5 Best Linux Hosting Provider in 2024 [In Depth-Review]

For ages, Linux has been a user-friendly operating system for the techy’s. Competing with Windows, Linux has made its way through the market and is provided as an Operating System with hostings alongside its perks. 

So, if you are looking for Linux Based web hosting, you’ve landed in the right place! After many tests and analysis of the companies in the market, we came up with these particular ones. We’ll discuss the best Linux Shared Hosting providers in this article. 

Let’s not wait further but jump into the best Linux Hosting Providers article to get going!

What Is Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting is nothing but the use of Linux as the operating system with the web hosting services.

If you’re going for shared, VPS, Reseller or any other hosting and you have Linux as your operating system, the hosting will be automatically called Linux Hosting

And for now, some providers are ready to offer you this hosting with great features and affordable prices, so why don’t we look at them?

Best Linux Hosting Provider

 Short on time? Here Are the Best Linux Hosting provider [ Update ] in June, 2024

BlueHost : A hosting that fits your ambition, isn’t that what you want? If yes, BlueHost is one of the most renowned WordPress partnership firms that makes sure the users get what they want with the best quality of services and support. 

YouStable : YouStable offers the best Linux Hosting in the market. It lets out the plans at affordable prices, but they maintain the quality of technology throughout its services. YouStable works on: No complaints means happy customers!

A2 Hosting : Working since 2001, they have decades of experience in the hosting field. And all of this leads them to give proper and various options in services (plans) to its user to be free to choose from.

Top 5 Best Linux Hosting Provider [Updated] in June, 2024

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of best Linux hosting providers as per their ratings and performance:

1. Bluehost- Fast, Secure Linux Hosting Provider

Based in Orem, Utah, Bluehost has been working hard since 2003 to provide the best of services when it comes to web hosting.

Alongside a partnership with WordPress, Bluehost offers WordPress-optimised websites with the best features

With over 2 million websites powered by Bluehost, they are working towards open sourcing and other important aspects to get their customers the best of everything!

Bluehost Hosting

The Best Features of Bluehost We Like

The Best features of Bluehost are :

🔶 Easy to Create a Website with Bluehost : To make building a professional-looking website quick and straightforward, Bluehost offers a WordPress website builder.

🔶 Protection of Resources : Your site’s performance is safeguarded and unaffected by the presence of other websites on the shared server.

🔶 Domain Control : Update, transfer, buy and manage all of your domains in one location with the help of their domain manager.

🔶 Certificates for SSL : Use encrypted connections to keep sensitive data, such as personal information, e-commerce transactions, and others.

What Needs To Be Improved

There’s always a scope for improvement in everything. Bluehost can improve in:

  • Should reduce renewal rates 
  • Should not limit the features in Unlimited Hosting

Plans And Price

Here’s a screenshot of the plans and pricing of Bluehost’s Shared Linux Hosting:

Bluehost’s Shared Linux Hosting:

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

2. YouStable- Fast Support and Unlimited NVme SSD Space

YouStable is one of the leading web hosting providers working every second to provide the best services at the affordable prices possible.

They know the struggle of a person starting a new website or looking to do so but not having the budget to afford web hosting services

YouStable has been supporting such people and ensuring that there is no complaint from the clients by providing undeniably great and feature-filled services. 

YouStable About

The Best Features of YouStable We Like

The best features of YouStable’s Linux Hosting :

🔶 Servers Powered by NVMe SSD : With every web hosting plan, you receive pure NVMe SSD drives, working 600 times faster than some traditional drives.

🔶 Superior Security : The reliable Imunify360l will safeguard your website. It provides the finest defence against malware, DDoS attacks, BFA, and full-stack server defence.

🔶 Control Panel with Simple Usage : With options to choose from cPanel and DirectAdmin’s most user-friendly and simple control panel, you can easily manage your web hosting services.

🔶 Site Migration for free : All of your files will be moved for free by YouStable’s team of experts. 

🔶 Everyday Backups : YouStable creates a backup of your website automatically. You can contact their customer service to recover the lost content at any time in the previous 7 days. 

🔶 99.99 percent Uptime Promise : You will receive a 99.99 percent server uptime guarantee from YouStable which ensures that you do not lose any potential clients in any point of time whilst your website is surfacing on the web. 

What Need To Be Improved

Something that makes YouStable lack a bit :

  • No refund on VPS Hosting 
  • Call support only during working hours 

Plans And Price

The plans and prices of YouStable’s Shared Linux Hosting:

5 Best Linux Hosting Provider in 2024 [In Depth-Review]

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

3. A2 Hosting- 20X Fast, Easiest, Most Reliable Linux Hosting

A2 Hosting’s mission is to provide the greatest web hosting services that are incredibly quick and dependable. 

The dedication of its employees has allowed them to become known and praised as the leading hosting company in the sector since 2003. With its new A2 Site Builder, you can easily curate your website and make the best out of it! 

A2 Hosting About

The Best Features of A2hosting We Like 

The best features of A2 Hosting’s Linux Hosting :

🔶 Turbo is 20 times faster: Better SEO rankings, less bounce rates, and higher conversion rates result from this.

🔶 Guru Crew Assistance: Their helpful and professional support staff is here to assist you 24/7/365.

🔶 Free Account Transfer: In most circumstances, A2’s team of experts will relocate your website to A2 Hosting at no cost.

🔶 Guarantee of Refund: Risk-free trial of A2’s fast hosting service with any money-back guarantee!

🔶 Commitment to 99.9% Uptime: With its ultra-reliable servers, A2 Hosting is the host you can trust and rely upon.

What Need To Be Improved

The scope of improvement in A2 Hosting:

Plans And Price

Here’s a screenshot of the plans and pricing offered by A2 Hosting’s Shared Linux Hosting:

A2hosting pricing and plans

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

4. SiteGround- Fast, and Expert Support Linux Hosting

With top-class support and high-quality services through the latest technology, SiteGround has built its image as one of the most trustworthy with the best team of happy and loyal employees.

With over 5 countries and 9+ server locations, SiteGround covers each and every user worldwide to provide uninterrupted web hosting services

siteground About

The Best Features of Siteground We Like 

The best features of SiteGround’s Linux Hosting :

🔶 Super-fast websites : On top of the Google Cloud architecture, SiteGround’s platform is developed for performance and has numerous unique speed enhancements.

🔶 Superior security : They handle the security of your websites at the server and application levels, provide free SSL, and perform daily backups.

🔶 Easy site management : Start using Siteground’s welcoming Client Area and Site Tools, which are brimming with features to assist you in managing your sites.

🔶 Domain Management : To manage your domain and website from one location, they provide domain registration, transfer, and DNS services.

🔶 Reliable Email Services : Create as many email accounts as you like with your domain. Webmail service and spam filtering both are for free.

What Need To Be Improved

SiteGround can grow in:

  • Reducing renewal costs 
  • By increasing web space capping

Plans And Price

Here’s the screenshot of the plans and prices of SiteGround’s Shared Linux Hosting :

SiteGround Pricing and plans

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

5. HostGator- Most Reliable Linux Hosting Provider

Created to host, since the beginning of the internet, they have been experts in web hosting, knowing it inside and out. 

They want to enable everyone to have a successful web presence through scalable solutions and knowledgeable support. 

Hostgator About

The Best Features of HostGator We Like 

The best features of HostGator’s Linux Hosting:

🔶 Unmetered bandwidth: They can handle all the traffic you wish to bring in!

🔶 Registration of domains: Register your domain with HostGator, with some easy and simple steps to follow

🔶 Secure Sockets Layer SSL Certificate: Ensure the safety of your visitors by acting responsibly and being secure.

🔶 WordPress instals in one click: It’s quite simple to integrate your apps with WordPress optimization offered by HostGator.

🔶 Shared Web Hosting’s user-friendly cPanel: An intuitive Control Panel is included with each shared Linux hosting plan, allowing you to simply construct and administer your website.

🔶 Website development using databases and advanced programming: Build your website with cutting-edge programming languages like Ruby on Rails, phpMyAdmin, Apache, MySQL, Curl, PHP, Python, and more.

What Need To Be Improved

The scope of improvement in Hostgator:

  • Remove the limitations on backups
  • Slow and unreliable customer support

Plans And Price

Here’s a screenshot of the plans and prices offered by Hostgator’s Shared Linux Hosting :

Hostgator Pricing and plans

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

What Should you look out for in the best Linux hosting Provider?

Things one should consider Before Choosing the Right Hosting Provider for themselves:

Hosting Environment

Make sure the hosting provider you choose has all the required features, great customer support and affordable pricing with the operating system, Control panel and other aspects. Ensure that the hosting environment is appropriately set up with quality features to provide the best services. 

Including everything we discussed, one can build a great hosting environment. 

Hosting Features

Hosting features like-

some other features which every other hosting provider offers that are kind of a necessity to have while hosting a website.  

 Storage and Bandwidth

Storage and bandwidth determine the working of your website and how fast it responds to the inputs. So, having at least 50GB of storage capacity and 500GB bandwidth will make the best of the hosting. 


If you value your data, choose a hosting provider that values it similarly. Hence, the one which provides daily backups and an option for you to restore your data at any time is the one that will make it up to the best.


Securing your website from known and unknown attacks ensures that you are immune to any threat, and how you can get immune from these?

Having a free SSL certificate, DDoS protection, firewall protection, and other security measures with your hosting ensures that no one can attack you or your website in any way!


Scalability is an essential factor not only in hosting but also in life. As you want to grow in life with time and stages, the website needs to grow based on the traffic it receives or as per the latest technologies. 

So, do not limit yourself to a single type of hosting with some fixed features. Make sure that your web hosting provider offers you the chance to upgrade your services anytime or whenever you want or need to!

User Friendly

A user-friendly control panel, operating system or interface is mostly important for novices. With little technical knowledge, if you can run your hosting and manage your website without much to do or with some self-explanatory methods, it gets easy-peasy, isn’t it?

So, choose the hosting provider which provides a user-friendly interface to work on with some user-friendly features too!

Customer Support

The most important factors of all time! Customer support is essential at every point, especially when you’re facing some issues, and you never know when one pops up, don’t you? 

Making sure that there’s 24/7 customer support with live chat, email, call, and ticket features in that hosting provider can make hosting easy and smooth for you

FAQs -Best Linux Hosting Provider

What's Linux hosting?

Linux Hosting is simply when you choose linux as the operating system with server you want to choose. This type of hosting is called Linux Hosting. 

Difference Between Linux Hosting And Window Hosting?

Nothing but the difference in the operating systems, one being Linux and the other, Windows, make the difference between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Keep in mind that Windows Hosting is a little costlier than Linux Hosting because windows require a license that costs more than Linux, which doesn’t require any licensing. 

Is Linux good for Business Websites?

It provides free or inexpensive software, including common desktop apps like web browsers, email clients, word processors, spreadsheets, and file managers. Linux can easily support and serve as your company’s main server.

Can I install WordPress on Linux hosting?

Yes, you must simply install the WordPress application with your operating system as Linux. You can easily install WordPress on linux hosting in various possible ways.  

Best Linux Hosting Provider

We talked about How Linux Hosting works, what you should look for in a hosting provider before choosing them and most importantly, the companies that provide the best Linux hosting in the market. 

After a lot of analysis and thinking through, we realised how some factors are essential for hosting and make your experience in the world of web hosting better or the best. Hence, choose a hosting provider per your requirements but also keep some basic points in mind, as discussed above.

Well, we hope this article came in handy to you all, and now you’re ready to get into the world of best Linux hosting and make the best out of it getting your online business ranked top on the charts!

To Summarise, the Best Linux Hosting providers in September, June,2024

RankProviderOffsite Backup Included Starting Price Visit 
1BlueHost✔️$2.95Find More 
2YouStable✔️$1.20Find More 
3A2 Hosting✔️$2.99Find More 
4SiteGround✔️$3.99Find More 
5Hostgator✔️$2.75Find More 

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    5 Best Linux Hosting Provider in 2024 [In Depth-Review]