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Cloudflare Domain Registration Service Introduction

Cloudflare became a registrar a few months back, and they are offering number one services and pricing that we will love it.

Cloudflare Domain registration is not going to charge you more than the actual cost, and they will maintain the wholesale prices for you.

There are no hidden charges and additional cost you have to pay during the renewal as well.

GoDaddy changed the course of domains by offering $1 for the first-year campaign,

and it has enabled many people around the world to start an online business.

But, they silently hike the renewal price, and some of the registrars don’t reveal the renewal price.

It has happened to me, and next month I have to pay twice what I have expected.

How Does Cloudflare Domain Registration work?

CloudFlare Domain Registration

Cloudflare Domain registration is no rocket science, and you don’t have to struggle with Cloudflare Registrar.

In case, if you are aware of it, then you can move to the next paragraph, but if you are someone who prefers technical knowledge, then keep reading.

Every top-level domain (TLD) has a registry, and for example, you can take the most popular domain extension .com maintained by Verisign.

Your contact information stored by the Verisign, and you can tell the registrant by Cloudflare nameservers.

Verisign owns the .com TLD & every domain extension has an owner, and Cloudflare Registrar is a communicator between the customer & the owner of the domain.

Bottom line: Cloudflare Registrar do not have your information, but they protect your domain, and they recognise you as the owner of the domain.

What Is The Importance of Domains Transferring?CloudFlare Domain Registration

Its all about the trust between the registrar & registries, and it won’t change the owner of the TLD extension.

However, the registrar can offer you better renewal prices and other discounts on new domain registration.

If you no longer trust your current registrar, then you can move to Cloudflare Registrar because Cloudflare Domain registration is cheaper & no hidden cost.

Cloudflare Domain registration offered on the wholesale price.

ICANN is an organisation responsible for regulations & rules for a domain registrar.

Even Cloudflare & other reputed companies have to follow it, but they also have different patterns.

The domain transfer from another registrar to Cloudflare Registrar can be slightly different from one and another.

  1. Domain Transfer Info

First, you have to check if your domain is eligible to transfer it or not. You have to head to the dashboard of your new registrar, and input the domain.

The registrar begins checking the settings & find out whether your existing domain is eligible for transfer or not. In case, if you have registered or transferred your domain in the last 60 days,

then it is not eligible for transfer due to ICANN rules. The new domain is locked because of the registrar rules,

and they want to keep you for a specific period to increase the chances of business with you.

  1. Unlock Your Domain at the Old Registrar

First, you have to identify whether your domain is locked or not because registrant locks your domain, so no hacker or unauthorised personnel can transfer it.

Second, you have to log in to your old registrant dashboard and unlock it, and you can seek customer care assistance.

Do not unlock it unless you want to transfer it because it leaves your TLD open for hackers to transfer it.

  1. Grab Your Authorization Code

First, the old registrar needs to provide an authorisation code because the Cloudflare Registrar has to confirm the transfer.

Once you provide the code, then Cloudflare Registrar will confirm the domain transfer, and the ICANN begins the process.

The ICANN requires the extension of the expiry date, and the current expiration date will increase to one more year.

Example: let’s assume that you have moved your domain in November 2018, and the expiration date is December 2019,

then the ICANN will increase the expiration date to December 2020.

Unfortunately, your old registrar might charge to 10X times more than the actual renewal cost. It is a strategy to keep you on

the platform and charge you 10X times to make as much money from you as possible.

Cloudflare Domain Registration Without MarkupCloudFlare Domain Registration

It won’t come as a surprise if the domain registrar increases the renewal fee 2X times, but Cloudflare Domain registration or renewal cost increase because they follow wholesale value.

In short, you can expect to get fair prices & value on the renewals. Major TLD provider increases the cost of renewal every year or so,

and they also trick you to pay it by offering a 30% off discount. Even after applying the 30%, you will find the overall cost similar to the increased cost.

Cloudflare Registrar does not charge you additional charges & they won’t add hidden cost at the checkout,

so you don’t have to worry about the disappointing surprises. Cloudflare is extremely popular for security & performance, and I have seen it on multi-million sites.

Several companies charge you additional cost for basic features, and they allow your contact information to view the public so that anyone can send a pile of emails to you. However,

Cloudflare does not play with your information, and they allow you to keep it hidden from the spammers without paying a single penny. You can learn more about the Cloudflare policies from there policies section.

Early Access:

Begin your journey with Cloudflare [maxbutton id=”4″ url=”” text=”EARLY ACCESS” ]


Cloudflare is a reputed company, and they are planning to make the Internet easier to access by offering Cloudflare Domain registration.

The best part about the Cloudflare Domain registration is that the renewal price is wholesale.

Let us know what do you think about the Cloudflare initiative in the comment section below.

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  1. The cloud player troops to be a powerful CDN, SSL and security provider, it will be a tough competition in the domain game. Domain selling does not only depend on its price. It also comes with a decent user management system with notifying the reseller customer. If we thought about Resell Biz they have already developed Sabari seller and customer controlling dashboard which is free. Cloudflare should come with a similar approach like Resell Biz. Otherwise, they will just be an ordinary domain hosting provider like Google.

    • True! But still, people love to register domains with Google as its new and trust factors. I agree with you there are many giant players in the Domain industry and CloudFlare has to do something more impressive. DynaDot is also doing great job these days 🙂


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