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Rajesh Chauhan
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Leaseweb is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider offering dedicated servers, CDN, cloud hosting and hybrid cloud on a global network.

On December 24, 2020

Leaseweb Review 2021: Dedicated Servers for Amazing Business Websites

Leaseweb review 2021: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an instant computing structure managed over the internet. IaaS is one of the three types of services along with Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Leaseweb is different from common hosting providers as it offers Infrastructure as a Service and cloud solutions with domain registration and cloud storage to name a few.

If you are wondering for a leading web hosting firm that offers all kinds of infrastructure and network services the Leaseweb would be the perfect fit.

In this article, I will give you an overall idea about Leaseweb review, services, features, plan offered by this IaaS provider.

Stay tuned till the very last of this Leaseweb review article to know all about it.

Leaseweb Review 2021: About Leaseweb

Subsidiary of OCOM, an internet services company whose headquarter is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands– Leaseweb is a Dutch cloud computing and web services provider that have several offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

leaseweb review

Leaseweb associates the world with the correct innovation with the correct group of specialists, and worldwide chances.

The company has covered more than 20 years of long journey and is still going as strong. Their services are considered as the fastest service offered by any IaaS on the global platform with their unbeatable technology.

LeaseWeb Review by Professional Hosting Experts

This LeaseWeb review is made after extensive research by professional hosting experts, scan the points below to know what they think.

Leaseweb Review: Services Provided by Leaseweb

The best part we found about Leaseweb in this Leaseweb review, is its wide range services. It covers almost all your web services needs under one roof.

Here's the list of Services offered by Leaseweb:

  • Dedicated Server
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Colocation
  • Network Services
  • CDN
  • Object Storage
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Back-up Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Server and Cloud Migration
  • Service Levels

Leaseweb Review: Dedicated Server

Leaseweb has dedicated server hosting plans that gives you single tenant servers that are super powerful. They use top tier data center hardware and servers are highly powerful Intel scalable processors.

No more noisy neighbours and no hypervisor tax. Instead, you can customize and configure your server that suits your needs like RAM, SSD hard drives, bandwidth options and more. It has also cheap dedicated servers for a business website.

Leaseweb Review: Virtual Private Server

Leaseweb offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with Attractive Price and Highly Reliable Servers. The Low maintenance and Uncompromising Performance with top tier data center hardware and server powered by Intel or AMD processor makes it one of the best among other VPS services.


Ideal for usage in:

  • Web servers
  • Code Repositories
  • Web Application
  • Small Databases
  • Dev/Test Servers
  • Blogs, Forums, E-commerce

Available to download on following Operating systems:

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • FreeBSD
  • Windows

Web control panel available:

  • Plesk: Easy-to-use control panel that helps you automate and grow applications, websites, and hosting businesses, price starting from €4,50.
  • Vesta: Open-source, easy to install, and simple to configure web-based control panel for Linux systems absolutely free!
  • cPanel: Feature-rich control panel that is easy to use fully automated and controls the website in a few clicks price starting from €12,50.

Leaseweb Review: Private Cloud

Private cloud services are better than public cloud because with private cloud you get same benefits just like virtualised computing power – flexible and scalable, but with more power and control.

It is also cost-efficient, private and secure. When you take private cloud from Leaseweb, they combine compute power, memory, network and storage package to deliver the final product that meets your business needs.

Built on best platforms in the industry and ideal for any type of workload (from small business to big-scale enterprise) Leaseweb’s private cloud suits all types of website. It is a perfect fit cloud hosting for startups.

Leaseweb has two private cloud services that fit right for your business. I have attached the comparison between both of the services.

As I am covering Leaseweb review, adding every service price and plan and explaining everything here so that you don't miss any details.

Please drop a comment if you don't get any of the point involved. I would love to assist you 😊.

private cloud

Leaseweb Review: Hybrid Cloud

A business faces constant challenges and changes. Technological changes are the main factor behind this.

So the business may need a flexible infrastructure to adopt the constant changes. Leaseweb’s Hybrid Cloud solutions can be a lifesaver and enable your company to grow despite all odds.

With the flexible and efficient cloud solutions, Leaseweb helps you to operate your business more efficiently.

You will have a peace of mind and enjoyment of security products and services provided with another layer of security. This will enable you to focus on your core business and you can generate more revenue.

hybrid cloud

Leaseweb Review: Colocation

Leaseweb offers a range of colocation services across Asia, the US and Europe. Here's a summary of their colocation solutions:

  • 24/7 on-site qualified engineers: Certified and highly qualified engineers are available 24/7 to perform diverse tasks at your request. Equipment server reboots, circuit testing, cable and card replacements to name a few of them.
  • Floating IPs: Leaseweb has deployed floating IPs to assign hosting services to IP addresses in a flexible way.
  • Hybrid Options: Unlike other colocation provider it combines traditional colocation with dedicated servers and cloud computing environments to create a tailored solution.
  • State-of-the-art network: Leaseweb Colocation is one of the world’s largest networks, with encompasses 25 IXs and 36 PoPs worldwide, and provides an uptime of 99.999% and 5.5 Tbps bandwidth.
  • N+1 redundant architecture: Their redundant architecture has N+1 active systems. Active system ensures high availability. The facilities provide dual-powered IT equipment with multiple independent distribution paths, and are equipped with full UPS power, backup and HVAC systems.

Leaseweb Review: Network Services

Leaseweb offers a variety of Network Services so that a network design can be built in a way that fits your business.

Following are the services offered by Leaseweb under Network services:

  • Colud Connect
  • Private Network
  • Dedicated Network Equipment
  • Floating IP
  • Network Management Pack
  • Dedicated Network Setup

Leaseweb Review: CDN

Content Delivery Networks (or CDNs) works to speed up the content delivery – websites, games, videos, and even software updates.

Using CDN gives better user experience with low infrastructure cost. It also increases the security. We are living in a time when the internet is occupied by content -from photos, videos, and live streaming, to gaming and e-commerce, Leaseweb's CDN portfolio gives hardware and network expertise to bring you closer to users with high-quality services. Stay connected with your user with the globally distributed network.

Leaseweb Review: Object Storage

Combined with global Content Delivery Network (CDN), Leaseweb Object Storage provides the perfect way to store and deliver your content at lightning fast speeds.

With the most reliable networks in the world with 99.999% uptime, flexible storage and bandwidth it secures your valuable data. The object storage platform is easy to integrate with other services offered by Leaseweb.

The pricing is €29 for Netherlands region for TB/month.

Leaseweb Review: Web Hosting

If you need fast, secure, reliable and user friendly web hosting to run your professional website then Leaseweb can offer an affordable hosting package with plenty of data traffic and databases.

The plans are perfect for every type of website- personal, professional, eCommerce or small business.

It has a Plesk control panel, internet security services, backup functionality. The delivery time is 1 day.

Leaseweb offers both Linux web hosting price starting from €2.99 / month and Windows web hosting price starts from  €4.99 / month.

However, if you want even cheaper yet equally efficient web hosting solutions, YouStable can be a good choice.

linux web hosting
Linx web hosting price list
Windows web hosting
Windows web hosting Price list

Leaseweb Review: Domain Name

Registering a domain name is easy with Leaseweb. Select any of the popular extensions that you want when you register a domain. You can also protect your valuable domain names. To know the price list Leaseweb offers please click here.

Leaseweb Review: Back up services

Data is priceless when you deal through the cloud services. Leaseweb’s Data protection solutions are industry proven and ensure that your data remains safe. Cloud back up storage solutions as easy to scale, deploy and you can manage them easily. The back up services are flexible and reliable along with transparent price and plans you should try. Its worth it!

Leaseweb Review: Cyber Security

Cyber security solutions that is designed to meet every requirement of your business. Customization of services and detailed notifications, dashboards and reporting – these are the specialties of the service provided by Leaseweb .

Enjoy peace of mind with the right solution for your threat profile and save money with the Cyber security services.

Leaseweb Review: Server and Cloud Migration

Leaseweb has fellow partnership with leading migration company, WSM to offer a range of services. The expert team are capable enough to handle even complex business needs. To know more you can reach out to the team.

Leaseweb Review: Service Level Agreements(SLA's)

With Basic, Extended and Advanced SLA support you can expect a high level of service across your IT related needs. While Basic package satisfies your needs, you can also upgrade the SLA service for greater response times, priority access to our certified engineers, and reduced hourly rates for advanced support. Click here to know more about the price and plans.

Leaseweb Review 2021: Dedicated Servers for Amazing Business Websites

Leaseweb Review: Features

  • Leaseweb platforms utilise enterprise hardware and open-source technology: The public cloud platform is connected to Leaseweb premium network that includes access to 33 IXs and 53 PoPs with uptime of 99.9999%. The available bandwidth is 4.0 Tbps. Every router using multiple 10GE connections so that cloud setups can connect with different physical routers to work smoothly.
  • Committed to delivering excellent service with quality: Leaseweb is always committed to delivering high-quality service no matter which category of service you choose.
  • Offers competitive rates: Leaseweb offers competitive price compared to other IaaS providers. But it doesn't mean they compare with the quality of service.

Leaseweb Review: Leaseweb server Location

Leaseweb has 15 data center locations as follows:

  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Washington DC
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore
  • Hongkong
  • Sydney

Leaseweb Review: Support

Leaseweb has a better support system comparison to other service providers. They offer four different ways to connect with the support team:

  1. Tickets
  2. Email
  3. Telephone support
  4. Chat support


The most secure and fastest way of contacting Leaseweb is to create ticket from the Leaseweb Customer Portal.


As shown above, you can create a ticket from the specific server's details page.

  • Click Create Ticket under Actions option and the ticket will be automatically linked to the server. Or,
  • Visit Tickets section under Support and click on Create Ticket– select topic on which you want to raise a ticket.


If raising a ticket doesn't suit you then write a mail to Leaseweb's listed contact addresses to create a ticket – please send an email to Leaseweb customer portal[email protected] or [email protected]

Please Note: Ticketing system will ignore any reply-to: email headers. Replies are always sent to the original sender.

Telephone Support

To reach out the support team on Telephone please please dial the telephone number from below shown list:

phone support

Note: Please keep your customer number handy for new ticket raise. In case you want to inquire about any existing ticket, keep Ticket number with you.

To see their phone numbers (per entity), please check Leaseweb's contact page.

Chat Support

Leaseweb has also live chat support system to connect with them for any query or ticket. You can follow any of the two ways to chat with the support team.

👉Go to Leaseweb website and Click the Chat with us button to start a Sales-related chat with Leaseweb.

👉From Leaseweb customer portal Go to Dashboard under Support and click the Chat box to start a live chat. 

Please Note: You can choose department from the live chat option while initiating chat from the customer portal whereas in website you can only initiate sale-related chat.

LeaseWeb Discount Coupon Code: Leaseweb Review

As per updated news from Leaseweb, it is providing various coupon codes and discounts. Please choose the plan that suits your budget and I suggest to go for maximum savings using coupon codes.

40% off using special sale discount

Use the coupon code SAVE40 and save 40% with the special sale discount.

50% off using promo code

Use coupon code LEASEWEB50 and avail flat 50% off on your next purchase.

Save 10% with order over $99

With coupon code KIM10 save 10% . You have to order over $99 to avail the discount.

Leaseweb Review: Pros & Cons

To sum this Leaseweb Review up, we have compiled some direct “what you get” and “what you miss” here for your convenience. See what works for you and what does not.

Leaseweb Pros

Now, let's have a look at the benefits of choosing Leaseweb as your IaaS.

  • A huge list of products

When some providers offer only domain and hosting services, Leaseweb has numerous product lists. You can find almost every web services under their roof. Isn't it amazing!

product list
  • Guaranteed 99.9999% Up-time

Leaseweb claims 99.9999% up-time guaranteed which means your website would be down for 5 minutes a year.

Fun fact: Not once during the testing period, the server had been down.

  • Global Data Centers

Leaseweb has one of the bigger worldwide presences of all providers that I've even reviewed to date. It has 15 Datacenter locations worldwide. Please read the list under the Server location in this Leaseweb review article.

  • Customer Support that actually supports

As I mentioned above in this Leaseweb review, the provider has four different ways to support their user- Ticket, Email, Telephone, and Live chat. It has indeed the best support team I have ever come across. Their live chat support is my favorite way to communicate with them. They respond within seconds to your query and help exactly as per your requirement.

Leaseweb Cons

As everything has a good and a bad side, Leaseweb has also demerits. Here are some of its cons.

  • No Money back guarantee

Most of the companies have at least 30 days money-back guarantee to support the customers hard earn money concerns (some even provide 45 days money-back guarantee). But Leaseweb doesn't provide any such guarantee to its customers. Rather, many customers have reviewed that the provider charged them for canceling the service. In my view, they should look after these problems and should consider adding a money-back policy to their services.

  • Relatively Slow Service

Leaseweb's service is relatively slow comparison to other shared hosting service providers. In case you're searching for too quick shared hosting, you should pick an organization that represents considerable service in it.

  • Only Annual Subscriptions Available

There is no option to buy monthly subscriptions. Even though they list hosting prices by the month, the only option is annual payment for hosting. This is a major drawback of the service provider.

Leaseweb review: FAQs

How many web app support is there in Leaseweb?

Leaseweb supports WordPress, Joomla, Magneto and Drupal.

Does Leaseweb offer VPN Services?

Yes, they offer a site-to-site VPN service (connection between two or more networks)

Does Leaseweb offer CDN for your business website?

Yes, Leaseweb offer CDN for business websites too.

Is Leaseweb good for Minecraft servers?

Yes, Leaseweb is good for Minecraft servers as well.

Leaseweb review: Final Verdict

Leaseweb provides a wide range of products with fair price. If you are a business that needs every services from a single provider then Leaseweb is the best choice. No doubt It is best dedicated server hosting for businesses.

After close observation of Leaseweb review, I came to know that they are the largest hosting provider across the globe. But issues like a misleading product description and yearly subscription mandate are some of the flaws that should be taken care of.

Did you like the article on Leaseweb review! I have tried to cover every important part of it. The list still goes on! So, please let us know if I forgot to add anything important to the list.

To read about Leaseweb alternatives please click here.

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