Best Cloud Hosting Europe 🇪🇺 2024– Top #7 [Reviewed]

Desiring to get an Audience from European Countries to visit your website and experience Zero Latency when surfing through the content of your sites? Want to approach clients from Europe for your e-commerce website?

Desiring to make money with your online business by drawing in customers from European Countries? Then Pick the Best Cloud Hosting Europe that runs your website on virtual servers that maintain uptime 24/7 and also offers web-based resources to help your website reach European audiences without any issue.

Here, we are providing you with the Top #7 Cloud Hosting Companies that can help your website get European traffic providing Zero Latency, the Highest Page Loading Speed, and Local Support in European Languages.

Before we leap forward to understand the basics of all the best Cloud hosting services in Europe, let’s see what European Cloud Hosting is and how can provide benefit to the users having websites approaching European visitors👍

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What is Cloud Hosting in Europe?

In very simple Language, European Cloud Hosting Services means hosting services that use virtual servers to host websites and applications.

Cloud hosting is based on a network of interconnected virtual servers that are often spread across multiple data centres and locations, especially in European countries like London(UK), Amsterdam(The Netherlands), and many more.

Cloud hosting

Data centres in Europe can help your visitors enjoy Zero Latency, the Highest Page Loading speed, Regional Redundancy when browsing your website and even strict Data Protection Regulations to secure your website’s content from trespassing online.

Short of Time? Here Are the top # Best Cloud Hosting in Europe May, 2024

🔶 Kamatera – Want to enjoy incredible cloud hosting services with top-notch cloud Security Technology for your website and a Free 30-day trial with no Hidden Charges? Then go for Kamatera.

🔶 ScalaHosting – With ScalaHosting, Get cloud servers powered by TurboTechnology and Free CloudFlare CDN for 20X Faster Web Page loading Speed and sPanel for easy website management

🔶 Hostinger – Get a Free Domain, hPanel for User-Friendly website management, Manage 100 Websites, Get 100 GB SSD Storage all just for $2.49,
and even get a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee as well)

7 Best Cloud Hosting in Europe 🇪🇺 2024

Want your website or your eCommerce Website among European markets with Lowest Latency, Highest website Speed, and Strong Data Privacy Laws, then enhance the performance of your website with the Best Cloud Hosting services from Europe. 

Now without any further delays, let’s dive deep into the juicy details about the Top Best cheap Cloud Hosting services from Europe for your website with Kamatera, taking the first place presented below.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. Kamatera Best Cloud Hosting Provider in Europe
2. ScalaHosting Overall “Fast” Hosting Solutions
3. CloudWaysOverall “Managed” Cloud Hosting
4. HostingerOverall “Fast & Secure ” Cloud Hosting Europe
5. HostArmadaOverall “Best” Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
6. A2Hosting Overall “Fast and Reliable” Cloud Hosting
7. FastcometOverall Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions

1. Kamatera – Best Cloud Hosting Provider in Europe

Kamatera, established in 1996, provides Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure to StartUps, Enterprise, eCommerce Stores, SaaS Providers, Web Developers, and App Developers as well. It offers Highly Scalable Cloud Servers at flexible pricing letting you pay only for what you need.

It also provides a 30-day free Trial to newbies using the Cloud services of Kamatera in Europe for the first time.

Moreover, Load Balancers and Block Technology are also offered by Kamatera, helping your servers to maximize performance simply by distributing the traffic and workload equally.

Kamatera About


Craving to get more information about the specifics offered by Kamatera? Here is what they’ve got for you:

🔶 Offers Blazing Fast and Reliable Fully Managed Cloud Servers along with Load Balancers, and amazing Block Technology improving the performance of the servers.
🔶 Provides Cloud FireWall, Advanced DDoD Protection, SSLs for all your Domains and Malware Protection all at a very small cost to safeguard your cloud servers against threats.
🔶 All the servers are connected to a Conditioned UPS for uninterrupted Power Supply and are N+1 Redundant in nature ensuring continuity of the server connection.
🔶 Provides 24/7 Customer Support services to the newbies handling server configuration with zero technical via LiveChat(New visitors) & ticket support (Active members)
🔶 30-Day Free Trial (1Cloud Server of up to $100 with server configuration of your own choice) + the First Billing month starts with a basic plan for just $4 payment monthly.
🔶 Kamatera provides Highly Scalable Cloud Servers, letting you upgrade your server resources as per your website requirement and price Calculator, letting you choose and pay only for what you need.
🔶 Kamatera deploys top-notch technology such as IceLake Processor, and SSD NVMe Storage for faster page loading speed thereby enhancing the performance of the website.

Plans and Pricing

In Kamatera, users can Customize their Cloud Server requirements letting you pay only for what you need using an amazing Price Calculator. The plans and pricing policy of Kamatera are provided to you as under:

Kamatera Plans

2. ScalaHosting – Overall “Fast” Hosting Solutions

20X TurboFast Managed Cloud Hosting services with Fast and Free Website Migration + incredible Next-Gen Control Panel (sPanel) are the hosting solutions that you will be enjoying with ScalaHosting in Europe.

ScalaHosting also offers CloudFlare integration with sPanel speeding up your website and making its management easy.

Furthermore, it provides seamless customer support services via LiveChat (30 Seconds Response) and Ticket support (15 Minutes Response) to the users.



The Incredible Features of ScalaHosting, that you’ve been dying to see are listed as under:

🔶 Offers sPanel, Next-Gen all-in one Control Panel, providing easy management of emails, Domains, DataBase, and Files top of the live security, blazing fast loading times and one Click Installer of 400+ Apps as well.
🔶 30-Day Money BackUp Plans + Free Website Migration + Free Domain with the Premium Plans offers a newbie-friendly cloud hosting environment.
🔶 Offers Fully Managed VPS Cloud Hosting with Powerful caching, web server manager, Anti-Spam Protection, and Remote Daily backup letting newbies only focus on their website growth thereby managing all the hosting functions on its own.
🔶 With ScalaHosting, enjoy rapid Fast SSD NVMe Storage for greater page loading speed thereby increasing the efficiency of your website.
🔶 Free LetsEncrypt SSLs for all your Domains to protect your users with encrypted private connections securing the data of the website.
🔶 Cloud servers of ScalaHosting run on an Open LiteSpeed web server + LiteSpeed Cache Plugin making the website work lightning Fast and easily accessible.
🔶 24/7/365 Customer support services are provided to users having issues with purchasing and configuring cloud servers.
🔶 SShield, a security solution, blocks 99.98% of web attacks on your website, providing monitoring in real-time and sending alerts when detecting malware and hacks.

Plans and Pricing

The basic Plan of ScalaHosting where you get an amazing sPanel to handle your website data, a minimum 10 GB SSD NVMe storage and 1 website all just at $2.95 monthly. The other Cloud service plans are as follows:

scalahosting cloud Plans

3. Cloudways – Overall “Managed” Cloud Hosting

As the name suggests, CloudWays, a sister brand of DigitalOcean, offers excellent Managed Cloud Hosting solutions along with Free SSLs for all your Domains, on-demand BackUps, a Dedicated FireWall to protect the data of your website from malicious threats and many more.

Startups, and SMBs(Small and Medium scale Businesses) can choose the cloud hosting services from among the plans as per the requirement of their website.

Moreover, newbies, newly using the Cloud Hosting Solutions from CloudWays in Europe can enjoy 3 3-day free Trial in which one gets Free SSL/Free Object Cache Pro/Unlimited websites and that too with no credit card requirement.

cloudways about


Craving to know the Cloud features that CloudWays offers to the users? Here they are mentioned below:

🔶 Servers are powered by Built-in Advanced Cache and CloudFlare CDN, ensuring peak website performance and helping users drive results.
🔶 24/7 Customer services via LiveChat and Ticket Support, world-class Server security with FireWall and Malware Protection, and 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime ensure your website accessibility around the cloud.
🔶 Offers 1 click Installations of WordPress Plugins making it more user-friendly and easy to handle to the newbies.
🔶 Free Migration + 3 Days Free Trial with no Credit Card information required makes it a trustworthy cloud hosting solution among users migrating their website from another hosting provider to CloudWays.
🔶 Provides a Free Staging Environment to users to test changes, before pushing them Live with just one click.
🔶 Every Server is protected with an OS-level firewall that prevents malicious traffic and hackers from online threats.
🔶 On-demand backup plans or Automated BackUps ensure your website is always safe and one can restore the data of your website within a few clicks.

Plans and Pricing 

Apart from 3 day Free Trial on cloud hosting solutions, the basic plan of CloudWays offers 1 CoreCPU Processor with 1TB BandWidth and a minimum of 1GB RAM just at $11 per month. The various other plans and pricing schemes of CloudWays are as follows:

Cloudways Cloud plans

4. Hostinger – Overall “Fast & Secure ” Cloud Hosting Europe

Searching for Cloud Hosting services that run on industry-leading amazing SSD storage technology + hPanel for easy configuration of your shared, VPS and Dedicated cloud servers, offering an easy-to-configure cloud Hosting environment?

Then Hostinger will be the perfect choice for your cloud hosting service for your website where you can also get the incredible feature of Free CloudFlare CDN, WAP(Web Application Firewall Protection) thereby protecting the sensitive data of your website. 

Furthermore, it also provides a newbie-friendly hosting environment by offering 30 Days 30-day back Guarantee + 24/7 Support services by web hosting experts from Europe.

hostinger about


Desiring to know about the features of Hostinger Cloud Hosting Services? Go through the points listed below:

🔶 A user-friendly hosting environment is provided by the free hPanel and one-click setup with Hostinger.
🔶 Web FireWall Application, Wanguard DDoS Protection and Free SSLs provide a secure hosting experience.
🔶 Minimum 100 GB SSD NVMe Hard Drives that offer a breakthrough performance of your website thereby reducing the Page Loading time.
🔶 Creating Manual Real-time Time Snapshots with ease and weekly backups ensures the safety of Data and can be retrieved whenever required.
🔶 One Click installation feature for your website administration, offering a seamless hosting environment to users having no technical knowledge.
🔶 Scalable, allowing you to scale the WordPress server resources as needed due to the increased demand for the website.
🔶 24/7 Real-time Monitoring of your web hosting servers is offered by Hostinger to supervise the security of your website.

Plans and Pricing 

Along with a Free Domain, Free Website Migration, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, Hostinger offers a minimum of 100 Websites, 100 GB SSD storage, and Weekly backup for just $2.49 monthly for 2 months. Let’s see the other plans and the prices of the cloud hosting services offered by Hostinger:

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans

5. HostArmada – Overall “Best” Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Heard of Fast, secure and Managed Cloud web hosting services with Free Domain, Free Website Transfer, Free SSLs for all your Domains and Free Server Optimization?

You can get all of that with HostArmada’s cloud web hosting solutions in Europe. The servers of HostArmada are exclusively powered by Cloud Technology that provides outstanding Reliability and Redundancy. 

Moreover, users can effortlessly scale the web HardWare (CPU/RAM/STORAGE) resources as per the requirement of the website thereby helping your website reach among visitors all across the globe.

HostArmada About


Having that said, let’s see in detail some more specifics that one gets once buying cloud hosting services from HostArmada:

🔶 Enhances your visitors’ experience with a uniquely optimized and stable Cloud-based web hosting service.
🔶 Cutting edge Cloud Technology offers an amazing web hosting environment ensuring Highest Reliability and Redundancy.
🔶 Scalable + Fully Managed web Servers with the latest Processors provide the best performance and stability to your website.
🔶 SSD Storage technology provides a seamless hosting experience offering the least page loading time and dedicated IP for real-time server monitoring.
🔶 Protect your cloud-dedicated servers with cloud FireWall protection enabling you to save the data of your website from online threats.
🔶 99.99% committed Uptime ensuring your website remains live on the internet all the time.
🔶 24/7 Support services to resolve doubts and issues + comprehensive knowledgebase and tutorials for letting users get their problems tackled.

Plans and Pricing 

The plans and Pricing of Cloud web hosting services offered by HostArmada to the users are as follows:

hostarmada Cloud plans

6. A2Hosting – Overall “Fast and Reliable” Cloud Hosting

A2Hosting, with Cloud Servers providing 20x Faster turbo speed for websites, offers high-performing shared, VPS and Dedicated server hosting services in Europe.

Known for its TurboPlans, High Processor CPU, Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology and a lot more, A2 hosting provides Fully managed Cloud hosting for users having Zero knowledge about server management providing them with easy-to-use cPanel, and Unmanaged cloud hosting services for those who have idea about the server configuration on their own.

A2 Hosting About


Craving to see in-depth cloud features offered by A2hosting? We’ll be happy to invite you to read the key features that one can get:

🔶 Get the Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology that provides a faster read/write speed for your websites.
🔶 To help you keep your website secure from malicious online attacks, A2Hosting has in-built Advanced SSoS Protection Software.
🔶 Easy to use cPanel, Managed Server Security to Protect your Data, Managed Hardware and network for newbies having no idea about website hosting.
🔶 Enjoy increased speed and uncompromised performance of your website with 20x Faster TurboSpeed Technology.
🔶 Free SSLs for all your Domains are offered by A2Hosting to establish a private connection between the website and the visitors.
🔶 24/7 Customer services via LiveChat and Ticketing ensure quick issue resolutions thereby providing an appealing WordPress hosting environment.
🔶 Offer zero Downtime, which in turn will improve the accessibility of your website at all times and get JetPack security for your website as well.

Plans and Pricing 

A2Hosting along with the Free Website Migration and 30 Days Money back Guarantee, also offers the above incredible cloud hosting features at the following Prices:

a2hosting plans

7. Fastcomet – Overall Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions

Fully Managed web Hosting for newbies having no technical knowledge is what you’ll get in FastComet.

Moreover, you get High-speed hosting so that your customers always enjoy a smooth shopping experience that is delivered by FastComet, powered by seamless scalable web resources.

Along with the high-speed hosting, users get Free CloudFlare CDN for faster Page loading and 100+ One Click WP plugin Installations with the web hosting services of FastComet in Europe.

fastcomet Image


Want to know more features about the web hostings offered by FastComet? Here is the list of some main specifics:

🔶 Get Easy AutoScaling to adjust your hosting resources and keep your website accessible and responsive at all times.
🔶 One Click Staging Site enables you to make Risk-free changes without impacting the user’s activities on the live website.
🔶 Painless Free Migration of your Website from another hosting provider to FastComet without any hindrance.
🔶 FastComet provides WP Sale-Boosting Premium Plugins to customise your Website as per the requirements.
🔶 Unlimited Access, given to your website, ensures 24/7 control and monitoring of your website by many admins.
🔶 Free SSLs for all your Domains ensure that the connection between the visitors and your website is encrypted and safe from online threats.
🔶 24/7 customer support services via LiveChat and Ticketing are provided by the expert team of FastComet for users having technical issues.

Plans and Pricing 

The Plans and prices of Web Hosting services offered by FastComet are given as under:

fastcomet plans

With the help of the In-Depth analysis of every cloud Hosting provider, you can easily Choose the Right cloud hosting provider in Europe as per your website requirements. 

Many of you may have a question in mind why it is important to buy Cloud hosting services from providers having data centers in Europe in today’s world or what are the advantages that one enjoys using European cloud hosting services? 

We advise you to read it further to know the answer to the question posed above 👍

What Are the Advantages of Using a European Cloud Hosting Provider Over a Global One?

Purchasing European Cloud web hosting services or Buying cloud services from web hosting providers having data centres in Europe lets you reap the following advantages:

  • Due to the Stringent Data Privacy Laws in Europe, Get an improved Data Security mechanism that can secure the data of your European Visitors thereby Increasing the Reliability of your website.
  • Using European Cloud Servers to host the data of the website can result in the Lowest Latency for the visitors surfing the website.
  • Cloud servers in European countries provide uninterrupted power Backups due to 24/7 Electricity Supply + UPS, ensuring round-the-clock accessibility of your website to visitors.
  • Payments for Cloud servers can be made via cryptocurrency as it is another medium of exchange.
  • 24/7 support services are offered via LiveChat and Ticket support in local European languages.

How Can I Get Started with Cloud Hosting in Europe?

Impressed by the features and functionality offered by Cloud servers in Europe? Planning to purchase the cloud servers to host your website to get European traffic at affordable rates? 

Then follow the guidelines stated below:

  • Choose the Right Cloud Web Hosting provider from among the ones stated above considering the requirements of your website and the pricing policy.
  • Go to the official website of the Cloud hosting provider having data centers in European Countries > Register a hosting account by entering relevant Details.
  • If you are a new user and have no website as of now, then Before Purchasing a cloud web hosting plan, you need to register for a Domain name for a minimum of a year’s tenure.
  • Choose from among the Cloud web hosting plans offered by the hosting companies > Click the Order Now Option.
  • Pick the necessary AddOns as per the need of the website(BackUp/Advanced Security) > Click the continue button to direct toward the payment option
  • Choose the correct payment option (credit/Internet/PayPal/Stripe/Crypto Idx) to make payment for the cloud web hosting services. 
  • After the payment is made, your cloud servers get activated instantly depending on what server you’ve purchased (Shared and VPS Cloud Servers take 5 to 7 minutes approximately to get activated whereas Dedicated cloud servers take 24 to 48 hours for activation.)
  • On server activation, make necessary server configuration, on having issues connect with the LiveChat Expert agent for redressal > Finally Going Online.

The stepwise method mentioned above can help you buy cloud web hosting services from the web hosting services provided in Europe.

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FAQs – Best Cloud Hosting Europe May,2024

Are there any free cloud hosting providers in Europe

Absolutely Yes! Kamatera, with a 30-day free Trial and CloudWays, with a 3-day Free Trial Provide Free Cloud Hosting services to users in Europe.

Why Choose a Cloud Server in Europe for your website? 

Reduced Latency, 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime, cloud servers with uninterrupted power supply + UPS, Stringent European Data Privacy Laws and Compliance, Highest Page Loading speed are a few of the hosting services that users may enjoy getting website hosting services from Europe.

Is customer support available in Europe?

Yes! 24/7 Customer Support Services and that too in Local European languages are provided by Web hosting service providers in Europe. 

Do local Europe servers provide an SEO advantage?

Absolutely! The lowest Latency, Highest Uptime, and Redundancy provide an excellent hosting ground thereby providing an incredible SEO advantage as well. 

Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade my hosting plan?

Yes! The Cloud server hosting service providers mentioned above, provide an easy-to-scale functionality that makes Upgrading and Downgrading web Resources effortless.

Conclusion – Best Cloud Hosting Europe May,2024

We are immensely happy that we have successfully been able to offer an in-depth Review of the top #7 Cloud hosting service providers that have Data Centers in Europe that not only provide TopNotch Security technology and seamless SSD NVMe storage infrastructure but also offer premium plugins + user-friendly interface and quick money back guarantee, giving users a very swift hosting environment as well…

To summarize, these are the Best Cloud Hosting in Europe services…

Name Server UptimeStorageStarting PriceVisit
Kamatera99.95%20 GB$4/moFind Here
ScalaHosting99.9%10 GB Fixed NVMe SSD$2.95/moFind Here
Cloudways99.99%25 GB SSD Storage$11/moFind Here
Hostinger100% uptime200 GB NVMe Storage$8.99/moFind Here
HostArmada99.9%15 GB SSD Storage$2.49/moFind Here
A2Hosting99.98%100 GB SSD Storage$1.99/moFind Here
FastComet99.99%15 GB SSD Storage$2.99/moFind Here

Looking for other Cloud Hosting Locations? Here you go-


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