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It’s absolutely normal to get stuck with issues pertaining to configurations involved in Kinsta. To resolve the issues, the support channels are at stake to file complaints and get the doubts addressed. However, some users find it troublesome to access the support services of Kinsta.

Are you one of those users who find addressing issues a difficult task? If you are new to the Kinsta hosting platform, are you aware of the support options provided by Kinsta? If not, then don’t you want to know about it in detail? 

You have definitely landed on the right page if you are seeking answers to these above questions. In this article we’ll be discussing all the support channels provided by Kinsta and also how to use them to establish contact with the support team in detail.

So without any further delays, let’s get started.

About Kinsta 

Kinsta, founded in 2013, is the best cloud hosting platform available to users when it comes to Managed WordPress hosting along with application and database hosting, helping businesses to manage their projects efficiently.

Kinsta hosting

With 35 Data centers all across the globe and 99.99% uptime, it gives users wide choices to locate their servers for getting clients without any interruption in connectivity. Users who require WordPress hosting typically order hosting from Kinsta

Further, we have mentioned the support channels offered by Kinsta.

What Support Channels Does Kinsta Offer?

Kinsta support channels are not only diverse but also prompt in addressing the issues. Users facing any issue can easily contact the support team via:

  • Chatbot
  • Email
  • Voice call
  • Online messaging platform
  • Whatsapp

How to Contact Kinsta Support

Contacting Kinsta support is trouble-free and user-friendly. Kinsta has adopted all the latest means of communication which happens to be handy. 

Whatsapp support is an incredible feature that is convenient and practical in nature. With multiple support channels at our stake, it is important to know how to configure them. 

So to start with, we’ll discuss the know-how to contact Kinsta support staff via the following means:


New users, when accessing Kinsta, initially get an online support option via the chatbot provided at the bottom of the homepage screen. The chatbot is an AI-operated chat option that gives a set of pre-determined solutions. 

For users, who arrive at the Kinsta hosting website for the first time, the chatbot may fail to address their concern by simply directing them to use their email id to get their issue resolved. However, the chatbot is very easy to locate:

  • Go to the Kinsta HomePage.
  • Press the blue message box provided at the bottom of the screen.
  • As you press the message box, the chatbot appears asking issues that are limited in nature. The option to type a text message in the chatbot is unavailable.
Kinsta chat
  • If you have to address problems other than those mentioned in the chatbot message box, you need to approach the team via the email id that will be provided by the chatbot itself.
Kinsta Chat1

The options provided to the new users are bound to a few questions only. However, a regular client can easily get access to the live chat option once he login to his account. 

Live chat with an expert

The live chat option provided at the bottom of the dashboard enables the client to communicate with an expert for his issues. This option is available to users who have their account registered with Kinsta.

Users having grave issues like how to point an existing domain to Kinsta nameservers can be easily solved via live chat support. The ways to access the live chat with an agent are:

  • Go to the MyKinsta page to log in to the account. Put your necessary details and press login to proceed further.
Kinsta login
  • As you log in to your account, you see a blue message box provided at the bottom of your dashboard.
kinsta mail option
  • Click the message box to chat with an expert and to message issues faced due to the login process, billing procedure, sales information, payment method, and many more.

So, we see the privilege to communicate with an expert for guidance is offered only to regular users who have an account with Kinsta. A new user is given the option to communicate with the chatbot.


Mailing the Kinsta support team is also one of the best choices made available to users. The staff can easily be approached via email enabling the users to give details about their problems and getting their issues resolved in an effective manner.

Kinsta Mail

The email support channel also is a part of the ticket system provided by Kinsta to its new users to get their doubts cleared, whereas regular clients get a full-fledged support ticket option in their dashboard.

You can reach the support team through Email:

Online Messaging Platform

People visiting Kinsta can even use an efficient online messaging platform offered by Kinsta on their website. It is very simple to access:

  • Go to Kinsta HomePage. Drag down the contact us option and press the Ask Questions tab mentioned at the top corner of the screen.
Kinsta Contact
  • As you press the Ask Questions option, tap the Send Us a Message button to initiate the support service by typing the issue in detail.
KInsta contact Support
kinsta supports
  • Finally, press the submit tab to file your issue.
Kinsta Support mail

Users when surfing Kinsta for wordpress hosting services if run into an issue can get in touch with the support team using this option. It ensures speedy resolution of issues.


On the occasion of issues being too grave, and requiring an urgent meeting, the users can also avail the contact via WhatsApp option. This not only ensures an instant response but also gives expert-level guidance as well.

You can reach the support team through WhatsApp at +1 888 610 2915

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Wide choices of support channels offered to the users are not only accessible but also streamlined. Visitors can easily approach the support team for hosting-related issues through various support services.

Unfortunately, there is no separate ticket system provided by the Kinsta support team, though the email and the online messaging option serve as part of the ticket system.

Users, who have a Kinsta login account, can easily get their issue addressed by clicking the chat box provided at the bottom of the dashboard.

On some occasions of delayed responses, tracking the support history becomes foremost. Therefore below, we have discussed how you can easily track the previously submitted tickets.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

  • When it comes to the Online chat option, Checking support history becomes easy as one can simply scroll up the chat section to track the record of all the previous messages and the reply received. 
  • The emails sent can also be tracked easily.
  • New users who approach the Kinsta support team via email and WhatsApp, can check their application to track their previously sent messages.

Other Kinsta Customer Feedback

The potential clients, who have been using Kinsta for a long period of time provided a lot of useful comments for us to know about the smooth customer services offered by Kinsta:

  • Awesome Live Support
Customers feedback
  • Instant resolution
Customers feedback
  • Customer service is fast and helpful
Customers feedback

After knowing incredible feedback from its potential clients, let us figure out if this feedback about the service team ofKinsta is really genuine or not.

So for that, we have tried contacting the support teams ourselves to find the spirit of truth behind these comments from different users. 

Our Experience with the Kinsta Support

To the user’s satisfaction, we have been successfully able to contact the support channels offered by the Kinsta hosting platform thereby coming up with some fruitful results.


  • As a new user, the reply received against the issue is not fully addressable.
  • The AI-powered ChatBot delivers predetermined responses.
  • Not user-friendly.
  • On raising a weighty issue, directs the user to send an email at [email protected]

Live chat with an expert

  • To regular users having an account with Kinsta, the live chat option serves as an ultimate redemption.
  • The reply is of the utmost responsiveness and friendly in nature.
  •  1 minute 27 seconds it takes to come back to its customer with expert guidance.
  • The guidance provided is knowledgeable and useful to resolve doubts.
  • Easy to track the records as well
  • Multi-lingual in nature. It supports 10 different languages.


  • New users find this support medium accessible and functional
  • The response is prompt and friendly
  • Can be easily tracked using a unique identification code
  • The response time is from 4 to 5 minutes.


  • The most interesting and unique support service provided by Kinsta.
  • The reply is prompt and formal in nature
  • Response time is 1 minute to a few seconds.
  • Status is easily trackable.

Voice call

  • At times, it does not support international voice calls. Maybe the call can be processed via Skype.
  • The dial number is not toll-free, leaving the users’ issues unresolved.
  • Not user-friendly.

Lastly, as a writer’s note, we want to suggest to the end users to approach the Kinsta support team via email or via WhatsApp to receive a prompt reply.

Apart from the above-discussed problems, users may have some minor issues related to the Kinsta support team, the answers of which have been mentioned further.

You can reach the support team through Call:

  • +61 1800-952-470 to contact the sales team 
  • +44 808 2583915



Hopefully, we believe that your troubles, that were regarding the support channels offered by Kinsta are addressed sufficiently. If in case you require any further assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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