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Kinsta Review

Have you started a business, or do you have a business that you want to take online? Most of you would trust WordPress to create your website due to the fantastic features it has been offering for years. 

Now that you have built a website, you will need a host for it, and the host we would suggest for your WordPress website is Kinsta. 

Kinsta is a hosting solution specifically made for WordPress. Kinsta can boost your business to another level with phenomenal support for WordPress websites. 

Working with Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting, it can make your time managing a website so much easier. It is undoubtedly an excellent option for hosting your WordPress website and here we’ll let you know everything about it in this Kinsta Review.

About Kinsta

Kinsta is primarily a custom-made hosting solution for hosting WordPress websites. It is a great hosting solution for business websites on any scale, be it in the initial stage, mid-stage, or even when the business is touching great heights; Kinsta can help you host any website. 

Kinsta Review

Kinsta has separate plans for websites with different quantities of visitors, and each one of them differs in facilities and prices so that you do not end up paying unnecessary costs. No matter what your plan is, Kinsta offers a free migration facility.

With Kinsta by your side to host your WordPress website, you can expect 24 hours of support a day without getting stuck anywhere. You can pick any plan that suits you from a wide range of plans. Additionally, it also offers a 30-day refund policy.

Speed Test Analysis for Kinsta

When working with other hosting solutions, you might need to put a large amount of energy, time, and even massive amounts of money to manage your WordPress account. But when it comes to Kinsta, you do not have to worry about managing your website as Kinsta does most of it for you.

Kinsta works with Google Cloud, one of the best network platforms, to provide incredible speed and security. Kinsta makes use of software such as PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4, and 8.0 to impart the best rate for your website to boost your business. 

Unlike many hosting services that provide you with shared hosting plans that get temporarily suspended when overcrowded, Kinsta detects the situation before it occurs and offers you the necessary support to prevent your website from getting temporarily suspended. 

With all the security, speed, dashboard, and many more beneficial features, we can understand how Kinsta differs from other Hosting solutions.

Speed Test Analysis for Kinsta

We conducted a page speed test to ensure the server response time. On testing the website on GTmetrix, we found out that GTmetrix ranked the website as “A” with an 87% performance rate as shown in the image below. 

Speed Test Analysis for Kinsta

Customer Support Analysis 

The customer service support that a user experiences with Kinsta is excellent and super-good. Kinsta has a 24/7 live chat feature that allows a user to put up a query irrespective of what time of the day it is. Moreover, the Kinsta Help Center offers valuable tips and guides on its platform so that you can use your Kinsta account to its best potential. 

Although Kinsta provide a phone support option, you can directly contact their sales agent in case you are facing an issue. Above all, there are FAQs, tutorials, and other helpful resources to help a user.

Kinsta Load Testing 

Load Testing is conducted to know the performance of software with the increase in workload in a given time. The aim is to observe the response time and the number of users an application can handle at a particular time. The Kinsta Load Testing results are amazing with a response time of 123 ms.

Kinsta Load Testing

Security Analysis

To avoid any damage to your data and loss in business, Kinsta takes several steps. These steps include Cloudflare’s enterprise-level firewall and DDoS protection. They have a double protection check of IP Geolocation blocking and automatically ban IPs with multiple failed login attempts.

Kinsta has hardware firewalls and makes sure that your data is kept safe. In any circumstances, if your data is compromised, Kinsta fixes it for free. Kinsta provides encrypted connections and a backup facility to its clients.

Uptime Test

Likewise, we conducted an Uptime Test to know the availability of the website on the internet. With the results of the Uptime Test of the last 1203 hours 35 mins, we were amazed to figure out that the result was 100% as you can see in the image below.

Uptime Test

Kinsta Support

Support from your hosting service is essential for you to rely on it. Kinsta claims to provide world-class support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. You can get guides and tips from the help centre and Kinsta blog to get the most out of your account. 

Kinsta Support

Using Kinsta, you will have access to the latest updates available on your plans. Free migration is available with Kinsta plans. You can always send a message to them, and within a few minutes, you will be provided with a solution to your query.

CDN Offered By Kinsta

Kinsta’s primary focus is to maximize the performance of your sites and to do that, they provide an excellent CDN (content delivery network) service powered by Cloudflare. You do not have to worry about the additional charges on CDN. It is offered free of cost.

Over several performance benchmark tests, it was found that the use of Kinsta CDN for your website can reduce the loading time of your website by up to over 44%. Cloudflare’s network is set across 200 cities and over 100 countries with an excellent service.

Kinsta Data Centres Location

Kinsta has more than 35 data centers located globally. The main data centers of Kinsta are located at-

Kinsta Data Centres Location

The CDN for Kinsta is provided by Cloudflare, which is available in almost 200 cities in more than 100 countries. Choosing a favoured data centre location comes free with the plan.

Key Features of Using Kinsta Hosting

What makes Kinsta such a phenomenal web hosting solution can be explained by its features, so let us look at them now. All of these features come free of cost on any purchase of your Kinsta plan.

Key Features of Using Kinsta Hosting


Kinsta provides phenomenal speed as it is built on Google Cloud Platform’s premium tier network and the fastest C2 virtual machines. The facility of HTTP/3-enabled CDN powered by Cloudflare plays a significant role in providing you with the required speed. Caching is another aspect that can help speed up your website, and Kinsta gets this facility of caching. 

A few other things that speed up your website with Kinsta include Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD, complete software container isolation, MariaDB, Amazon Route 53 premium DNS, and weekly database optimization. 


With Kinsta, you can stay assured of the security of your data 24/7. Kinsta provides automatic backups to save your time doing the same thing at different intervals, it also provides automated SSL certificates, and blocks hundreds of DDoS attacks every month. 

Kinsta enables two-factor authentication to provide your maximum content safety, and your data is secured with SFTP and SSH connections. 

Support System

You can have 24 hours of actual human-to-human chat on your queries with experts on Kinsta. You do not have to worry if you are a non-English speaker; Kinsta customer support is multilingual and can make you feel comfortable in your language. 

Another layer of protection is added by monitoring your site every two minutes to detect any potential threat to your data.


Kinsta makes it easier to scale your WordPress website with its state-of-art and designed hosting configuration. Scaling your website helps you understand the needs of your website to grow, such as extra space for your content. 

Site Management

With Kinsta, you do not have to worry about doing repetitive tasks to manage your website. MyKinsta dashboard does all the managing and security work for your website, but you can also set preferences for the same. 

You have the privilege to add your logo to particular parts of your WordPress websites, and you can also change the versions of PHP as you wish over time.

Kinsta Refund Policy

Purchasing a Kinsta plan is risk-free to a great extent as you have an option to get a refund within 30 days of you signing up for the particular plan. This 30-day refund policy does not apply to dedicated server plans. Kinsta’s refund policy is pretty simple but does have a few terms and conditions.

Here in below, you will get to understand the basic terms and conditions of the Kinsta refund Policy.

  • The 30-day refund policy does not apply to customers with dedicated instances.
  • The return policy applies to first-time buyers and regular customers.
  • The 30-day refund policy applies to both the plans and add-on taken in the duration within 30 days. You can upgrade or downgrade your plans within 30 days, and the refund policy will still be effective, but the original sign-in date will be considered for a refund.
  • The add-on charges can be refunded only if you took them during these 30 days.
  • If you opt to get a refund after the 30-day duration, your unused amount will be refunded. 

Kinsta Pros & Cons

Just like how a coin has two separate sides, everything has its pros and cons, so let us now look at those of Kinsta.


  • The support provided by Kinsta can be accessed at any hour of the day.
  • Works with the best companies and can help your website performance improve up to 200%.
  • You can save a lump sum amount of money with the free tools provided by Kinsta.
  • With Kinsta, your sites are monitored every two minutes, so you do not have to worry about any threats to your data. 


  • You may have to pay additional charges on regular backups to secure your data.
  • Kinsta is specifically made for WordPress and lacks the facility of different hosting services such as VPS hosting.

Why You Should Choose Kinsta for your Website in 2024?

After all the testing and analysing we did with Kinsta, we can give you numerous reasons why you should choose Kinsta for your website in 2024.

It is a dedicated WordPress hosting solution that comes with the promise of speed, uptime, security, and a lot more. 

Why You Should Choose Kinsta for your Website

Moreover, it has exceptional tools and plugins that help enhance the features and functionalities of your website. Furthermore, the collaboration with one of the best CDN services i.e. Cloudflare, it only gets better at the speed and other features and functionalities.

So, with Kinsta as your hosting provider, you can scale your WordPress website to a new level.

There’s still more to it!

The past two years have been hard for the entire world, and we have turned to technology for almost everything. During these days of hardships, Kinsta has utilised its time to better itself by bettering the use of different software such as PHP.

So with this, you can tell that Kinsta walks with the advancements of time and will not let your business stay behind in the race. 

Do we Recommend Kinsta Web Hosting?

Yes, we recommend using Kinsta Hosting for your website without any reservations or doubts, whatsoever. 

You can efficiently leverage the tools it provides for free with your plans. Other than the tools, it is powered by Google Cloud and Cloudflare, so you do not have to worry if you are putting your data into the right hands or not, and the speed is always going to be phenomenal.

Besides that, you can expect an almost 100% uptime and there are a number of features and functionalities to leverage on the platform. With all of that, it’s easy and smooth for you to achieve tremendous growth and success through your owned business website.

FAQ’s: Kinsta Review

How Does Kinsta Calculate User Visits?

Kinsta uses scaling techniques with state-of-art, designed hosting configuration to calculate the user visits of your site, and recommends the use of any required changes. 

How Much Will I Be Charged For Going Over My Limits?

That primarily depends upon the number of visitors you exceed. Generally, they charge about $1 for 1000 extra visitors to your website.

Can I Cancel My Plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan and claim a refund within 30 days of purchasing, but read the Refund Policy terms and conditions carefully.

Should you use Kinsta CDN?

Yes, Kinsta CDN is provided by Cloudflare and will improve the speed of your website to a large extent.

What is the Kinsta refund policy?

You can claim a refund within 30 days of your purchase, but this does not apply to customers with dedicated instances.

How do we check the speed of Kinsta Hosting?

There are several options to check the speed of a hosting solution. If you particularly want to check the speed of Kinsta hosting, you can make a website with Kinsta hosting and check it on GTMetrics, and we assure you that your expectations of great speed will be met. You can also check out Cloudways, InterServer, Bluehost or FastComet if your priority is speed!

Conclusion: Kinsta Review

Now you are at the conclusion part of this Kinsta Review. In this review, you saw that Kinsta is a tailor-made hosting service for WordPress websites. Kinsta offers numerous tools to save you from wasting a significant amount of time and money. You can expect 24 hours of customer support without a delay of more than a few minutes.

Kinsta works with Google Cloud and Cloudflare, so you do not have to fear any loss of your content or money. If your plan does not suit your requirements, you can ask for a refund, but terms and conditions are applied. 

With all these things, it’s the perfect hosting solution for your WordPress website in our opinion and we hope that this review has helped you see the same!

Prahlad is a genius in all-around Web Hosting and Specialises in Organic Growth Traffic(SEO) from India. Living a digital life since 2019 and helping people grow their websites by Organic method, he is quick to learn new technologies and techniques and often emphasizes learning small factors to become a big person.

Unleash your website's potential with Prahlad's insightful blog posts on web hosting and SEO. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin for valuable insights to boost your online presence and enhance performance. Rise above the competition!

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