Everything about WHMCS Coupons, Addons, Templates, and Modules

Everything about WHMCS Coupons, Addons, Templates, and Modules

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Everything about WHMCS Coupons, Addons, Templates, and Modules

Everything about WHMCS Coupons, Addons, Templates, and Modules

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WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is one of the best billing software for Web Hosting business owners, and I believe even the most of recognized web host companies using WHMCS for their billing panel including HostGator is also running on it, however they got fully customised template. Its not only about web hosting companies I have seen some online SEO tools like Paradox SEO using billing system however even they customized it very well and its damn hard to figure out without investigating.

Why WHMCS Billing System?

As you know these days everyone loves to shop online even for the services required for personal and official purpose. Web Host like YouStable and GoogieHost have to manage security and privacy for our clients and on these factors WHMCS fulfill all your needs. Its secure and they have active developers in back doors to keep you updated with latest security features update.

Coupon Codes:

Before writing this article my team looked for working coupon codes on WHMCS License but no luck, it doesn’t means that you couldn’t get leased license at discounted price. If you are moving to Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) from any other billing panel like, Hostbill, BoxBilling etc then you may get upto 35% recurring discount on WHMCS Licenses.

To get this benefit you have to contact them and tell them that you are moving other web host and they may ask you some questions and you will get a custom coupon code for 1 license.

New Pricing Structure for WHMCS 7.3

Today (04/10/2016) WHMCS announced new update of their product with new pricing  officially which is not acceptable for any customers at the moment. There is no changes in exiting license for next 6 month and then after you may have to pay increased price based on your client database .


If you have owned license then its good for you because as per current update you wouldn’t have to pay any additional cost and you will be receiving upgrades like before. They are promising to improve the service quality but still new $39.99/mo for having 1000+ customers database is not digestible for most of web hosts, being free web host its really a bad news for us.


If you need some more advance features in your billing panel then there are couple of WHMCS Addons available on official website. Currently 6 addon features are available for open sale

  • Project Management
  • iWHMCS iPhone App
  • aWHMCS Android App
  • Licensing Addon
  • Configurable Packages
  • Live Chat & Visitor Tracking

You can add any of these addon services with your billing system, currently am using aWHMCS Android App which takes my business on smart phones and in just 6 month we got 10K installs which does matters in web hosting industry.

Templates and Themes:

I have seen stunning templates available on Theme stores for free of cost, however if you need custom design for your website then you may hire a freelancer according to your budget.


If you need premium pre-build template then I highly recommend you to buy from ThemeForest because it has really awesome collection at reasonable price. You can buy HTML 5 based fully responsive WHMCS themes at just $14-$25 per site.


It has over 100 third party modules, I love to use and test free WHMCS Free Modules which are available for different kind of features. It comes with some limited and certified parter’s inbuilt modules and if you want to add any other third party option then you may download and install on your billing system for free of cost.

For example in United State most of hosting provider use Authorize.net as their primary payment gateway but in some other countries like United Kingdom, India, Australia we use some third party payment processors like ccAvenues, PayuMoney etc which need to be configured with additional modules available on WHMCS or third party’s website.


No wonder you are searchig for WHMCS alternative for some reasons like can’t afford price, if this is the reasons then you my consider BoxBilling which is another great billing panel by hostinger which is now OpenSource available on GitHub.

  1. WHMCS
  2. Blesta
  3. BILLmanager
  4. HostBill
  5. Clientexec
  6. WHSuite
  7. WeFact
  8. BillingServ

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WHMCS Billing System Review
  • Features
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Addons
  • Pricing
  • Support


If you are Web Hosting business owner then you might be aware about WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) already but if don’t then this article is just for you. As I already told you that WHMCS Billing System being used by big players in hosting industry like HostGator Hosting.

Even if you are worried about your security then let me tell you that I have been gathering new security updates from their official website because they update correct and fast news and solution to fix that bug soon as possible even release new update if required.

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