7 Best Plagiarism Checker Tool For Students [Free and Paid]

Plagiarism comes when you witness content that has been copied or spun from somewhere it has already been published. It’s not a severe offence but can be booked under copyright issues. 

So, to check whether your content is unique or not, even after you have not copied or taken references from a different place, some sentences of your content may seem copied or plagiarised. You have some plagiarism-checking tools in the market. 

Check the best Plagiarism Checker Tool that give unbiased and honest results, ensuring your content is totally unique and perfect, indicating that it’s all yours! Or you can even check the content someone has delivered if it’s copied! Why wait up? 

Without further delay, let’s move ahead!

What is a Plagiarism Checker Tool?

Using sophisticated database tools, a plagiarism detector searches for similarities between your content and other texts. 

Many universities use plagiarism checker tools to analyse students‘ assignments, content creators check the content before posting, and many more people use these tools to get a sign of un-plagiarised content. 

7 Best Plagiarism Checker Tool For Students 2024

Let’s get into the world of plagiarism checker tools and how they work. Also, we’ll know whether they provide paid, free or freemium services! 

1. Quetext

Quetext has a simple-to-use and easy-going user interface. You will have to click “Check For Plagiarism”.


Copy your content on the box given and then click “Check for Plagiarism” again to get the results within minutes! 

Qutext Check For Plagiarism

It’s safe to use and gives fair results with the links from where the content may be copied (if there’s any plagiarised content found)

Free and Paid

Quetext Plagiarism Checker tool is available free of cost, but certain restrictions come with it. These are the free quetext version features;

  • Check 2,500 words (5 pages)
  • ColorGrade Feedback
  • Contextual Analysis
  • Fuzzy matching
  • Conditional scoring

So, if you want to have no restrictions and enjoy Quetext as per your liking, you can buy their PRO plans. Look into their plans and pricing for yourself:

Quetext Free and Paid Palsn


Features that make Quetext a choice of thousands of users:

  • DeepSearch Engineering

Contextual analysis, word placement, and our clever algorithms make it easier than ever to proofread your writing.

  • Rapid Identification

Quetext’s programme combines speed with DeepSearch technology to give proper, rapid, precise results. 

  • Top-notch Privacy 

Quetext supports cutting-edge technology with a three-point commitment: management, physical and operational security controls.

  • ColorGrade User Reviews

Quickly distinguish between exact matches and close or “fuzzy” matches using comparable colors that distinguish the content and their plagiarism status. 

  • Snippets of Interactive Text

With Questext’s interactive and user-friendly sample text viewer, you can quickly drill down on your matches side-by-side.

  • Detailed Plagiarism Score

Billion online sources support Questext’s comprehensive plagiarism score.

2. Grammarly

Alongside these features, one of the main features they offer is Plagiarism Checker! 

Grammarly suggests more than what you want when checking for plagiarism. You can also mind the grammatical mistakes and check your writings/content through Grammarly. 

Once you open Grammarly, you must upload your content to the “Add New” section. Upload your content, and get the plagiarised content results in a percentage form, with reference links—also the correctness, clarity and engagement through the content. 

It’s very easy to use and can be operated by anyone efficiently! 

Its interface looks something like this:

Grammarly About

Free and Paid

You get Grammarly services for Free! You can avail of its services for free, but then again, free services always have limitations. You can see for yourself in the screenshot. 

And if you want to move ahead with unlimited services or without restrictions, you can go with “Premium” or “Business” plans that Grammarly provides according to your needs and budgets. 

Grammarly Free and Paid Plans


It may seem less, but they have more than enough on their plate for you:

  • Plagiarism Checking

The Grammarly Plagiarism Checker tool can find plagiarised material in academic databases from ProQuest as well as on billions of websites. It calls for citations and provides you with the tools you need

  • Writing Improvements

The plagiarism checker is a feature of a comprehensive writing programme that provides in-depth comments on advanced stylistic issues like word choice, conciseness, tone, and more, in addition to writing mechanics like grammar and spelling.

 3. Unicheck

Unicheck is a premium plagiarism checker tool that has already checked millions of files and has thousands of users to date. It takes approximately four seconds to check a page of 275 words. 

7 Best Plagiarism Checker Tool For Students [Free and Paid]

Hence, you need to create your account, buy a premium plan according to your requirements and get to start with its services! You can easily go through the process and start using Unicheck. It’s not complicated. 

Free and Paid

Unicheck offers free as well as premium services. For its free plagiarism checker, you can check a maximum of 200 words at a time for a limited number of times. 

Its premium services have a customizable scale, where the user can decide and pay for what they actually need. It looks something like this: 

Unicheck free and Paid

You can customize your plan and start with their undeniably great services. 


The features that uniquely define the worthiness of Unicheck:

  • Adjustable Search Options

You can change the search preferences on both the administrator and instructor account levels. Search results for previously submitted papers, sources with close matches, quotes, and references will be disregarded.

  • Effortless Integration

Unicheck only needs to be integrated and set up once. Then it is ready to use. After the installation is complete, you immediately have access to all security and feature updates.

  • Continuous Workflow

Both teachers and students can easily understand the workflow. The majority of the assignment and grading functionality in the learning management systems: Canvas and Moodle is supported by the native integration of Unicheck.

  • Accurate Checking

Look into the advantages of automatic checking. The 91B current and archived internet pages, internal institutional libraries, open access, imported, and consortium databases are all subject to Unicheck’s similarity search.

  • Statistics on Student Development

The statistics demonstrating the development of students over time are available to all Unicheck administrators. The statistics take into account both typical similarity rates and widely-used web sources.

4. Copyscape

CopyScape has an easy and very straightforward user interface. You will not have to look much because there’s not much that is given on their website. All you have to do is simply put the link of your document file and check the plagiarised content along with the sites from where the content is plagiarised if any. 

The interface of Copyspcape looks something like this:


Free and Paid

Copyscape is a freemium service. You can use its services for free, but for greater quality services, you must switch to their premium services. 

With the professional strength in its premium services, CopyScape provides 3c per search (up to 200 words) plus 1c per extra 100 words searching for plagiarised content under it. 

You will have to fill in your credentials to Sign Up for Premium Services, choose the plan according to your needs and get started in no time!

Copyscape Free and Paid


The simple yet fulfilling features of Copyscape:

  • Copying and pasting

By copying and pasting the text, you can examine offline content.

  • Uploading files

By uploading the file, you can read the content of a Word or PDF document.

  • Verify the full website

With Batch Search, up to 10,000 pages can be checked in one action under premium services.

  • Managing plagiarism cases

Keep tabs on several instances of plagiarism and your reactions (online content only).

  • Omit outcomes from specific websites

You can remove results from websites you own or are already aware of.

  • Uses the API to verify the content automatically.

The Premium API allows automated Copyscape queries to be carried out by scripts.

  • Check your own content for plagiarism.

Create a private offline content index and verify whether your content is unique or not.

5. PlagiarismCheckerX

A reliable and diverse plagiarism checker tool, Plagiarism Checker X is made to offer services in different languages like English, Italian, German, French and more. With ease in language, it also provides diversified results to your searches. 

7 Best Plagiarism Checker Tool For Students [Free and Paid]

It offers free trials and mobile application services for you to test and try before deciding whether to carry forward with them. 

Free and Paid

Plagiarism Checker X offers free trial services. You can check your content up to a limited number of times under it. 

So, if you want to work with them alongside more features and availability of services, you must choose their premium plans. You can switch to professional and business-level plans. 

Here are the features and prices of the free as well as premium plans:

PlagiarismCheckerX Free and Paid plans


Plagiarism Checker X provides diversified services and features as well:

  • Top-notch Privacy

Plagiarism Checker X(PCX) totally respects your data and privacy. The software keeps all of the text you paste private. 

  • The Deep Search Method

With the most recent Deep-Learning AI-Enabled Technology, Plagiarism Checker X enables the backend processors to examine even the smallest details, providing you with a well-tailored experience for the greatest outcomes.

  • Enhanced 2x Speed

The most recent version of PCX is loaded with strong features. The new version’s performance benefit is double the previous one. A rapid-action algorithm quickens the process of checking the document for online plagiarism.

  • Increased Accuracy 

They have significantly improved accuracy potential by reimagining the core. Thus, pasted content is thoroughly examined down to the smallest of words, offering you greater outcomes as a result. 

  • Reports with Highlights and Categorization

Plagiarism Checker X is not only easy to use but enjoyable. They prioritised “ease of use when creating “plagiarism checking tools.” Depending on duplication, the copied content is assigned a specific colour. Red denotes an alarming scenario when removal is the only choice, whereas blue and yellow are tolerable.

  • Get to the Source Initially

Due to its thorough reporting, Plagiarism Checker X is the best online plagiarism detector. When you submit your writing for review, it shows you some URLs with the same content as your supplied material.  By directing you to the content’s original location, they provide you with an advantage over other content scanners. 

6. DupliChecker

A Paraphrasing, Plagiarism Checker and Reverse Image Search tool, all in one! DupliCkecker provides services with ease and allows you to try their services for free! 

You can copy-paste your text as well as insert the link of your doc file, as per your convenience, to check the plagiarism. 

Free and Paid

DupliChecker offers free trails and services to its users. But when you wish to upgrade to even better services and features, they offer an option to customize your plan according to your needs and budget. 

Drag and choose the features for yourself:

DupliChecker Free and Paid Plans


Features that make DupliChecker efficient:

  • Different File Formats

You can also use various uploading methods for text, like copying a simple text block, utilising a device or cloud storage to upload; seven document formats are supported.

There is no restriction on document formats, including.tex,.txt,.doc,.docx,.odt,.pdf, and.rtf.

  • Conclusions in Percentage

It gives users complete comfort by providing a percentage-based and number-based unique content ratio. It also offers the highest ratio of plagiarism detectors. To get rid of plagiarism, click “Make it Unique.” They will provide you with uniquely created content with the greatest matching recognition.

  • Privacy is assured

It’s a checker for plagiarism with complete privacy. After checking for plagiarism, it discards the text for no possibility of data leaks. In simple words, none of your content is saved or copied over their platform.

  • AI technology is used to develop tools for technology

It does not simply choose the information that is exactly suited but also detects a small amount of plagiarism if any. Content that has been paraphrased can also be found. It compares the content against sources from countless sources.

  • Language Support

According to its usage by multilingual users globally, they provide plagiarism detection for many languages. It supports Arabic, Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian.

  • Checks for plagiarism on websites, academic papers, etc.

With other writing improvements incorporated, you can eliminate redundant article, instantly removes plagiarism and highlight grammatical mistakes. It produces ready-to-publish, high-quality material.

7. Small SEO Tools

You will have no difficulty working with small SEO tools with every basic information provided and explained on their site. It checks not only plagiarism but also the grammar of the file you upload. 

This tool comes with multi-platform support and free-of-cost services. 

Free and Paid

Small SEO Tools provide free services for checking 1000-word content at a time. Also, you can customize your own plan or choose one of the premium plans to enjoy even more facilities provided by Small SEO Tools without any interruptions. 

Small SEO Tools


Some of the features that we could describe out of many:

  • Countless web pages

This application can analyse your work for plagiarism by comparing it to the billions of websites on the Internet. They instantly run your content against every piece of content already on the internet.

  • Automatic Rewriting function

With just one click, you may choose to have it instantly rewrite whatever content you pass through it. Simply select the “Rewrite” option to be transported to our auto-paraphrasing tool, where your content will be altered immediately if it contains plagiarised material. 

  • Variety of document formats

You can upload documents in a variety of formats, including doc,.docx,.txt,.tex,.rtf,.odt, and.pdf.

  • Integration of URLs

With this free online plagiarism checking tool, you may check for plagiarism by uploading documents in various formats and entering a website URL. To proceed, you only need to enter the website’s URL and click the “Check Plagiarism” button.

  • Several languages

You can use this capability to check texts written in languages other than English for plagiarism. Therefore, Small SEO Tools can speak your language regardless of whether your material is written in Dutch, Portuguese, Italian or any other language. 

Benefits of Using plagiarism checker Tools

There’s a whole list of benefits of using plagiarism checker tools. Here are the ones we thought were the major and important ones: 

  • You can check how unique your content is within no time. 
  • Change your content as per the plagiarised section to make your content look unique and informative. 
  • Get away from any risk of getting copyright blames. 
  • They provide links to the source text.

FAQs – Plagiarism Checker Tool

Are plagiarism checker Tools safe?

Yes, we discussed certain security measures that each or almost every plagiarism checker tool company takes to keep your data safe and private. Hence, using any one of the tools mentioned above will never risk your data’s safety. 

What are the general features of the tool?

The most general features of a plagiarism checker tool can be:

  • Copy-paste 
  • Check up to 1000 words
  • Give the link to the source text 
  • Highlight the plagiarised content in different colours for a better understanding 
  • Give accurate percentage number of the plagiarised content with the ratio of the whole content. 

Why Do We Need plagiarism checker Tools?

We need plagiarism checker tools to detect how unique the content is. The more unique, user-friendly and richly written the content, the more chances it will be to be ranked on the web easily! 

What is the best tool to check plagiarism?

According to our usage and going through all the plagiarism checker tools, we can say Questext and Grammarly are one of the most popular and used tools by the customers. They have proven their worth by being the fairest and features filled tools of all time. 

How do I check for plagiarism for free?

All of the tools mentioned above offer freemium services. So, you can check some limited number of words or content through them until a point in time. 

Final Word – Plagiarism Checker Tool

Coming towards the end of this very interesting and informative article on plagiarism checker tools, we can say that getting the smoothest and un-copied content on the web is one of the most difficult and essential work, especially when it comes to improving ranking and be present on the top search results. 

And to reach that level, these tools play a vital role somewhere in between. Remember that your content is okay until it shows a percentage between 1-10, but if it’s going beyond that, you need to get it re-done! 

Hence, these tools are here to let you know all that and even help you out with rephrasing! So, what are you waiting for? Choose the one that best suits your requirements or try all of them to make an informed decision. 


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    7 Best Plagiarism Checker Tool For Students [Free and Paid]

    7 Best Plagiarism Checker Tool For Students