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ActiveCampaign Review

Would you rather choose a company that values customer experience at its best or the one that takes care of all customer’s interests individually when it comes to email marketing? 

Or will it be both? If it’s both, then there’s this and a lot more that you are going to get by this company. Yes! We are talking about ActiveCampaign, one of the most trusted and a company that helps you with the growth of your business when it comes to email marketing. 

Hence, we had to write about this company because of its great services and experience with them; personally, it was exceptional. So, are you ready to learn in-depth about this Email Service provider and what all does it make one of the best email marketing service providers in the market?

About ActiveCampaign

😀 Free Trial14-day free trial 
💰 Starting Cost$29/month for 1,000 subscribers 
🔔 Amount of Subscribers1,000 subscribers-more than 100,000 subcribers
👨🏽‍💻 Support:Email and live chat support
💳 Payment MethodPaypal or Credit Card/Debit Card
♻️ Refund PolicyNo refund policy. You can cancel your plan at any time

ActiveCampaign provides services majorly for eCommerce, B2C and B2B firms. It started in 2003 and grew to be not only an email marketing but also various other services provider when it comes to digital marketing. 

They value customer experience, take care of customer interests, and send mail according to the interests of each customer you want to email. It makes campaigns feel personal while offering powerful marketing automation. 

Today, they have served over 150,000 small businesses worldwide and have grown to be one of the largest email marketing providers in the market

How to Get a 14-Day Free Trial from ActiveCampaign?

It’s simple to go through the process of grabbing a 14-day trial from ActiveCampaign. Before purchasing and continuing with their services, we too tried and tested them through the free trial and only after satisfactory results we got on board with them. 

So, let us now take you through the process of getting the 14-day free trial:

  • On the landing page of ActiveCampaign, you will find an optionStart Your Free Trialafter you put in your email address. 
14-Day Free Trial from ActiveCampaign
  • It will ask for some basic information like your ‘Name’ and ‘Phone Number’.
ActiveCampaign Get a 14-Day Free Trial
  • Click on “Next Step” to move on to the next step, i.e., some basic information about your business. Like How many contacts do you have, what industry you are in and one more? Look for yourself:
ActiveCampaign - nest step
  • You will be directed to ActiveCampaign Dashboard now. Here you will have to integrate your store by filling in the URL of your site and more basic information. 
directed to ActiveCampaign
  • You will be asked for the URL of your website.
ActiveCampaign  - Asked for the URL of your website.
  • After entering your URL, you will be asked to agree to some CCPA Terms of Service and then directed towards the main dashboard, where all your information will be displayed (activities). You can enjoy these services for the next 14 days. 
ActiveCampaign CCPA Terms of Service
ActiveCampaign Some CCPA Terms of Service

You can enjoy the Free Trial for the next 14-days without interruptions and with the guidance of the customer support staff.

Easy To Use Interface 

ActiveCampaign’s interface is easy to use as it is quite intuitive, making navigation simple and easy. 

ActiveCampaign’s interface

ActiveCampaign does not only focus on email marketing, making it a little difficult to go through and interpret all of its services. It also offers drag and drop email editor, which helps create beautiful custom emails easily!

Performance and Security

ActiveCampaign works under GDPR, SOC2 and HIPAA compliance, ensuring its customers’ data security. They perform automated scanning and hack their own systems to detect vulnerabilities and anomalous activities to get them fixed before any interruptions happen. 

They also work with security scanning tools, continuous pen testing, daily vulnerability scans and most importantly, multi-factor authentication and session management. All of this ensures robust security. 

Coming to performance, ActiveCampaign is well laid out to perform the best in each service they provide. They also determine various factors that ensure the smooth running of the services, and we can also say that this is right with experience. Once you log in, you get customer support that is always ready to help you. 

ActiveCampaign Newsletter and Templates

ActiveCampaign gives out more than 250 templates that cover almost every niche a brand can work with. 

They work well by providing rich text and designs that after HTML compatible. They create templates that cut through customers’ noisy inboxes while giving them a reason to get attracted. 

Standout from the competition, and you can also use 9+ Newsletter Templates to provide unique designs and automated emails to each of the subscribers. 

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ActiveCampaign Automations

Utilize tags, custom fields, analytics, and performance reporting to monitor contact engagement. Gather data from every offline and online channel to automate the marketing that no one has time for.

Your company’s success is the ultimate goal of marketing automation, which assists you in achieving by collecting client data from your channels and utilising it to enhance user experience. 

ActiveCampaign Automations

You can communicate with your consumers more personally if you are aware of their habits and interests. By doing this, you’ll increase the number of qualified leads you receive, boost sales, and improve the profitability of your marketing operations. And in order to do all of this, ActiveCampaign comes into play. 

 ActiveCampaign Support

Active Campaign gives email and lives chat support to the users. Its support is quite responsive and has a friendly staff. 

They also have call support only when you switch to their premium services. Overall, there are not many ways to communicate, but the ones they have are enough to communicate and get your queries resolved that you face while using their services. 

Remember that you may face language difficulties while communicating; they are available only during working hours. 

 ActiveCampaign Support

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ActiveCampaign Features

We are going to discuss the email marketing features of email marketing in this ActiveCampaign Review to get a better look at their services, and how rich in quality of services is:

ActiveCampaign Features
  • Broadcast emails: You may occasionally need to address everyone at once. Anyone on your list can get one-time email campaigns from you.
  • Prompted emails: Send emails in response to purchases, field trips or commitments. You can also automatically send emails when your contacts are most engaged.
  • Specific emails: Ensure that the appropriate person receives the proper message. Create segments for your audience based on practically every and any factor.
  • Autoresponders for email: Contact them straight away. Send welcome emails, begin a welcome series, or automatically deliver lead magnets.
  • Transactional emails: Make sure your clients’ emails get into their inboxes. Deliver a seamless experience to all of your clients.
  • Recurring emails: Emails can be scheduled for a particular day and time. It’s ideal in the cases of celebrations, special occasions, birthdays, and sales teams.

ActiveCampaign Pricing and Plans

ActiveCampaign provides a subscriber scaling through which you can decide on how many subscribers you have or want with your package. 

Starting with the 500 subscribers:

ActiveCampaign Pricing and Plans
  1. Lite: $9/month 
  2. Plus: $49/month (same price for 1,000 subscribers)
  3. Professional: $149/month (same price for 1,000 subscribers)

Talking about the prices of up to 1,000 subscribers. For further details, you can visit their website, set your scale and know the prices and features of each plan accordingly. 

ActiveCampaign Pricing and Plans
  1. Lite: $29/month
  2. Plus: $49/month 
  3. Professional: $149/month 
  4. Enterprise: You can talk to their customer support and customize a larger plan than what they have mentioned 

ActiveCampaign Pros and Cons

Every coin has two sides, one bad and one good. Hence, laying down those two sides of ActiveCampaign is our idea of a clear and honest picture:


  • Free Trial 
  • Easy contact management
  • Free migration
  • Easy to create and use automation 
  • Manages CRM as well


  • No Free plan
  • Live chat is restricted to some timing according to the CST time zone. 

 FAQ’s – ActiveCampaign Review

Is ActiveCampaign a good company?

Yes, we can say that ActiveCampaign is a good company for email marketing Services and is ready to give the best of it to its users. Its support might not be as appropriate as you think, but it surely solves your queries as soon as it seems possible. 

All-in-all they are worth a try, and what’s wrong with trying it for free with its 14-day free trial?

Does ActiveCampaign have a setup cost?

No, they do not have any set-up costs. All plans are monthly, with no contacts and set-up fees.

Can you use ActiveCampaign as a CRM?

Yes, as ActiveCampaign is providing CRM tools, that means that one can use them as a CRM.

Does ActiveCampaign offer free migration?

Yes, ActiveCampaign offers free migration services. It transfers your automation, emails, templates, sign-up forms, contacts and more information from another provider to ActiveCampaign without any data loss. 

Final Words – ActiveCampaign Review

Asking and looking for exactly what you need is a way to get your business to grow as per your ideologies. Email marketing has been one of the great ways to attract customers and make your brand reach and read by the eyes of everyone. 

Hence, we came up with this ActiveCampaign Review with a truthful side of them. So, are you ready to look for some fun? If yes, this is your time!

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