Top 7 Best Dedicated Hosting in Bulgaria🇧🇬 February,2024– (In Depth Review)

Do you have a heavy-traffic website and want to host your website in Bulgaria? Looking for dedicated servers and Bulgarian data centers? Eager to catch Bulgarian visitors for your enterprise level website with the help of powerful dedicated servers? 

Want to spread your business in Bulgaria with the help of your hosting provider? Why is choosing dedicated servers good in Bulgaria? What exactly are dedicated servers in Bulgaria? What are the top web hosting companies in Bulgaria? What are their major features and plans? 

You will get to learn the answers of all the above questions in this article as we have a list for the best dedicated hosting in Bulgaria but before moving any further, we will start with what a dedicated server in Bulgaria is.

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What is a Dedicated Server in Bulgaria?

When you are running a website, you need a server so that the users can easily access them without failure. 

Dedicated servers are physical servers that comprise of all the web related resources like RAM/ CPU/ Storage/ Bandwidth specifically dedicated to the requirements of your website and are primarily used for handling the high traffic websites or powerful web applications. 

A dedicated server in Bulgaria means you are using a web hosting that provides you the dedicated server with a data center in Bulgaria so as to catch the eye of your Bulgarian audience to your website. 

Best Dedicated Server

Let us now have a quick understanding of the best dedicated hosting in Bulgaria. 

7 Best Dedicated Hosting in Bulgaria:

Here are the 7 best dedicated hosting in Bulgaria listed down to help you analyze similarities, dissimilarities in their features or plans and pricing and choose the right one for your website accordingly. 

⏰ TL;DR:

1. LiquidwebBest Cloud Dedicated Servers
2. A2HostingBest for Building Online Stores
3. UltaHost Best for Quick Startup
4. Impreza Overall “Affordable” Bulgaria Dedicated Server
5. Superhosting. bgFast and Reliable Dedicated Server
6. Webcare360 Fastest Dedicated Server Hosting in Bulgaria
7. Best Secure & Managed WP Hosting

1. LiquidWeb – Best Cloud Dedicated Servers

Did you know that LiquidWeb is ranked #1 for its dedicated server by HostingAdvice? It is the best Bulgaria server with 10 Global data centers and product innovation in order to keep yourself on the latest technologies.

Let us discuss the chief features provided by LiquidWeb to know how well it is dedicated to professionals like you. 



🔶 Boost your website’s speed with Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) that allows your website to reduce the page-loading time with the help of servers located closer to your visitors. 

🔶 Get your own unique dedicated IP address. It also enhances the overall performance and security of your website. 

🔶 Get the secondary drive pre-installed in all LiquidWeb dedicated servers that helps you to backup your data. 

🔶 Manage your website or server with multiple control panel options like Plesk, cPanel or Interworx. 

🔶 The standard DDoS protection acts like guards for your website and protects it from sudden attacks or harm. 

Prices & Plans:

Below is the table describing the plan and pricing of Liquid Web’s dedicated servers hosting which starts at just $149/month. 

liquidweb Dedicated Hosting Plans

2. A2Hosting – Best for Building Online Stores

Looking for a web hosting provider for 40% faster CPU performance, 20X faster page upload and 3X faster page loading?

A2Hosting lets you try Turbo Web hosting that offers such features. They even understand your needs and provide you free solutions to help you choose the right hosting type for you. 

Let us now go through the various features that A2Hosting offers. 

A2 Hosting About


🔶A2Hosting lets you choose between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. Managed lets you access cPanel, whereas unmanaged is for experienced users who like to customize. 

🔶 Turbo boost servers help in faster page loading as just a one second delay may result in poor SEO ranking. 

🔶 With A2 Cloud Backup, you can have an effective yet simple backup method in order to back up and restore files. 

🔶 With the managed dedicated server hosting, A2Hosting’s HostGuard server management offers worry-free solutions for hosting. 

Prices & Plans:

Here, various plans of A2Hosting’s Managed dedicated servers together with its related price are presented in a tabular form. You can compare and choose the plan that suits your requirements. 

A2 Hosting Dedicated Plans

Now that we know everything about managed dedicated servers, let us now understand the plans and pricing offered by A2Hosting’s unmanaged dedicated server.  

A2 Hosting Unmanaged Dedicated Plans

3. UltaHost – Best for Quick Startup

Looking for one of the most flexible dedicated hosting in Bulgaria? UltaHost provides features like multiple data centers, flexible choices of OS and limitless website hosting. UltaHost also serves the best hosting solutions for your website. 

ultahost ABout


🔶 Get the custom dedicated servers with UltaHost where you can easily customize your dedicated server according to the needs of your website. 

🔶 Get the automated free daily and weekly backups with easy server control. 

🔶 UltaHost offers customizable faster plans for dedicated servers so that they suit every business size and requirements. 

🔶 Get anti-DDoS protection at UltaHost in order to have high quality traffic for your website. 

🔶 Get unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic as UltaHost gives you the unlimited bandwidth facility for your website.

Prices & Plans:

Here are the plans and pricing of the dedicated server by Ultahost and the most popular among them is ULTA AX160-NVME at $289.90/month. 

Ultahost Dedicated Server plans

4. Impreza – Overall “Affordable” Bulgaria Dedicated Server

Looking for bare metal dedicated servers with high performance? Impreza offers you bare metal dedicated servers with several other interesting features.

The users claim that their customer support is amazing with fast responses and they even answer your queries on weekends. 

Below are some of the important features of Impreza that you must know before choosing a Bulgaria dedicated server. 

Impreza About


🔶 With 20+ locations available for dedicated servers, you can easily have the dedicated server closer to you with full personalized customer support. 

🔶 Manage RAID independently from host with the help of hardware RAID controller provided by Impreza. 

🔶 Offers additional dedicated IP address. Dedicated IP address is used only by a single user instead of being shared among different users or devices. 

🔶 You can always request for any feature if not available in the cart. 

🔶 There are 20+ locations available which means you may easily get the dedicated server closer to you with personalized support. 

Prices & Plans:

Here are different plans and prices below according to their features. The dedicated server 1 starts at $100.00/month. 

Impreza Dedicated Plans

5. – Fast and Reliable Dedicated Server gives you unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 technical support. It also allows you to transfer your domain at zero inconvenience to SuperHosting. bg in seven business days without a change in the settings. has multiple other features discussed here.


🔶 Get a large number of customization options such as additional IP address, option of replacing HDDs with SSDs in order to boost the server’s performance and more.

🔶Get more reliability and higher performance for your high-traffic websites as the dedicated servers offered by SuperHosting is more reliable than any other hosting. 

🔶 Get a huge variety of hardware configurations if your projects need an additional or specific configuration with the dedicated servers. 

🔶 Get 100% access to the server’s resources and hosting of unlimited domains, subdomains, websites, email accounts and more. 

🔶 Add SSD technology which ensures faster data processing and allows your site to have better SEO ranking as well. 

Prices & Plans:

Below is the table describing plans and pricing of SuperHosting Dedicated servers. Dedicated Plans

6. Webcare360 – Fastest Dedicated Server Hosting in Bulgaria

The users claim that Webcare360 has two major pairs of qualities: flexibility and security as well as stability and control that helps in managing your content easily and quickly.

They also have a variety of payment options such as BTC, DASH, LTC or traditional payment methods like PayPal  in order to make the payment more flexible for you. 

Let us go through other features of Webcare360 in order to have a deeper knowledge about it.



🔶 Get a fully managed cPanel powered offshore dedicated server in Bulgaria in order to provide you the necessary assistance that you need. 

🔶 Get full root access to the dedicated server with the help of dedicated IPMI/iLO access. 

🔶 Enjoy both the customization and performance at the same time according to the needs of your website. 

🔶 Get the super fast network with Webcare360 dedicated server as they guarantee excellent network uptime and performance. 

🔶 Enjoy the complete guaranteed security and privacy of your dedicated servers with Webcare360. 

Prices & Plans:

Here are the plans and pricing of Webcare360 dedicated server with included features like 99.99% uptime, DDoS protection, 24/7 support and vLAN setup in all the plans. 

Webcare360 Dedicated Plans

7. – Best Secure & Managed WP Hosting

Since 2001, has been one of the most high quality hosting providers in Europe that gives you high quality cloud servers, 100% uptime, Failover computing, fault-tolerant data services and fully managed dedicated servers in order to increase the performance of your website.


🔶 Get RAM, storage, CPU and many other computing resources when you have the requirement. 

🔶 Get dedicated servers with operational compatibility with the help of which when you need higher scalability or failure in a physical server, they help you by extending your physical server to Cloud. 

🔶 RAX network helps you deliver high quality content and for the hosting of business related applications. 

🔶 Enjoy the fast content delivery with as they try to manage their network vigorously in order to meet their client’s expectations and requirements. 

🔶 Select bandwidth rate between 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps if you need a high bandwidth dedicated server. 

Prices & Plans: 

Below is the table that describes the plans and pricing of dedicated servers by with different features. Dedicated Plans

Why Choose Dedicated Servers in Bulgaria? 

Now that we know what the best dedicated hosting in Bulgaria is, let us discuss why choosing dedicated servers in Bulgaria can benefit us. 

  • Dedicated servers help in managing and storing large volumes of data which means it is suitable for attracting a huge audience. 
  • Dedicated servers offer 99.99% uptime that ensures 24/7 availability of the website online further ensuring zero latency as well. 
  • In order to maintain your website in Bulgaria, the servers need to be suitable for high-traffic. In that case, dedicated servers offer SSD NVMe storage which speeds up the website loading speed.  
  • Customization options that dedicated servers offer, gives you a chance to use the best for your websites conveniently such as extra backups, additional IP address.
  • Dedicated servers allow the users with Full root access to their servers ensuring 24/7 monitoring and server management.
  • High level security features such as DDoS protection, Malware protection, Whitelisting IP, free SSL certificates and many more will help you manage and maintain your website in Bulgaria in a worry-free manner. 
  • Dedicated servers offer greater degree of reliability which is lacking in the shared server as the user has to share the server with other users that may affect the overall reliability. 


What are the top 3 Dedicated servers in Bulgaria?

Liquid Web, A2Hosting and Ultahost are the top 3 dedicated servers in Bulgaria because they provide you with 99.99% uptime and super fast page loading speed.  

What is the starting cost of a Dedicated server in Bulgaria?

The starting cost of Dedicated server in Bulgaria is $100.00 monthly offered by Impreza’s US-Dedicated Server 1. 

Is customer support available in German?

Yes, the customer support is available in German. 

Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade my hosting plan?

Yes, highly scalable dedicated servers ensure easy upgrade and downgrade of the web resources of the servers. 


We know that dedicated servers in Bulgaria benefit you in quite a lot of different ways as they give 100% control over your servers with increased performance and security.

We also got to know about the best dedicated hosting in Bulgaria, their plans and pricing and different features that they offer. 

CompanyRAMBandwidthPriceVisit Site
LiquidWeb16 GB8TB$149/moVisit Now
A2Hosting16 GB6TB$155/moVisit Now
UltaHost64 GBUnlimited Bandwidth$129.90/moVisit Now
Impreza8GB 5TB$135/moVisit Now
SuperHosting.bg16GBUnlimited Bandwidth122.71/moVisit Now
Webcare3608GB Unlimited Bandwidth109.99/moVisit Now
RAX.bg16GB109/moVisit Now

Looking for other Dedicated Hosting Locations? Here you go-


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