Sell Websites and Make $1500 per month

This article is about how Professional and newbies website designers making more than make $1500 per month by doing small editing in website builder. We all know that website is the basic necessary thing for any kind of business to represent it on the internet; every business should have their own website to attract more customers globally.

Unfortunately many business don’t know the importance of having website for their business and most of them don’t want to invest huge money to get their website. Here is the catch if any one offer them very low budget website design service then there is about 90% chances to convert them as your customer by offering them 5 pages business website for just $25/year.

But you’ll ask that how anyone can offer website design for just $25? Then let me tell you that many website designing companies in India offering same service for just Rs499/year means about $9/year. All have to do is ask content and images from your client and use GoogieHost’s Website builder to create website for your clients for free of cost and you will get $25 for doing some simple editing task. Paste the text content provided by clients and uploaded few images and simple pages. It wouldn’t take more than 30min to make $25.

I am not going to publish the name of companies which are making thousands of dollars with the help of but here I’ll let you know the secret of their work and profit.

What you need to become a affordable website designer?

If you want to offer such a low budget website design then these things may help you to grow your business like rocket. Basic things that you must have which are,

  • Knowledge of basic HTML
  • Managing cPanel and Hosting accounts
  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization
  • Good communication skills
  • Availability to work any time
  • Online marketing skills

Is these things are present in you? If yes then you and your friends could make thousands of dollars who have these skills.

Find businesses which don’t have their website: Before you start your website design services you need to find at least 10-50 customers for your business and recover cost of Domains and broadband expenses. The most popular and effect way to find customers is some business directories such as JustDial and Askme.

Find business owner details on these kind of directories and you have to do a small research that either these businesses already own their website or not by Googling. Now after confirming business don’t have website already its time to send attractive proposal from your company like “Get your 5 pages business website at just $25”

Converting business own to your clients: This is the most important thing which needs your attention, no one going to give you even $25 if you are not much cleaver. Now here your online marketing skills may help you a bit, before shooting any proposal make sure your proposal is attractive and explained properly.

If you want reply of your e-mail from client then you should try these simple points.

  • Do not send spam e-mails
  • Subject should be written in professional way
  • Explain about your services properly
  • Include extra free services with your package
  • Give priority to your clients

Arrange services and products for your customers: Here we will help you by providing each and everything which are required to build a simple business website. All you have to do is visit and create an account with us. After registration you will have all the tools and features with easy website builder.

What you can offer to your clients: Let me convert your free services worth $150 so that you customer don’t think much to grab it for $25.

Web Hosting: Website hosting usually cost about $25-$50/year for single website

Domain Name: Domain services costs about $10-$25 per year but you can use our free sub-domains

Website Design: Website designing easily cost approx $100-$2500 and you can explain to your clients more effectively.

SEO Services: Submit your customer’s website in Google, Yahoo, Bing which takes about 5 min and any one can pay you about $50 for doing this because everyone wants his website in Google.

Extra Services: You can serve more free services to your clients to attract them such as, Meta Tags, sitemap, directory listing, etc.

These simple things make you thousand dollars with a tricky mind but if you really interested in this business then you should learn more about online marketing so that you can promote your business (services) more effectively. You can use Fivver, and many other micro job platforms to promote your service for free of cost because many freelancer website designer already making handsome amount with this marketing strategy.


Tip to Kickstart: We advice you to do some practice on our website builder before you start provider services to your clients, it will increase the quality and give your website’s professional polish.

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