9 Best Free Ai Resume Builders in May, 2024 – {Reviewed}

The dawn of layoffs creates a problem for freshers and veterans securing jobs. Despite the educational background, skills, and expertise, you often miss a chance to land the deserving role due to the Applicant Tracking System mass rejecting the resumes. It is overwhelming, yet various reasons make it evident for the ATS to reject your application, like poor formatting, varied tones, and much more.

While you would be gearing up for interviews, spending a lot of time figuring out things and fixing causes a hassle. This is because your focus shifts from the interview, affecting your knowledge bank and preparation. Here’s where resume builders that generate results in specific seconds are a boon. The article has everything you should know when searching for the best free AI resume builder. 

What are free AI resume builders?

Free AI resume builders are tools that input your academic profile and job title to apply for and generate well-optimized resumes using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Whether it be creating data for various sections using high-quality phrases or writing cover letters, these tools have it all.

Moreover, as“free” implies, such tools don’t initially require any upfront cost.

What are free AI resume builders?

9 Best Free Ai Resume Builders in 2024

There are plenty of AI resume builder apps, yet selecting the best one is challenging as not all are effective and suitable for everyone’s needs. So, with my job consultant experience, I’ve compiled a list of the best ones under the category and even their reviews.

So, without any further ado, keep reading ahead!

1. Canva: Overall Best Free Ai Resume Builders

Are you sick of monotonous AI resume builders due to its limited customisation options?

If so, you cannot miss Canva, the best free AI resume builder!

While this tool needs no introduction as a robust and user-friendly graphic designing software for most needs, the feature is hidden. Creating resumes with Canva AI is quite underrated yet worth it.

To begin with, you just have to visit the Canva Ai resume builder and choose a template. Enter your experience, skills, and related details into one section. 


Next, in the other one, add the job description and more data in the next section, which it asks for. Give it a few seconds, and Canva AI will generate the cover letter and related details personalized to that job description. You can modify the template colors, add your preferred icons, use the most suitable font, and more. It has plenty of options to edit your picture professionally, which would suit your resume.

Key Specification

🔶 Multiple resume templates and the option to create a new one

🔶 Ability to export various formats

🔶 Choose from a variety of styles, including formal to even artistic ones, for roles like graphic designer

🔶 Can duplicate the resume page or add a new one for conversion to a CV


  • $12.99/month 
  • $119.99/year

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use 
  • No technical expertise required 
  • It has a mobile app and supports cross-platform origin 


  • Not all templates are free 

2. Zety: Best Free Ai Resume Builders

Do you find it difficult to put more effort into resume builders because of the ascending order of learnings and experiences?

If yes, then Zety will help you through it! 

This AI resume builder generates the contents in a reverse chronological order. There are various templates, and the formatting is apt from a professional perspective.  The platform offers multiple free features like selecting templates, customising them, changing colors, and more.


Even if you already have an existing one that is not as per the mark but contains your details, you can upload it on Zety. Its AI analyses the stuff and creates a suitable one. Otherwise, you can make everything from the start if you still need them. 

Key Specifications

🔶 20+ templates to choose from

🔶 Cover letter creator option

🔶 Tips from hiring experts

🔶 East text editor

🔶 Ai model generates content in a professional tone 

🔶 Performs grammatical and spelling analysis 


  • $2.70 for 14 days 

Pros and Cons


  • Easy swap across different templates with the same resume 
  • Quick preview at any phase 
  • In-built tutorials and tips for the best results 


  • Downloading Printable format needs Premium access 
  • There is no option for creating a cover letter

3. Rezi: Award-Winning AI-Powered Resume Builder

Do you suspect companies reject your resume without an overview merely using Application Tracking Systems?

If yes, then you won’t be necessarily wrong!

Rezi works with technology and understands the dynamic needs of the current industry. It does evolve according to changing screening patterns, creating resumes with the required pillars to bypass Applicant Tracking Systems.

Whether it be keywords or the introductory predefined text for some sections, Rezi has it. It customizes your resume as per the JD and includes the relevant keywords. 


Key Specifications 

🔶 AI bullet point writer 

🔶 AI keyword optimizer 

🔶 Demonstrates helpful resume and its content suggestions relevant to the job description 

🔶 Option to import LinkedIn profile for data input


  • Monthly: $29/month 



  • Compelling resume content
  • Suggestions for increased conversion
  • Ensures that your content passes the ATS tests
  • Design customisation options available
  • Free sign up


  • Do cross-check Rezi’s resume content for additional grammar mistakes and basic errors
  • Limited free trials

4. Kickresume: Most Powerful AI Resume Builder

How about a resume builder powered with AI that even guides about the vitalities of correct resumes to better cross-check and give better prompts?

If yes, then Kickresume is the perfect option for you! 

It has various guidelines in its Career Help Center, which assist you from scratch to advance. It utilizes the strength of GPT-3 to provide cover letters and experiential details tailored to your profile and job description.


Kickresume has plenty of templates; as you begin, you must enter your details. Yet, it’s a plus point over other platforms, as you can also import your LinkedIn profile data into it.

Key Specifications

🔶 20000+ pre-written phrases for different job roles

🔶 Cover letter builder and resume checker for better effectiveness

🔶 Single-click resume conversion to website

🔶 It has a grammar and spell check feature to avoid mistakes


  • Yearly: $48/yearly

Pros and Cons


  • Uses Open AI GPT-3 Model
  • Creates highly customizable descriptions and cover letters 
  • Offers a 100% refund within 2 weeks option 


  • There is no option to download the resume into the docx format 
  • Lack of customization tools within the template 

5. Indeed: Easy and Free Ai Resume Builder 

How about the best free AI generator that doesn’t consume much of your time? 

If that’s what you need, then Indeed Resume Builder is for you!

It incorporates AI technology, where you have to fill in the details for various sections and choose which ones you want to need. There’s even an option to choose optional sections like patents, references, projects, links, etc. 

Indeed Resume Builder 

Apart from that, it has specific standard formal templates to tailor as per your interest. After doing so, Indeed Resume Builder’s AI will generate the results within a few minutes. It supports three resume formats: reverse chronological, functional, and hybrid. 

Key Specifications

🔶 Tailors resumes according to job level and type

🔶 Inbuilt cover letter builder

🔶 Resumes are scanned through Applicant Tracking Systems before completion

🔶 Faster processing time

🔶 Create resumes without requiring any specific knowledge


  • Free to use 

Pros and Cons


  • Friendly User Interface. 
  • It saves effort and time 


  • Does not optimize resume according to Application Tracking Systems

6. Novorésumé: 100% Free Resume Builder

What if an AI assistant that even demonstrates the best of high-converting resumes to give you better clarity?

If yes, then Novoresume is a must-check under your list!

The primary goal of preparing resumes is to land your dream job, and here’s where the platform understands it aptly. It has an optimizer that tailors your resume to the role you are applying for. 

The integrated AI tool even tailors the resume according to your profile and modifies it to improve the designation where you wish to apply.


Moreover, Novoresume even provides various options, such as ideas for creating resumes, tips, and insights. Its resume even passes the Applicant Tracking Systems and has multiple tools to help it. 

Key Specifications

🔶 Inbuilt resume analyser

🔶 Google Drive and LinkedIn integration options

🔶 Tools and colors available for customisation

🔶 Supports multiple languages

🔶 Enables to create a resume and modify it according to different versions of the same job


  • $19.99 per month 
  • $99.99 per year 

Pros and Cons


  • Resumes pass the ATS scan 
  • Create from scratch and event updates 
  • Helpful for creating specialized resumes 
  • Generates specific content for different sections 


  • Expensive 
  • Limited customization options 

7. Enhancv: User Friendly Ai Resume Creator

How about an AI resume creator with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface? 

If yes, then Enhancv is something you cannot miss! 

It has an easy drag-and-drop interface which lets you create resumes effortlessly. You can choose where to place your data and swap the sections accordingly. It can even create personalized resumes with just a few clicks. You can automate the process of creating profile cover letters and experiential descriptions. 


Besides, Enhancv even offers career counselling services that guide you better towards the process and how companies demand. The platform even provides advice related to your resume, which helps you improve things accordingly.

Key Specifications

🔶 Unlimited resume templates are available

🔶Content Analyser for reviewing the resume strength

🔶 There is no limit to the number of addable sections

🔶 Multiple design options and tools are available for the best results


  • $19.66/month
  • $44.97 for 3 months
  • $65.95 for 6 months

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Effective AI insights
  • Custom career counselling services


  • No advice under the free plan
  • Often develops glitches
  • Poor customer support

8. ResumeBuild. ai: Best Professional Resume Builder

What if a resume builder AI offers you optimization features from scratch to advanced for preparing resumes?

If yes, then ResumeBuild.ai is a must-check on your list!

The tool has a fan base of 1.4 million users, making it a trustworthy platform for job-related needs. It uses Open AI’s GPT tokens and even targets keywords according to the job description.

Rest assured, complying with the current needs, it does generate resumes to pass the Applicant Tracking System. This increases your chances of being selected or landing your favorite role.

ResumeBuild. ai

One of the most impressive features that I love is real-time content analysis. Using it, the AI of this platform detects the content added to the resume and offers scores accordingly. It even provides suggestions on how to fine-tune it for better improvement.

Key Specifications

🔶 Effective keyword targeting according to the chosen role

🔶 Inbuilt content analyzer for expert analysis

🔶 Easy and minimalist resume layout

🔶Generates cover letters and resignations as well with its inbuilt AI


  • Free tier 
  • $29/month 
  • $129 for lifetime 



  • Saves time with better personalization 
  • ATS Optimized Resumes 
  • Easy to use 


  • It lacks a human-friendly touch. 

9. Resumaker. ai: Easy-to-use Resume Maker

Are you looking for an AI resume maker that crafts the document in the most concise yet perfect way?

If yes, then Resumaker.ai is a must-check under your list! 

The tool lets you input your data and creates the resume most crisply and concisely using bullet points. Unlike many resume makers, which make bland documents with plain bulleting, this one creates lucrative, appealing content. 

The tool’s AI is well-trained to highlight career breakthroughs and present the journey in an exceptional yet convincing format to the recruiter. I liked its pre-generated text, the option to customize it with AI, and the ability to generate results in a few seconds. Besides, its customizable templates are another plus. 

Resumaker. ai

Like human resume writers, Resumemaker.ai ensures that your skills, academic journey, and experience stand distinct. Even for freshers who still need a proficient academic journey, you just have to enter your job title, name, and keywords. Wait, and the tool will do its wonders.  

Key Specifications

🔶 Easy to use and build resumes

🔶 Plenty of templates with color customisation option

🔶 Multiple resume formats are available 

🔶 Generates quicker results with efficiency

🔶 Protects your data with advanced security algorithms 


  • $0.99 for 7 days 
  • $23.75 for 3 months 


  • Structured resume generation process 
  • Rapidly displays results 
  • Customizes cover letters and related details with its AI 
  • Clean and minimalistic interface
  • Complete control of resume development and customization 


  • Canceling a subscription is difficult.
  • Supports limited proficient phrases 

Why Should You Use An AI Resume Builder?

You might be curious about why you should use an AI resume builder when you know the format and tools for the creation process. There are various reasons behind it, and we have covered them all!

Consistency Across Different Factors 

To err is human, and while you would want to make your resume more pronounced with the best explanation, you need more consistency. The latter means you create varied tones in the same document with improper formatting, affecting other fs.

So, Ai resume builders maintain the tone and consistency across the results to remove any significant errors or an odd-sounding resume.

Feedback and Suggestions

While most people would ask their professors, relatives, or other professionals to review their resumes, this is not always helpful. The kind of resume required differs according to time, the complexity of the role, and even the company. The charges are often not up to par for a paid resume review.

Hence, many AI resume creators offer the feature of providing feedback to the resume for proper review. With its personalized suggestions, you can tailor it to your needs. 

Tailored Content 

AI resume builders work in cohesion with Natural language processing models to analyze your academic and professional profile. Accordingly, they even assess the job role or description, whichever you provide, thus providing you with tailored content based on your profile. 

Optimized Resumes

AI resume builders optimize your profile’s resume and content based on Applicant Tracking Systems and target roles. Thus, they incorporate required keywords, phrases, and adjectives, increasing your chances of being selected. 

Saves Time

Ai Resume builders are a blessing in disguise as they federated custom work within a few minutes and sometimes even seconds. It takes a lot of your time, so you can focus more on the interview than creating resumes. 

How Can I Use AI Resume Builder?

Using AI resume builders is a simple process. The only exception is that you follow a streamlined approach!

Select Template

The first step that most resume builders ask you to do is to choose a template that suits your preferences. Always go for formal colors if you want to apply for a white-collar job.

Input Your Information 

The tool would ask you to add your profile details, including your name, job title, and description for which you want to apply. Next, add your educational information, projects, accomplishments, internships, and previous experiences. The tool would analyze your profile per job description for the best results.

Enhance Descriptions With AI 

After providing input, you can generate descriptions for each part of your academic journey. Accordingly, if you are unsatisfied with the results, Regenerating the output is always an option. Besides, if you are more certain, you can also enter yourself.

Customise The Layout

You would have different preferences regarding the resume layout. Some of you would prefer the education section to be at the top, while others would want the experiences section first. In such situations, AI resume makers offer you the option to change the layout for resumes.

Generate Cover Letter

Resume builders are incomplete without personalised cover letters according to the job description and complexity. Here’s where these AI resume makers help you generate the most impressive cover letters.

Analyze Its Effectiveness

Many AI resume makers display your resume’s overall scores and related content depending on the job title. With scores and, accordingly, suggestions to improve it, the AI resume maker tools let you analyse your application effectiveness.

Note that the sequence of creating a resume varies from tool to tool, yet the process is similar. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

How does an AI resume builder work?

An AI resume builder displays templates from which you can choose and offers sections where you can input your profile details and job descriptions. After analysing both using NLP, the content for different sections is generated.

Are Ai resume builders free to use?

Yes, AI resume builders’ basic plans are free to use, while the advanced ones are pricey. Indeed, resume builders offer an entirely free plan, but it is fundamental and has limited options.

What are the benefits of using a free AI resume builder?

An AI resume builder saves time, cost, and effort and even optimises the resume per the job description and your profile.

Can I trust the accuracy of the information generated by an AI resume builder?

No, you shouldn’t rely on AI-generated information mindlessly, especially about facts, figures, or anything sensitive. Always check and ensure it is correct.

Do I need special skills or knowledge to use an AI resume builder?

No, AI resume builders don’t require special skills; they only need details from your end.

Can I customize the design and layout of my resume with an AI resume builder?

Yes, you can customize the design and layout of your resume with Ai Resume Builder.

Are there any limitations to using a free AI resume builder?

Yes, AI resume builders are robotic models representing you, and when you generate content with it, the tool lacks your tone.


Finding the best AI resume builder in 2024 is a daunting task, most notably due to the effectiveness of such tools. Here’s where I would have helped you with my experience. The list has various options, but oversee the advantages and disadvantages before choosing the right one.

For example, Canva works the best overall in design and AI content, while Indeed Resume Builder works and doesn’t limit open options due to price. Since it’s entirely free and beneficial for freshers using Indeed Job Search, it’s another underrated tool with limited capabilities.

Moreover, the most significant breakthrough amongst such tools is Resumaker.ai, which creates compelling content and analyses effectiveness.

Always check the pricing plans and whether the features and customisable options suit you!

So, what stops you? Get the best one now!

Here are some other most popular Tools.


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