9 Best SSD Dedicated Server Hosting in 2024

Hosting your website online is challenging, and finding the best hosting server is harder. However, SSD Dedicated server hostings are the best to ensure the best speed and security.

An SSD Dedicated server provides enough security, support, speed and privacy to run your website well without any bumps on the way. But there are so many options in the market, which is the best?

Well, you reached the right place as we have got the answer. Here are the 9 Best SSD Dedicated server hosting in 2024. But first, let us start by understanding SSD Dedicated server hosting and how it differs from the rest.

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What is an SSD Dedicated Server?

To understand an SSD Dedicated server, we must first understand what a dedicated server is.

As the name suggests, a dedicated server is dedicated to one user, and the server and its resources are not divided into many users.

Coming to an SSD Dedicated server a dedicated server which uses SSD or Solid State Drive storage is known as an SSD Dedicated server.

Best SSD Dedicated Server Hosting

There are various benefits of using SSD storage systems.

  • Since SSD storage systems do not have movable parts, there is little to no chance of damaging your data.
  • SSD is about 10 times faster than many other storage systems.
  • SSD storage only wears out slowly, and the cycle is long. These are believed to offer relatively better performance.

9 Best SSD Dedicated Server Hosting in 2024

Now that you know what a SSD Dedicated server is and understand how beneficial they are, we will now take a look at the best SSD Dedicated server hosting. Let us start by looking at our top pick, YouStable. 

⏰  TL;DR:

1. YouStable Overall Best SSD Dedicated Servers
2. UltaHost Overall Dedicated Bare Metal Servers
3. A2Hosting – Get Started Bare Metal Dedicated Servers
4. BlueHost – Overall “Powerful SSD” Dedicated Hosting
5. LiquidWeb Overall Best Fully Managed Dedicated Server
6. HostArmada Best SSD Dedicated CPU Servers
7. DreamHost Overall “Fully Managed” Dedicated Server
8. TMDHostingMost Powerful and Fast SSD Dedicated Hosting Provider
9. HostWindsBest SSD Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

1. YouStable – Overall Best SSD Dedicated Servers

YouStable is an Indian hosting platform. It offers affordable hosting plans, including an SSD Dedicated server with plenty of features. This platform utilises the best quality hardware to ensure your server has a long cycle.

SSD servers are already fast. Additionally, YouStable offers a 1 Gbps uplink and multiple data centre locations. The more the data centres, the faster your website.

Do not forget about security; with YouStable, your server will always be safe from any DDoS attacks due to the protection offered by this platform.

YouStable About


Here are the features of YouStable SSD Dedicated Servers. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: As we said, YouStable is highly concerned about the security of your data. Therefore, this platform offers DDoS protection to protect your data from any DDoS attacks. 

🔶 Multiple Data Centres: Selecting a server location closer to your clients is recommended as it increases your website’s speed. With YouStable, you are offered multiple data centre and server locations, ensuring your server runs at high speed and your website climbs up the SERP ranking ladder. 

🔶 Simple Client Portal: You can now easily manage all your websites and the entire server through one interface, the YouStable Client portal.

Plans and Price 

These are the plans offered by YouStable. 

  • Intel Quad-Core Xeon E-2274G: $134.0/month
  • Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E-2286G: $170.0/month
  • Intel Octa-Core Xeon E-2278G: $173.0/mo
  • 2x Intel Deca-Core Xeon E5-2630v4: $246.0/month
  • AMD 16-Core EPYC 7302P: $279.0/month
  • 2x Intel 12-Core Xeon Silver 4214: $420.0/month
  • 2x Intel 16-Core Xeon Gold 5218: $507.0/month
  • 2x AMD 24-Core EPYC 7402: $577.0/month

2. UltaHost – Overall Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

If you are looking for a hosting provider that will take care of everything involved in managing a website, we suggest you try UltaHost. This platform offers a variety of SSD dedicated server configurations.

You can easily manage your website with UltaHost through their management services.

Also, you can check your website before it goes online through the staging environment offered by this platform. There’s a lot more that UltaHost provides; we will soon take a look.

ultahost ABout


Let us take a look at the features offered by UltaHost. 

🔶 Team Management: A dedicated server is a vast space, and it could be hard to work alone. So why not manage with your team while UltaHost allows team management services? With UltaHost, you can easily manage your websites on its SSD dedicated server with your team members. 

🔶 Staging Environment: Afraid you might have just uploaded a website with a few things that could have been corrected. That will never happen with UltaHost, as this platform offers a staging environment where you can test your website before it goes online. 

🔶 Automated Backups: SSD storage is believed to be safer than other storage types. However, even if something happens to your server, you do not have to worry about the Ulta host, as you gain access to free and automated backups here.

Plans and Price 

These are the dedicated hosting plans offered by UltaHost. 

  • Hestia & CyberPanel – Free Panels: $129.90/month – $933.90/month
  • cPanel: $148.90/month – $943.90/month
  • Plesk: $139.90/month – $952.90/month

3. A2Hosting – Get Started Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

You can opt for A2Hosting for the speed and security it offers. This platform is suitable for users of all skill levels. Here, you can opt for a managed and an unmanaged hosting plan.

The managed hosting plan might be a little hefty of your budget. However, it is worth it.

Here, you get complete control of your server and many add-ons to help you manage better. You can opt for your choice of operating system, and you also get to use the cPanel control panel with the managed dedicated server plan.

A2 Hosting About


Let us take a look at the features offered by A2Hosting. 

🔶 Full Root Access: With full root access, you will have complete control over your server and be allowed to change the configurations you need. 

🔶 Managed Hardware & Network: Whether you opt for the managed or the unmanaged dedicated server hosting plan, you are offered managed hardware and software so that you can focus on your website rather than the hosting. 

🔶 Webuzo 1-Click Software Installer: Forget about the long codes you had to type all the time; you can now easily install software through A2Hosting’s Webuzo 1-Click Software Installer.

Plans and Price 

Take a look at the hosting plans offered by A2Hosting. 

  • Managed Hosting: $155.99/month – $185.99/month
  • Unmanaged Hosting: $105.99/month – $135.99/month

4. BlueHost – Overall “Powerful SSD” Dedicated Hosting

BlueHost is a popular hosting platform that offers plenty of hosting plans across the globe. This platform also provides SSD dedicated server hosting plans with plenty of benefits.

Here, you can have complete control over your server as you are provided root access and can manage multiple servers from one interface.

Your website will consistently rank on top due to the SSD storage offered by BlueHost. 

Bluehost Hosting


Here are the features of BlueHost. 

🔶 Root Access: Take complete control of your server using the root access provided by BlueHost. This platform does not limit our control over the server and lets you decide the configurations you want. 

🔶 Multiple Servers: If you wish to manage multiple servers from one interface, you may add servers into the management system, and you can handle all of them in one place. 

🔶 Storage Upgrades: If your website is snowballing, your growth can be easily supported by BlueHost with a storage upgrade so that there is no limit to your success.

Plans and Price 

These are the dedicated hosting plans at BlueHost to choose from. 

  • Standard: $102.27/month
  • Enhanced: $126.34/month
  • Premium: $144.39/month
  • Managed VPS: Custom Pricing

5. LiquidWeb – Overall Best Fully Managed Dedicated Server

With a bold 100% uptime guarantee, LiquidWeb will be a popular dedicated server hosting provider in 2024. This platform offers dedicated server hostings in several parts of the world at affordable prices.

The best part is that LiquidWeb offers managed hosting plans, among others. Since your server will be managed, you can focus on your business.

Also, to ensure the best website speed, you are offered Cloudflare CDN. Isn’t that great?



Let us take a look at the features offered by LiquidWeb. 

🔶 Multiple Control Panels: Everyone has different preferences regarding a control panel, and LiquidWeb understands that. Therefore, with LiquidWeb, you can choose between three control panels, Interworx, cPanel and Plesk Panel, to suit your skill set and requirements. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: Your data is what runs your website, and therefore, protecting it is vital. One of the security measures LiquidWeb takes is providing you with DDoS protection so that no DDoS attacks can harm your data. 

🔶 ServerSecure: You can change your security configurations per your needs with LiquidWeb’s ServerSecure advanced settings on Windows and Linux-managed dedicated server hostings.

Price and Plans

These are the plans offered by LiquidWeb. 

  • Intel Xeon 1230v6: $149.25/month
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R – Single: $224.25/month
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R – Dual: $374.25/month
  • Customizable plans 

6. HostArmada – Best SSD Dedicated CPU Servers

Make your hosting experience a lot easier with HostArmada. This platform offers fully managed SSD dedicated server hostings at a pretty affordable price. You can manage all your websites from a single plan from HostArmada.

This platform offers many benefits for each requirement, such as security, speed, ease of use, etc.

You can try HostArmada if you have a medium-sized or growing business, as here, you will get enough resources to help you manage your websites efficiently.

HostArmada About


Here’s what you are offered with HostArmada. 

🔶 Free SSL for all Websites: As we said, you can host all your websites with one HostArmada plan, and the security of none will be compromised. With HostArmada, each of your websites is provided with free SSL certificates to ensure the complete safety of your website and your precious data. 

🔶 1-Click Application Installer: Work better and more efficiently with your hosting and website as HostArmada reduces your efforts with your websites through a 1-click application installer feature. 

🔶 Multiple cPanel Accounts: As a massive dedicated server hosts multiple websites, you can also use numerous cPanel accounts on a single server with HostArmada to increase ease of use and reduce confusion.

Plans and Price 

Here are the plans offered by HostArmada. 

  • Lift Off: $114.73/month
  • Lift Orbit: $160.93/month
  • High Orbit: $253.33/month

7. DreamHost – Overall “Fully Managed” Dedicated Server

Here comes one of our top picks, DreamHost. DreamHost is one of the best SSD dedicated server providers because it offers all the security features to keep your data safe while ensuring optimum speed.

With a 100% uptime guarantee, DreamHost offers full root access, which will help you work better and efficiently with your server as it will decide its configurations.

Also, apart from standard plans, you can opt for a customised plan at DreamHost. 

Dreamhost About


Here are the features offered by DreamHost. 

🔶 Custom Control Panel: You can manage all your websites, the server, and all the other tasks with a single control panel, which is custom built by DreamHost. 

🔶 Fully Managed: Website hosting has never been more straightforward. With DreamHost, your server will be fully managed, and you have to do next to nothing to grow your website. 

🔶 Unlimited Bandwidth: Your website will continue to grow without difficulties with DreamHost as this platform offers unlimited bandwidth, which means no additional charge for bandwidth usage.

Plans and Price 

DreamHost offers customised plans and also standard plans ranging between: 

  • Standard 4: $169.00/month
  • Standard 8: $209.00/month
  • Standard 16: $249.00/month
  • Enhanced 16: $299.00/month
  • Enhanced 32: $349.00/month
  • Enhanced 64: $399.00/month
  • Enhanced SSD 16: $299.00/month
  • Enhanced SSD 32: $349.00/month
  • Enhanced SSD 64: $399.00/month

8. TMDHosting – Most Powerful and Fast SSD Dedicated Hosting Providers

TMDHosting is one of the most powerful and fast SSD dedicated hosting providers designed to provide the best compatibility and security.

You do not have to lift a finger to see your website grow with TMDHosting’s managed hosting services.

You are offered many facilities such as manual website transfer to transfer your website without any inconvenience. Also, they provide tailor-made environments for all your applications.

TMD Hosting About


Here are the features offered by TMDHosting. 

🔶 Unlimited Bandwidth: Your website’s growth will not be capped as the bandwidth is uncapped at TMDHosting. There are no additional charges on any amount if bandwidth is used. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: Save your data from any DDoS attacks with TMDHosting’s DDoS protection feature at all times. 

🔶 Free Weebly Sitebuilder: Apart from hosting your website at TMDHosting, you can start from scratch with the free Weebly site builder offered by TMDHosting. It is easy to use and suitable for all users.

Plans and Price 

Let us take a look at the plans offered by TMDHosting. 

  • Starter: $79.99/month
  • The Original: $99.99/month
  • Smart: $124.99/month
  • Super Powerful: $149.99/month

9. HostWinds – Best SSD Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

HostWinds offers you the most flexibility possible. This platform lets you create a custom plan based on your specific needs. Along with the flexibility, you are provided with the best quality SSD storage, which ensures a faster website and higher Google SERP ranking.

Here, you do not have to worry about the safety of your data as HostWinds ensures it through nightly backups and server monitoring.

All the resources are reserved for you, and you do not have to worry about sharing them with HostWinds dedicated server hosting plans.

hostwinds About


Here is what HostWinds has to offer. 

🔶 Nightly Backups: Your data will be stored and backed up every night so that you can have a good night’s sleep and not worry about the security of your precious data. 

🔶 Full Management: With HostWinds, you are offered with full management support. You can ask for any help anytime, and HostWinds’ expert team will be ready to help you. 

🔶 Custom Plans: You can create dedicated server hosting plans based on your specific needs. The cost will be based on your chosen resources, and there will be no waste of resources.

Plans and Price 

HostWinds offers customised plans; therefore, the features and cost depend on your choice of configuration.

Why Choose SSD Dedicated Server Hosting

There are plenty of benefits of using an SSD Dedicated server. Here are a few. 

  • It would be best to choose an SSD dedicated server as SSD stands for Solid State Drive, which means it has no movable parts and, therefore, there is little to no chance of damage to the storage and, eventually, your data. 
  • SSD dedicated servers are believed to offer about ten times faster speed than a regular dedicated server, which will eventually help your website rank higher on the Google SERP ranking. 
  • The life cycle of an SSD dedicated server is longer than others due to the solid state design and lack of any movable parts. 

So you save up a lot of money and time using an SSD dedicated server, so you must consider it.

Dedicated Server SSD vs HDD: What’s the Difference

We have looked into SSD and how it is beneficial to use it. However, other storage configurations, such as HDD, are known as hard drives. How is HDD different from SSD? Let us find out.

First, SSD storage has no movable parts and does not rely on a moving part to operate data. Also, SSDs exchange data purely digitally. However, an HDD has movable pieces, such as platters and heads, which move around to work with data.

You may use SSD in situations where your PC or any device is prone to move around or to experience vibrations, as it is known that SSD can manage 25 times the vibration HDD can handle.

An SSD is a lot faster than an HDD due to the way it is built and the data transfer methods it uses. Therefore, overall, an SSD is a better choice to avoid data loss.

FAQs – Best SSD Dedicated Server Hosting

What is the best dedicated server hosting?

All of the websites listed above are great. However, if you want us to narrow it down, YouStable, A2Hosting and DreamHost are our top picks. 

Are there any security concerns with SSD dedicated server hosting?

No, SSD dedicated servers are known to be safer than regular dedicated servers as SSD storage systems are built to perform at a faster speed while staying intact in all situations as it has no movable parts and, therefore, is more secure.

Is Additional Storage Available for all Server Configurations?

Yes , additional storage is available for most of the server configurations. It Firstly depends upon the server hosting provider as most of them provide various types of storage options like hardDisk drives (HDDs) or solid state disk drives (SSDs) wherein SSDs offer more swifter access times and are more expensive as compared to HDDs and Secondly, the kind of server (Shared/VPS/Dedicated server) you are using.

How many IP’s are included with ssd dedicated servers?

Single IP is included with each dedicated server. Moreover you can request additional IP addresses from your dedicated server hosting provider with a payment of a small amount.

Conclusion – Best SSD Dedicated Server Hosting

We hope you know what an SSD dedicated server is and how beneficial it is to use one. Also, how SSD and HDD differ, you can now choose between the best SSD dedicated hosting server providers.

Such servers can be pricey, but we have made sure to list the best and cheapest SSD dedicated hosting service providers. Go through all your requirements and choose the best dedicated hosting that suits you.

Looking for other Dedicated Server Plans? Here you go-


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