The Most Popular WHMCS Modules in 2024- 250,000+ Downloads

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Are you looking for WHMCS modules? We are here with a list of the most popular WHMCS modules. WHMCS is an automated web hosting platform that helps in billing, support, inventory management, domain, and hosting management.

If you have been using the WHMCS platform for your organization then you will need additional functionality to handle partners, customer relationships, simple management of dedicated servers, and referrals.

Many valuable additional items have been built up by specialists that can help you manage your business and enhance the functionality of the WHMCS platform. There are several useful addons that can help you manage your business and increase the functionality of the WHMCS platform.

What is the WHMCS module?

WHMCS addons module is a collection of functions that add extra functionality to the WHMCS platform. They are used to integrate with APIs and third-party services. The WHMCS module allows the users to perform some mass actions that save time and makes using WHMCS easier.

Using these addons allows the admin to delete multiple clients with a single click by selection. This will delete all the inactive clients and clean your database.

WHMCS modules are available as provisioning modules, addon modules, registrar modules, gateway modules, notification providers, and mail provider modules. There are WHMCS free modules available too.

Top 10 must-have WHMCS Modules

Here we are going to list the top 10 must-have WHMCS provisioning modules that can help you perform bulk actions:

1. cPanel Extended

Top Pick
cPanel Extended


  • You get the option to Create/terminate/suspend/unsuspend an account
  • Change account and package password
  • Log in to every cPanel account on click
  • Log in to WHM Panel on click
  • Configure email accounts quota limitations
  • Configure client area features and template per product
  • View all cPanel and cPanel extended products and servers in the same place

This is a fully-fledged module that enables the management of hosting accounts by relocating essential cPanel features into WHMCS and automating the process.

Users get all-inclusive equipment to control domains, email accounts, FTTP accounts, databases, mailing lists, SSL certificates, and backups. cPanel extended executes basic actions on many components as needed in one go.

There is an inbuilt application installer of Installatron or Softaculous that allows customers to easily add, backup, delete or restore hundreds of web apps. There is a free choice of apps that are automatically installed on the creation of cPanel accounts.

2. Support Ticket Data

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Support Ticket Data
support Ticket Data


  • Multiple language support
  • Ticket auto-reply for the addition of sensitive data
  • Allows users to submit control panel/server information/website login/FTP/htaccess login details securely
  • Notifies user about login details
  • Notifies admin about login details
  • Notifies user/admin of priority ticket update

This allows the users to submit information like cPanel/DirectAdmin or log-in details securely and removes the ticket closure. With this module, there is no risk of data theft and it allows users to make this a priority by paying a nominal set amount for premium support for WHMCS tickets.

Users can auto delete client login information records after the Ticket Status is set to Close. It allows you to set priority support Ticket amount in your currency and can convert it to the user’s currency. The ticket can be customized to auto-reply messages. If the users take premium support it will be auto-assigned for high priority.

3. Activity Tweaks

Best Pick
Activity Tweaks


  • Sends admin a notification about different user’s activity
  • Notifies users about Login, Profile edit, password change, login failed and registration
  • Client area log details, Client/User can manage email notification
  • Auto accept an order on invoice
  • Cancel order on Invoice cancel
  • Notify admin of fraud order
  • Cancel aged orders
  • Client area user information sidebar

This is an activity notification module that offers notifications email templates to send any activity that happens in the client area to the admin and client. If any of your clients register on WHMCS, an email will be sent to the admin.

In case your client changes his details, a notification mail will only be sent to the module but using the client activity notification module in case the client changes his details the notification email will be sent to both admin and client.

You can alter the module settings to make an authorized admin, who will get all the activity notification emails. Admin can also check/uncheck any notification email you or the client want to receive and the client can also check/uncheck his own notification emails from the client area.

4. DNS Manager for WHMCS

DNS Manager for WHMCS


  • Define DNS Servers
  • Create DNS Zones
  • View and Edit Existing Zones
  • Import zones from the chosen server
  • Migrate zones between chosen servers
  • lock/unlock zones from the edition by clients
  • Manage zone backups
  • Auto-synchronize zones and DNS records between multiple servers
  • Set-up automated tasks and execution time
  • Wipe existing zone records on applying DNS records set

This is one of the best WHMCS modules that allows you to provision DNS zones. This helps you and your clients in managing zones and records located inside WHMCS. DNS Manager easily adapts according to your business requirements as there is a vast choice of submodules like cPanel, Plesk, and Cloudflare.

As an admin, you will get total control over all DNS aspects and get access to many supervision instruments. Admins can create assorted packages with various combinations of settings and limitations that help you customize according to your client’s requirements. You can also create and manage zones together with DNS and DNS records.

This module is perfect for several everyday work routines and you can import, create and migrate DNS zones. It helps you handle backups, send emails to your clients and staff, or display logs, and monitor the status of all scheduled tasks.

5. Digital Ocean WHMCS Module

Digital Ocean WHMCS Module


  • Resize server by changing size slug
  • Create/Suspend/Terminate server
  • Power on/Power off/Shut Down/Reboot server
  • Reset Server Password
  • Toggle Automatic Backups
  • Enable private networking
  • Enable IPv6
  • Change Server Hostname
  • View and restore backups
  • View server status and details
  • View tasks history
  • Choose size slug plan
  • Choose region
  • Choose OS image
  • Define Snapshots limit
  • Define additional volume size
  • Snapshots
  • Firewalls
  • Backups

This module has been developed to automate the provisioning and operations that admin and clients perform on their devices. There are numerous configurable options that help you provide the servers with easily manageable key parameters.

Your customers can quickly switch on and off their Droplets as they will have remote access to every single tool and can reboot machines or shut it down. If you want to rebuild a server then you can choose from the images of OS distributions, snapshots, or One-Click Install Apps.

Clients can apply inbound and outbound firewall rules and they can create their own snapshots and use automatic backups so that VM can be restored later.

6. DirectAdmin Extended for WHMCS

DirectAdmin Extended for WHMCS


  • Application auto-installer
  • Integrated with advanced billing for WHMCS
  • Integrated with IP manager for WHMCS
  • Integrated with server allocator for WHMCS
  • Multi-language support
  • Fully integrated with Lagom theme
  • Supports WHMCS Server sync tool
  • Supports WHMCS Metric billing
  • Supports PHP 7.1 up to PHP 7.4
  • Easy module upgrade to Open source

This plugin introduces automation in the provisioning of web hosting accounts. It also allows users to have full remote management at the same time. Your clients will not have the tendency to leave the website as the DirectAdmin feature will be accessible in the client area.

DirectAdmin extends optimizes all supervisory tasks like files, databases, email accounts, DNS records, domains, backups, and other basic components. This module supports Let’s encrypt and allows clients to obtain SSL certificates with just a click.

There are inbuilt Installatron installers and Softaculous which allow you to add, delete, edit, backup, and restore various applications free. You can automatically assign a dedicated IP address or set a reseller IP address. Your customers can handle web hosting accounts easily.

7. CRM for WHMCS



  • Convert contact types
  • Send mass email and SMS to
  • Restrict access to contact types
  • Assign client account to contact
  • Assign administrator to contact
  • Assign ticket to contact
  • Edit contact details
  • Add and manage follow-ups of contacts
  • Add and manage notes of contacts
  • Create, synchronize and view quotes for contact
  • Send email from template or custom message
  • Send and receive emails using custom mailboxes
  • Send ticket response
  • Upload and manage files from the contact profile

It is a module that is created for complex customer relationship management like potentials, leads, and other contact types that you want to create as follow-ups. It helps organize the contact details of prospective clients in a transparent list. You can also add new contacts or convert their status any time.

You can also create accounts without leaving the addon page. You can set up your own labels and assign them to the clients through drag and drop functionality. You can also gather contacts details by locating and generating customized web forms on your external websites to obtain data quickly and easily.

This module has a wide range of advanced features to enhance your business management. You will get the liberty as an administrator to send automated emails, add notes, issue announcements, generate quotes and create campaigns. This module also helps in managing automation groups and construct rules to create automatic follow-ups, add reminders and send notifications.

8. QuickBooks WHMCS

QuickBooks WHMCS


  • Payment Gateways like currencies and payment deposits
  • Create your own rules
  • Set relations manually or automatically
  • View cron run and export summary
  • Define default addons item
  • Define default domains item
  • Define default refund receipt item
  • Define default promotional item
  • Define tax type
  • Define client name display format
  • Toggle debug mode

This module is designed to integrate financial data that is collected in WHMCS in QuickBooks online. You can export vital information like invoices, client details, transactions, and refunds to their online data repository which helps keep your finances well-organized.

You can choose the range and type of synchronization manually by selecting the data you want to integrate. You can also automate the process. You can keep a track of all the exported information through logs.

This module allows you to set up taxes and manage payment gateways together with payment deposits and currencies. You will be able to put your business finances in order with the help of this WHMCS module, so get the module now and have smooth transactions.

9. Tawk To WHMCS Module

Tawk To WHMCS Module


  • Free messaging app to chat with site visitors
  • Gain insight
  • Enhance conversions
  • Get valuable insights when you chat with and monitor the site visitors
  • Stay connected easily
  • Message even while on the go and respond to your customers from your mobile or computer
  • Compatible with modern browsers
  • They offer iOS, Windows, Mac OSX and Android apps is a live chat module that lets you chat with visitors on your WordPress website. There is no catch, no spam, and no ads and it is free to use. It is one of the most widely used chat applications in the world.

You can gain insights about your website visitors in real-time. You can stay in touch with your customers through your mobile or desktop. Live Chat on websites, makes it convenient for customers to interact and helps your offer better customer support and more conversions.

This module is easy to monitor and offers unlimited messaging, knowledge base, and ticketing. It is compatible with all the latest browsers and businesses can respond in real-time with clients.

10. ResellerClub Tools V2

ResellerClub Tools V2


  • You can import your reseller account customers into WHMCS
  • Multi account switcher helps you manage four reseller accounts at once
  • You can export customers into your reseller account
  • Import and setup domain TLDs and prices
  • Import hundreds of domains for all customers
  • Change the registrar module for domains, TLD, etc.
  • Redirect your customers to WHMCS pages

This is a great tool that helps work seamlessly with LogicBoxes reseller accounts, products, and services. It helps the changes you make in your WHMCS system reflect in your reseller accounts.

There are certain utilities that are very handy for domain reseller business. You will get a free license by simply signing up for the module and fulfilling the requirements.

Tools provided in this module save your time and make your work easier. Your business needs will be automated and you can do many things with ease.


These are some of the most popular WHMCS modules that help in billing, domain and hosting management, support, and inventory management. If you are using the WHMCS platform for your business, then these modules provide the functionality to make your business hassle-free.

These add-ons help you convert customers into loyal clients and reduce your efforts while helping you save. You can choose from WHMCS hosting modules or chat modules that help redirect traffic toward your website.

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The Most Popular WHMCS Modules in 2024- 250,000+ Downloads