7 Best KVM VPS Hosting Provider in Jul, 2024 [Reviewed]

KVM VPS is one of the most advance and great performance level types of hosting. It suits the advanced level users and also comes at low prices to reach out to the maximum audience being in-budget. 

It’s not easy to find KVM Virtual Server providers in the market. It’s a tedious task that involves a lot of research, review testing and whatnot. So, if you want to play smart and know about the best companies in the market, you are at the right place! 

We are here with a list of the best KVM VPS Hosting providers that offer great features at inexpensive prices and overall satisfactory services. So, are you ready to explore the unseen?

What is KVM VPS Hosting

KVM is an open-source virtualization tool. It works with Linux and enables you to use Linux’s kernel as a hypervisor. KVM is actually a component of Linux. KVM is free for Linux users running kernel 2.6.20 or later.

In 2006, KVM technology was initially presented and made available. Within a year, it was incorporated into Linux-based devices.

So, KVM combined with a Virtual Private Server, where you are allotted a virtual space over the server and have dedicated resources to yourself without having to share them with anyone, is known as KVM VPS hosting. 

7 Best KVM VPS Hosting Provider in [current_date format='M, Y'] [Reviewed]

Now that you have a general understanding of KVM technology, let’s discuss the KVM VPS Hosting providers and how they are working in the market:

Short on time? Here Are the Best KVM VPS in Jul,2024

InterServer : With lower renewal costs and confidence in their services, Interserver offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure their customers are satisfied with their services before continuing with them for long terms. 

Kamatera : A cloud technology-driven company, Kamatera offers a 30-day free trial; no credit or debit card required! They are totally technology driven and focus on their quality of server. They give an option to make your plan and pay only for what you want to use.

YouStable : With an aim to provide the best customer support and standing still on that, Youstable offers Semi-managed VPS hosting, which makes this hosting highly affordable and also, you need not be very techy to handle it!

7 Best KVM VPS Hosting Provider Updated in Jul, 2024

You must have come across various KVM VPS SSD Hosting providers when you were looking to choose one as your provider. But there’s always something or the other that’s missing and where you miss the mark with that provider. 

But what if we tell you that we created a list that can match your list, and one of these companies can be your actual perfect choice? Hence, here’s the list of KVM VPS Hosting service providers that we picked up from the lot:

1. InterServer- Get Started with At $0.01 For First Month

InterServer ensures security, technical expertise and reliability to all of its users. Being in service for 22 years now, they have proved their worth to be one of the most trustful and top-notch hosting service providers of all. 

Take advantage of every single penny that you pay by enjoying the dedicated resources you will get with KVM VPS Hosting. You’ll never get short of any resources when working with InterServer

Interserver About


No, free VPS hosting is not secure because it has lots of limitations. It means that they do not include We have listed the features of VPS Hosting offered by InterServer:

🔶 Affordable Hosting : Here, you can find the cheapest option to run a virtual private server. VPS is the best option for deploying your applications on the internet in a cost-effective and balanced manner.

🔶 High Performance : Interserver makes use of highly effective SSD storage. With 20x faster speed and all essential workloads, raid offers the best performance and redundancy.

🔶 Easy Provisioning : With the help of various control panels it offers, InterServer can quickly launch VPS hosting with not much to set up.

🔶 Regional Diversity : Both the East Coast (Secaucus, NJ) and the West Coast (Los Angeles, CA) offer datacenters from which Interserver VPS can be launched. Receive reduced latency results from deploying your services from a location that is closer to you.

🔶 Top-notch Security : They use the virtualization systems KVM, Openvz, Virtuozzo, and Hyper-v, which are some highly acclaimed and well-known for using the greatest security techniques.

🔶 Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9% : InterServer’s KVM VPS hosting solution provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. High-performing SSD storage is incorporated into their cloud VPS architecture to guarantee perfect performance.

Price and Plans

InterServer allows you to scale your VPS hosting plans. There’s a slice system with a scale that helps you in customizing your plan:

InterServer Price and Plans

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2. Kamatera- Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial 

Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure products are offered by Kamatera, a global cloud services platform supplier, to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Due to its 20 years of experience, access to cutting-edge technologies, and superior quality of customer service, Kamatera, a member of a multinational IT-based service provider founded in 1995, is at the forefront of cloud computing technology.

With thousands of servers spread over 21 global data centres, Kamatera serves tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

Kamatera About


We have listed the features of VPS Hosting offered by kamatera:

🔶 Quick scaling : Using a straightforward administrative portal or API, VPS Hosting can be deployed and modified on-demand to meet your specific needs. With Kamatera, it takes only a few minutes to adjust server capacity to fit power demand.

🔶 Guaranteed Uptime of 99.95% : Kamatera’s VPS Hosting delivers incredibly high stability and availability. Kamatera’s purpose-built, globally dispersed data centres, which use the newest technology, ensure that servers are always stable and accessible, regardless of the situation.

🔶 Robust Hardware : You are freed from having to worry about managing and maintaining computing hardware with its KVM VPS hosting. Achieve immediate and limitless scaling with Kamatera. It gives you total control over your hardware configuration. 

🔶 Affordable Total Cost of Ownership : The affordability of cloud infrastructure is one of its key benefits. The most affordable server solution on the market is Kamatera’s cloud infrastructure.

Price and Plans

Kamatera offers a price calculator, customize a plan of your own and pay only for the things you want to use:

Kamatera Plans

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3. YouStable – Best VPS Customer Support 

An establishment in 2015, YouStable has never left a chance to prove themselves to be working hard and giving the best of the services to its customer base, which tops 75,000 users. 

They offer dedicated resources at affordable prices, but their main focus has always been quality-rich services with the latest gen technology.

YouStable About

Hence, taht no user faces any kind of delay in the services! 


Here are a few from a lot of VPS Hosting features offered by YouStable:

🔶 DDoS protection : With the best DDoS Protected VPS Servers in the market, you can proactively defend your website against malicious and undesired attacks that overtax your resources with unauthorised traffic.

🔶 Supercharged NVMe SSD Drives : NVMe Drives offer better storage and quicker access. By lowering latency and offering high IOPS, you can substantially improve the speed of your website.

🔶 SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt : Keep safety a priority. Ensure your website’s credibility and protect your customers’ data. A website’s credibility is increased via SSL, which also raises its SERP ranking.

🔶 Observation & Alerts : Keep an eye on your website and receive critical notifications and updates about YouStable’s top VPS hosting straight to your inbox.

🔶 Full-Admin Access : You can effortlessly manage your VPS hosting with full admin access. You are able to approve any alteration to your website.

🔶Ensured Resources : To ensure the best VPS Hosting for KVM, key resources, including bandwidth, storage, RAM, and CPU, have been tuned.

Price and Plans

YouStable offers premium and top-level KVM VPS Hosting plans. You can also contact their customer support to get an idea of customized plans.

YouStable Price and Plans

🔔 YouStable Offer Jul, 2024YouStable is currently offering 15% OFF. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your YouStable VPS Server subscription.

4. ScalaHosting – First-Class 24/7 Hosting Support Team

ScalaHosting is the future of cloud hosting. They were established in 2007, and after being in the business for 15 years, now they believe that VPS should be high-performance, ultra-secure, and low-cost.

They have improved their future with world-class in-house solutions and their outlook on prioritising customers. 



The features made to make KVM VPS services efficient :

🔶 24/7/365 VPS Fully Managed : Everything is set up, maintained, and optimised for you by ScalaHosting’s professionals, who are constantly on hand to provide live support.

🔶 Performance That Leads the Industry : 100% SSD storage and superior networking are included at no additional cost, giving you exceptional performance and speed even during traffic peaks.

🔶 Host Locally : Choose from 35+ enterprise-grade datacenters across the world to swiftly and securely connect to the rest of the world from your home.

🔶 Free Website Transfer : They will move all of your websites for free and make sure they function properly.

🔶 Advanced Security for Free : With the help of their isolated and dedicated cloud environment, SShield prevents 99.98% of web threats and continuously safeguards all of your websites.

🔶  Dependable Control Panel: The next-generation cloud-based hosting platform is developed in-house. SPanel is 100% compatible with cPanel and offers a ton of free services as well as methods for deciding on new features.

Price and Plans

With a lot of more features that each plan contains, here are the KVM VPS plans curated by ScalaHosting:

ScalaHosting Price and Plans

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5. Bluehost – Best WordPress SSD VPS Hosting

BlueHost has been in the hosting services since 2003 and has shown better results each time over decades. Based in Utah, they have been contributing to open source and are committed to being in a partnership with WordPress. 

So, if you are looking for control? You’ll get it with BlueHost!

Bluehost Hosting


Introducing the features of BlueHost’s KVM VPS Hosting :

🔶 Unlimited Hosting for Domains and Websites : Give yourself complete access to divide and arrange your server environment however you want on your VPS.

🔶 Services : Every plan includes enough RAM, CPU, and storage to complete the task, and your server resources are yours alone.

🔶 Single Basic Dashboard : One simple-to-use VPS panel contains all the tools you need to manage your websites, track performance, and more.

🔶 Unlimited Bandwidth : Your VPS websites can receive as much traffic as they like, provided that it adheres to BlueHosts’s Acceptable Use Policy.

🔶 365-day VPS Support : Any question you may have, they would’ve probably already answered in their knowledge base. Otherwise, their team of professionals is available and eager to help you at all times.

🔶 Access Management : Make passwords for access with a specific purpose, such as server administration, ownership information, or a master password for everything.

Price and Plans

The standard KVM VPS Plans offered by BlueHost:

BlueHost Price and Plans

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6. Hostarmada – Fast, Reliable and Stable Web Hosting

Innovation and Creativity is something on which HostArmada work. They have been serving for years with a happy crew to curate the best of the services to satisfy customers with superb quality and the latest technology. 

There’s an up to 45-day money-back guarantee, ensuring they are confident in their services!

HostArmada About


Introducing the features of HostArmada KVM VPS Hosting :

🔶 Install applications with one click : Customers can easily deploy instances of their applications using the 1-Click Application Installer, and they can also individually configure each installation.

🔶 Regular Backups : The automated cPanel backup service is activated by default with the option of weekly backups available for all Cloud SSD KVM VPS plans. This can also apply to weekly and monthly backups.

🔶 Web Server Cache for Nginx : With an easy-to-use caching technology, its customers’ websites load quicker and consume fewer resources, allowing more users at cheaper rates.

🔶 Service for managed web hosting: They follow daily rituals like making sure our Cloud SSD VPS services are constantly functioning properly, updating and offering numerous PHP versions, inspecting the storage units for damage, and many more. 

🔶 Newest services for best results : When a patch is formally deployed, this enables speedy bug fixes as well as immediate vulnerability patching! 

🔶 cPanel makes services simple to manage : It has dependable, native, and user-friendly web hosting control panels. CPanel has evolved into an industry standard over the years. With any Cloud SSD VPS hosting package, they give it away for free.

🔶Access to ROOT for power users: They give root-level access to every Cloud SSD VPS hosting plan since such features complete access and limitless customization options—are the plans’ key selling points. 

🔶 Robust Website Security : Each Cloud SSD VPS hosting package includes a selection of security measures. An IP-based firewall is turned on by default so that it can stop malicious users when destructive acts are noticed. A free virus scanner and free SSL certificates for an unlimited number of domains are also available.

Price and Plans

HostAramada specialises in cloud services. Here are its plans for the Cloud VPS Hosting:

HostArmada Price and Plans

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7. TMDHosting – Fully Manages Cloud VPS Now

Spread across the globe, TMD Hosting has come up with a whole new VPS Hosting concept and latest technology features that differ from its existing VPS. They have been awarded by various renowned portals as one of the best hosting providers worldwide.

Hence, working with many free features and open-sourcing technologies isn’t going to harm anyone, right?

TMD Hosting About


Presenting the undeniably great features offered by TMD Hosting:

🔶 Super-Fast Technology : Compared to conventional spinning hard drives, their high-end Solid State Drive (SSD) hardware is up to 20 times faster. 

🔶 Publick Networks : Your VPS will be set up on a secluded, private network, which will increase the speed at which your pages load by giving your data a dedicated channel and the finest connectivity.

🔶 Fully Redundant : The computational activities are segregated from the incredibly fast SSD storage. Implementing RAID technology guarantees maximum data transfer rates and significantly reduces your website’s load time.

🔶 Top-notch Security : Their extremely advanced Web-Based Firewall (WAF), which is updated regularly, ensures that your website is protected from internet attacks.

🔶 100% Scalable : Their  VPS infrastructure is completely scalable. You don’t have to pay for more resources than you actually need because it scales up with a click.

🔶 Fully Cloud-Based : TMD VPS Cloud is built from the ground up to scale, with an independent network, compute, and storage clusters offering unparalleled flexibility and speed. 

Price and Plans

You can either choose one of the customer-demand-based curated plans or scale one for yourself with TMD Hosting’s KVM VPS Hosting

They have planned prices according to the country servers; choose the nearest one to you. Until then, here’s an overlook of the US hosting plans:

TMDHosting Price and Plans

How To Choose the Best KVM VPS Hosting 

Before choosing the best KVM VPS Hosting, you must consider these points to be present with your hosting:

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Lightening fast speed 
  • Managed or Unmanaged Hosting (as per your technical knowledge)
  • Affordablitity 
  • Daily or Weekly Backups 
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Robust Security 

FAQs – Best KVM VPS Hosting Provider

Is KVM VPS Hosting Different From VPS Hosting?

Not really. KVM VPS is just a type of VPS virtualisation with some extra features. 

How do I access KVM VPS?

It’s nothing but the same as you access your VPS Hosting, that is, via the dashboard. 

Does Kamatera use KVM VPS?

Yes, Kamatera uses KVM VPS, and that is why we mentioned it in the list of our top KVM VPS Hosting providers. 

Which is better, KVM VPS or OpenVZ VPS?

KVM VPS Hosting is better than OpenVZ VPS Hosting because its virtualization and isolation are stronger as compared to OpenVZ. Also, there’s no overselling of resources with KVM VPS. 

Are there any good KVM VPS?

As per our test and analysis, after reading the users’ reviews, we curated this list of the best KVM VPS Hosting provider. But if you’re looking for all the way best from the lot, then we can say that Kamatera, InterServer, YouStable and BlueHost are the best in providing KVM VPS Hosting services. 

What are some good alternatives to KVM VPS?

Some good alternatives to KVM VPS are- OpenVZ, Docker, VirtualBox, Qemu and Xen.


KVM VPS Hosting is one of the advanced users’ most technology-driven and preferred hostings. Hence, we created this very interesting article to get you an idea of its works, what it actually is and which companies provide you with the same. 

Make sure that you choose a provider that best suits your requirements and budget. 

And if the company is providing a money-back guarantee, it’ll work in the best of your interests, mostly all the companies we have mentioned in the article offer it. 

To Summarise, the Best KVM VPS Hosting providers in Jul, 2024

RankProviderOffsite Backup Included Starting Price Visit 
1InterServer $6Find More 
2Kamatera $4Find More 
3YouStable  $12.32Find More 
4ScalaHosting $29.95Find More 
5BlueHost$18.99Find More 
6HostArmada$41.21Find More 
7TMDHosting$19.97Find More 

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