9 Best cPanel VPS Hosting Providers in May, 2024

Hosting your website online is challenging; imagine hosting it with an even hard-to-handle control panel. No way; that is why many choose cPanel, a simple and easy-to-use control panel.

Many popular hosting platforms offer cPanel as the main control panel as they know how much work is reduced through integrating a simple control panel. Since there are many, which one do I choose?

Don’t worry; we are here to help you with a list of 9 best cPanel VPS hosting providers in 2024. Let us start by understanding what a cPanel VPS hosting is first.

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What is cPanel VPS Hosting?

First, let us look at the difference between a regular VPS hosting and a cPanel VPS hosting. A cPanel VPS hosting has cPanel as the control panel, one of the easiest and preferred control panels. In contrast, a regular VPS hosting might not have a cPanel control panel and might provide a different one.

Now, let us come to an understanding of what VPS hosting is. VPS stands for virtual private server, which precisely means what it says.

A VPS hosting provides a hosting with the benefits of both dedicated and shared hosting. A VPS server is a part of a much larger server, like a shared server, but with all the resources reserved for you, such as a dedicated server.

Best cPanel VPS Hosting

The benefit of using a VPS server is that you get all the resources to yourself despite sharing, and therefore, the costs are much lower than a dedicated server but more secure than a shared server.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best cPanel VPS Hosting May, 2024

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9 Best cPanel VPS Hosting Providers in 2024

Now that you have understood what cPanel hosting is and how VPS hosting differs from other hosting. We may now look at the 9 best cPanel VPS hosting providers in 2024. Let us start with our top pick, YouStable.

⏰ TL;DR:

1. YouStableFastest cPanel VPS Hosting Provider
2. InterServer Overall Best cPanel VPS Hosting Provider
3. UltaHostBest Managed cPanel VPS Hosting
4. Kamatera Fast, Reliable cPanel VPS Hosting
5. BlueHostAffordable Managed cPanel VPS Hosting
6. Hostinger Scalable cPanel VPS Hosting Solution
7. HostwindsFast and Fully Managed cPanel VPS Solution
8. A2Hosting20* Faster cPanel VPS Server
9. LiquidWeb Best and Fastest Managed cPanel VPS Hosting

1. YouStable – Fastest cPanel VPS Hosting Provider

YouStable is the top hosting provider in India. This platform offers a variety of hosting plans, including VPS hosting. Even in VPS hosting, you get multiple options, and one of them is cPanel hosting.

With a cPanel VPS hosting at YouStable, you are offered plenty of features that will enhance your hosting experience and work towards making it more manageable. With free and easy migrations, scalability and more, YouStable provides a complete package at affordable prices.

YouStable About


Here are the features offered by YouStable:

🔶 Free Instant Migration: Shifting your account data from one host to another can be frustrating, as losing your precious information is always possible. But that will be nothing to worry about at YouStable, as this platform offers free, easy and instant migration services for your cPanel. 

🔶 Create Calendars and Emails: Get organised with the features that come with YouStable cPanel hosting. You can schedule all the events and emails with the features offered by cPanel, making your website hosting experience a lot easier. 

🔶 Built-in Security Layers: You do not have to worry about buying new attachments for your cPanel hosting at YouStable, as this platform ensures that everything you want is integrated with the cPanel hosting, which includes SSL certificates and more security tools to keep you and your clients safe. 

Pricing and Plans

Let us get into the details of cPanel VPS hostings offered by YouStable. 

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
vStart50 GB NVMe SSD14 GB RAM$12.31/month
vProfessional100 GB NVMe SSD26 GB RAM$21.37/month
vPopular120 GB NVMe SSD48 GB RAM$31.06/month

Why Choose

So why should you choose YouStable? There are plenty of reasons why. With YouStable, your cPanel hosting will have many features to help you minimise the efforts you put into hosting by integrating them within the control panel.

Therefore, your work is reduced and more organised, and you can focus better on your business and website. 

2. InterServer – Overall Best cPanel VPS Hosting Provider

InterServer is a popular hosting service provider which offers multiple hosting plans across the globe. Whether you want a VPS hosting or a storage cloud, InterServer has got it all while maintaining the affordability of its services.

As we said, InterServer has plenty of hosting plans, including multiple cPanel hostings and a choice of cPanel VPS hostings. These plans are brimming with various security, speed and manageability features. 

Interserver About


Let us take a look at the features provided by InterServer. 

🔶 Remote Backup: Often, when you store data in a server and back it up, your backup also gets affected when there’s some damage to your server. But this will not happen to your backups with InterServer as this platform backs up your data offsite, so even if your server gets damaged or destroyed, your backup will not be affected. 

🔶 Custom Databases: Create custom databases and manage them easily with the database management system offered by InterServer, where you are bound to no limits and are offered powerful tools like phpMyAdmin, MySQL Wizard, and more.

🔶 Reliable Support Team: If you are facing any issues with InterServer hostings, you can contact the customer support system right away, and they will be ready to help you at any hour through your hosting queries.

Pricing and Plans

Here are the plans offered by InterServer. 

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
Starting at30GB12048MB$6/month
Ending at480GB1632768MB$96/month

Why Choose

InterServer has an abundance of hosting plans, including cPanel VPS hosting plans. Your hosting experience with InterServer will get much easier with the organisational and management tools offered with the cPanel VPS hosting plans.

3. UltaHost – Best Managed cPanel VPS Hosting

UltaHost is a complete package. This platform offers a variety of control panel hostings. You can choose from Plesk, Hestia, CyberPanel and cPanel. Hestia and CyberPanels are free, but it could cost you extra for a cPanel plan.

With a cPanel VPS hosting plan at UltaHost, you can find many features that will make your hosting experience much more manageable.

You can work with your team, stage your website, and get a management service with the UltaHost cPanel VPS hosting plan. 

ultahost ABout


Let us take a look at the features offered by UltaHost. 

🔶 Staging Environment: Check your websites for any issues and fix them quickly by putting them up on the staging environment offered by UltaHost, where you can see how your website would look online, and you would understand what needs to be fixed. 

🔶 Real-time Monitoring: Your server will never get damaged in any way, as UltaHost offers real-time monitoring of your server with security personnel taking care of your server 24/7. 

🔶 Auto-healing: Your server will heal itself, yes, like Wolverine. With UltaHost, your servers will not require frequent repairs as it will take care of itself through the auto-healing feature.

Pricing and Plans

Let us take a look at the plans offered by UltaHost. 

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
VPS Basic30 GB NVMe SSD11 GB RAM$24.50/month
VPS Business50 GB NVMe SSD22 GB RAM$28.50/month
VPS Professional75 GB NVMe SSD34 GB RAM$35.50/month
VPS Enterprise100 GB NVMe SSD46 GB RAM$40.50/month

Why Choose

You can choose UltaHost because of the variety of features it offers. With this platform, you will always upload a good website as you can check it with the staging environment and many more management features to help you better manage your website

4. Kamatera – Fast, Reliable cPanel VPS Hosting

If you are looking for complete scalability and flexibility, you must give Kamatera a try. This platform provides the tools to customise a plan that fits your specific hosting needs.

Right from the storage space, manageability, billing duration and control panel.

The security of your data is ensured with Kamatera with the many security features integrated with each of the plans from Kamatera.

Kamatera About


Let us take a look at the features offered by Kamatera Hosting. 

Scalability: You can now scale your resources with Kamatera hosting and customise a plan based on your needs, and you can also upgrade and downgrade your plan. 

Managed Hosting: If you need to learn how to manage a website, you can always rely on Kamatera hosting, as you can choose a managed hosting option.

Pricing and Plans

Kamatera hosting offers customised hosting plans, and the standard plans offered by Kamatera hosting cost about $4 to $12 a month. 

Why Choose

You could choose Kamatera hosting for the scalability, flexibility and ease of use offered by Kamatera hosting. It is highly customizable and suitable for users at all levels.

5. BlueHost – Affordable Managed cPanel VPS Hosting

Manage all your servers in one place with BlueHost. This platform offers various cPanel hosting plans with features that will keep you hooked to the cPanel hosting provided by BlueHost.

BlueHost is a popular hosting platform that has spread its services across the globe and along with its server locations: the more server and data centre locations, the faster the website and faster growth of customers.

Bluehost Hosting


Here are the features offered by BlueHost. 

🔶 Multiple Server Management: With BlueHost hosting plans, you can add multiple servers to your one control panel and handle it all in one place at BlueHost. 

🔶 Root Access: With Root access, you get complete control over your server, and you can determine the configurations of specific resources and also stay in check with who can have how much control over your server. 

🔶 Unlimited Bandwidth: Your growth will never be restricted as BlueHost offers unlimited bandwidth, and this platform will never charge a dime for any extra bandwidth usage.

Pricing and Plans

Let us take a look at the plans offered by BlueHost. 

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
STANDARD120 GB SSD 22GB$29.99/month
ENHANCED165 GB SSD 24 GB $40/month
ULTIMATE240 GB SSD48GB $69.99/month

Why Choose

BlueHost is a simple hosting platform, easy to use and preferred by many. You can choose BlueHost due to the control panel management system it provides and the most reliable customer support team that comes with BlueHost. 

6. Hostinger – Scalable cPanel VPS Hosting Solution

If you have been looking for an affordable hosting platform, you must have encountered Hostinger. This platform offers a variety of security features, and it will ensure none of your data will ever be damaged.

Hostinger comes with the best and the newest technological tools, such as AI.

With the help of Hostinger, you can easily manage your server and websites with the AI assistant that comes with the Hostinger VPS hosting plan.

hostinger about


These are the features offered by Hostinger. 

🔶 AI Assistant: Hostinger always stays updated with the technology and proves it by providing AI assistance with its cPanel VPS hosting plans. With an AI assistant, you will be provided with customised solutions to your website and server issues, which will help you make better decisions. 

🔶 Regular Backups: Forget about losing your data to any damage, as Hostinger ensures that your data is backed up frequently so that not even a bit of your data is lost to avoid any loss in your business and website. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: Prevention is better than cure; therefore, avoiding damage is better than repairing it. Hostinger works on this belief by providing DDoS protection tools to ensure all your data is always kept safe from DDoS attacks.

Pricing and Plans

These are the plans offered by Hostinger. 

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMiu
KVM 150 GB NVMe Disk space1 vCPU Core4 GB RAM$5.99/month
KVM 2100 GB NVMe Disk space2 vCPU Core8 GB RAM$7.99/month
KVM 4200 GB NVMe Disk space4 vCPU Core16 GB RAM$12.99/month
KVM 8400 GB NVMe Disk space8 vCPU Core32 GB RAM$21.99/month

Why Choose

Hostinger provides remarkable technological advancements, including an AI assistant, making your hosting tasks much more manageable. The prices are pretty affordable, and the security and support team are top-notch. 

7. Hostwinds – Fast and Fully Managed cPanel VPS Solution

Get any type of VPS hosting at Hostwinds, including managed cPanel hosting. This platform, through its various features, assures that your website will always be up and running, and you will not have to worry about losing customers.

Here, you can opt for a managed hosting plan if you do not have the time to invest in your hosting or lack the skills to do so.

With nightly backups and SSD storage, you may stay assured that no damage will occur to your data or server at any given time. 

hostwinds About


Here’s what Hostwinds has to offer. 

🔶 Nightly Backups: You will not lose any data as this platform backs it up every night to ensure that your everyday work is kept safe, and even if you lose something, the loss is not as huge as it could be with any other hosting platform. 

🔶 Instant Scalability: Always stay in check of your resource usage and quickly upgrade your plan based on how much your website uses. You can also downgrade your server resources if you do not feel the requirement of so many and the quantity of the resources.

🔶 Full Management: With Hostwinds’ managed hosting plan, you will not have to lift a finger to manage a well-performing website. Hostwinds offers fully managed hosting, which ensures all the aspects of a website are taken care of so that you can focus on your business. 

Pricing and Plans

These are the plans offered by Hostwinds. 

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
Starting at 30GB11GB$8.24/month
Ending at750GB1696GB$395.24/month

Why Choose

It is hard to find a managed hosting service provider with a cPanel control panel at such a great price as Hostwinds offers. This highly secure platform will ensure that your data’s security is never threatened.

8. A2Hosting – 20* Faster cPanel VPS Server

Let’s move on to the best cPanel hosting on this list: A2Hosting. This platform offers you a complete package. You can manage your server through the managed hosting plan provided by the A2Hosting platform or choose to manage it yourself.

With either of the choices with A2Hosting, you will seamlessly handle your website with the features you get here. Why do we recommend A2Hosting? Is it because of the SEO features, security features or others? Let us take a look at the features and understand that.

A2 Hosting About


Here are the features offered by A2Hosting. 

🔶 Managed Hosting: With A2Hosting, speed is ensured with all hosting plans. Still, if you want to take a step further for your website’s maintenance, you can opt for the managed hosting plan provided by A2Hosting, where this platform will manage all the tasks related to your server and website, and you can focus on your business and sales. 

🔶 Softaculous Premium: You will not have to write huge codes repeatedly for small changes. With A2Hosting, you can install hundreds of applications with a simple click, as this platform offers the premium version of Softaculous, which can make your hosting experience as smooth as ever. 

🔶 WordPress Toolkit: A2Hosting is a jackpot if you have a WordPress website. With this platform, you are offered a WordPress toolkit, which consists of many tools that you can use to easily edit, manage and grow your WordPress website without any external help.

Pricing and Plans

Let us take a look at the plans offered by A2Hosting. 

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
Managed cPanel150-450GB2-84-32GB$39.99/month – $99.99/month
Unmanaged cPanel20-450GB1-104-32GB$2.99/month – $89.99/month

Why Choose

If you choose A2Hosting, your hosting tasks will get a lot easier as this platform regards all the aspects of managing a website and the features it would need. A WordPress kit can do wonders for your online business and, eventually, sales. 

9. LiquidWeb – Best and Fastest Managed cPanel VPS Hosting

LiquidWeb understands that each website owner is different and has different preferences. Therefore, this platform offers a variety of features that are adjustable to suit each of your hosting needs.

With LiquidWeb, you can choose your control panel, and configuration and the scalability tools are impressive here.

Speed and security will never be a concept of concern to you with LiquidWeb as it takes multiple measures to ensure that your data is kept safe and the speed of your website is never compromised.



These are the features offered by LiquidWeb hosting. 

🔶 Choice of Control Panel: With LiquidWeb, you can choose any control panel between Plesk and cPanel, and you will be provided with optimum support with all of your hosting tasks and various features integrated with each control panel. 

🔶 Unlimited Sites: You do not have to purchase a new plan for every website you host on LiquidWeb, as this platform allows you to hold as many websites as your resources can afford to. 

🔶 CloudFlare CDN: To ensure that your websites are at the highest speed and rank the highest on SEO, eventually driving in more customers and sales. 

Pricing and Plans

These are the plans offered by LiquidWeb. 

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
ESSENTIAL40 GB SSD Storage22 GB RAM$20/month
ADVANCED100 GB SSD Storage44 GB RAM$30/month
PROFESSIONAL150 GB SSD Storage88 GB RAM$40/month
ELITE200 GB SSD Storage1212 GB RAM$50/month

Why Choose

LiquidWeb provides affordable hosting plans which consist of various features that can ease your hosting experience. Here, your website will run super-fast, and all your data will always stay secure.

What to Look for in the Best cPanel VPS Hosting Services?

All the hostings listed above are the best cPanel VPS hosting providers, but here are a few features to look into while choosing a cPanel VPS hosting.

  • Affordability is an essential factor to consider while choosing a cPanel VPS hosting.
  • cPanel hosting must be compatible with your OS, or it could be hard for you to handle your website.
  • Does your hosting provide enough security features? If the answer is yes, only consider buying the hosting.
  • It would be best to choose a hosting that offers SEO tools to ensure that your website ranks higher.

Tips for Managing Your cPanel VPS Hosting

Before you choose a cPanel hosting, look at a few tips to manage your cPanel VPS hosting. 

  • Check for the compatibility of the device and the OS before you get a cPanel hosting.
  • A cPanel hosting has plenty of benefits, including organisation tools, so take advantage of them.
  • You can manage multiple servers and websites on one control panel without confusion, so attach the various servers and websites to your cPanel.

FAQ – Best cPanel VPS Hosting Providers

What is the difference between cPanel VPS hosting and shared hosting?

Shared hosting provides a part of a server whose space and resources are shared by various users and reserved for a person, which means they could run out any day.

However, with cPanel VPS hosting, you still share a server, but the resources are reserved for you, and it comes with a cPanel control panel.

Is cPanel VPS Hosting Suitable for E-Commerce Websites?

Yes, cPanel VPS hosting is suitable for an E-commerce website as a cPanel reduces the effort you would have required to put into your website.

What Are Some Alternatives to cPanel VPS Hosting?

If you want the benefits of cPanel VPS hosting in a different hosting, you can always choose other popular control panels like Plesk and others.

How Much Does Cheap VPS Hosting Cost?

A cheap VPS hosting could cost as low as $5.99.

Which company offers the best cPanel VPS hosting?

All the hosting platforms listed above are great, but we recommend YouStable, InterServer and UltaHost as the best ones.

Can I install custom software and applications on my cPanel VPS server?

Yes, many hosting platforms offer this facility, and you might also get some support from the hosting platform’s customer support team.

Can I use cPanel VPS hosting for hosting multiple websites on the same server?

Many hosting platforms integrate cPanel services, which can support multiple servers and websites simultaneously.

Why Choose cPanel VPS Hosting?

You may choose a cPanel hosting as this control panel has many integrated features such as organisational tools and more.

Conclusion – Best cPanel VPS Hosting

There you go. Now you have a list of the 9 best cPanel VPS hosting providers in 2024. All of the abovementioned hosting providers are affordable and suitable for users with businesses at all levels.

You may start by clarifying what you want from a cPanel VPS hosting, which will help you create selection criteria. Once you are clear with that, you are ready to go!


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