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Bluehost India Review 2024

If you are running a business in India, you might have realised that hosting the website on international servers causes unnecessary latency!! That’s why it is recommended to choose the nearest server to minimise the latency in your website’s loading speed.  

But the problem people generally face is finding the best hosting service providers in the market, especially when it comes to India. We understand because, similar to you, we were also facing issues while expanding our website in India. 

Hence, we deeply analysed multiple service providers to find out an ideal hosting service provider. Our research ended on Bluehost’s website, and since its features were looking impressive, we decided to try it!! 

And here in this Bluehost review, we will share with you our personal experience regarding its service’s quality. So if you plan to host your website with Bluehost, then do consider reading the review till the very end to understand everything in detail. 

Let’s get started!! 

Bluehost Overview

🚀 SpeedFrom India Server 0.24 sec
⏰ Uptime99.99% uptime in the past 365 days, which is excellent
👩🏻‍💻 SupportCall and Chat
💳Payment MethodVisa, Master Card, American Express and Discover
♻️ Refund Policy30-days full refund
💰 PricingStarting from ₹279/mo*
🌎 Data CenterUSA, India, Europe, and China

An establishment of 2003 by two brilliant minds, Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth, Bluehost focuses on providing you with web hosting services backed by specially optimised servers to boost your business. And that is clearly visible on their website’s interface, which has been designed to attract the business owner’s attention to the problem they are facing!! 

Bluehost India Review

For example, as you can see in the image attached below, they have tried to mould their WordPress hosting servers into as user-friendly as possible because they understand that WordPress is designed to help beginners, so the host should be too!! 

But are they really as impressive as they sound? Well, we’ll get it by testing their server’s quality!! Hence, after testing their servers on various parameters, we have accumulated all the results in the next section for your convenience. 

Speed Test and Analysis for Bluehost

So if you are interested to know about their server’s performance, then we will recommend you to read this section carefully because we have accumulated all the test results here in this section. 

Bluehost Server Response Time

To ensure our website’s fast and stable loading speed, we tested the server’s response time. And we found quite satisfying results, as you can see in the image attached below. 

Bluehost Server Response Time

The latency we received was very low, meaning their servers are built with high-quality equipment and features, resulting in an amazing performance for our website. 

Bluehost Speed Test

But sometimes servers’ responses can turn out to be misleading because it depends on multiple factors. Hence, we conducted our website’s loading speed test so that we can understand the complete picture of their server’s quality.   

Bluehost Speed Test

We conducted this test on GTmetrix which is one of the most popular platforms for providing accurate data. Well, as you can see on the image attached above, our website’s performance was rated with 97% performance and A grade ranking, which is quite impressive result. 


But what is more interesting is that GTmetrix read the first content paint of our website in just 875 ms, which is not very exceptional, but definitely impressive. 

Google Page Insight Test

For those who are aware of the difference between the Google Page Insight test and GTmetrix Test!! Actually they both read to capabilities for website loading speed. But Google Page Insight tests the website through an SEO point of view, whereas GTmetrix tests it through the user’s point of view. 

So we also tested our website on Google Page Insight so that we can understand how good our website will perform when SEO is concerned. 

Google Page Insight Test

As you can see the data in the image attached above. The performance rating of our website is 99% and SEO score 92% which is satisfying. But, one more factor on which SEO depends is Responsiveness!! 

Google Page Insight Test Mobile

And we received the same performance on mobile too!! That means our website is perfect in terms of SEO. 

Bluehost Uptime Test 

So we have analysed the performance of the website and its servers too!! Now, let’s check out their server’s uptime to understand the availability of our website on the internet. 

Bluehost Uptime Test 

Basically, uptime depends upon various factors, and it cannot be the same for everyone. Hence, we tested their server for a week to get as precise data as possible. And amazingly, it resulted in 100% uptime but after calculating the average uptime we found it to be 99%, which is also a very impressive result. 

Bluehost Load Handling

Now, one of the most awaited sections of the Bluehost India Review is their Load Handling capabilities!! We performed this test on K6 to get as precise data as possible. We bombarded our website with more than 4000 requests, amazingly we didn’t find even a single request failure.  

Bluehost Load Handling

It handled all the requests very easily!! And performed really well in the test. So its load-handling capabilities are very amazing. 

Security Analysis 

So overall, its performance seems to be really impressive!! But what about security? Well, here in this section, we have mentioned some of the security features they equipped their servers to protect you against any cyber threat. 

  • Free SSL certificate: SSL stands for secured socket layer, which helps you establish an encryption-based network communication protocol and protect your website against any cyber threat. 
  • Advanced SiteLock: To protect your website and its data against any kind of malware attacks, Bluehost provides you with advanced SiteLock features. Moreover, it also helps fix vulnerabilities, resulting in stronger features.  
  • RAID storage: Redundant Array of Independent Disks is the technique to store the data in a distributed form to minimise any possibility of data loss. Basically, it is equipped in the servers to enhance security. 

Customer Support 

But what if you are still stuck in between your business journey? No worries!! Because Bluehost has built a dedicated team of certified technical experts working 24*7 to support you at every stage of your journey and help you fix your problems in no time!! 

You can contact their team anytime via the below-mentioned modes. 

In addition, they have curated an extensive knowledge base so that you can easily get your problems fixed in case you are not able to contact their team of experts. 

📌 Pro-tip: They placed bots on their live chat so we will recommend you to contact their team via call.

Bluehost Call Support 
Bluehost Chat Support 

📌 Note: Their customer support is not very excellent because the response time is very slow, they took us on 10 min hold and then disconnected the call without solving the issue. 

Bluehost India Key Features

We have discussed some of the key features responsible for the performance. Hence, we will recommend you to read this section carefully to understand whether it will suit your business or not. 

  • Full Root Access:

If you are choosing their VPS or dedicated server plans, Bluehost will provide you full root access to their servers so that you can customise your resources as per your needs and requirements. 

  • Latest Hardware Equipment:

Bluehost has equipped its servers with the latest and most advanced server equipment to enjoy the optimum performance for your website and boost your business to the next scale.

  • Easy to Use Control Panel:

One more interesting aspect of Bluehost is that they provide you cPanel for free with their services so that you can easily manage your website files and all the other resources. 

  • Instant Setup:

Bluehost doesn’t let you wait!! Thanks to their instant provisioning policy, it means you just need to choose your desired plans, enter your authentic details and finish the payment. Your servers will be ready to use in just a while!! 

📌 Note: Even though they claim to provide you with the instant setup, sometimes they take a really long time to provide you with the servers. 

Types of Web Hosting Plans Bluehost Offers 

Here in this section, we have listed all of their key web hosting services with a brief explanation so that you can easily choose the best plans as per your needs and requirements. 

So basically, they have three major selling hosting plans that are listed below:

1. Shared Hosting:

If you have a low budget and you are just starting your business website then we will recommend you to go with its shared hosting plan because its resources are distributed to various users to cut down the cost!! 

Basic Choice PlusOnline StorePro
1 Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website 
50 GB SSDUnmetered SSD Storage100GB SSDUnmetered SSD Storage

2. VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers which are created after virtualizing the server resources to ensure that the quality is not compromised. Hence, if you have a low budget but don’t compromise with the quality then you can go VPS hosting India plans

StandardEnhanced Choice plus 

3. Dedicated Hosting:

For those who are running high traffic websites and need high resources can go with the dedicated server hosting India plans because it comes with the complete resources without sharing. 

Standard EnhancedPremium 
RAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 500 GBRAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 1000 GB
RAID Level 1 Storage – 2 x 1000 GB

Apart from these, they also provide multiple optimised servers for various purposes that are listed below: 

4. WordPress hosting:

If you are running a WordPress website, then WordPress-optimised servers will be the best pick for you!! 

Basic Plus Choice plus 
1 Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website 
50 GB SSDUnmetered SSD Storage Unmetered SSD Storage

5. Woocommerce Hosting:

As the name suggests, Bluehost provides you best-optimised servers for Woocommerce websites so that you can experience smoother performance. 

Online Store Online store+Marketplace 
Free domainFree domain
100 GB SSD200 GB SSD

6. Reseller Hosting

Bluehost also provides you with reseller hosting services in collaboration with Reseller club. You can use this service to start your hosting company with a huge investment capital!! 

Essential Advance Pro Ultimate 
₹1349/mo @ 3 years ₹1399/mo @ 3 years ₹2099/mo @ 3 years ₹3899 /mo @ 3 years 
Unlimited  Website Unlimited website Unlimited website Unlimited website 

7. Domain services:

If you don’t have an existing domain then you can also get a domain along with their services. Moreover, you can get your domain transferred!! 

Domain services

📌 Pro tip: If you are running a WordPress and you don’t have high technical expertise, then consider choosing their managed WordPress hosting plans so that you need to focus on operating the servers. 

Bluehost Refund Policy 

In case you don’t find its services satisfying enough, you can easily cancel their services anytime within 30 days and get your full money back without any deductions or hidden charges. All thanks to their refund policy which allows you to do so!!

But they have certain terms and conditions that you have to follow, so make sure you read these points carefully: 

  • You will not get any refund for the Ad-ons you have purchased with their services. 
  • Domain service belongs to their refund policy that restricts you from claiming refund for the domain. 
  • No refund will be performed after the 30 days of your purchase. 

Bluehost Pros & Cons

Even though its features look quite impressive!! Not everything can be great, right? Hence we deeply analysed its services to filter out some of its major pros and cons. We listed all of them here in this section. 


  • Especially focused on business websites. 
  • Full root access 
  • 30-day money back guarantee 
  • Quite affordable plan


  • Very poor customer support

Bluehost.in vs Bluehost.com

Honestly!! There are many differences between Bluehost.com and Bluehost.in in terms of quality, pricing and even performance. To explain everything in detail we listed them into a table attached below.

Bluehost.in vs Bluehost.com
Bluehost.com (Cheapest plan)Bluehost.in (Cheapest plan)
10 GB SSD Cheapest plan comes with 50 GB SSD 
Only 1 Website allowed Only 1 website allowed 
$2.95/mo*( 244.39 Rs/mo after conversion ) 169 Rs/mo
Quite acceptable customer support quality Very slow poor customer support
US located servers by default Mumbai(India) located servers by default default
High taxes involved Less taxes involved 
Worldwide data center Only Indian servers 
More popular than Bluehost.inOnly known in India. 

If you want to get high performance then you can go with Bluehost.com because it has worldwide data centers so you can expect much better performance then Bluehost.in.

But if your website is focused for Indian web hosting Audience then we will recommend you to go with Bluehost.in because it comes with Indian servers located in Mumbai, so you behave better at loading speed.

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Bluehost Alternative 

So overall, Bluehost’s services are quite acceptable!! But for your convenience, we have also listed down some of the best alternatives of Bluehost India that you can choose if you are doubtful about Bluehost. 

1. Hostarmada: Fast and Reliable Hosting Soluction

But if you are looking for more power then you can also check out HostArmada because it provides best-in-class cloud hosting services for your website. You can also choose HostArmada if you want high-quality cloud servers on a budget.


You go through the HostArmada Review to understand every aspect of their service’s quality in detail. 

2. A2Hosting: 20X Faster Hosting Provider

We are mentioning A2 Hosting because it provides 20X faster hosting services backed by high quality server equipment such as NVMe SSD drives and much more. So that you can enjoy the optimum performance for your website at the same price as Bluehost India.

A2 Hosting

You go through the A2 Hosting review to understand every aspect of their service’s quality in detail. 

3. UltaHost: Secure and Fast Hosting Solution

And the last UltaHost also provides you high-quality hosting service but we have mentioned it because UltaHost also provides DMCA-ignored hosting services. Hence, you can easily post all your desired content on your website without losing your anonymity. 


So we have covered almost all the three categories that you might be considering for your website. And these companies are the best in their categories, so you can confidently choose any of those mentioned above.

You go through the UltaHost Review to understand every aspect of their service’s quality in detail. 

FAQ’s – Bluehost India Review

Is Bluehost India good?

It depends on various factors. For example, in terms of performance, it was quite good and our website loading speed was also acceptable but when it comes to customer support quality,  Bluehost should improve!! 

How much is Bluehost domain renewal?

Basically Domain’s renewal cost depends upon the extensions. For example, if you have chosen a .com domain extension then its renewal cost will just be 700-800 RS. But if you have chosen .shop, .co.in kinds of domain then its renewal cost will be a bit higher. 

How can I pay Bluehost in India?

If you want to buy the services from Bluehost then we will recommend you go visit Bluehost.in, choose your desired plans and finish the payment. Your services will be active in a few hours. 

Which Bluehost plan is best?

It depends upon your needs and requirements. For example, if you have a low budget and looking for affordable hosting, then you can go with Shared hosting plans, but if you don’t want to compromise with the quality and want to experience blazing fast performance then you can go with dedicated hosting plans. 

But if you want a middle way then we will recommend you to go with VPS hosting plans in which you get both quality and affordability. 

What languages does Bluehost support speak?

You can contact them in both English or Hindi languages so you can comfortably contact their team of experts without facing any language barrier. 

Which hosting is better than Bluehost?

For your convenience, we have also mentioned some of the best alternatives of Bluehost that you can choose based on your needs and requirements but if you’re looking for a specific recommendation, then we will suggest you to choose A2 Hosting because they provide 20 times faster-hosting services. 

Conclusion – Bluehost India Review

So what do you think? We have covered almost all the aspects of Bluehost to understand their service’s quality. But unfortunately, our experience with its services and customers was not very good!! Hence if you ask for our personal suggestion, then we will suggest you to go with either HostAarmada or a2 Hosting because they provide the best quality services as well as excellent customer support. 

Hopefully, you have understood everything required to make a wise decision. We tried to keep this review as unbiased as possible. 

The rest is up to you!! 

Meet Mamta Goswami, a trailblazing web-hosting expert who has been making her mark in the industry since 2021. With a unique perspective and unwavering passion, she has been empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital world.

With her blog posts, Mamta aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and inspire more women to pursue careers in web hosting. Through her relatable and informative content, she simplifies complex concepts, making web hosting accessible to everyone. Let’s connect with Mamta on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter

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2 User Reviews on

Bluehost India Review 2024

  1. Blue host is very slow

    Never got for blue host. I tried to setup a wordpress site on it with very few users accessing it but it was still very very slow.
    Support is also bad. They dont know whats going on. They will just make you wait and try after some time but issue remains

  2. Blue host India is the worst in speed

    They have super slow server and put hidden restrictions which are not mentioned when you buy it. e.g. when I try to load a simple database backup it will give me error User has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 1) and then there are restrictions on number of connections per user, number of connections per hour etc which are ridicolously low as compared to others.
    As a result even a small wordpress website with just 5 users will run very slow. Your customers will run away from your website before it loads. So never even think of going to Blue host


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