9 Best Network Monitoring Software Tools May, 2024 {Reviewed}

Has your network been down again for today, and has been consistently low since then? 

If so, then Here, we are going to tell you about the Top Best Network Monitoring Tools 2024 that assist you in tracking the performance metrics of the network, auto-Discovers devices, alert the admin on occasion of issues and troubleshoot the issue itself.

So, without any further delays, Let’s just get started 👍

What are Network Monitoring Software Tools?

Network Monitoring Tool is a layman’s language, which refers to the tool that controls, handles and monitors the network, tracks down the performance and fixes any issue that interrupts the working of the device.

Just like we have a monitor of a classroom, who minds the class and makes sure that no one makes a nuisance when the teacher (admin) is out for tea, likewise, we have a Network monitoring tool that not only tracks down the performance status but also fixes any sort of issue that crops up when in use.

What are Network Monitoring Software Tools?

We hope that with the help of the above example, you might have understood what a Network monitoring tool is.

9 Best Network Monitoring Software Tools 2024

After knowing what a Network monitoring tool is, Let’s read the list of the Top#9 Best Network monitoring software tools in 2024 that immensely assist the admins to track the performance of the network connections and even locate, detect & troubleshoot the issue that hinders the connection. 👍

1. Zabbix (OpenSource)

Collect, analyse and respond to network traffic with Zabbix, one of the best Networking Monitoring Software tools, that offers you network metrics 24/7, ensuring necessary steps are taken to avert the issues at all times.

Zabbix updates you with incoming and outgoing traffic, Total Bandwidth usage, Interface speed, error rates and so many more metrics data as well.

Zabbix even red alerts or notifies the users whenever an issue is detected in the network infrastructure, allowing the user to respond to unexpected network spikes, errors and packet loss.

Zabbix (OpenSource)

Key Specification

🔶 Discovers your interface, power supplies, CPU cores, and network devices & automatically onboards and offboards them as per the usage.

🔶 Keeps record of network health and performance to let the user locate, detect and fix any sort of network issue to ensure proper server workflow.

🔶 Receive alerts the moment your network lags, Analyze long-term bandwidth Usage trends and even suppress alerts while performing network maintenance.

🔶 Zabbix arranges the collected traffic and counts the number of errors and warning messages on the device during a time period.

🔶 Scans a network range and receives notification when a new device is discovered and automatically groups the discovered hosts.

🔶 Tracks the number of TCP connections and updates the link status & Zabbix even supports different monitoring protocol versions enabling immense compatibility.

🔶 Get to know all about your device, Power Supply Status, Temperature Status, Fan speed and CPU & Memory Statistics too.

🔶 Zabbix offers an amazing monitoring AI agent to assist you detect, collecting and analysing the network metrics thereby letting you focus on your business.

🔶 With Zabbix, increase the data transmission speed to per-second values, Normalize collected network metrics and detect network behaviour.


  • Zabbix Trial Edition: Try the network Monitoring services for 30 days for absolutely Zero cost.
  • Advanced Edition (Annual Plan): $18,700 per year (Get unlimited number of monitoring devices)
  • Professional Edition: $27,000 per year (Includes 1 Zabbix Server & 10 Zabbix Proxies with unlimited Monitoring devices and Remote services as well.)

Pros and Cons


  • Technical Support Services via Ticketing is readily available.
  • Free Trials for 30 days make it more newbie-friendly.


  • The user interface is complex to understand and needs to customise its appearance.

2. Icinga (OpenSource)

Icinga offers a full-stack enterprise-level monitoring solution. It sends alerts via emails, and Icinga lets you manage the monitoring configurations through a web interface.

Even get hold of 1000+ Monitoring Plugins to use to monitor your entire infrastructure. Icinga collects, detects and troubleshoots networking issues using the networking management protocol.

Want to keep an eye on your Bandwidth usage, then Icingo would be the perfect option for you. Moreover, you can easily monitor your CPU loads, Memory and Disk space Utilization using monitoring-specific in-built tools.


Key Specification

🔶 Icinga monitors the network interface of your servers or virtual machines to detect the availability of potential errors to ensure smooth workflow.

🔶 Icingo collects network metrics of the bandwidth usage of all the interfaces and stores the data in the time series database.

🔶 Get a Full-Stack industry-leading monitoring solution with download and easy installation that lets you collect the network performance metrics in real-time.

🔶 An amazing dedicated Icinga output plugin for Logstash updates the host and servers depending upon the alert messages received through network management protocols.

🔶 Let’s say your CPU is overheating, so in that instance, the network management protocol(SNMP) Trap receiver sends an alert from the networking device.

🔶 Icinga’s LogStach lets you receive SNMP traps from more than one network device further ensuring that you are updated with the performance of the network at all times.

🔶 Object Identifies of Icingo tracks the availability and status of the network interface to locate and fix the potential error thereby ensuring smooth network performance.

🔶 Quick checks on CPU workload & its fan status, Memory Usage, Disk Utilization and Hardware Health and informing the user about persistent failures with Red alerts.

🔶 Icingo also offers debugging, performance analysis and capacity planning giving an entire system of root investigation and letting you manage the network like a pro. 


  • Get a Free Trial for 60 days.
  • You need to contact the Icinga Sales Team to get an estimate and even to book a demo. Moreover, you can get the plan customized as per the usage.

Pros and Cons


  • Logstash handles SNMP Traps from more than one device.
  • User Interface is intuitive and easy to handle.


  • Support service may lag at times.

3. Datadog (Fremium)

DataDog as the name suggests, guards and watches over your network, and offers end-to-end visibility into networks, including application layer performance and the health check of bare metal appliances.

In a nutshell, with DataDdog, we can instantly determine if the network is at fault for less traffic or low connectivity before the application gets affected.

Moreover, Datadog can monitor the network assist in identifying improvements and even give immediate visibility to all Kubernetes traffic as well. By monitoring the performance of the connections, users can easily determine the root cause of an issue.

Datadog (Fremium)

Key Specification

🔶 Use Visualization of network traffic across applications, containers and data centres to assist in optimizing the network well, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

🔶 Track down key network metrics, like TCP, lagging and latency status, and connection Uptime and Downtime, to let the user act on real-time network insights.

🔶 Do you want to check the network between the two endpoints at the application, IP address or ports? Datadog lets you monitor the health of the traffic seamlessly.

🔶 View the communication between the services, pods, and other resources at the Webinar, giving end-to-end network visibility about the performance and device health.

🔶 Do you want to check the DNS performance without SSH-ing into individual machines? Then go for Datadog as it offers a quick analysis of DNS as well.

🔶 Access DNS server health with request volume, response time and error code metrics even letting the user distinguish between client-side errors and server failures.

🔶 Observer, Analyse and Track the traffic to Amazon, Elastic Load Balancer and other managed cloud services, enabling quick connection monitoring.

🔶 View performance stats on any interface, on any device and from any location. DataDog automatically discovers and collects metrics on your network from any device.

🔶 Even monitor the largest environment with highly scalable and lightweight monitoring tools, ensuring the user prepares a checklist of the status of the hardware performance.


  • Free Trials available (offers network traffic mapping, device auto-discovery and even gets deployed in minutes)
  • $5 per host per month (Premium Plan): Analyze system-wide DNS Performance, and Visualizes flow on the network map.

Pros and Cons


  • Apart from Network Monitoring, it offers container monitoring, Serverless monitoring and a lot more products.
  • DataDog offers Free Trials, the best option for newbies.   


  • Database monitoring needs a good amount of improvement.

4. Prometheus (OpenSource)

Prometheus, a leading open-source network monitoring solution, offers a dimensional data model wherein the metrics are named and identified using that assigned tag.

PromQL allows proper analysis of collected data to generate graphs, tables and alerts. Along with that, Prometheus also has amazing multiple modes of Visualizing Network performance metrics.

Even get efficient storage, storing time series in memory and on a local disk in a proper manner. Prometheus appoints an alert manager to handle all the notifications and alerts.

Prometheus (OpenSource)

Key Specification

🔶 Offers built-in expression browser, Grafana integration and a Console Template language to highly customise the data visualization.

🔶 Get third-party integrations with Docker, StatsD, HAProxy & JMX metrics that further allow the bridging of third-party data into Prometheus.

🔶 Network monitoring tools are independent and highly reliable, giving you the most accurate performance metrics that can even let you know the network status as well.

🔶 Get round-the-clock alerts and notifications by PromQL further maintaining dimensional information, allowing the user to fix the issue in real time.

🔶 Prometheus is a fully open-source network monitoring tool that not only offers quick network-related metrics but also provides instant insights.

🔶 Offers a good amount of storage space as Prometheus stores time series in memory and on the disk in a custom format.

🔶 Amazing metrics Visualization with multiple templates like expression browser, and Grafana that lets you view and track the network performance effortlessly.

🔶 Track down the network performance and fix it in real-time, or else let the PromAgent do it for you. The agent locates, detects and fixes the issues well.

🔶 Receive notifications and alerts at times when the issue is a high priority and requires immediate healing, so Prometheus offers Red alerts via email.


  • Prometheus provides any network monitoring tool at no cost at all. The tools are available for download on the official website.
  • Tools for network monitoring are available for download on the website for absolutely Zero cost.



  • Prometheus can easily be downloaded from the official website.
  • Easy network monitoring with an amazing user interface.


  •  No support services are available on the official website.

5. Nagios

Nagios Network Analyser checks the NetFlow Analysis and offers a Monitoring and Bandwidth Utilization tool.

It provides in-depth insights and a bandwidth Utilization calculator to let the user update about the health of the network connections. Even get an advanced Network Analyser alerting mechanism to unlock superior network awareness.

Admins or users receive quick notifications or red alerts to tackle issues at times when the network is breached or when the network undergoes abnormal activity.


Key Specification

🔶 Get a 100% customized bandwidth calculator to check the bandwidth used per source/ IP, and can elevate the user experience in viewing the network performance.

🔶 Wide Network clarity and proper analysis boost your network vigilance with the sensitive level of information for a thorough analysis of network health.

🔶 Acquire insights into your network’s traffic and Bandwidth and expose potential threats thereby fixing the issues to ensure proper workflow.

🔶 Quickly access the NetFlow and sFlow data sources, server system metrics and network anomalies for effortless and smooth network diagnosis.

🔶 Get hold of an advanced User management feature that allows the IT or the Expert team to work together efficiently and to keep the network running smoothly.

🔶 For Network analysis Reports & performance summary, get an amazing option to integrate Nagios XI that makes reporting and analytics seamless.

🔶 Nagios’s automatic alert system sends the admin/ user red alerts when detecting abnormal activities or when bandwidth usage goes way beyond the set threshold.

🔶 Keep track of specific network flow information and maintain historical network flow data at all times, along with that get a customised Dashboard for a high-level overview of network status.

🔶 Even monitor the network usage of specific applications in containers managed by Kubernetes, with individual queries, views and reports.


  • $2995: Network Analyzer License (Get Multi-Tenancy, Custom reports, Network Path Monitoring, and Extensive network analysis)
  • Free Trials are not available. Maybe admins can contact the Sales Team to book a Demo.

Pros and Cons


  • An amazing Bandwidth Calculator that helps the admin get in-depth insights and check performance status as well.
  • Unlimited Users can use the Premium Plans


  • No Free Trial Plan is available. Users need to buy the premium plan to acquire the network monitoring services.

6. Cacti

A comprehensive and reliable operational monitoring and problem management solution is Cacti, one of the Best Free Network Monitoring Tools.

It provides several sophisticated templates with capabilities for device automation. It is a comprehensive network graphic solution made especially to maximize the capabilities of Cacti RRD Tool’s data storage and other features.

If users are experiencing problems installing or using Cacti, there is a discussion forum available. Cacti’s efficient data visualization and amazing reporting mechanism make it the Best monitoring platform.


Key Specification

🔶 Cacti is a legitimately licensed network monitoring program that is authenticated by the GNU General Public License and distributed under a recognized authority.

🔶 The user may create, manage, and analyze the network’s health statistics and performance using the Graph View option.

🔶 For simple tracking and dashboarding, get a variety of Cacti plugins, including the THold Plugin, SysLog Plugin, MacTrack Plugin, and IntroPage Plugin.

🔶 Plugin-based Easy Data Collection improves network administration by streamlining the monitoring procedure.🔶 Users may monitor and resolve network-related problems, resulting in faster workflow and administration.🔶 The finest network monitoring software for students comes with several plugins that make it easier to use and is completely free.

🔶 IT organizations may even manage the devices in real-time with the software, which can be used to identify and resolve network problems.

🔶 Windows users may install Cacti with ease. Upon successful installation, users will have access to many real-time metrics displays.

🔶 Gives consumers a single, easy-to-understand picture of the network performance by interestingly presenting metrics on a completely automated dashboard.


  • Cacti does not need in-app payments and provides free downloads. There is no expense associated with the network monitoring services.
  • Free Network Monitoring Software download option with an infinite number of features.

Pros and Cons


  • The network monitoring application is easy to use even for novice users thanks to several plugin choices.
  • A free downloading utility that doesn’t demand payment.


  • Support Services are not readily available. 

7. Observium

A web interface is provided by the European network monitoring program Observium to allow users to view real-time network status and performance indicators.

It works with a wide range of operating systems, platforms, and device types, including Dell, Cisco, Windows, Linux, and Juniper. 

As its name implies, Observium keeps an eye on the network’s performance measures and even provides an integrated reporting tool for simple comprehension. Get expanded Visibility and an amazing Traffic Accounting system to check and manage the influx of visitors to the application.


Key Specification

🔶 If Observium is unable to identify and fix problems in real-time, it might hinder corporate operations by filtering out faults and informing users.

🔶 Invest in a top-notch traffic accounting system that will efficiently organize network traffic and perform routine network health checks.

🔶 We provide a wide range of software integrations to optimize workflow by streamlining the monitoring process under customer needs.

🔶 With Observium, the user may set the threshold and get alerts when something goes wrong with the network.

🔶 Network administrators can quickly locate and fix network-related problems, freeing up the company to concentrate more on expansion.

🔶 Government organizations greatly benefit from Observium’s capacity to monitor enormous amounts of data to create, manage, and closely observe data.

🔶 Small and medium-sized businesses may make sure that their expansion goes smoothly by evaluating the network’s performance with performance indicators.

🔶 With Observium, you can tailor network reports to your requirements and graph network performance status to improve user comprehension and guarantee improved reporting and analytical abilities.

🔶 From anywhere at any time, Observium monitors your network continuously and lets you use remote technology to diagnose and resolve issues.


In addition to its free plans, Observium offers Premium subscriptions that include sophisticated network monitoring tools to improve the efficiency of SMBs and other industries.

  • Free for the community (infinite ports, sensors, and monitoring devices)
  • Expert: $256.20 annually (Perfect for ISPs and SMBs)
  • Enterprise: $1072.96 annually (suitable for sizable corporate operations)

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a tool called traffic accounting to make tracking and paying of client bandwidth use simple.
  • A widely used, internationally reputable monitoring tool.


  • The cost of premium plans is sufficient for individuals or newly established enterprises.

8. Checkmk

CheckMK is a highly scalable, fully automated, and extensive network monitoring tool that gives you a comprehensive picture of your whole IT infrastructure and the ability to modify or resolve network problems.

With Checkmk, give visibility to your entire network, and discover issues by examining the performance of the network.

Additionally, CheckMK leverages sophisticated APIs to centrally manage system connections and fully automates everything, all while utilizing contemporary configuration procedures to tackle the complicated environment.


Key Specification

🔶 CheckMK has additional components to discover and set up networks automatically, hence automating the monitoring process completely.

🔶 Discover 200+ NetMonitoring Plugin with CheckMK. From gathering data to offering robust IT monitoring, CheckMK has 200+ network monitoring plugins.

🔶 On a single dashboard, get a comprehensive analysis of your network traffic, alerts, and notifications along with a thorough picture of your host.

🔶 Easy customization options provided by CheckMK allow the user to shape the tool’s functionality to suit their needs.

🔶 The Public Cloud Providers can effortlessly administer the cloud network without experiencing any slowness thanks to round-the-clock network monitoring and issue resolution.

🔶 The DevOps team can effortlessly monitor the containers with the help of fantastic monitoring plugins, graph maps, and real-time monitoring data, which makes it possible for the apps to function as intended.

🔶 The system team or software developer may oversee the monitoring process thanks to customized dashboards, instant warnings and notifications, and integrated log monitoring metrics.

🔶 Checkmk offers comprehensive insight into the health, availability, and performance of any dedicated IP as well as comprehensive end-to-end network monitoring.

🔶 Get a customizable dashboard that is easy to use and has all the tools you need, including visuals that are easy to comprehend and the ability to view CPU status and RAM storage.


With the free Raw Plan, customers may track network problems with the Auto-discovery tool and access more than 200 plugins that cover the fundamentals of monitoring. To access more monitoring resources, consumers must purchase premium services.

  • Enterprise Plans: $188.63/month; increase or decrease the amount of monitoring
  • Monthly cost for cloud plans: $269.47 (monitoring cloud workloads)

Pros and Cons


  • Possess several plugins that make monitoring easier.
  • Functions without a hitch in a cloud setting.


  • The Free Plan has several restrictions.

9. LogicMonitor

A monitoring platform that proactively enhances IT performance and enables users to resolve problems quickly is provided by LogicMonitor, one of the greatest network monitoring programs and the greatest destination for administrators.

Moreover, AI-driven hybrid observability enables some integrations to improve network performance and potentially speed up answers.

Logic Monitor even auto-discovers network devices and even offers engaging visualization of the performance metrics of the network connections and locates, detects and troubleshoots issues as fast as possible.


Key Specification (7-9)

🔶 An outstanding unified user experience is provided by LogicMonitor. It is easy to use and provides a single dashboard that can be customized.

🔶 Obtain network monitoring tools to make sure the connections’ hardware is working and to address any issues right once.

🔶 Utilize dynamic topology to minimize network difficulties and resolve issues in real-time with quick notifications that are noise-free.

🔶 With the aid of more than 100 integrations, keep an eye on every aspect of the network infrastructure, including CPU load, bandwidth, and storage, all under one roof. You can also directly engage with the technology for prompt support.

🔶 Application developers can greatly benefit from several integrations and network monitoring in managing their apps and dependencies.

🔶 Administrators may verify that an application is operating properly in a device configuration with great assistance from instant CPU health checks, CPU Fan statuses, and other network-related services.

🔶 Businesses with diverse IT infrastructures may simply administrate their digital infrastructure effortlessly, producing no problems again, as an LM (Logic Monitor) administers and monitors the network.

🔶 Storage for network security is provided by Logic Monitor. The information is kept in LM’s fully controlled, extremely scalable database.

🔶 Dashboards serve as a centralized area for tracking network performance, and LM provides users with access to several dashboards.


To test Logic monitor services for free, users must register and provide their information.

  • $22 a month for infrastructure surveillance
  • $22 a month might give you more network control.

Pros and Cons


  • Ideal location for new users and administrators
  • Low-cost surveillance packages.


  • There is no mention of a price policy.

How To Choose a Network Monitoring Software Tool in 2024.

Having now the knowledge about the 9 Best Network monitoring tools, users may find it difficult the right software among them. To this, we have brought exclusively for our readers, the factors that users need to keep in mind when selecting the Best Network Monitoring tool:

  • Ensure that the network monitoring tool you choose offers highly scalable plans to let the users upgrade or downgrade the resources like devices, data volume and users as and when required.
  • Make sure it offers Real-Time network monitoring, sends customizable Red alerts and notifications, data analytics and performance metrics for different devices.
  • Choose the Network monitoring tool that has a very easy-to-use web interface that allows the user to quickly set up alerts, analyse data in one go and a lot more things.
  • Look out for features like engaging easy-to-understand dashboards, alerts, and reports and even offer integrated Plugins for high-level network monitoring.
  • Choose a network monitoring tool that offers immense security like tight encryption of the network data, access control, and other security mechanism as well.
  • Ensure that the software offers Free Network monitoring Trials to let the admins acquire experience with the working before actually paying for the premium plans.

Above mentioned factors are just a few points that admins or the user need to consider as it would immensely help in choosing the best network monitoring software to track the network status and performance metrics of your device.

Why Use Network Monitoring Software?

In very simple words, one uses Network monitoring Software, to handle the network performance, bandwidth usage, CPU load, Storage space and a lot more details about the network connection of the device. 

Admins and Developers use Network Monitoring tools to ensure smooth connectivity further ensuring the best performance of the application and its dependencies.


Which is the best network monitoring tool and Software?

Zabbix and Icinga to name a few are the best Network Monitoring Software tools for admins and App Developers in order to track down, check and Detect the performance of the network and even identify potential errors in the network. They also offer a highly engaging interface that lets you use the tool easily.

Who Uses Network Monitoring Software?

Admins, Developers’ Teams, Network Engineers and some IT professionals use Network Monitoring tools to know the time-to-time network performance report and analyse the data daily to make organisational decisions.

What businesses can benefit most from network monitoring tools?

IT departments, web developers, and application-developing firms can immensely benefit from network monitoring tools as they offer in-depth insights and performance metrics to update themselves on the workings of containers/ applications.

Is network monitoring software difficult to set up and use?

Not, the Network monitoring tool instantly gets set up soon after the download/ purchase. If you find any difficulty in following the commands by yourself, then contact the technical expert team.

Can network monitoring software be customized?

Yes! Network monitoring tools can easily be customised to suit the needs of the network connection.

Is network monitoring software suitable for small businesses?

Yes! Network monitoring tools can also be used at the grassroots level of the organization, ensuring that the work is done with complete perfection and even ensuring the highest reliability.


Network monitoring may raise the bar for your company’s success. It continuously keeps an eye on your whole network of IT equipment, which guarantees that your connection will function properly every single day. Users could struggle to choose the best network monitoring solution for their particular company requirements.

Consider this essay to be your mentor—trust us! Select a network monitoring program, such as Zabbix or Icinga, that provides easy network tracking, a fully customizable interface, and timely warnings.

Here are some other most popular Tools.


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