5 Best Windows Reseller Hosting Providers 2024 – [Reviewed]

Starting to talk about affordability and Cost-effectiveness go side by side, both terms meaning almost the same. One must consider this factor one of the most important while purchasing or selling anything. 

So, when it comes to Windows Reseller Hosting when you buy it, there are certain factors like customer support, affordability, and others that you should keep in mind because when you start your own business of hostings and resell those services, you should also be able to keep a reasonable price and mind other factors to grow your business!

And to grow rapidly, you need to know about some Affordable Windows Reseller Hosting. Hence, we are here with a tested list of such providers. Don’t wait up and read ahead! 

RankProviderAwardMain FeaturesScoreVisit
1ResellerClubMost Secure & Reliable Reseller HostingFree Plesk
Protected by Cloudflare
Free Migration
10Find Here
2HostGatorBest Windows Reseller Hosting Plans in IndiaDDoS Protection
99.9% Uptime
Unlimited Domains
9.9Find Here
3ServerBasketManaged Windows Reseller HostingFree Domain Reseller
Private Label Hosting
99.9% Uptime
9.8Find Here
4eUKhostFully Managed Windows Reseller HostingUnlimited Websites
1-Click App Installer
SSD Storage
9.7Find Here
5AccuwebhostingOverall Best Reseller Hosting ProviderScalability
Automatic Daily Backups
Feature-rich Plesk Panel
9.6Find Here

What Is Windows Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting on Windows is when you acquire server space in bulk, intending to remarket and resell it to your clients. 

While most hosts prefer not to inform their customers that they are only resellers, it is good to inform your consumers about who they are dealing with. 

Basically, for Windows Reseller Hosting, the operating system is Windows (user-friendly OS). 

What Is Windows Reseller Hosting?

It is the hosting solution provided by your hosting provider in which you can resell the hosting further to your clients and earn profits through it. 

5 Best Windows Reseller Hosting Providers

The Best Windows Reseller hosting providers are determined by their services, support, and features. And the companies which offer the best of these are listed below:

1. ResellerClub – Most Secure & Reliable Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting from ResellerClub makes it easy to start your own web hosting company.

With the flexible Linux Reseller Hosting plans, you can construct your own bespoke hosting plans with unlimited disc space and bandwidth powered by Reseller Club

Every plan includes WHM/CPanel, an easy graphical user interface that aids the user in the process of hosting websites, supporting clients, and installing 1-click scripts.

resellerclub About

Features Of ResellerClub Windows Reseller Hosting 

Features offered by Reseller Club:

🔶 Free Reseller Hosting Account: You can resell domains, email, hosting, and other services the parent company provides and start your own hosting business

🔶 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If at any point in time within 30 days of purchase, you feel like you’re not satisfied with their services, Reseller Club will refund you the amount without asking questions. 

🔶 Free Plesk: A free control panel of your choice to work with. 

🔶 24×7 Expert Support: Reseller Club provides 24*7 customer support for reseller hosting so that not even you or your clients have to face any issues with the server.

🔶 Protected by Cloudflare: Your server will work with proper network security and high-performing CDN to protect and safeguard your precious data. 

🔶 Unlimited Email accounts: Basic email is included, and you can freely create unlimited accounts under Reseller Hosting. 

🔶 Seamless Upgrades: An option to increase resources and upgrade as per your requirements is given by Reseller Club. The process of doing so is also easygoing. 

🔶 Free Hosting Migration: Do not worry. Reseller Club values your data. Hence, they offer free migration from another host to theirs. A hassle-free process for the user. 

Plans And Price

For a better reference and understanding, here’s a screenshot of the plans and the prices offered by Reseller Club:

Types of Web Hosting ResellerClub offers 

2. Hostgator – Best Windows Reseller Hosting Plans in India

A HostGator reseller plan is an excellent way to supplement your income or even start your own full-time web hosting business

Acquire your own hosting clients, or if you’re a web designer, a reseller plan can help you offer value to your current and future clients.

They offer the best web hosting services and a chance to customize your plans according to your needs and pay for the same, nothing extra!

Hostgator About

Features Of HostGator Windows Reseller Hosting

🔶 Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, and Email Accounts: You can create an unlimited number of domains, subdomains, and emails when working with Windows Reseller Hosting. 

🔶 Easy to use control panel: Hostgator offers a free Plesk Panel Demo. Choose after getting satisfied. 

🔶 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Your and your client’s website won’t face any downtimes because losing potential clients is not what Hostgator promotes. 

🔶 Free WHMCS Billing software and Domain Reseller Account: These two things come free with Windows Reseller Hosting. 

🔶 Green Web Hosting: The investment in Wind Energy HostGator purchases certifies Renewable Energy Credits and works towards the betterment of society and the environment. 

🔶 Award-Winning Support: 24*7*365 premium support is imparted via live chat, phone, and ticket system. 

Plans And Price

Hostgator has a price panel from where you can customize your own Windows Reseller Hosting plan and pay only for what you are using:

HostGator reseller hosting

3. ServerBasket – Managed Windows Reseller Hosting 

Server Basket has provided physical servers from leading brands and cloud hosting solutions since 2014. With leading brand servers and workstations, Server Basket’s customized server solutions make it one of the top leading hosting specialists. 

They expertly provide many kinds of hosting services, including Windows Reseller Hosting as one of the best ones.

serverbasket About

Features Of Server Basket Windows Reseller Hosting

Features of Windows Reseller Hosting by Server Basket:

🔶 Private Label Hosting: Your client won’t be able to see your name with your business being front and clear. You will be the one offering services which are best and cheap

🔶 Master Reseller Enabled: If you want to expand your business and earn some additional money, you must offer your clients our low-cost reseller hosting services.

🔶 Advanced Plesk Control Panel: You can work more efficiently with a powerful, web-based Plesk control panel that gives you complete control over your hosting services. 

🔶 Free Domain Reseller: Resell domain name services to your clients. A one-stop solution for all web needs. 

🔶 Premium Support: Server Basket provides reliable support, safe backups, and security to maintain the smooth running of your website. Their teams work continuously and resolve your problem if any. 

Plans And Price

You must visit their website to view what they are providing in each plan. As of now, look at the prices of each plan:

Server Basket window reseller plans

4. eUKhost – Fully Managed Windows Reseller Hosting

With over 21 years of experience in hosting, eUKhost is a fully managed web hosting company that was one of the first in Europe to offer completely automated web hosting

They continue to lead the market and provide the best Windows Reseller Hosting at affordable prices.

eukhost About

Features Of EukHost Windows Reseller Hosting 

Features offered by eUKhost:

🔶 99.99% Uptime Guarantee: Your website is in the hands of experts, and you won’t face any interruptions. 

🔶 Unlimited Websites: You can host as many websites as you want to grow your business. It depends on you. 

🔶 Plesk Web Hosting Manager: A portal that lets you manage your websites, add new ones, view statistics, and control your client’s hosting anywhere. 

🔶 Managed Hosting: eUKhost looks after the client’s hosting environment and does not let anything disturb it. This makes you concentrate on your work only. 

🔶 1-Click App Installer: With the simple one-click setup, your clients will get access to hundreds of apps. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, WooCommerce, and many other apps are available.

🔶 White Labelled: Build your holding pages, add private name servers, and create a distinctive brand image by adding your company name and logo.

🔶 Storage on Solid State Drives (SSD): All Windows reseller plans contain the most up-to-date, high-speed SSD storage, ensuring that your clients have instant access to their data.

Plans And Price

A screenshot of Windows Reseller hosting plans offered by eUKhost:

EukHost Window reseller plans

5. Accuwebhosting – Overall Best Reseller Hosting Provider

18+ years as a one-stop shop for all of your hosting needs. They have supported over 55,000 web hosting accounts with a wide selection of enduringly helpful hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, Windows, and Dedicated Servers.

These are available on both Windows and Linux platforms.

Accuwebhosting offers reliable hosting with stability and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring the smooth running of your website. They guarantee you to offer what you expect is the best value for money for the users. 


Features Of Accuwebhosting Windows Reseller Hosting

Features of Accuwebhosting’s Reseller Hosting:

🔶 Feature-rich Plesk Panel: Plesk is a user-friendly and feature-filled control panel to manage your clients’ accounts. 

🔶 Automatic Daily Backups: They value your data. Hence, daily backups help save and secure the data from known and unknown threats. 

🔶 Scalability: With all your data and information saved and secured, you can upgrade through an easy process at any point in time. 

🔶 Run Your Own Business: Simply purchase a reseller plan and start your business through a hassle-free process

🔶 Business Email Accounts: Creation of business email accounts for domains, you can set a limit to the creation being the reseller. 

Plans And Price

Here’s a screenshot of Accuwebhosting’s Windows Reseller Hosting plans:

accuwebhosting Reseller window hosting plans

Benefits of choosing Windows Reseller Hosting.

While buying a white-labeled Windows reseller hosting, you must keep certain things in mind for a better working and growing business:

  • Technical Support
  • Customizable plans and prices
  • Affordability 
  • Strong management panel
  • Top-notch Security
  • Great performance 
  • Must have extended features not limited

How Does Reselling Hosting Work?

Reselling Hosting works in a set way. Say you are the one who buys a fresser hosting from a company (the parent company). After buying one, you can resell those services by providing some support and gaining profits from it. 

You do not have to worry about assembling the hosting from the start and the support your client will demand later because this is the parent company’s headache. 

So, if you think of starting a reseller hosting business, we’ll always give a thumbs-up because it’s easy, profitable, and hassle-free. 

Pros And Cons Of Windows Reseller Hosting

Every coin has two sides, and so does Windows Reseller Hosting. Let’s look into its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Easy Set-up
  • Up-to-date and better Security
  • Frontpage Extensions


  • A little costly
  • We will have to add resources by paying more

FAQs- Best Windows Reseller Hosting

Is reseller hosting Profitable?

Yes, without having to do anything technical, you get hosting and just sell it ahead with no worries. So, when you resell your hosting with a profit margin, you earn money just for selling it and leaving it to the parent company. 

What is the difference between Windows Reseller web hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting?

  • The major differences between the two are: 
  • Linux is cheaper because it’s open-source and free, whereas Windows need licensing 
  • Setting up the server is simple in Linux than in Windows.
  • Linux is not compatible with Microsoft products, whereas Microsoft is its product. 
  • Linux’s speed, stability, and flexibility are better than those of Windows. 

Who needs Windows Reseller Hosting?

Windows Reseller Hosting also accommodates almost every requirement or desire most people have for their websites. If you need or wish to use MS-SQL databases, ASP.NET, or .NET Core on your website, you must use Windows Hosting.

All of these tasks necessitate the presence of a Windows operating system on your server.

Conclusion – Best Windows Reseller Hosting

We do not know about you, but we are convinced that a reseller hosting business is beneficial to opt for as a business idea and start working on it. Many great reseller hosting providers offer full support at lower prices and can help us build our own hosting business. 

Also, Windows is a plus factor as it is user-friendly and known to even kids users prefer this hosting for a  reason. Don’t wait and start prepping yourself to lay down a business and earn yourself. 

If you still have some questions for us, please feel free to ask. It’ll be our pleasure to answer them. 


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