WHMCS Promo Code | Solid Reasons to use as {Hosting Panel}

WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is one of the best billing software for web hosting companies, even some of the reputed web hosts used WHMCS for their billing panel including HostGator on their initial days.

It’s not only about web hosting companies I have seen some online SEO Tools, but VPN Service providers also use WHMCS Software.

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Get up to 35% recurring discount on WHMCS Licenses. To get this benefit you have to contact them and tell them that you are moving other web hosts and they may ask you some questions and you will get a custom coupon code for 1 license.

Why WHMCS Billing Panel?

I have tested many billing even to manage GoogieHost Free Hosting servers but its not that easy to configure your servers into the billing software,

The major issue I faced with other panels is their Automation modules like account termination, suspension, sending emails doesn’t work the way they work with WHMCS.

Payment Integration

No matter you just accepting domestic payments or want to accept International payments in over 50$ currencies.

WHMCS has large numbers of Payment gateway module built-in like PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, RazorPay, WorldPay and many others.

You do not need to hire any developer to integrate payment gateways in your WHMCS panel all you have tom provide your gateway API credentials and you are ready to go.

WHMCS Promo Code | Solid Reasons to use as {Hosting Panel}

WHMCS Server Integrations

Another most loved feature is, no matter which controls panel you use to manage your hosting server like cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, SolusVM, Virtualizor or anything else.

Just like Payment gateway integration its damn simple to add your servers in the WHMCS portal and start assigning to your customers.

WHMCS Promo Code | Solid Reasons to use as {Hosting Panel}

The Complete Hosting Automation

That may sound very strong worlds to recommend WHMCS but they deserve this title because I am managing 3 web hosting platforms and tested over 10 panels before shifting to WHMCS completely.

Whether its about generating invoices on time, managing accounts, Revenue breakouts, Mass Mailing, Marketing Tools, Customisations and much more is there to explore.

On (04/10/2016) WHMCS announced a new update of its product with new pricing officially which is not acceptable for any customers at the moment.

There are no changes in exiting license for the next 6 months and then after you may have to pay an increased price based on your client database.


If you have owned license then it is good for you because as per current update you wouldn’t have to pay any additional cost and you will be receiving upgrades like before.

They are promising to improve the service quality but still new $39.99/mo for having 1000+ customers database is not digestible for most of the web hosts, being a free web host its really bad news for us.


If you need some more advance features in your billing panel then there are a couple of WHMCS Addons available on the official website.

Currently, 6 addon features are available for open sale

  • Project Management
  • iWHMCS iPhone App
  • aWHMCS Android App
  • Licensing Addon
  • Configurable Packages
  • Live Chat & Visitor Tracking

You can add any of these addon services with your billing system, currently am using aWHMCS Android App

which takes my business on smartphones and in just 6 months we got 10K installs which do matters in the web hosting industry.

Templates and Themes:

I have seen stunning templates available on Theme stores for free of cost, however,

if you need a custom design for your website then you may hire a freelancer according to your budget.


If you need premium pre-build template then I highly recommend you buy from ThemeForest because it has really awesome collection at a reasonable price.

You can buy HTML 5 based fully responsive WHMCS themes at just $14-$25 per site.

WHMCS Alternative:

No wonder you are searching for WHMCS alternative for some reasons like can’t afford the price,

if this is the reasons then you may consider BoxBilling which is another great billing panel by hostinger which is now OpenSource available on GitHub.

  1. WHMCS
  2. Blesta
  3. BILLmanager
  4. HostBill
  5. Clientexec
  6. WHSuite
  7. WeFact
  8. BillingServ

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