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VPSServer Review

Are you looking for a VPS hosting solution that entirely fits your requirements? If yes, then you are at the right place. There are many hosting services that offer extensive VPS hosting services. VPSServer hosting solution company is one of them.

It is one of the largest NVMe VPS hosting solutions across the globe and can efficiently meet your private hosting needs and requirements. 

Today, we will read everything you must know about the VPSServer company with this guide and also see if it’s suitable for your business website or not. 

About VPSServer

Founded in 2015, VPSServer.com is a tech company based in the U.S. that offers a reliable and robust VPS service. It leverages cutting-edge technology to guarantee its clients a 99.99% uptime and the best I/O performance.

About VPSServer Review

Its servers are monitored 24/7 to serve its clients better, with more than 50000 happy clients from across the globe. The company is leading to offer various affordable plans based on its excellent features, tools, and prices. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will indeed find a plan that is best suited for you. Moreover, other than this, the company offers top-class hosting services and well-versed system support for you. 

Speed Test and Analysis of VPSServer

The speed test and analysis will showcase the quality of the services and solutions offered by the VPSServer company. So, what are we waiting for? 

Let’s know them further.

VPSServer User Interface

The VPSServer delivers a high-performance uptime rate of up to 99.9% uptime guarantee with a maintained speed and web performance.

Knowingly, a poor downtime may affect your VPSServer. Therefore, understanding the cause, VPSServer puts their all stops to serve the best uptime percentage to their clients by maintaining high-speed servers that are constantly monitored for their accessibility and reach.

Customer Support

The customer support at the VPSServer is connected all over the world. There are a total of 15+ locations for customer support that serves 24/7 expert care to your convenience. 

Hence, if you persist with the best technician team from the VPSserver, you need not worry about anything. 

Security Analysis

VPSServer offers the maximum security of your website. Therefore they serve DDoS protection features, anti-spam monitoring tools, migration from the domain, and a top-notch IP address.

VPSserver Control Panel

The platform provides cPanel and Plesk as an application for their Linux and CentOS VPS that helps manage all the tasks speedily. So, you need not put a lot of time into managing your administrative tasks on your VPS servers. However, these panels are only offered on servers and you do not get a separate license for them.

VPSServer Data Centers location

Presently, the company has located a total of 15 data centers across the globe, covering different continents and countries. Some of them are in-

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific and
  • Australia. 
VPSServer Data Centers location

With the passing days, the company is stepping up to success by opening new data centers at more locations to expand its working experience. One of the recent data centers launched by the company is in Seattle.

It’s designed with high-tech infrastructure and automated services to keep your website, servers, and data more secure.

Key Features of VPSServer 

Several standard key features describe the workflow of the VPSServer. However, below we have listed the most important factors-

Accelerate Live Backup that is ON Demand

At VPSServer, you can schedule your website backups at your convenience. So, you need not halt your tasks and processes during the backup. Additionally, you can stay live on your channels and servers and even be a part of the backup process. 

Top-notch IPV6 Support

Here you get no-cost IPV6 system support from the best professionals. The company knows the importance of your data and privacy; therefore, they offer the latest start-of-the-art technology to protect your privacy with maximum security. 

Enjoy your private VPN support.

Use a private network function to trigger the high-performance website for your audience. 

You will be offered highly valued VPN services at the VPSServer to ensure your data’s good network and connectivity. 

Flexible billing process 

Select your billing on your demand. Here, you get complete liberty to choose how you want to pay. Therefore you don’t have to burden yourself with the high costs of billing cycles. 

Moreover, the plans are affordable and of good quality that fits your budget.

VPSServer Refund Policy

They operate on a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the services, you can immediately urge a refund or money back. However, make sure you connect with the team within seven days after buying the plan. 

Moreover, refunds will only be accepted for plans that do not have additional free benefits or anything.  However, you can also take a look at kamatera Offer 30 Days Free Trial.

VPSServer Pros and Cons

Following are the advantages and drawbacks of your services that will help you better understand the company’s performance.


  • Several data centers or server locations across the world. 
  • Best customer care support that is on-time and professional.
  • Most of the plans fall under your budget. Hence they are affordable. 
  • Hardware and software equipment is reliable and easy to use


  • No other services besides the VPS hosting.

What makes VPSServer blazing Fast?

There can be several reasons why the VPSServer is blazing fast-

  • It operates on high-speed servers with data centers located in multiple locations globally.
  • It offers high-speed cPanel support for administrative tasks and makes sure that the servers respond quickly.
  • It ensures constant uptime through regular monitoring of the servers.

How Does VPSServer Hold Up Against the Competition?

VPSServer offers reliable services that are affordable and of good quality. 

Moreover, talking about the security measures, the company is highly preservative for your data and website security when talking about the security measures. The dedication to stand up to their customers’ demands and fulfill their requirements with the utmost services makes them different from the competition.

Why is VPSServer VPS hosting a great choice?

Many reasons prove VPSServer VPS hosting is a great choice. Some of them are listed below:

  • High-speed, high-performance servers that offer excellent user experience.
  • Excellent uptime guarantee.
  • Phenomenal customer support.
  • Cost-efficient and affordable with a flexible billing cycle.

Do we Recommend VPSServer Hosting for your Website?

VPSServer is one of the biggest hosting provider companies offering their best hosting solutions to businesses. 

The company has delivered its services to many clients across the world. It provides all hosting solutions in one affordable place and quality. Moreover, the company is well recognized for its customer service support and excellent professional backup team to help clients put in all their stops. 

So, yes, we highly recommend VPSServer solutions to be chosen as your business hosting provider.

FAQs- VPSServer Review

What is VPSServer?

VPSServer is one of the top-notch NVMe VPS  hosting providing solutions, offering services related to hosting, domains, NVMe, and more. 

Does the VPSServer offer free trials?

VPSServer offers a 7-day free trial based on different plans. In addition to getting a free trial, you can even get some discounts on the hosting plans using different coupon codes available on the internet.

How much does the VPSServer cost per month?

The lowest plans start at $2,99 per month. You can check out more plans on their official website.

Is VPSServer com legit?

Yes, we have been using this platform for our website for several months and the experience is great. With our experience, we can say that VPSServer is legit and it offers everything you need to host a successful website for your business.

Is there any promocode for VPSserver?

VPSServer keeps running promo codes on some plans. To grab any of them, you must stay tuned to their website.

Conclusion: VPSServer Review

VPSServer web hosting is one of the fastest-growing hosting providers offering fast and secure plans to boost your website performance! Working with more than 50000 happy clients, VPSServer has built a space under the world’s largest hosting. They are not only budget-friendly but also offer top-notch services. 

If you are a beginner or a start-up, you can work at a low cost. However, if you wish to build your website at a large pace, then you need to spend some money to get better results. Furthermore, this VPSServer review guide explored everything we must know about VPSServers before experimenting with their services. 

Hence, we hope you have made your decision and are ready to take your website ahead with this best solution provider company.

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