Top 12 Best Free backlink checker Tools for Bloggers and Small Businesses

Competition is high, and riusing using the common tools is not enough.

For good content, you need to get the best free Backlink Checker Tools available today. Using them, you can attract loads of viewers to your site.

Moreover, in the era of YouTube, reading has become an unhip Trend. So, people who write always look for ways to increase readership on their blogs and websites.

SEO deals with how your content should appear on top every time, On YouTube, Google, or any other search engine, On the other hand, BACKLINK helps in linking up similar content in different websites.

Best Free Backlink Checker tools

Despite writing good content, there are many other hacks people try for getting more readership.

SEO, Backlinks, affiliate marketing, guest posting, social media marketing are just the names. There are many more!

Suppose you are reading an article on fundamental rights than any other website, having an essay on paper 15 can link their website on the same content, as somebody wants to know more about an item, on single click they will be transferred too New website.

Below is the comprehensive list of the best Free Backlink checker tools that are available today. I hope that this list satisfies your search for tools.


Ahref is one of the most comprehensive backlink tools of today’s time.

Best Free backlink Checker tool

It does not just deal with a backlink, and It also executes various activities required for SEO pro. It is easy to use a tool, which is a plus factor for all beginners.

One of its most useful apparatuses is “Link Intersect,” which allows you to discover sites that associate with but not with your contenders.

Ahref is one of the best free Backlink checker tools, Ahrefs provides a free version that monitors tons of backlinks and two domains per request. And its paid membership starts with $82 a month; Where you have much more to use.

Google search console

Most of them even don’t Know Google search console helps SEO and online professionals to enhance and stock the performance of their website even though it helps us to check Backlinks that we have Created for our Site, search console is one of the best Free backlink checker tools

Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

It is most suitable for the website’s search traffic and performance.

Plus, it also helps in improving Google ranking with its SEO tools.

It is a free service for all and mainly a jackpot for beginners who cannot afford a paid subscription.


SemRush gives a Backlink Analysis tool for receiving functional data about backlinks from any domain.

Best Free Backlink checker tools

Alongside backlink analysis, it offers a full array of SEO tools; unbound to everyone; unbound time, and limited functionality.

SEMRush mainly offers three main price plans, Pro, Guru, and Business. The Pro plan costs around.

$99.95 per month and guru plan is $199.95 per month, whereas the business plan starts from $399.95. Free programs are also included in their chart with minimal features.

SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass has been one of the most prominent link databases of all recognizable tools. 

best free backlink checker tools

Where One can also enumerate their links directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

Its basic package is free for all users, for boundless time. But for more professional results; One should opt its premium package.

It starts from$ 299 per year for a professional license, including goodies as Best Free backlink Checker tools, unlimited backlink monitoring, task scheduling, and essential reporting functions.

Open site explorer, It is a search engine for links. Open site explorer is established by, which helps you connect and track leading leads to the website. 

 Its initial features are available for free; for fulfilling advance requirements, one needs an account. One more modality that it offers is comparing your website with your competitors in terms of links and all. 

A basic package of the open site starts from $99/mon Whereas the premium package costs$599/mon.


LinkGraph has expertise in technical SEO, link building, and conversion rate optimization. With numerous tools, it increases organic traffic on the website in a brief period.

Best Free Backlink checker tool

It is not only bound with SEO tools, but if also work in Advertising, Local Listing Market Research, Pay-Per-Click Public Relations, and User is one of the best free backlink checker tools.

Experience/User Interface. Link graph packages are diversified upon monthly, quarterly, and years plans, which cost around$549, $999, and$2499.


Ubersuggest not just helps in increasing traffic on your website but also allows users to overview those strategies that are working in the Market for others; one can apply them for them website as well. 

Best Free backlink checker tools

Its basic plans are available at a very reasonable price. Its plans are categorized among business and individual;

where the individual program starts at $12 a month and a business plan costs around $20 a month.

It is a free platform with fundamental features for beginners. 

Who are looking for a tool to increase?

Best Free Backlink checker tools

Traffic on their website, but are not able to spend much for them.

Although it also has premium packages.


It helps any website to find backlinks without any cost.

Best Free backlink checker tools

One needs to enter the domain name on the search bar, and it will start calculating the website and search a full report of backlinks.

Overall it is a best free backlink checker tools.


Buzzsumo is one of the most reliable backlink checkers for making a website more popular among the mass. Its analysis of social media and marketing strategies for linking up different websites.

Best Free backlink checker Tools

Its trail pack is available for 30 days; after that one needs to pay$99/mo. (monthly) for further use.

Also you ca check Out: Best Free SERP tracking tools


Linkody is offered fundamental features for SEO by building campaigns, auditing, and analyzing. It is one of the easiest to use tools for a backlink.

Best free backlink checker tools

Linkody package starts from $14.90 per month. It also offers a free trial for initial use.

It is very compatible with the SEO tracking of the website. Its additional features include PR checking and automated broken link notification system etc. 

Best Free Backlink checker tools

Monitor Backlink membership starts from $18.00 per month, per user.

Is one of the best free backlink checker tools.


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