7 Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India December, 2023 – [Reviewed]

Running a large business, an eCommerce Website or a Game Server with a heavy influx of Indian traffic? Desiring to get a Dedicated server Hosting Solution for your website, targeting Indian Audience, exclusively from the Indian Data Centers? If so, then you’ve landed on to the right page as here we’ll cohesively list for you the Best Dedicated Servers in India.

In this article, we’ll mention the list of the Best Dedicated servers in India that provide Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions to handle the greater needs of your websites and we’ll even assist you in finding the Right Dedicated server hosting solutions from India.

Falling Short of Time, Below, we have put together the Best Dedicated Servers in India, along with their relevant features and monthly price in a tabular format.  

With a gamut of stuff left to be discussed, Let’s dive in and learn relishing facts about what Dedicated server in India actually is.

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What is Dedicated Server in India?

Dedicated Server in India refers to the Dedicated Server web Hosting services provided by the Hosting Companies, whose Data Centers are located in the Indian SubContinent. 

Dedicated server Hosting services provides Dedicated Resources (RAM/CPU/STORAGE) specifically allotted to your servers to handle greater needs of your websites. 

Then, What’s so special about Dedicated servers in India? Dedicated server hosting are those services in which a user running a large eCommercewebsite can opt for a single server where dedicated Resources like CPU SERIES, RAM and unlimited bandwidth.

Best Dedicated Server in India

So users specifically targeting Indian Audience Go for the Dedicated servers in India to enjoy lowest Redundancy, Greatest Uptime thereby enhancing business opportunity. So let’s begin:

Top 7 Best Dedicated Server in India December, 2023

Here are the best dedicated server india 2023 are:

⏰ TL;DR:

1. YouStable
 – Best Overall Dedicated Server
2. BlueHost
– Best for low Introductory Price
3. HostGator India
– Best for Customer Support
4. A2Hosting India
 – Best for building online stores
5. FastComet
– Best for beginners
6. DreamHost
– Best for storage options
7. UltaHost
– Best for Quick Startup

1. YouStable – Best Overall Dedicated Server

YouStable, founded in 2015, is an ideal web hosting platform, having one of its Data Centres in India, provides Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cPanel hosting VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server hosting services.

With the Latest upgraded SSD NVMe Storage Technology, LiteSpeed WebServer Technology for its potential users. 

YouStable About

Free Migration, Zero Cost SSLs to all your Domains, 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee on not liking the hosting services, 24/7 consistent customer care support services to its clients are just a few to mention Attractive Addons that YouStable offers to the users. 

Want to know more about the Dedicated Server hosting features of YouStable? Go through the points below to aware yourself with the specifications full-fledgedly 👍

Key Specifications

🔶 Minimum 10 TB Bandwidth– Grab a Minimum 10 TB Bandwidth with YouStable on your Dedicated server Hosting Services.  

🔶 Full Root Access– Get a complete Autonomous Access to your server and configure as per the requirement of your website.

🔶 LiteSpeed Powered Dedicated Servers– Enjoy a phenomenal website speed with LiteSpeed web servers giving you an incredible hosting experience.

🔶 BitNinjaServer Security– Be assured of Privacy and Data Security with BitNinjaServer Technology as a Greater website requires a greater Security.

🔶 Free AddOn Monitoring Service– Allows you to monitor all the information of your website ensuring seamless hosting services.

🔶 24/7 Technical Support– In case you get entangled with a grave technical issue, you can get it sorted with 24/7 customer services.

🔶 DDoS Protection- Protects your website from malicious DDoS Attacks with the Latest DDoS Protection Mechanism.


Basic Dedicated Server hosting Plan from YouStable:

👉 E3-1230v3-3.30Ghz – ₹4999/Mo
👉 E3-123x v5/v6-3.2Ghz – ₹6999/Mo
👉 E-2136-3.30Ghz – ₹7999/Mo
👉 E-2286G – HEXA CORE-4.0Ghz – ₹11999/Mo
👉 Dual E5-2680v4-3.2Ghz – ₹15999/Mo
👉 Dual E5-2680v4-3.2Ghz – ₹18999/Mo
👉 AMD EPYC 7313-3.0Ghz – ₹24999/Mo
👉 AMD EPYC 7543-2.8Ghz – ₹27999/Mo
👉 2X AMD EPYC 7543-2.8Ghz – ₹37999/Mo

2. BlueHost – Best for low Introductory Price

Bluehost, famous for its Managed Dedicated Server Hosting services, provides Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server hosting services with SSD dedicated Servers for enhanced Storage, One-Click CMS Installations, Postini, powered by Google ensures Spam Protection making it a level playground for users using dedicated server hosting services to host their website.

Bluehost Hosting

Moreover, BlueHost even has a Data Center in Mumbai (Economic Capital of India) grabbing Indian viewers for your websites and with 24/7 Support Services and 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime ensures uninterrupted hosting services to your website targeting Indian Audience.

Interesting features, Right? Desiring to know more about BlueHost, Don’t Forget to read the key features mentioned below 👍   

Key Specifications 

🔶 Full Control of Servers– With Dedicated Server hosting, you get a chance to Control the resources of your entire Server allotted to you.

🔶 MultiServer Management– If you plan to Add one or more dedicated Server hosting services to your account, BlueHost allows you to manage all your servers from a single place.

🔶 Full Root Access– Full Root Access gives you unrestricted Access to perform all sorts of installations and adjustments to your servers.

🔶 RAID Storage Technology– High Quality Storage technology enhances the page loading time and Data Security of your website offering you seamless hosting experience.

🔶 Unlimited Websites– You can get any number of websites hosted with the dedicated server hosting services from Bluehost.

🔶 Improved cPanel– Easily manage the web files of all your websites, domains, emails, resources and many more from one area.

🔶 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime– negligible Downtime ensures uninterrupted accessibility of the website with dedicated server hosting services.


Basic Dedicated Server Hosting Plan from Bluehost:

👉 Standard – ₹8,499/mo*
👉 Enhanced – ₹10,499/mo*
👉 Premium – ₹11,999/mo*

3. HostGator India – Best for Customer Support 

HostGator, one of the leading providers of secure and affordable web hosting services, offers Dedicated Hosting Services to the users having greater requirements of resources for their websites like CPU, RAM, Storage are exclusively allotted to them with Full Root Access to their servers.

Hostgator About

With 99.99& Guaranteed Uptime, Free Migration and Free SSLs for all your Domain, HostGator offers the following features to the dedicated server hosting users as well.

Key Specifications

🔶 100% Server Control– Get full authority to make changes and customize your server as per your own requirement.

🔶 Advanced DDoS Protection– The Latest Advanced DDoS Protection protects the data of your website from online malicious attacks.

🔶 SSD Hard Drives– SSD Hard Drive Technology enhances the Storage capacity of your websites improving the performance of your websites as well. 

🔶 Full Root Access– Enjoy Full Root Access to your server making changes as per the needs of the websites.

🔶 Unlimited MySQL– With the Dedicated server hosting services from HostGator, we get unlimited MySQL for your websites. 

🔶 24/7 Customer Services– Get round the clock support services from HostGator in case of any issue while configuring a dedicated server.

🔶 2 Dedicated IPv4– With Dedicated server hosting plans, HostGator offers you with 2 Dedicated IPv4.


Basic Dedicated Server Hosting Plan from HostGator India.

👉 ADVANCED I – ₹9269/- per month
👉 ADVANCED III – ₹10029/- per month
👉 ADVANCED V – ₹12579/- per month

4. A2Hosting India – Best for building online stores

A2Hosting, with webServers providing 20x Faster turboSpeed for websites, offers high performing dedicated server hosting services. Known for its TurboPlans, High Processor CPU, Latest NVMe Storage Technology and a lot more.

A2 hosting provides Manager Dedicated server hosting for the users having Zero knowledge about server management providing them with easy to use cPanel, and Unmanaged Dedicated server hosting services for those who have idea giving them Command Line Management option to control servers on their own.

A2 Hosting About

Excited to know in-depth features offered by A2hosting? We’ll be happy to invite you to read the key features one can get with it.

Key Specifications 

🔶 Managed Dedicated Server– Easy to use cPanel, Managed Server Security to Protect your Data, Managed Hardware and network for newbies having no idea about dedicated server hosting.

🔶 Unmanaged Dedicated Server– Command Line Management, Wide options for choosing OS, full root access, for users having some coding related ideas to handle servers effortlessly and customize website accordingly. 

🔶 20x Faster TurboSpeed– Enjoy increased speed and uncompromised performance of your website with TurboSpeed Technology.

🔶 Full Root Access– you can have administrative control or full accessibility to your server’s configurations and installations.

🔶 SSD NVMe Storage Technology– Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology provides a faster read/write speed of your websites.

🔶 Advanced DDoS Protection– To help you to keep your servers secure from malicious online attacks, A2Hosting has in-built Advanced SSoS Protection Software.

🔶 24/7 Guaranteed Uptime– Claims to offer a zero Downtime, which in turn will improve the accessibility of your website at all times. 


Basic Dedicated Server Hosting Plan from A2Hosting.

👉 Warp 1 – ₹7488.54/- per month.
👉 Warp 2 AMD – ₹8321.17/- per month.
👉 Warp 2 TURBO AMD – ₹12482.17/- per month.
👉 Warp 2 INTEL – ₹8321.17/- per month.
👉 Warp 2 TURBO INTEL – ₹12482.17/- per month.
👉 Warp 3 AMD – ₹33287.17/- per month.
👉 Warp 3 TURBO AMD – ₹35783.77/- per month.

5. FastComet – Best for beginners

With FastComet, next in the dedicated server india list, offering managed Dedicated AMD EPYC CPU servers, SSD NVMe Storage Technology, minimum 4 TB BandWidth, dedicated server hosting becomes seamless.

fastcomet Image

Are you interested in learning more about the capabilities provided by FastComet? We’d be delighted to encourage you to learn about the important features it offers.

Key Specifications 

🔶 Fully Managed Dedicated servers– Dedicated CPU servers are fully managed by the expert team offering you Easy-to-use cPanel, Managed Server Security to protect your data and Managed Hardware and Network, to let you focus only on building the website.

🔶 NVMe SSD Storage– SSD NVMe Storage Technology allows your websites to have higher read/write speeds thereby enhancing the traffic influx as well.

🔶 User Friendly cPanel– user friendly cPanel ensures an easy configuration and management of your fully managed dedicated CPU servers. 

🔶 Powered by LiteSpeed WebServers– LiteSpeed Technology ensures high performance and greater speed of your website making it accessible 24/7.

🔶 24/7 Customer support– By chance you happen to entangle yourself with complex issues, then 24/7 customer support is at your stake via live chat and ticket support.

🔶 DDoS Protection & Imunify360 Security– Considering Privacy and data security as your priority, FastComet has an in-built DDoS Protection software and Imunify360 Security to secure your Data from all sorts of malicious Attacks.

🔶 7-Day Money back Guarantee– On not liking the dedicated server hosting solution, you can easily cancel subscription as you are provided with a maximum 7 day Money Back guarantee.


Basic Dedicated Server Hosting Plan from FastComet.

👉 DS 1 – ₹8,913/- on a monthly basis
👉 DS 2 – ₹10818.90/- on a monthly basis
👉 DS 3 – ₹14659.04/- on a monthly basis
👉 DS 4 – ₹22339.33/- on a monthly basis

6. DreamHost – Best for storage options

DreamHost, one of the top suppliers of safe and cheap web hosting services, provides Dedicated Hosting Services to users that demand more resources for their websites, such as HEXA CORE CPU, RAM, and RAID1 Storage, which are assigned to them exclusively with Full Root Access to their servers.

Dreamhost About

DreamHost offers the following benefits to dedicated server hosting users in addition to 99.99& Guaranteed Uptime, Free Migration, and Free SSLs for all your Domains.

Key Specifications 

🔶 100% Network Guaranteed Uptime– DreamHost Guarantees 100% Network Uptime which can ensure all time accessibility of your website to your viewers.

🔶 Easy to use cPanel– Fully managed Dedicated Server hosting services comes with an easy to use c-Panel to make the configuration and management of your server far more effortless.

🔶 RAID1 Storage– Latest RAID1 Storage Technology provides your websites with highest performance and reliability.

🔶 Full Root Access– Uninterrupted Access to the servers are offered by DreamHost to the user in order to help them configure and manage the functions of the websites.

🔶 24/7 Customer Support Services– Round the clock customer care services via live chat and ticket support is the bedrock of any hosting organization.

🔶 DDoS Protection– Safety of your data should be your priority. To cater this need, DreamHost offers DDoS Advanced Protection to our websites from online malicious threats.

🔶 Unique IPv4 and IPv6– With DreamHost’s Fully managed Dedicated server hosting plans, they offer you with 1 Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6.


Basic Dedicated Server Hosting Plan from DreamHost.

👉 Standard 4 – ₹12407.58/mo
👉 Standard 8 – ₹15738.47/mo
👉 Standard 16 – ₹19069.37/mo
👉 Enhanced 16 – ₹23232.99/mo
👉 Enhanced 32 – ₹27396.60/mo
👉 Enhanced 64 – ₹31560.22/mo
👉 Enhanced SSD 16 – ₹23232.99/mo
👉 Enhanced SSD 32 – ₹27396.60/mo

7. UltaHost – Best for Quick Startup

To offer fully Managed Dedicated server hosting services to large online business websites, Ultahost provides extensive hosting options from 100% Guaranteed Uptime, SSD NVMe storage to Full root Access. 

ultahost ABout

Known for its Managed servers, easy to use cPanel and Bitninja Security, Let’s see what other features has Ultahost kept reserved for the Dedicated server users:

Key Specifications 

🔶 100% Guaranteed Uptime– UltaHost promises 100% uptime, ensuring that your website is accessible to your visitors at all times.

🔶 SSD and NVMe Storage– Latest SSd NVMe Storage technology has enhanced the page loading speed and thereby raising the performance of the website.

🔶 Managed Servers– All the dedicated servers hosting solutions offered by UltaHost are fully managed, letting you focus to increase the traffic of your website 

🔶 BitNinja Security & DDoS Protection– These LAtest Applications help to secure your Data on your website for malicious attacks online.

🔶 24/7 customer support services– Expert help via live chat and ticket support at all times have made Dedicated server hosting from UltaHost an incredible experience.

🔶 Full Root Access– One can have management rights or full access to the configurations and installs on your server.

🔶 Free Backups– Dedicated servers come with Free Backup plans to enable you to restore your data as and when required.


Basic Dedicated Server Hosting Plan from UltaHost.

👉 ULTA100 XEON – ₹10,691.77/mo
👉 ULTA100 XEON – ₹10,691.77/mo
👉 ULTA EX51 NVME – ₹16,123.67/mo
👉 ULTA AX160-NVME – ₹23,860.62/mo
👉 ULTA ADVANCE 1 – ₹34,642.31/mo
👉 ULTA ADVANCE 2 – ₹46,247.34/mo
👉 ULTA ADVANCE 3 – ₹71,926.67/mo
👉 ULTA ADVANCE 4 – ₹76,865.18/mo

How to choose the best dedicated hosting in India?

With so many Best Dedicated server hosting provider out there across the globe, Choosing the Right Dedicated server hosting in india requires one to keep in mind the following factors:

  • Firstly, Decide your specific hosting requirements like CPU Processor, RAM, Storage and BandWidth needs.
  • Plan your Budget for the dedicated server hosting as the services may vary a lot in monthly price depending upon the specifications you choose for.
  • Go For Dedicated server hosting company whose Data Centre is located in India to reduce latency for your targeted indian audience.
  • Choose the dedicated server hosting services from a reputed hosting company with the Best Track Record of reliability and greatest uptime.
  • Go for features like SSD NVMe Storage, Highest Uptime, DDoS Protection, Full Root Access, Managed Servers, Multiple Management System, etc.
  • Finally, Go for the Dedicated hosting plan that offers Discount Coupons, Latest Promo-Codes and vouchers thereby making the price reasonable.

FAQ’s – Best Dedicated Server India

What are the pros and cons of dedicated Server hosting In India?

Dedicated servers in India come with some opportunities and challenges as well. 

Lowest Latency for Indian users, Stringent Indian Laws on Data Privacy, Advanced Security, Local Customer Support are some of the advantages that a person enjoys when purchasing dedicated servers in India. 

As there are two sides of the same coin, similarly, We have few Disadvantages of using dedicated server hosting in India namely, Heavy Monthly costs of Dedicated server hosting services, Limited International Approach, Lack of Technical Expertise in certain fields as well.

What is the Best and Cheap dedicated server hosting in India?

As far as Advanced Security for Data Privacy, DDoS Protection, BitNinja Security, Imunify360, Full Root Access, Multiple Server Management, are concerned, YouStable, against all the odds, can fit in well among other hosting service Providers.

How much does dedicated server hosting cost?

Since Dedicated Server hosting requires an entire Allotment of server, having Dedicated resources like CPU Cores, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, etc to handle the requirements of the website, the cost of hosting a Dedicated services starts from ₹5000 onwards and more depending upon the quality and quantity of resources opted for.

Are dedicated servers good?

Dedicated Servers servers are good for large eCommerce websites, or websites with heavy influx of traffic. Dedicated server hosting solution allows a user to use, configure, manage and control an entire server specifically allotted to the user to cater the needs of your websites.

Is Dedicated Server Better than a VPS?

Absolutely Yes! Dedicated servers are packed with dedicated resources like RAM, CPU, NVMe SSD Storage exclusively for one user whereas a VPS, Using the Virtualization Technology, allots virtual parts of the same server to all the owners.

In this sense, Dedicated server hosting is Better than a VPS.

How Much Does a Dedicated Server Cost Per Month?

Cost per month of Dedicated Server hosting starts from ₹5000/- onwards depending upon the dedicated resources that the hosting provider offers to its users. You may make use of some Sale Vouchers and Discount Coupons to get the hosting solutions at a reasonable price.

Conclusion – Best Dedicated Server India

Hope you got an idea about Best Dedicated server in India actually are and how to choose the Perfect Dedicated server hosting for your website when so many are out there in the market. We have also mentioned the Key features and its related price so that it may help you to pick the Best one among them.

We sincerely hope this article has been of some help in picking your Best Dedicated server India. 

#RankCompanyOur Score Disk DriveStarting PriceVisit Site
1YouStable9.9NVMe SSD₹4999/MoVisit Now
2BlueHost9.8HDD₹8,499/moVisit Now
3HostGator India9.7SSD₹9,269/monVisit Now
4A2Hosting India9.7NVMe SSD₹7,488.54/moVisit Now
5FastComet9.6SSD₹8,913/moVisit Now
6DreamHost9.6SSD₹12407.58/moVisit Now
7UltaHost9.6NVMe SSD₹10,691.77/moVisit Now

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