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Unlimited Free Web Hosting and Domains Names With GoogieHost

How to get lifetime free web hosting and domain names from Googiehost? The most innovating hosting company that comes up with innovative ways to give you free stuff in the hosting industry. They are offering you lifetime free web hosting and domain name.

Why everyone search unlimited free web hosting and domain name?

free web hosting and domain names

Allow us to guide you through it.

1. Startup A Website

There are many people in the world, who have started their online journey by creating a website that will give them an opportunity to start their business. A website does not require plenty of space and bandwidth during its initial days because it does not get traffic and regular visitors during the first five months.

According to the Entrepreneur statistics, more than 50% of the startup companies fail in the duration of 5 years. The number is significantly higher, but it isn’t going to change the fact that you need a reliable hosting provider that does not give up on your website.

You are not going to make enough money out of the startup website, but you don’t have to pay for the hosting services for a lifetime with Googiehost.

2. Newbie Website

Universities are giving plenty of online projects to the students all over the world to replenish the skills of the students.

However, the cost of running a website falls onto the student expenses. In simple words, you have to pay for the domain, hosting, and work on the website.

You can work your way up to function the website properly, but what about the expenses that come with a hosting account?

Domain companies like GoDaddy have helped us own a domain at an affordable price, but the cost of a hosting account starts from $25/yearly on NameCheap, and highest-quality hosting account starts $100/yearly.

In this case, Googiehost got you back because the company does not charge you a single penny for a lifetime.

3. Portfolio Website

You might be a Model, Businessperson, Engineer, College passed an unemployed person, Photographer, or you can be anyone.

In the modern times, you need a website that gives you an opportunity to show your skills to the world. On Linkedin, those who have a personal website and good profile have proven to increase job opportunities and business opportunities.

It is one of the major reasons why the Linkedin users have a website link provided in the profile information section.

The major players on the platform like to demonstrate their skills and the number of awards achieved in a customised website that increases their chances to get a better placement.

However, the cost of getting a website up and running is expensive for someone who has started their career.

Be a startup website, or you are a student who is trying to get the project done, and someone who is trying to get a better placement the cost of hosting and domain (renewals) is extremely higher than you can imagine.

If you are fed up and want to build a professional website, then you can learn from here.

Here are The Solutions for Free Web Hosting and Domain Names

free web hosting and domain names

We have promised you to guide you through it, and allow us to guide you to get free lifetime hosting and a free .com domain name.

1. About GoogieHost: Free web hosting India

Let me give you quick information about the company and why they intended to provide you with free hosting!

Googiehost created by a blogger with an ambition to solve the problem he had during his beginning days. A common man with very fewer funds in the bank account couldn’t afford to buy a hosting account to build clients websites and his personal website.

The blogger worked hard enough to create a free web hosting company called Googiehost. The idea behind Googiehost came from the problem a man suffered in the early days.

Features: You can learn more about the features on the homepage.

SPAM: Google and many companies are fighting against spam. Free hosting accounts are major targets for spamming, and the Googiehost has confirmation program, where they don’t activate free accounts instantly. The company human-verify it before activating the account.

Customer Support: The company has dedicated customer support that can speak English and national language Hindi for the fellow Indians.

Lifetime Free: Above all, all services are available on the platform for free-of-cost!

There are also two downsides that I have found during my test with the service, which we will tell you in the end.

2. Free Web Hosting with cPanel

Have you ever heard of cPanel hosting? It is a popular interface that makes your easy when it comes to getting your website in a matter of moments.

I have used cPanel hosting for years, and I can tell you that it is an advanced, but simple to use interface that a newbie can access.

Free: Yes, you are going to get for a lifetime.

Support: You don’t need to call the Googiehost customer support because you can find 100’s of tutorials online on every topic, and solutions for the problems. I have used it, and I can tell you that I never called the customer support for assistance.

Virus Scanner: The most important feature that I have appreciated about cPanel developers and it’s their virus scanner.

There’s no flaw in cPanel, and I think, it has made my life easier.

Check out cPanel

3. Get a Free .com Domain Name

No reputed hosting company like Googiehost is not giving away a free .com domain for one year.

The million dollar question, how to get a free .com domain?

The company goal is to reach a wider market, and they need your support to expand their territory, and it can only happen when you support Googiehost.

The company wants you to make a REVIEW video, and then upload to YouTube.

Make sure you are doing a good job, and you can take an example from the video link we have shared with you, and you can make a similar video to get the .com free domain.

Watch the video properly, then you can review the Googiehost step-by-step, and you must pass the quality team to claim the .com domain.

TWO Downsides

free web hosting and domain names

Nothing is perfect in the world, and it goes for Apple Company as well, then Googiehost is no exception for it.

1: The Company promises you 99.9% uptime, and I can tell you that 00.1% downtime can be experienced once in a week for 10 minutes to an hour.

2: Don’t be inactive, or else your account may get suspended without any prior notice.

At least log in to your free Googiehost hosting account once in a month, or you might get suspended.


Googiehost is working hard to provide you with quality free hosting without paying a single penny. You are also free from advertisements and shady business as well. Let us know what you think about Googiehost in the comment section below.

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