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eWebGuru Review

Have you been looking for a one-stop solution for your hosting and website needs? We believe you haven’t found it yet, which brings you to this article. And congratulations! We have the perfect suggestion for you. 

eWebGuru is a hosting service provider that could help you with your hosting and website tasks. By that, we mean that you can create, host, secure, and grow your websites in one place. 

Let us know more about this platform in this eWebGuru review. 

Overview of eWebGuru

Founded in 2007, eWebGuru is an India-based hosting service provider. This hosting platform started by offering shared and reseller hosting and now has grown to provide many more hosting. 

eWebGuru Review

Its data center is built with premium-quality hardware, ensuring that your websites get the best speed eleven at high traffic times. This could be your one-stop solution for your hosting needs, so keep reading this eWebGuru review. 

Test and Analysis 

Let us now test the quality of the services offered by eWebGuru. 

User Interface & Ease of Use

At first glance, eWebGuru might look like it was built for hosting experts. But on the other hand, this hosting platform has made its user interface exceptionally user-friendly, which means that you will be able to work without any difficulty. 

eWebGuru Customer Support 

What about the customer support offered by eWebGuru? Just like the user interface, the customer support provided by this hosting platform is equally reliable.

eWebGuru Customer Support 

You can get your queries and issues resolved at any time of the day through chat, calls, and emails. 

Security Analysis  

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a hosting plan; is the security system. If the security system is not reliable, you jeopardize your entire business. Therefore, eWebGuru offers a security system of anti-malware, site lock, SSL, etc. 

eWebGuru Data Center Location

eWebGuru’s data center is located in

  • Noida
  • Delhi
  • NCR
  • India. 

Core Features of eWebGuru 

Let us now take a look at the core features of this platform in this eWebGuru review. 


As mentioned earlier, this hosting platform is a one-stop solution for all of your website and hosting needs, and we are now here to prove it. eWebGuru is a hosting service provider that provides services to start from scratch, such as a site builder where you can build your websites per your wants and needs. 

1-Click Install

You can make your website tasks easier with WordPress. How do I do that installing an application is a long process? With eWebGuru, you can install multiple applications with a click. 

Free SEO Tools

Do you want to grow your business online through your website? You must know about websites that to make your website rank higher, you must take care of the SEO used. With eWebGuru, you get free SEO tools, so get ready to rank higher on the search engine. 

Types of Web Hosting eWebGuru offers  

eWebGuru offers the following hosting services:

eWebGuru Domain 

What domain-related services does eWebGuru offer? Let us check it out in this eWebGuru review. 

eWebGuru Domain 

Register a New Domain

eWebGuru is a certified domain registrar, meaning getting your domain name registered with this hosting platform is entirely safe. Also, the prices are pretty economical, so you will not have to break the bank. 

Transfer a Domain

Besides getting your domain registered, if you already have a domain name registered, you can anytime transfer it to eWebGuru. Managing your website and domain name on the same platform makes managing them more manageable. 

eWebGuru Hosting Pros & Cons 

Let us now list the pros and cons of buying an eWebGuru plan. 


  • Website Builder
  • Application installer


  • Paid services such as SSL

FAQs – eWebGuru Review

Do I need technical knowledge to use WordPress hosting?

Not really. This hosting platform offers a user-friendly interface, and the customer support is pretty reliable, so you do not have to be an expert at technical stuff. 

How can I migrate my existing Joomla website?

Yes, you can migrate your website easily on eWebGuru with ease. You can ask the customer support team to help you through the process. 

Is Drupal better than WordPress?

That depends on the needs that you have for your websites. If your beads resonate with Drupal, it would be better for you than WordPress and vice versa.  

How do I get an SSL certificate for my application?

You can buy SSL certificates from this hosting platform. eWebGuru offers yearly SSL certificates at pretty affordable prices.

Conclusion – eWebGuru Review

Let us now look back at the features of this hosting platform that we loved and a few that we didn’t as we went through this eWebGuru review. This hosting platform offers website builder, website migration, and more, which is impressive.

However, this hosting platform does not say much about its data centers. Also, the charges on some of the services, such as SSL certificates, are bothersome. But you can also spend some extra bucks on better SSL certificates, and eWebGuru is among the best overall.

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