7 Best WordPress VPS Hosting Providers in 2023– [Reviewed]

If I ask you a question that how can you get optimum web hosting performance and blazing loading speed? Little tricky question, Right? It might be, but its answer is very simple. 

You just need to choose a VPS server for your website instead of a shared server, and your website will be like a rocket on the internet in terms of loading speed and performance. 

Hence we have brought a list of the best WordPress VPS hosting service providers to help you choose the perfect one for your WordPress website to host on the VPS server and scale your business or blogging website to the next level. 

But before we get to the juicy details, here’s a quick look at the Top Best WordPress VPS Hosting Provider in 2023:

S NoProvider  Award UptimeStarting Price Visit 
1InterServer  Affordable WordPress VPS Hosting Solution99.99%$6/month Try Now
2YouStableReliable & Managed VPS Hosting Solutions99.99%$12.32/month Try Now
3A2HostingAffordable & Powerful WordPress VPS Hosting Solution 99.98%$39.99/monthTry Now
4KamateraWorld Class WordPress VPS Hosting Solution99.97%$34.50/monthTry Now
5BlueHostPowerful WordPress VPS Hosting Solution99.95%$18.99/month Try Now
6ScalaHostingNext Step in WordPress VPS Hosting Solution 99.98%$29.95/month Try Now
7DreamHostFast & Secure WordPress VPS Hosting Solution99.90%$10.00/month  Try Now

What is WordPress VPS Hosting?

In the last few years, VPS (Virtual Private servers) has become one of the most popular choices, especially among entrepreneurs —since it provides a blazing fast performance at a very affordable price. 

And WordPress doesn’t need any introduction. Still, for those who are unaware of WordPress, it is the most popular CMS used worldwide to create beautiful and dynamic websites with just the drag-and-drop method. 

Now WordPress VPS hosting means when you choose a WordPress optimised VPS server to host your WordPress website 

What is WordPress VPS Hosting?

Short on Time? Here Are the Best WordPress VPS Hosting in September, 2023

✅ InterServer: If you are running an online business or high-traffic website nad looking for an enterprise-level hosting service, then Interserver will be the right pick for you. 

A2Hosting: It is one best web hosting service providers in terms of speed, all thanks to its 20X faster-hosting services than normal web hosting services

YouStable: Starting a business or a blogging website? If yes, then YouStable will be the perfect service provider because it provides one of the most affordable plans in the market.

Best WordPress VPS Hosting Provider in 2023

Over the past few years, the market has evolved itself with different needs and necessities that’s why here in this section we have listed some of the best WordPress VPS hosting service providers in the market. 

1. InterServer – Affordable WordPress VPS Hosting Solution

Starting our list with Interserver, one of the most experienced service providers on our list. It was established in 1999 and offers many services like dedicated hosting, shared hosting and much more with the same quality and robust features. 

No matter! Whether you are running a startup or MNC, Interserver has bundled up everything you need to grow your business with an online presence. 

Interserver About


Here in this section, we will discuss some of its key features that are required to determine its quality and reliability and help you to understand whether it will be the best WordPress hosting for your website or not.

🔶 Instant setup: One of the best aspects of Interserever is that it provides your server with an instant setup which means your server will be ready to use right after you finish the payment and the other procedures.

🔶 99.9% Uptime guarantee: Uptime tells you about the availability of your website on the internet. Interserver provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is really impressive. 

🔶 Free data migration: If you are not happy or comfortable with existing services, then don’t worry; with Interserver, you can quickly migrate your website to its reliable server completely free of cost. 

🔶 Latest hardware technologies:  Interserver uses the latest industry-standard hardware equipment, such as SSD storage, the latest Intel processors etc., to provide you optimum performance.  

Price and Plans 

Interserver provides you amazing services and features, But at what cost? In this section, we have covered the plans at Interserver to offer you the services. 

Its plans were slightly complex to understand —-hence, we created a table containing all its features with prices to help you better understand its service’s price. 

PriceCPUStorage Bandwidth MemoryVisit 
$6.00/month1v Core30 GB SSD2 TB2GBTry Now
$12.00/month2v Core60 GB SSD4 TB4GBTry Now
$18.00/month3v Core90 GB SSD6 TB6GBTry Now
$24.00/month4v Core120 GB SSD8 TB8GBTry Now
$30.00/month5v Core150 GB SSD10 TB10GBTry Now

🔔 InterServer Offer September,2023 – InterServer is currently offering $1 for 3 Months use Coupon GRABPENNY. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your InterServer subscription.

2. YouStable – Reliable & Managed VPS Hosting Solutions

Established in 2015, YouStable offers one of the most affordable web hosting services in market. Whether looking for WordPress hosting, VPS, or dedicated server hosting, it has everything bundled up for you. 

One more exciting aspect of YouStable is that it provides free domain, CDN, premium customer support and free SSL certificates with its premium services, making it a perfect pick to host your website. 

YouStable About


Here in this section,  we will dive into its features to determine the quality of its server and  whether it is really the fastest WordPress hosting or not.

🔶 Latest hardware technology: In order to provide you with optimum performance, YouStable uses the latest hardware technology such as NVMe SSD storage, intel Xeon series processors and much more. 

🔶Premium Customer support: YouStable has built a dedicated team of technical experts to provide 24*7 customer support and instant solutions to your problems. 

🔶Top-notch security: Your website is completely safe in its hands, all thanks to powerful security features such as BitNinja firewall, full DDoS attack, and malware protection. 

🔶Daily data backup: As we mentioned, it takes care of the complete security of your website with automatic daily data backups, ensuring that your data is safe in every situation. 

🔶Free site migration: A dedicated team of technical experts is 24*7 with you to migrate your website from your existing service provider (in case you are not satisfied with it) without any data loss. 

📌 Note: YouStable is one of those companies which maintains affordability without compromising quality. 

Price and Plans 

We have attached a table below to help you easily understand the prices of their WordPress VPS hosting plans and whether it will be suitable for your business or not. 

PriceCPUStorage Bandwidth MemoryVisit 
$12.32/month1v Core50 GB SSD750GB4GBTry Now 
$21.25/month2v Core100 GB SSD1.5 TB6GBTry Now 
$30.05/month4v Core120 GB SSD1.75 TB8GBTry Now 
$37.70/month4v Core150 GB SSD2TB12GBTry Now 
$49.30/month6v Core200 GB SSD2.5TB16GBTry Now 

YouStable is especially popular for its affordability which making it a perfect option for those who have slightly small budget. 

🔔 YouStable Offer September, 2023YouStable is currently offering 15% OFF. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your YouStable VPS Server subscription.

3. A2Hosting – Affordable & Powerful WordPress VPS Hosting Solution

Introducing to you one of the fastest web hosting service provider in the market that offers you 20X faster loading speed and blazing fast server response

If we dig out the reason for its speed, then it will come out to be the quality of its server’s hardware — it uses the latest and most powerful hardware technologies such NVMe SSD storage and Intel Xeon series processors. 

A2 Hosting About


Let’s quickly glance at some key features that empower it to provide you with such fast services. Here they are mentioned below. 

🔶 Robust servers: Usually, some service provider uses traditional server — since they are cheap, the more profit margins they gain. But A2Hosting uses the latest hardware technologies to provide you with optimum performance. 

🔶 Maximum uptime guaranteed:  A2Hosting gives you a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which means your website will live on the internet without facing any issues. 

🔶 LiteSpeed web server: LiteSpeed web server is the 4th most popular web server in the market because it significantly increases the website’s loading speed. 

🔶 Full Refund Guarantee:  If you are not comfortable or happy with A2Hosting, then you can cancel their services anytime within 30-day of your purchase. 

Price and Plans 

We have attached a table below so that you can under their plans at which you can avail of their services anytime with just a few clicks.  

PriceCPUStorage Bandwidth MemoryVisit 
$39.99/month 2v Core150 GB SSD2TB4GBTry Now 
$54.99/month6v Core250 GB SSD 3TB8GBTry Now 
$67.99/month8v Core450 GB SSD 4TB16GBTry Now 
$59.99/month2v Core150 GB NVMe SSD 2TB8GBTry Now 
$89.99/month2v Core 250 GB NVMe SSD 3TB16GBTry Now 

Looking for web hosting service provider that make your website blazing fast on the internet then A2Hosting is perfect for you, all thanks to turbo plans which is 20X times faster than the normal plans

🔔 A2Hosting Offer September, 2023 – For Limited Time Offer Save 48% OFF on A2Hosting VPS PlansTake advantage of this offer now and save more on your A2Hosting VPS Server subscription.

4. Kamatera – World Class WordPress VPS Hosting Solution

Kamatera was established in 1995 and since it is offering high quality web hosting services based on robust servers. But one of the most interesting aspects of Kamatera is that it offers you multiple services such as VPS, dedicated cloud services and much more. 

In simple words, Kamatera has everything you will need in your journey. But if you face any problems or errors, then you can instantly connect to their customer support which has a team of technical experts to help you at every stage. 

Kamatera About


Let’s glance at key features in this section to get an exact idea of whether its services will suit your website or not.

🔶 Simple backup and monitoring system: With its services, you will get smart server system that will constantly keep an eye on your server’s performance. 

🔶 Wide range control panel option:  Whether you are looking for Linux or Windows VPS hosting, Kamatera provides you with all the control panels that can perfectly fit your servers. 

🔶 Free server hardware and management: In the market where every service provider is selling you expensive plans, Kamatera provides you it services with free hardware management, making it much more affordable than other options in the market.

🔶 Best data centers: To provide robust servers, Kamatera has chosen best-in-class servers in the market, such as Israel, Germany and much more.  

Price and Plans 

Let’s check out their plans to understand whether their services will be worthwhile in the long run or not.  

PriceCPUStorage Bandwidth MemoryVisit 
$34.5/month 1v Core20 GB SSD1TB1GBTry Now 
$42.5/month2v Core30 GB SSD 1TB2GBTry Now 
$54.5/month3v Core40 GB SSD 1TB4GBTry Now 
$99.9/month8v Core60 GB NVMe SSD 1TB8GBTry Now 
$132.5/month12v Core 80 GB NVMe SSD 3TB10GBTry Now 

A services provider that offers best-in-class cloud infrastructure to host your web application on the internet is Kamatera and its plans will perfect pick for those who are running a business with high customer base.

🔔 Kamatera Offer September, 2023 – Hurry! Just Start yoyr 30 Days Kamatera Free Trail Now. ! No Hidden Fees. 24 Hour Support. Don’t miss out!

5. BlueHost – Powerful WordPress VPS Hosting Solution

BlueHost is one the leading web hosting service provider for businesses since it provides high-quality server resources that is perfect to launch a business website. 

In addition, it is especially popular for its easy-to-use interface, making it very easy to manage and maintain your website. 

Bluehost Hosting


Let’s discuss some of its key features to determine its quality and understand whether it is reliable to choose or not. 

🔶 Multi-server management account: BlueHost allows you to add as many servers as you want with your single account. 

🔶 Unrestricted Bandwidth: It provides unrestricted resources that allow you to use your allocated resources (such as bandwidth) without any interruptions. 

🔶 Powerful control panel: Although you can choose any control panel as per your wish, BlueHost provides the best control panels to manage your website’s files. For example, you can choose cPanel, one of the best control panels in the market. 

🔶 Full control over your servers: If you don’t have full over your VPS server, then you may not be able to experience the full potential of your server. Hence BlueHost provides servers with admin control. 

Price and Plans 

Amazing feature, Right? But at what cost? The below-attached table will help you to get an exact idea of their price and plans. 

PriceCPUStorage Bandwidth MemoryVisit 
$18.99/month2v Core30 GB SSD1TB2GBTry Now 
$29.99/month2v Core60 GB SSD 2TB4GBTry Now 
$59.99/month4v Core120 GB SSD 3TB8GBTry Now 

When it comes running an online business, it becomes very essential to create an online presence by hosting a website. BlueHost helps you in that by providing you best in class performance with unmetered resource, so that you can run your business without any interruptions.

🔔 BlueHost Offer September, 2023 – For Limited Time Offer Save 50% OFF on Bluehost VPS PlansTake advantage of this offer now and save more on your BlueHost VPS Server subscription.

6. ScalaHosting – Next Step in WordPress VPS Hosting Solution

A web hosting service provider with innovative solutions, robust data center, and powerful features is ScalaHosting. Its services include fully managed cloud VPS, WordPress, and more. 

And the best part about ScalaHosting is that all its services come with the same quality and reliability features, making it one of the most popular web hosting service providers in the market



In this section, we will go through the features they include in their services to get an exact idea of whether it will be a worthwhile choice or not. 

🔶 Intuitive control panel: ScalaHosting provides you with an all-in-one control panel that is Spanel which is compatible with all the web servers such as LiteSpeed, Apache, Nginx etc. 

🔶 Multiple PHP version supported: It enables you to choose any version of PHP since its Spanel support all PHP version. What does that mean? It means you can create all your pages on different versions of PHP. Isn’t that amazing?

🔶 Admin Interface: ScalaHosting allows you admin access through which you add, and modify your account. In addition, you can suspend or even unsuspend your website in just a few clicks. 

🔶 Unlimited Hosting: With ScalaHosting’s single account, you can host as many websites as you want without any restrictions or interruptions. 

Price and Plans 

Let’s go through their price and plans to understand whether it will suit to your business or not. 

PriceCPUStorage Bandwidth MemoryVisit
$29.95 /mo 2v Core50 GB SSDUnmetered 4GBTry Now 
$63.95 /mo4v Core100 GB SSD Unmetered 8GBTry Now 
$121.95 /mo8v Core150GB SSD Unmetered 16GBTry Now 
$179.95 /mo12v Core200GB SSD Unmetered 24GBTry Now 

ScalaHosting provides innovative web hosting solution that especially popular among the entrepreneur because it provides features more than normal web hosting services provider

So if you are looking for a create something extraordinary for the world then ScalaHosting can help you in that. 

🔔 ScalaHosting Offer September, 2023 – For Limited Time Offer ScalaHosting is currently offering upto 36% OFF. Get an Extra 10% OFF happy Coupon code GOOGIEHOST. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your ScalaHosting Cloud VPS Server subscription.

7. Dreamhost – Fast & Secure WordPress VPS Hosting Solution

Established in 1996, DreamHost is one of the most experienced web hosting service providers in the market that offers best-in-class servers with powerful features.

It provides you with servers equipped with powerful features that ensures unhindered performance of your website, making it a reliable option to choose. 

Dreamhost About


Here comes its features section where we everything that makes it a reliable option to choose. 

🔶 Unlimited bandwidth: DreamHost provides unrestricted resources, which means you can use your allocated resources without any limitation or interruption. 

🔶 Automatic software updates: It facilitates you to shift your complete focus to your business instead of your servers with automatic software updates that will notify you whenever the update will be required. 

🔶 One-click application installer: with DreamHost, you get an intuitive application installer through which you can install any application, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc., in just one click. 

🔶 Phusion passenger:  It is a free web server that runs and auto-manages your website to provide better quality, security and reliability. 

Price and Plans 

Here in this section, we have attached a table to help you understand plans at which you can avail of their services 

PriceStorage Bandwidth MemoryVisit 
$10.00/mo 30 GB SSDUnmetered 1GBTry Now 
$$20.00/mo60 GB SSD Unmetered 2GBTry Now 
$40.00/mo120GB SSD Unmetered 4GBTry Now 
$80.00/m240GB SSD Unmetered 8GBTry Now 

The bottom is that if you are looking for a service which is trustable and comes with powerful features such automatic software update,  Phusion Passenger, etc. then DreamHost will be a perfect choice for you. 

🔔 DreamHost Offer September, 2023 – For Limited Time Offer Save upto 67% OFF on DreamHost VPS Plans. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your DreamHost VPS Server subscription.

Things to Look for in Best WordPress VPS Hosting

To provide you complete information and help you to choose the best WordPress VPS hosting we have suggested some important features in the table attached below. 

Note: The below-mentioned features are essential for better performance hence we suggest you to read it carefully. 

Features Recommend Figures
Disk Space60 GB ( either NVMe SSD or SSD) 
Bandwidth4 TB (unrestricted or unmetered)  
Control PanelYou can choose it as per your needs ( recommend: cPanel,DirectAdmin or CyberPanel )
Customer Support 24*7 customer support 
Scalability Scalability helps you to determine how easily you can scale your resources as you grow ( But if you choose ay of the mentioned services provider then you be free of this headache).
Data SecurityYou must ensure that get complete DDoS and malicious attack to protect to safeguard your data. 
Administrator Control PanelIt is a kind of platform or system which allows to perform any task at the server as such monitoring, upgradation etc. 

Conclusion – Best WordPress VPS Hosting

WordPress websites become really fast and powerful when it is hosted on a VPS server, hence it is recommended that you should choose a VPS server to get optimum performance and blazing fast loading speed. 

So to you help you find the best WordPress VPS hosting provider, we deeply analysed the key features of many companies and found the above-mentioned as the best in the market. 

Hence if you are looking for a hosting service then we suggest you to choose one from the above listed. 

If you have been with us till here then we really appreciate your patience and if you any queries then feel free to ask in the comment section below


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