How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website

Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website: We know that google announced Installing SSL websites or blogs will get high priority in search results.

SSL protects your website data from hackers which insure your users and visitors that there information is safe with you however unfortunately not every web host provide SSL certificate on shared hosting account until you have Dedicated IP or VPS servers.

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website

But even if your web host doesn’t support direct ssl certificate installation like us then you have a another way to get Free SSL for your website with better features in the comparison of few paid certificates.

Step 1:

After hosting your website with GoogieHost you need to wait at least 24 hours before you apply for CloudFlare account for ssl and better security.

Step 2:

Now create an account with which comes for no cost, confirm your e-mail address for account verification. They will ask your domain name details to analyze DNS records of it and it may take upto 60 seconds to complete.

Step 3:

You are almost done they will provide you new name servers need to be updated for your domain name hosted with us.


Step 4:

After updating your new name servers click on RETEST to finish integration if everything is fine it will show green bar or you need to wait and then again click on RETEST

Note: CloudFlare wouldn’t work with our sub-domain names.

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  1. Does provide SSL?

  2. HEHE, Every knows to setup cloudflare and you are saying the world about that.

    People there is a hosting platform which gives free Let’s Encrypt SSL for free 500mb plan, unlimited bandwidth and 2 subdomain, 3 email, hotlink protection , virus scanner, ….for short every thing that is present in cpanel of pro package.

    thet is unelmahost dot com.

  3. Hello,

    adib hussain is my friend. he told me about this. i have tested with your article but i am unable to get free SSL from cloudflare.

    i requested you to made a article on free SSL with screenshot step by step.

    • well if you have integrated your website cloudflare please try to access your website with https

  4. you said that you got a SSL from cloud fare but SSL status shows you got a paid SSL from COMODO . see the screenshot :

    • Yes we are using premium SSL, I just wanted to show you green bar which comes with cloudflare SSL as well and we didn’t said our SSL is from CF


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How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website