Is Profreehost Safe? ᐈ GoogieHost vs ProFreeHost Review

Are you confused with the number of web hosting providers available in the market, let us break it down for you! Out of all, we will do a detailed of GoogieHost vs ProFreeHost Review; they are web hosting services enabling affordable solutions for small business owners and students worldwide. 

This blog post is designed to explore the in-depth understanding of these two free web hosting providers to assess their characteristics, limitations, and overall performance so that our viewers can take a closer look at them. 

About ProFreeHost

ProFreeHost is a web hosting provider that offers shared web hosting, domain registration, and website building tools and claims unlimited bandwidth and storage, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 customer service support.

Profreehost review

Each hosting account provided by ProFreeHost comes with multiple PHP versions, including MySQL 5.6 and 7.0. Users can host nearly all websites with them using their dynamic features.

About GoogieHost

GoogieHost is a web hosting provider presenting various hosting plans, including free and paid options. In addition, they claim to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

googiehost homepage

GoogieHost provides a 100% cloud-based super-fast panel accessible to everyone and also gets WordPress managers to manage WordPress websites

ProFreeHost vs GoogieHost Review

ProFreeHost and GoogieHost are free web hosting providers which provide solutions for hosting websites, such as providing server space and bandwidth for website files, as well as technical support for customers. 

ProFreeHost presents immense bandwidth and storage and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

GoogieHost provides a range of hosting plans, including free and paid options. In addition, they claim to present unlimited bandwidth and storage and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 


  • Audience: Free, Freemium, and Premium
  • Support: Email, Ticket.
  • Categories: Free Web Hosting, Free Domain name 
  • Integrations: Control Panel, WordPress, PHP, and Much More.


  • Support: Ticket.
  • Categories: Free Web Hosting.
  • Integrations: WordPress, cPanel, Drupal, Magento, MySQL, PrestaShop.

Server Uptime:

The amount of time GoogieHost and ProFreeHost are running without experiencing downtime. 

It is an essential metric for individuals and organizations that rely on the servers of GoogieHost and ProFreeHost, as downtime can have serious consequences. 

  • GoogieHost presents its users with 99.99% uptime regardless of the file size.
  • GoogieHost does not suspend users’ accounts without any reason.
  • GoogieHost is more reliable than ProFreeHost because of its continuous server uptime compared to ProFreeHost.
  • ProFreeHost is an option only when users are uploading small files, as the server uptime is 99.99%.
  •  If users are using the free web hosting of ProFreeHost and uploading large files, they will find their website server suddenly down.
  • ProFreeHost can suspend users’ accounts with or without notice without any reason.

Customer Support:

Ticket Email, Ticket, and Support Forum Ticket Email, Ticket and Support Forum 
Clients can generate tickets via the control panel.Supports ticket generation using the cPanel portal provided on its website.
The website does not provide any contact number for customer support.The website provides the contact number of their customer support.

Security Analysis:

Security analysis of a free web hosting platform involves precisely evaluating the risk factors for the protection of a website and its correlated data from cyber threats, including assessing the security of the web hosting infrastructure, the safety of the website itself, and the protection of the data that is transmitted between the website and its users.

Not ReliableMore features than the ProFreehost
Client websites get suspended Requires to fill in billing information even though one asks for a free host.
Not at all precise or secure.Asks to write reviews on various platforms before checkout.

Free Domain:

A free domain is a website’s address that can be registered and used for no charge. Different web hosting companies provide accessible environments as a part of their hosting packages, while others offer them as a standalone service.

They Do not provide a free domain.They do provide a free domain.
Provides sub-domain, two FTP accounts, and two email addresses.The domain comes with a 0.1$ USD plan on the company’s website.
ProFree host provides an unlimited number of free sub-domain.Provides sub-domain, two FTP accounts and two email addresses.

ProfreeHost Alternatives in 2024

There are many options available if you’re looking for web hosting that is free. These are the top three:

  • GoogieHost –

This hosting service provides free plans with 1000MB storage and 100GB bandwidth. You also get a free SSL certificate and a cPanel control board. They will display advertisements on your website.

  • Infinityfree –

This is another great option for anyone looking for web hosting for free. It offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, as well as a website builder and support for PHP and MySQL. They do limit daily hits and put restrictions on CPU usage.

  • 000webhost–

This hosting service provides a free plan that includes 300MB storage, 3GB bandwidth, and support of PHP and MySQL. You can also use their website builder and control panel. They display advertisements on your website.

While free web hosting can be a great option, there are limitations. If you are looking for more features and reliability, it may be worth considering paid hosting. These free hosting options are great for those who just started out or have limited budgets.

Which one do we recommend?

Suppose there is a need for a free web hosting platform. In that case, one can choose GoogieHost over ProFree host as they overcome various hindrances such as better server uptime and no account suspension,n without any reason which ProFreehost fails to provide.

Also, the customer support facility is better in GoogieHost than the ProFreehost as GoogieHost also provides telephonic support and a Ticketing system whereas ProFreeHost only facilitates an Online ticketing system.

FAQs: GoogieHost vs ProFreeHost Review

Is Free Web Hosting Safe?

Free web hosting can be considered safe only when the hosting provider takes the necessary measures to aid the security of their servers and websites hosted on them. 

Some free hosting providers may invest in security measures such as firewalls, SSL certificates, and regular backups to protect their servers and their users’ websites from hacking and other security breaches. 

Are there any hidden charges between GoogieHost's Free Web Hosting services?

No hidden charges exist between GoogieHost’s free web hosting services. However, GoogieHost does have another premium plan of 0.1$ with various features which its free hosting needs to include.

Can I use my domain name with GoogieHost's Free Web Hosting?

GoogieHost presents a free sub-domain name, but if anyone needs to use your domain you can also you your domain also, or you can buy any Premium Domain from GoogieHost too. 

How long can I access the Free Web Hosting Services of GoogieHost?

GoogieHost facilitates free web services with limited access. 

Do I get a free SSL certificate for a lifetime?

No, SSL certificate validity is limited to a maximum of 398 days.

Conclusion: GoogieHost vs ProFreeHost Review

This article compares two of the trendy free website hosting providers, ProFreehost and GoogieHost which are top-of-the-line free web hosting services that facilitate numerous hosting plans. They are great options for those who are just starting out with their websites. 

However, ProFreeHost and GoogieHost have some limitations such as limited storage space, bandwidth, and less technical support as compared to paid hosting providers. After comparing ProFreeHost and GoogieHost on various factors, our review team concluded that GoogieHost provides much better facilities and services than ProFreeHost.


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Is Profreehost Safe? ᐈ GoogieHost vs ProFreeHost Review

GoogieHost vs ProFreeHost Review