HetrixTools Review 2024– Is It The Best Uptime Monitor?

HetrixTools Review: Technology is diverging day by day in this world full of computers where everything is in hand with a few clicks only. Some backend tools are helping in securing the platform more accurately.

Every programmer or user developer who develops applications is a type of tool, which helps in efficiently working monitors.

Some tools assist in detecting errors; some support its functioning and another in listing and delisting IP addresses.

Several companies have developed tools that help monitor your IP addresses with their domain names, and the first name comes to HetrixTool.

The company introduced HetrixTool to help you shortlist blacklisted links and keep an eye on your server uptime. It is a type of web crawler that is designed for web archiving.

About HetrixTools

A tool that helps in blacklisting the monitors which have wrong IP addresses or domain names.

It is a path to oversee all your IP addresses and domain names.

HetrixTool is a CCTV to all the sites and servers you own.

HetrixTools Review

The user gets a notification as a threat is detected on the blacklist monitor so that you can quickly take action and check the spam or malware source and can forthwith undertake the delisting price before it gets to implicate your prominence.

Instructions are mentioned below on how delisting can be done? (From the IP’s which banned you from their database)

It was created to bestow web admins a valuable set of monitoring tools to boost the computer’s efficiency and simplify the workflow.

It comes with many features; some companies have customized it according to their needs and wants.

The Topmost features of HetrixTools are

  • Blacklist monitor
  • Uptime monitor modules.
  • Reputation management

An agreement is signed between two parties known as Web hosting agreement. The parties are ‘HetrixTools‘ inc and the ‘user’ who signs up for any HetrixTools services.

Terms and Conditions need to be followed by both parties. If you disagree with these Terms and Conditions, you must not use the service.

HetrixTools owns the intellectual property rights publicized on websites and materials operated on it.

It comes under the licensing procedure where the user 0who is availing the service of a particular tool has to obtain the license, which has some rules to use.

Some of the acceptable use of tools are

  • Users should not use the website, which causes destruction to the website or damage the availability of HetrixTools.
  • Shall not use it to copy, store, host and transmit or another means by which spyware can be transferred to computers.
  • Users should not conduct any standardized data collection concerning websites.

Restricted Access

  • Access to specific areas of this website is restricted. HetrixTools can modify the changes at any time without giving notice.
  • If Id and password are provided to you to enable restricted sites, they should be kept confidential.
  • At any point, your ID and Password can be disabled by the HetrixTools without any prior notice

Why Choose HetrixTools Among Other Alternatives?

This question carries an essential significance: which is better can only be answered when used.

And believe me, I am using this tool right now; I’m writing the review of HetrixTool, so without analyzing and using it, I won’t be able to give an honest assessment of HetrixTool

A service that helps you monitor and do your work efficiently with reasonable effectiveness.

Why Choose HetrixTools Among Others Alternatives? Hetrixtools Review

HetrixTool is a tool that enables the user to work without any restrictions unless stated. This tool helps you monitor server uptime, blacklist monitoring, and reputation management.

Choosing this will help you in blacklisting the threat websites. You can check the spam or malware sources. All this is included in one package only, and the package will cost you $9.95 per month.

Many tools in the market provide these services, but they are not efficient enough to fulfil your BlackList monitoring, uptime monitoring, and needs.

A tool that can regularly monitor your IP address and domain names and notify you about the threat condition is all the user needs.

The billing system of this tool is also straightforward. Compared with the others, you must buy this tool for the effective working of your devices.

In the privacy area, it holds a special place an agreement is signed between the two parties. Also, get Best Employee Monitoring Software for Remote Team

The user is being provided with the ID and passwords, which the user must keep confidential.

HetrixTools Features

This interface includes simple as well as advanced features which help to run your monitor more effectively.

It is categorised into two factors that are uptime monitor and blacklist monitor.

Both are different and have unique features which help in Hetrix Tools working.

Some Features are :

  • Impressive monitoring device.
  • Very lenient to use 
  • Easily manageable 
  • Quick notifications
  • Detailed outage detection
  • Insightful uptime dissertations.
  • Maintenance mode
  • Inscribing the exact encountered mistakes
  • Domain expiration controlling
  • Nameserver change detection 

Taking down the above features helps in performing it more efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, there are advanced features also, 

  • Drive health
  • RAID health
  • Monitor currently running process
  • Port connection visibility 
  • Easy reconfiguration

HetrixTools Plans and Pricing

In the hosting industry, where all these tools are trending, some primary service owners have modified them by introducing plans and pricing for maintenance and work.

Update has to be done for more integrations and systematic configuration.

HetrixTools Offers you

HetrixTools offers you two different services which will help you perform your work in a better environment.

  1. Uptime Monitor Pricing

So, the Uptime monitor pricing starts from a minimal amount of $9.95 and the most valuable plan will cost you $49.95.

The company also offers you four immediate valuable plans.

HetrixTools Plans and Pricing
  1. Blacklist Monitor Pricing
HetrixTools Plans and Pricing

In detail, we will discuss it later on. The primary motto of these plans is that the quantity will limit their plans, but they do not compromise on quality.

The plans are 

  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Any small business, medium, freelancer, the enterprise can access these plans according to their preferred ability. Get Also The Best Account Takeover Protection Tips.


These connections are usually ancestral between the elements of the process and the control layer of each system to boost the free progression of data across systems.


Some integrations are:

  • Slack integration
  • Discord integration
  • Matter most integration
  • Microsoft teams integration
  • Victorious 
  • Pagerduty integration

HetrixTools Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, and this is an HetrixTool review article, so advantages and disadvantages are mandatory to be mentioned.


  • Easy monitoring
  • Configuration
  • Detailed report
  • Quick notification
  • Malware protection
  • Alerting mode


  • Network problem
  • security measures
  • not easy adaptability
  • privacy concern

HetrixTools Uptime Monitoring

It’s a type of monitoring where a request is sent to a resource to see if it responds.

It checks the availability and the comeback time of your website and publicly convenient infrastructure.

HetrixTools Uptime Monitoring

It helps alert you about the threat websites so that downtime problems can be solved on the spot. Also get Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans.


  • 12 monitoring locations around the world
  • Detection
  • Insightful uptime data
  • Different mode
  • Logging the exact errors
  • MORE
  • SSL expiration monitoring
  • Short downtime
  • Smoothness
  • Intuitive


The pricing of this type of tool is both on a monthly and yearly basis.

Any medium, small freelancer can opt for this. The pricing starts with an amount of $9.95. According to that, only pricing is quoted. 

It consists of:

  • Server monitor
  • Extra monitors 

A server monitor is a monitor which consists of all the servers connected with your device. It helps in detecting health information. All this can be shown on the uptime dashboard.

It can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

In pricing it includes

  • Maintenance cost
  • Locations cost
  • Public page status
  • Sub accounts
  • While labels
  • Some integrations
  • Notifications
  • Payments policies

HetrixTools Blacklist Monitoring

This type of monitor helps in enabling the email providers to keep a blacklist of email addresses and IP addresses known for sending spam. This will locate the sources which are on the blacklist from time to time.


  • It has 103rbl 
  • It ranges from 20 to 24 hours on your subscription plan.
  • Easily manage all the IP addresses.
  • Score IP reputation monitoring.
  • Daily or weekly, monthly blacklist report 
  • All types of notification
  • Automatically flagged IP addresses and domains.
  • Alerts regarding threat 

Some of the advanced features are as follows:

  • Can add or remove blocks
  • Easy search with monitor
  • Notification of blacklisting
  • Blacklist report
  • Sporting changes
  • Initiate changes


The pricing of this type of tool is both on a monthly and yearly basis. Any medium, small freelancer can opt for this. The pricing starts with an amount of $9.95, according to that. Only pricing is quoted.

Some of the pricing includes-

  • Blacklist check
  • SNDS
  • Bulk report
  • API calls months 
  • Contact list
  • Payments

What are the Best HetrixTools Alternative for Free Uptime Monitor Tool?

Regarding alternatives, many are there, which can be the choice of the user. Some would have better interfaces. 

Just like the matrix tool, all its alternatives are its rear image. Something is familiar in another. Learn to Protect Your SMB or SME From Phishing Attacks

Some of the alternatives are:

  • Port monitor
  • Uptime robot
  • Automate your work
  • Kingdom
  • Website watcher
  • Mx toolbox
  • Statuscake.
  • Dotcom monitor
  • Uptrends
  • ChecMK
  • Datadog
  • Logic monitor

All are easy to use but not so smooth, like HetrixTools.

Users can opt out of these best-suited tools for monitoring their devices connected with the different servers.

Major devices are there which perform different tasks and functions to enable accuracy and effective working.


What kinds of users and organization types does HetrixTools work with?

It works with small, medium, and business enterprises also a freelancer. 

Does HetrixTools have an API?

You can access the API Explorer from your client area top menu: Their API Explorer has been designed to be as simple and quite understandable. Begin by selecting an API call that you wish to explore from the drop-down menu

What languages does HetrixTools support in their product?

It supports Bash language.

What are the best alternatives to HetrixTools?

Some of the best alternatives of HetrixTools are webwatcher, PHP server monitor.

What Is the Pricing of HetrixTools?

The pricing of Hetrix tools starts from $9.95.

Get Started with HetrixTools

In the hosting industry, one of the best-trusted tools for monitoring is Hetrix Tools which has a highlighting feature and is very easy to use.

The delisting process is being done once the spam or malware sources are detected.Notification is sent to the user as soon as an outage occurs and a blocklist report is generated. get also Best Live chat Software for WordPress.

It is fully customizable and swift, and straightforward to work with  So, in my opinion, users should go up with this tool for monitoring purposes which will help run your device more effectively than ever.

It does not carry any cons because users have found it so friendly working with. Just in 5 minutes search, you can have whatever you want above yourself.


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