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AleForge Review

Have you been looking for a hosting service provider that is a common stop for game servers and regular hostings? Are gaming servers need big, but the budget a little too small to fit all of those needs? We might have a solution for you. 

AleForge is a hosting service provider which offers gaming servers on a primary level along with a few options of regular hosting such as web hosting. It has multiple data centers; therefore, speed could impress you. 

So let us dig into this AleForge review. 

About AleForge

Founded in 2018, AleForge is primarily a gaming server provider. Yet this hosting platform offers efficient web hosting to its customers with all the features required to host a growing website. 

About AleForge

This hosting platform has five data centers located across the globe that run 24/7 to offer you the best connectivity, speed, and support. The

plans on this hosting platform are pretty impressive, which we will look into further in this AleForge review. 

Test and Analysis

It is now time to test out the services of this platform in this AleForge review.

User Interface & Ease of Use

Whether you are a beginner or an expert at gaming and hosting, you will not get frustrated working on this hosting platform even on the first use.

AleForge has done a pretty good job of making its user interface beginner-friendly.

AleForge Customer Support 

As we said earlier, AleForge makes the best effort to make your hosting experience more straightforward and smooth. Therefore, this hosting platform offers you 24/7 customer support through live chat, tickets, discord, etc.

AleForge Customer Support 

You can contact them any hour, and you will be responded to within minutes, if not within seconds. 

Security Analysis 

One of the significant factors to consider while looking for a hosting service provider is its security system. Is it reliable? Does it ensure that your data will not undergo any damage? Even if it does, will it offer a repair?

In the case of AleForge, it will do all of it. This hosting platform provides SSL certificates, DDoS protection, antivirus, and more to keep your data secure. 

AleForge Data Centre 

The five data centers of AleForge are located in:

AleForge Data Centre 
  • Sydney
  • Frankfurt
  • San Jose
  • Dallas
  • Vint Hill

Key Features Of AleForge 

Let us now list out the key features of this web hosting platform in this AleForge review. 

Key Features Of AleForge 

SSD Storage

On AleForge, you get access to superfast Samsung SSD or NVMe drives, which means your data storage system is reliable. Also, you get a superfast speed as SSD storage works on flash memory and fetches data ASAP. 

Site Cloning/Staging

With AleForge, you do not have to worry about your settings going wrong and letting the world know that you made a mistake on your website. How? On this hosting platform, you get the facility to clone or stage your website, test it, and then post it on the internet for the world to see your brilliant work. 

Instant Setup

You have worked hard on your business and your game. Every second has been precious, and losing it might cause you some loss. So why let that happen? 

With AleForge, you do not even have to lose a minute after purchase. Your account will be set up within seconds for you to explore and work on it. 

What types of web hosting are offered by AleForge? 

AleForge offers two types of hostings:

  • Gaming servers- Minecraft, Terraria, Factorio, Garry’s Mod, Rust, and Starbound
  • Web hosting

AleForge Refund Policy  

With AleForge, you can stay risk-free and test the service offered by this platform to suit your needs for about 30 days.

AleForge Refund Policy  

This means that you can get your money back if you apply for a refund within 30 days of purchase. 

AleForge Pros & Cons 

What could be the pros and cons of AleForge? Let us find out in this AleForge review.       


  • Instant setup
  • Site staging
  • Free SSL 
  • MySQL/FTP Access
  • DDoS Protection
  • Reliable Email Hosting


  • Fewer server locations for web hosting 

FAQs – AleForge Review

Does AleForge offer dedicated IP?

AleForge does not say much about dedicated IP addresses, but it states that you can get dedicated IPs at the checkout. However, this platform offers numerous hosting features such as instantly set up, mod-pack installer, DDoS protections, refund policy, etc. 

Can I use my own map?

Using your map might depend on the gaming server you choose, and you can get the help of the customer support team of AleForge to do so. 

Does AleForge provide DDoS protection?

Yes, along with numerous other security features, AleForge offers DDoS protection on your plans. This means that you do not have to worry about any DDoS attacks as this platform will take care of it. 

Which control panel does AleForge offer?

AleForge uses an internally maintained version of the open-source Pterodactyl Panel. However, this platform has been modified to make it easier for customers. 

Conclusion – AleForge Review

As we have reached the end of this AleForge review, we must consider the worthy and not-so-worthy of our money points of this hosting platform. The fact that you get regular hosting and gaming servers in one place is brilliant.

The refund policy and instant setup options give this platform a plus point. The prices are affordable and seem reliable. However, the server locations for web hosting could be increased since it is currently only located in 3 countries.

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