[Cracked] Cheap cPanel Shared License- DirectAdmin WHMCS, Plesk and More.

Purchasing a shared license is something every beginner developer wants. Shared licenses are comparatively cheaper than genuine licenses. 

There are plenty of shared license providers, but the thing is you should go for them or not? Are they going to be your cheapest way to purchase a genuine license? 

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Through this article, you will get to know about the bitter truth of the Shared License of some of the biggest names in the hosting industry such as cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, LiteSpeed and many more.

Why The Concept Of Shared License Introduced?

It is very difficult for a developer to purchase the full/genuine license of a product such as Plesk, cPanel, Direct Admin, Lite Speed and many more.

Note: We have already mentioned the price hike of cPanel, which will soon create a mess.

 Shared License

The concept of shared license was introduced with a good mindset. But there are some loopholes that make some users lose their data, money and their business. 

Slowly and gradually companies are increasing their license pricing and this somehow creates a financial load on developers. A shared license is a very good concept but everything has some merits and demerits.

Demerits of Shared Licenses

When you start working on a shared license, you won’t get any official or unofficial support. And low-key you also risk your data.

There are plenty of examples that signify that purchasing a shared license is not the best choice for individuals/organizations.

Hackers always find some loopholes, which makes your software vulnerable and the same goes with your server.

When you get started with shared licenses you will experience route license validation with firewall configs which can be penetrated very easily.

And the most important point is:

It is very hard to remove or shift on a genuine license once you get started with such licensing scripts on your server.

It is very hard to remove or shift on a genuine license once you get started with such licensing scripts on your server.

Famous Shared License Companies

The prices may vary every time you visit their site because there’s nothing fixed and at the end of the day this concept of the shared license is illegal. Now let us know about some of the most famous cheap shared licenses.


Famous Shared License Companies

You will get cPanel VPS (Shared License) + Softaculous Free + Free Fleetssl all of these by paying a minimal amount of $4. 

  • Unlimited Account
  • 24/7 support
  • License Not Verified by cPanel
  • Refund Not available

Direct Admin

When you purchase a shared license of Direct Admin you need to pay a minimal amount of $2, to get started with this hosting control panel.

  • Latest Version of DirectAdmin
  • Change IP at Client Area
  • Free Installation
  • License Not Verified by DirectAdmin


One of the most famous hosting control panels available in the market will cost you $4-5 per month and you can start your hosting business with Plesk.

  • Reseller Management
  • Account Management
  • Developer Pack
  • License Not Verified by Plesk


Get unlimited accounts, and domains verified by WHMCS at the lowest cost of $99USD, this is going to be your one-time investment. 

  • Unlimited accounts
  • Domain Verified by WHMCS
  • Not Verified by WHMCS


Get Instant Activation and the Latest Version of JetBackup with regular upgrades from JetBackup by paying a minimal amount of $2USD/m.

  • Latest Version of JetBackup
  • Free Installation
  • Change IP at Client Area

CloudLinux – Shared License

CloudLinux shared license is available at $5 per month and you will get the latest version of it with full access to change IP at the client area.

  • Change IP at Client Area
  • Compatible with all major control panels
  • License Not Verified by CloudLinux
  • Refund Not available

LiteSpeed – Shared License

The Shared License of LiteSpeed web servers is also available at the lowest starting price of $6 and built-in DDoS protection and up to 6 times better performance.

  • Unlimited Domains Allowed
  • PHP performance increases 50%
  • Change IP at Client Area
  • Free Installation
  • Refund Not available

Imunify360 – Shared License

With Imunify360 Shared License you will get an advanced firewall, hands-off automation and CSF integration by paying just $3.50 USD/mo.

  • Smart Intrusion Detection
  • Change IP at Client Area
  • Malware Scanning & Detection
  • CSF Integration Mode
  • Refund Not available

Softaculous – Shared License

You can install 400+ scripts with proper support from Softaculous. You can purchase the shared license of Softaculous at the lowest starting price of $1 per month.

  • Latest Version of Softaculous
  • Support from Softaculous
  • Free Installation
  • Refund Not available

KernelCare – Shared License

Get live security updates with KernelCare and eliminate the service interruptions at the lowest starting price of $1.5 per month.

WHM Reseller – Shared License

WHM Reseller will cost $1.50 and with this shared license, you will get the Latest Version of WHM Reseller.

  • 24/7 support
  • Change IP at Client Area
  • Free Installation

CPNGNIX – Shared License

You will get instant activation of your latest CPNGNIX at the most inexpensive price of $3.00/m and you will also get proper updates from the company.

  • Upgrades from CPNginx
  • Not Verified by CPNginx
  • 24/7 support
  • Change IP at Client Area

Solusvm – Slave License

SolusVM shared license will cost you a minimal amount of $3.50 per month and you will get SolusVM Master Manage OpenVZ, Xen and KVM virtual machines from one central point. 

SitePad – Shared License

Offer a free website builder with your services and it will cost you a minimal charge of $2.00 USD per month. That’s not all, you will get the latest version of Site pad. 

  • Website Builder
  • Latest Version of SitePad
  • Support from LicenseMaker
  • Change IP at Client Area
  • Free Installation
  • Refund Not available

Virtualizor – Shared License

Create unlimited VPS with the shared license of Virtualizor. You have to pay a minimal amount of $4 per month for using this service.

  • Unlimited VPS License

Conclusion About Shared Licenses 

So, it’s time to wrap up the things in this article which was about shared licenses of products such as:

  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • Direct Admin
  • LiteSpeed

You can Purchase these shared licenses from a company but keep in mind what you will compromise, security, no official support, illegal work and many other things.

My personal recommendation for you is; that you must use your original license to keep your data safe by your side.

That’s all for now, if you still have any queries then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting GoogieHost😍.

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