaigns. 

🔘 Add more apps: It allows many external applications to integrate and run your campaigns more effectively. 

Here’s the image of the dashboard attached below:

Email and Newsletter Templates

SendinBlue provides many amazing and beautiful email and newsletter templates based on different categories that you can use to create an email in just a few clicks. 

Templates of SendinBlue

Here are some of the most popular templates that you can use to create your email for the campaign: 

Note: There are many more email templates available in the market but these are the most popular ones. 

SendinBlue Automations

Automation is a process through which you can set up an automatic email to send your customers or subscribers without putting consistent efforts and time into managing them all the time. 

It is a feature that can help you to gain more conversions in a minimal time — in short; you can save your time. 

SendinBlue provides an intuitive workflow builder and many more amazing features like pre designed structures that you can use to create your automated email in just a few clicks. 

SendinBlue Automation

Here’s how an email automation workflow looks like: 

Automation Workflow

SendinBlue Support

In terms of features and service quality, SendinBlue is one of the best and most trusted digital marketing services providers, but what about its customer support?  Let’s discuss it here in this action of our SendinBlue review

Honestly, when it comes to customer support, SendinBlue is not very exceptional — it provides support only via two modes which are mentioned below: 

  • Email 
  • Ticket
SendinBlue Support

Note: It provides you support only on a priority basis, which means you will have to wait for a while in order to get a response or solution. 

SendinBlue Pricing and Plans

SendinBlue comes at a very affordable price which we will discuss in this section of our SendinBlue review. 

SendinBlue Price & Plan

As you can see in the image that it also provides you with a free plan that includes the mentioned features: 

  • Unlimited contacts 
  • Up to 300 emails/day
  • 1 user chat option

You can easily grab their free plan by following the steps below. 

  • Visit the SendinBlue website and click on the “ take a test drive ” button.
Take a Test option
  • Enter your details i.e Email address and password, which you want to create for your account’s security. 
Sign-Up page
  • Once you hit on the create account button it will ask your for a verification which you can easily do by clicking in “Confirm my email address” button on the email they have sent to you. 
Email Confirmation Page

Once you complete all processes carefully, you will instantly be redirected to your dashboard in a new tab.  

And congratulations! You have successfully created your free account and can now enjoy their free services without interruption. 

Note: Its free plan includes very minimal features, so we recommend you to go with their premium plans.

Pros and Cons – SendinBlue Review

If you are already impressed with its features and services, then we will recommend you to carefully read this section of the SendinBlue review, where we discussed its major pros and cons to provide you complete pictures of its quality. 

So let’s have a quick glance at them:


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free email template 
  • Free email automation workflow structures 
  • Real-time statistics 


  • Limited email templates 
  • Limited integrations allowed 

FAQs – SendinBlue Review

Is SendinBlue Good ?


SendinBlue is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an automated marketing solution to run their email campaign. It provides predesigned automation workflows making it very easy to run your campaign on autopilot.

Are there any limits on sending emails?

No, with their premium plans, you get access to send unlimited emails to your customers, but in free plans, you can send only 300 emails/day.

How many subscribers can you have on SendinBlue?

There is no limitation or restrictions in SendinBlue’s premium plans, you list unlimited to run your campaigns. 

Is SendinBlue required credit card in their free trial?

No, it does not asks you for credit in the free trial; you just have to fill up your details like email address, name etc., and you are all set to go. 

Why Use SendinBlue Over Other Email Marketing Solutions?

If you are looking for a smart way of digital marketing to automate your business and marketing techniques, then SendinBlue is the perfect option for you to choose.

Final Words – SendinBlue Review

SendinBlue is a very intuitive Email marketing software that is especially popular for its automation features and powerful marketing solutions that allows you to run quick email ads and promotions in just a few clicks.

We would like to end our SendinBlue review with a note that if you are looking for a smart email marketing solution that can help you to run ads on multiple channels. For example, SendinBlue allows you to send the ad on many social media platforms simultaneously with just a few clicks 

We hope you find this review helpful, and if you have already used SendinBlue before then, we welcome your ratings about this product in our reviews section below.

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