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ExtraVM Review

Are you searching for a common ground for your regular web hosting needs and gaming server needs in one place? Did you find one that can offer you both at the same stop? We could suggest you one of the best ones. 

ExtraVM is a hosting service provider that offers web hosting and gaming servers at one stop. The prices are pretty economical and come with lots of benefits. With global locations, it is pretty impressive. 

Let us dig deeper into this ExtraVM Review and learn more about it. 

About ExtraVM

Founded in 2014, ExtraVM has about a decade of hosting experience. Through these years, this hosting platform has utilized its time to develop several server locations across the globe that help your servers run at a fast speed.

About ExtraVM review

Also, on this hosting platform, you can expect hosting services such as web hosting and gaming servers such as Minecraft servers at one stop. Isn’t that amazing? Many more phenomenal things await in this ExtraVM review so let us get into it. 

Test and Analysis 

It is now time to test out the services of this platform in this ExtraVM Review.

User Interface & Ease of Use

We must say that ExtraVM has kept its user interface quite simple. This does not mean a lack of information and features on this platform. On the other hand, this hosting platform has maintained a user-friendly dashboard to help you through the web hosting process. 

ExtraVM Customer Support 

Did you get a query at midnight while you were working late? Was your work stopped because of that one issue, and you had to wait until the following day? Why waste time when you can quickly turn to ExtraVM to get your queries resolved through live chat and phone calls?

ExtraVM Customer Support 

However, the live chat service is sometimes offline. Therefore, you might sometimes have to wait for a while to get your reply. 

Security Analysis 

You do not have to install extra software to keep your data safe on ExtraVM, as this hosting service provider is entirely reliable for your data’s safety. This hosting platform offers security features such as DDoS protection to keep your information secure. 

ExtraVM Data Centre 

The data centers of ExtraVM are located in:

ExtraVM Data Centre 
  • Falkenstein
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Dallas
  • Miami, Florida
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Vint Hill, VA
  • Montreal, QC
  • London, UK
  • Gravelines, FR

Key Features Of ExtraVM 

Let us now take a quick look at the key features of this platform in this ExtraVM Review. 

Key Features Of ExtraVM 

Instant Setup

Along with all the factors you consider while buying a hosting plan, Do you consider the time aspect of it? If your hosting platform is lousy, you might waste lots of time. 

However, with ExtraVM, you will not lose any of your time as this hosting platform sets up your account instantly after the purchase. 

Free Migration

Not satisfied with your current hosting service provider? Why not move your website to a better hosting platform? With ExtraVM, you get to migrate your website for free. 

DDoS Protection

Are you scared of your data getting stolen or damaged due to a DDoS attack? If your hosting service provider does not offer a rigid security system for your data, you must be. However, with ExtraVM, you get DDoS protection which ensures the best safety of your data

What types of web hosting are offered by ExtraVM? 

ExtraVM offers the following hosting:

ExtraVM Review

ExtraVM Refund Policy  

Why not take a test drive before you buy a car? But you did not do so and just bought it and did not like it? Now you are stuck with that car for life. 

ExtraVM Refund Policy  

With ExtraVM, you benefit from a 3-day refund policy on VPS, gaming servers, and web hosting. Or you ask the seller for a refund and get your life back to normal. The same applies to hosting platforms. 

ExtraVM Pros & Cons 

Let us now list out the pros and cons of ExtraVM Review. 


  • Multiple server locations
  • Instant set up
  • Free Migration 


  • Only a 3-day refund policy

FAQs – ExtraVM Review

How do I get a domain to use here?

If you already have a registered domain, do not worry about losing it. You can always migrate it to ExtraVM with the help of the customer support team of this hosting platform. 

Where is the web hosting located?

This hosting platform’s server locations are spread all across the globe from the US, Europe, Singapore, and Australia, and there is more to the list. 

Can I use my ISO to install it?

Yes, you can use your ISO to install it. However, ExtraVM recommends that you use Netboot.xyz ISO on ExtraVM to make your tasks easier. 

Can I change my VPS plan or resources?

Yes, you can update or downgrade your VPS plan. With the change of the plans, the resources might also change. You can get the help of the customer support team of ExtraVM to get it done. 

Conclusion – ExtraVM Review

Let us now look back and take an overview of the ExtraVM Review that we just went through. What are the features you loved and some that were not very impressive? The multiple server locations, we must say, are fantastic. 

The factors such as instant setup, DDoS protection, migration, and more are some of the things that we loved. However, we believe the customer support system could be improved to be available 24/7. Other than that, you can expect exceptional speed on your website due to the availability of over 10 data centers all over the world.

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