7 Best GPU Server Hosting Provider in May, 2024 – (Top Ranked)

As a Developer, finding it difficult to carry out complex computing tasks related to machine learning and AI? If so, then go for the Best GPU server Hosting provider that provides high-performing NVIDIA-backed GPU servers.

Here, this article mentions a list of the Top 7 Best GPU server hosting Providers, the factors to consider when choosing a GPU server for AI/ ML and the Support mechanism that GPU offers to secure the data of your application.

So, Let’s read the article to get more information about the Best GPU server providers. 👍

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    7 Best GPU Server Hosting Provider in [current_date format='M, Y'] - (Top Ranked)


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What are GPU Server Hosting?

In a very easy language, GPU server Hosting refers to a type of GPU renting service in which the servers mechanised with graphic processing units are hosted to carry out specialised, complex computing tasks like workloads related to Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

That said, let’s now list the Best GPU Server Hosting that offers reliable GPU infrastructure and ensures a smooth workflow. 

What are GPU Server Hosting?

7 Best GPU Server Hosting Providers in 2024

Exclusively for our readers who are keen to know more about GPU providers, Below, we have listed the Top 7 Best GPU Server Hosting Providers in 2024 that help gamers or video editors stream games or edit videos over the cloud with incredible Graphic support. 

Along with the key specifications, we have even mentioned the Plans & Pricing Scheme to give you an idea about the kind of budget you’ll require to acquire it. So, without wasting even a single moment, let’s get started. 👍

⏰  TL;DR:

1. Interserver: Overall Bare Metal-based Best GPU Server Hosting
2. PaperSpace: Best Cloud-based GPU Server Hosting
3. Vultr: Best Affordable Cloud-Based GPU Server
4. Linode: Best Flexible Cloud GPU Server
5. Google Cloud: Best For High workloads GPU Server
6. Microsoft Azure: Best AMD Powered Affordable GPU Server
7. AWS and NVIDIA: Powerful Cloud GPU Server

1. InterServer – Overall Bare Metal-based Best GPU Server Hosting

InterServer, one of the best GPU server hosting providers, offers the latest and the most reliable NVIDIA-backed GPU servers which are highly optimised for processing and data acceleration.

InterServer lets the users choose from single or dual GPU options and even get a chance to configure the GPU servers as per the requirement. 

Moreover, InterServer’s GPU servers are located in the data centres of New Jersey & Seattle with proper arrangements for high cooling, redundant power supply and advanced security measures to secure the user’s data.

Interserver About


🔶 24/7 Technician Support Services: Get round-the-clock technical support options via LiveChat & Ticket Support to resolve server configuration-related doubts.

🔶 Built-in Reliable Hardware: The GPU servers of InterServer are backed by NVIDIA Technology that ensures quick data processing and accelerates the Server performance.

🔶 Highly Scalable: Upgrade as per your need, as GPU servers in InterServer, are hugely scalable and let the user add up to 4 GPU cards + Additional GPU cards if required.

🔶 Custom Configuration (Full Root Access): Get complete access to your GPU servers to configure or modify them (e.g., Adding GPU cards) to adjust to growing needs.

Pricing and Plans

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080ti AMD Radeon RX-7900 XTXRTX 4080 GPU
64GB + 1TB NVMe128GB + 1TB NVMe64GB + 1TB NVMe 
1GB Port + 30 IP Space1GB Port + 30 IP Space1GB Port + 30 IP Space

2. PaperSpace (Cloud) – Best Cloud-based GPU Server Hosting

PaperSpace, with cloud-based GPU servers specifically built for Machine learning, offers one of the best and Cheapest GPU Server Hosting providers.

Get blazing-fast GPU servers preloaded with a Machine learning framework and an amazing CUDA driver. Developers can directly connect to Servers using the SSH key ensuring Full root access to the GPU servers.

Furthermore, PaperSpace offers the latest NVIDIA GPUs, including Ampere A100 and many more up to 8 GPUs. Even get the best user experience with easy-to-use Interface and Customizable GPU plans.



🔶 Simple Management Interface: PapeSpace offers an easy-to-use interface with no technical skills required to handle the GPU servers. 

🔶 Hourly Pricing: The pricing feature of PaperSpace is highly predictable and lets the user choose the hourly billing option to buy the resources for a specific period only.

🔶 Full Root Access: Get complete root access to your GPU servers to make the necessary configurations as required.

🔶 Minimum 1Gbps Internet Connectivity: With PaperSpace, enjoy a lightning-fast networking facility due to a minimum of 1 Gbps of internet connectivity ensuring maximum Uptime.

Pricing and Plans

8vCore CPU12vCore CPU20vCore CPU

3. Vultr – Best Affordable Cloud-Based GPU Server

Vultr, an NVIDIA GPU server provider, offers the best industry-leading GPU infrastructure for AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing as well.

Web Developers can create GPU-powered Kubernetes to power or build sophisticated AI and machine learning systems to handle complex tasks. 

Moreover, the GPU stack, an integrated Operating system ensures the smooth running of the cloud computing services to deliver solutions.

Vultr About

From world-class GPU servers to DevOps-friendly in-built features Vultr provides everything to help you run every aspect of your business.


🔶 Global Content Delivery: With Vultr, ensure accelerated and secured content delivery with unmetered speed and 24/7 accessibility.

🔶 Incredible DDoS Protection: Get protection against level 3 & level 4 network attacks with Vultr GPU server’s Anti-DDoS Security ensuring data protection from malicious online threats.

🔶 Create your own IP space: You can easily build IP space that happens to be available in any of the Data server’s locations of Vultr across the globe.

🔶 Fully Scalable Plans: Looking forward to a plan that lets you smoothly upgrade or downgrade the GPU resources as per the requirement.

Pricing and Plans

NVIDIA A16– $344/mNVIDIA A40 – $1250/mNVIDIA L40S – $1500/m
6vCore CPU24vCore CPU16vCore CPU
350GB Storage1400GB Storage1200GB Storage

4. Linode – Best Flexible Cloud GPU Server

Users who want Virtual machines or servers specifically for media and gaming purposes can exclusively get GPU servers that ultimately help with compute-intensive workloads and machine learning.

Industry-leading NVIDIA-backed GPU servers power applications involving complex processing, deep learning, and media workloads.

Linode, one of the best GPU server providers, offers advanced DDoS protection and quick GPU setup to ensure smooth workflow.



🔶 Highly Scalable Plans: Linode GPU’s Plans are Scalable and allow the user to easily upgrade or downgrade the GPU resources as and when required. 

🔶 Full Root Access: You will have complete access to the GPU servers, allowing you to make changes and customise them according to the application’s needs.

🔶 Reliable Hardware: Linode offers NVIDIA-backed GPU servers (add as many GPU cards as required) with smooth CPU and unmetered network connectivity.

🔶 Incredible Security: Security is a must when it comes to sensitive applications. Therefore, Linode offers Advanced DDoS Protection to protect the servers from malicious attacks.

Pricing and Plans

RTX6000 GPU X1 ($1000/m) RTX6000 GPU X2 ($2000/m)RTX6000 GPU X3 ($3000/m)
32GB RAM + 8vCore CPU64GB RAM + 16vCore CPU 96GB RAM + 20vCore CPU
16TB BandWidth + 1 GPU20TB BandWidth + 2 GPU120TB BandWidth + 3 GPU
Hourly Bill – $1.5Hourly Bill – $3Hourly Bill – $4.5

5. Google Cloud – Best For High workloads GPU Server

Do you want cloud Servers for Scientific computing, machine learning, generative AI and 3D Visualization? If so then Use Google Cloud to run GPU workloads that offer you a chance to access industry-leading storage, networking and other data analytics Technologies.

Compute Engine service of Google Cloud provides GPUs that you can add to your servers.

Moreover, with Google Cloud, get Flexible pricing and server customization options to optimize for your Workload. Even get a Free Trial service with Google Cloud wherein, you get $300 Credit for the next 90 days to let you get a good user experience.

Google Cloud About


🔶 Free GPU server Trial for 90 days: For new users who want to get an incredible user experience before actually paying for GPU servers, Google Cloud offers Free GPU trials.

🔶 Offers a range of GPU types: Google Cloud provides many GPU options, from NVIDIA H100 to A100, to handle workloads, which users can choose according to their budget.

🔶 Flexible Performance: Get the flexible performance of Google Cloud’s GPU servers that are meant for individual workloads & complex workloads as per the situation.

🔶 Easily Scalable: Upgrade or downgrade the GPU resources to match the performance level of your application workload without interfering with its performance.

Pricing and Plans

$178.85 per GPU per month$306.60 per GPU per month$1267.28 per GPU per month
16GB8GB 16GB

6. Azure – Best AMD Powered Affordable GPU Server

Azure’s NVIDIA GPU servers help Developers maximize performance for machine learning, Deep learning and HPC applications. With Azure’s GPU servers, get pre-installed UbuntuOS, GPU driver, Dockers and NVIDIA containers.

One of the top GPU server providers, Azure, ensures seamless operations with its excellent DDoS protection and fast GPU deployment.

Azure also provides the newest NVIDIA GPUs, such as the A10 and many more, up to multiple GPUs. With customizable GPU plans and an intuitive interface, you can get the best possible user experience.

Azure Storage Hosting


🔶 NVIDIA AI Expert Support: Get round-the-clock professional assistance to clear up any questions you may have about server settings with NVIDIA AI Support Services.

🔶 Fully scalable plans: Hoping for a plan that will allow you to easily increase or decrease the GPU resources to your needs.

🔶 Complete Root Access: Obtain total root access to your GPU servers so you may configure them as needed.

🔶 Amazing Security: Azure provides Advanced DDoS Protection to shield the servers from hostile attacks since security is essential for sensitive applications.

Pricing and Plans

NC24RSV3 – $15.21/hrNC24SV3 – $13.83/hrNC6SV3 – $3.45/hr

7. AWS and NVIDIA – Powerful Cloud GPU Server

AWS-backed NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU servers, one of the high-performing GPU server providers, can also run engineering simulations, molecular modelling, and machine learning.

In a nutshell, Run your high-performance computing applications on high network performance and fast storage GPU servers.

Additionally, the GPU ensures that cloud computing services operate well and provide solutions. With top-notch GPU servers and DevOps-friendly built-in tools, AWS has everything you need to manage every facet of your company.



🔶 Integrated Reliable Hardware: NVIDIA Technology supports AWS’s GPU servers, ensuring rapid data processing and enhancing server performance.

🔶 Custom Configuration (Full Root Access): Gain total control over your GPU servers so you may add GPU Cards or make other changes to adapt to your expanding demands.

🔶 Amazing Security: AWS provides Anti-DDoS Protection to shield servers from hostile attacks since security is essential for sensitive applications.

🔶 Provides a variety of GPU kinds: To manage your workloads, AWS offers a wide range of GPU alternatives, from NVIDIA H100 to A100, which users may select based on their budget.

Pricing and Plans

P3. 2XlargeP3. 8XlargeP3. 16Xlarge

So, the GPU providers mentioned above, offer Advanced DDoS protection to secure the data of your application, handle complex workloads and maximize the server performance level, are the Top 7 Best GPU Hosting Providers with data centres spread all across the globe.

What factors should I consider when choosing a GPU server host for AI and Machine Learning?

Consider the following points need to be kept in mind when Picking a GPU server host for AI and Machine Learning:

  • First, Look for GPU servers that are optimised specifically for handling Deep Learning Workloads, such as NVIDIA GPUs (H100 & A10). Then, Choose the number of GPU cards according to the AI/ ML tasks.
  • Secondly, Choose a GPU server considering the Reliability of Hardware resources (CPU/ Storage/ Network).
  • Choose the GPU servers with an amazing cost-to-performance ratio, ensuring the best workload handling process with zero hidden or SetUp charges.
  • Pick the GPU servers that are strategically located near your targeted audiences, though choose the servers that are spread globally, giving you wider options.
  • Lastly, ensure the GPU server you choose secures your application’s relevant data and sensitive workload from malicious online threats and cyber-attacks.

Above factors are vital to consider when going for the right GPU server for carrying out your application workloads. 

What kind of security measures do GPU server hosting providers implement?

As we all know, Security is the most important feature that GPU servers offer to secure the sensitive Data that the applications comprise. 

Advanced DDoS Protection backs GPU servers and even comply with the Data Protection law of the country they operate in to ensure Complete Data security. 


Is a GPU Server Best for High Performance?

Yes, GPU servers are the Best for High Processing and Data acceleration. Applications involving heavy and complex workloads are run on GPU servers ensuring high performance and Top-Notch security service as well.

Which GPU Is Best for AI, Machine Learning and Gaming?

InterServer, Vultr and Linode to name a few are the best GPU server providers specifically for AI/ ML and Gaming due to their immense security technology and NVIDIA-backed GPU servers with options to Add more GPU cards as per the requirement.

Why are GPU servers So expensive?

GPU servers are more expensive than normal CPU servers as GPU servers can handle more complex and intense application workloads and are specifically used by Gamers and developers keeping in mind the fantastic graphic interface that normal CPU servers can hardly deliver.

Which GPU models are commonly offered by hosting providers?

NVIDIA H100 to A10 versions of GPU servers are commonly offered by Hosting providers like InterServer and Linode, to gamers which ensures a smooth gameplay experience and high-performing DevOps functionalities to the Developers as well.

Do GPU server hosting providers support any specific software or frameworks?

No, GPU server hosting providers support multiple software or frameworks, such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, to ensure universality in performance level.

Can I try before I buy with GPU server hosting providers?

Absolutely, yes. You can try the GPU server before you buy to get an idea about how it performs under immense workloads. Go for Google Cloud, as it offers a 90-day free GPU server trial with $300 Free credit along with other hosting features. 


The list of GPU server providers goes on; however, considering the top-notch security mechanism, Reliable GPU hardware, and other related functionalities, we have listed only the Top 7 GPU providers that prove to be worthy.

Developers and Gamers who want GPU servers specifically to handle complex application workloads can choose from the GPU server hosting providers mentioned above. 

Not able to figure out which one to choose? Then go with InterServer (get the best NVIDIA-backed GPU servers with affordable Web Hosting services) or Google Cloud (get a 90-day Free Trial on GPU servers), depending upon your needs.


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