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Best Valheim Server Hosting In 2024– Top #10 [Reviewed]

Valheim is a survival game set in a fantasy world and is best enjoyed while playing on a dedicated server. It is exciting to know that with the self-hosted server, you don’t have to wait for hours to connect with your friends to play. Now we can say within minutes – Experience Valheim seamlessly via self-hosted providers!

In this article, we will talk about some of the best Valheim server hosting providers in the industry by measuring one another by their features, pricing, customer service, and pros and cons.

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What are Valheim Servers?

A dedicated Valheim server lets multiple players connect and play the game over the internet. By entering the server’s IP address and port number into the game’s server browser, players can join Valheim servers.

To rent a dedicated server for Valheim, one must choose a hosting provider and sign up for a hosting plan, as personalizing the server to one’s necessity is a great deal. 

Once signed up, one can manage it through a web-based control panel offered with the hosting package. The control panel authorizes configuring the Valheim server, installing mods, and managing various server characteristics.

Best Valheim Server Hosting

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Valheim Servers in July, 2024

ApexMinecraftHosting: ApexMinecraftHosting is a hosting provider that offers dedicated servers for multiple games, including Valheim. In addition, they provide a range of hosting plans tailored explicitly for hosting Valheim servers, with different options for server size, performance, and pricing. 

ScalaCube: ScalaCube offers hosting solutions for Scala applications. Programming in Scala is expressive, concise, and scalable. Generally, distributed systems and web applications are built with this language. In addition to shared hosting, ScalaCube offers dedicated servers and VPS hosting for Scala applications.

Host Havoc: Host Havoc is an internet hosting company that has numerous hosting services. Their services are designed to satisfy multiple users’ needs, including individuals, small-scale industries, and colossal organizations. 

10 Best Valheim Servers Hosting Providers in 2024

Opposed to self-hosting, users can play Valheim with their friends at the fastest ping and be able to access the server 24/7. Online companionship within minutes without waiting hours for a stable connection.

We present the seven best Valheim gaming server host providers for 2024 assembled by our experts:

1. Apexminecrafthosting- Project Valheim Servers Hosting

ApexMinecraftHosting is one of the best Valhiem server hosting providers that use high-quality servers to ensure you can enjoy a bufferless gaming experience.

Along with that ApexMinecraftHosting also provides you with services with multiple features. 

But the interesting aspect of its services is that you can easily download any application on your server as per your needs and requirements.

ApexHosting About


You can go through some of its key features to understand whether it will suit your website or not.  

🔶 Excellent customer support: ApexMinecraftHosting is especially popular for its 24*7 friendly customer support. Its dedicated team of technical experts works day and night to provide you with instant support.

🔶 High uptime: All thanks to the high-quality server equipment, ApexMinecraftHosting confidently claims to provide you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

🔶 Full FTP access: It provides full FTP access to ensure that you can customize your resources as per your needs and enjoy the ultimate power of your servers. 

Pros and Cons  

Here in this section, we will discuss some of its major pros and cons to help you understand the complete picture of their service’s quality. 

  • It provides 24*7 Support to market
  • Its servers are equipped with top-notch security 
  • Powerful servers 
  • High uptime for your website 
  • Add-on prices are really expensive

2. Scalacube – Popular “Valheim Server” Provider

 ScalaCube servers specialize in gaming servers focusing primarily on Minecraft, Rust, Project Zomboid, and Valheim server hosting.

They provide unlimited bandwidth, no matter how much upstream or downstream traffic users’ rental servers receive. ScalaCube users can choose storage modes between HDD and SSD.

scalacube about

In addition, ScalaCube offers full FTP access for maximum server customization with DDoS protection.


Here in this section, we have mentioned some of its key features to help you understand the complete picture of its service’s quality. 

🔶 Automated backup: ScalaCube features data backup by default, meaning users do not need to run backups manually.

🔶 Advanced control panel: Customers have access to numerous attributes for customizing and managing their game servers, including options for changing server settings, managing player accounts, and monitoring performance in the server of ScalaCube.

🔶 Unlimited player slots: ScalaCube’s servers come with unlimited player slots.

🔶 Server locations: ScalaCube proposes servers in multiple locations worldwide so that clients can select the location closest to their players.

Pros and Cons  

  •  ScalaCube spontaneously updates its servers and control panel to ensure that clients are always running the latest software version.
  • ScalaCube offers a standard feature to help protect its clients’ game servers from DDOS attacks.
  • ScalaCube offers a range of pricing options, including monthly and annual plans, to allow clients to choose the best option.
  • Contingent to a client’s specific hosting package, ScalaCube’s services may be more expensive than those other hosting companies offer.
  •  While ScalaCube’s control panel includes many features, it may offer less customization than other hosting companies.
  • Some clients have reported that ScalaCube’s pricing and billing practices are only sometimes transparent, making it challenging to understand the total cost of their hosting services.

3. Host Havoc – High-Performance Project Valheim Servers

Host Havoc is a top-of-the-line host-providing company that facilitates multiple hosting solutions for businesses and individuals.

Host Havoc guarantees its customers high performance by optimizing their host environment. They also custom-build many of their systems.

In addition, HostHovac provides you with an easy-to-use control to help you manage servers and gaming logs easily!

hosthavoc about


We will discuss some of its key features here in this section to help you understand whether it will suit your website. 

🔶 Web Hosting: Host Havoc provides various internet hosting options, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. These features allow an individual to host the website on a server and make it accessible to users around the globe.

🔶 Game Server Hosting: Host Havoc also offers game hosting for various popular games, including Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Rust. These servers allow you to host multiplayer games and invite other players to join.

🔶 Domain Registration: Host Havoc offers domain registration services, allowing you to register your unique domain name for your website or online business.

🔶 Website Builder:  Host Havoc offers a builder tool that allows you to easily create and design your website, even if you have yet to gain coding experience.

Pros and Cons  

  • Host Havoc provides a variety of hosting options, that includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting, allowing an individual to choose the right solution for their needs.
  • Host Havoc presents game server hosting for various popular games, a unique feature not all hosting providers offer.
  • Host Havoc’s website builder tool is user-friendly and allows you to create and design your website easily.
  • Host Havoc offers 24/7 support through email and live chat, so you can get help whenever you need it.
  • Host Havoc only has data centers in the US and Canada, so if anyone is located in any other region apart from this, they may experience slower speeds and lower performance.
  •  Host Havoc does not offer Windows-based hosting options, so if you need to host a website or application that requires Windows, you will need to look elsewhere.
  •  Host Havoc’s hosting plan prices are generally higher than other hosting providers.

4. ServerBlend – Best For Gaming Server

ServerBlend is a game server hosting company offering various hosting services on game platforms such as Ark, Rust, Arma3, Vrising, etc.

It provides a user-friendly interface for the game servers and custom game server hardware.

In addition, ServerBlend presents many other services, Multicraft for Minecraft, SESM for Space and Medival engineers, and TC Admin support.

ServerBlend about


Here in this section, we will discuss some of its key elements that will help you understand the performance you will experience with its servers. 

🔶 DDOS Protection: ServerBlend hosting offers DDOS protection as a service to their clients to help protect their game servers from various DDOS attacks.

🔶 User-Friendly Control: It uses a customized version of the TcAmin control panel that can be helpful for clients as it can customize the control panel to meet their distinct needs and penchant. Assume a client desires to add a custom plugin or integration to the control panel to automate a particular task or process.

🔶 High Performance: ServerBlend provides high performance as it is provided on Intel Xeon processors with fast ECC RAM and SSD or NVMe Storage with RAID. This highly enhances and boosts the performance speed of ServerBlend hosting. ServerBlend provides speedy expert support through ticket, email, phone, and skype.

Pros and Cons

  • The server allows modifications, plugins, and custom jars.
  • It provides 24/7 expert British customer support.
  • Very robust support section is available on the website.
  • Poor customer support for non-premium servers.
  • Quite expensive.
  •  Some users claim to face false advertisements about ServerBlend plans.

5. DatHost – Overall Best Valheim Server Hosting

DatHost is one of the best valheim hosting providers which offers hosting services facilitating servers for multiple games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, ARK, Valheim, etc., with 24 server locations around the globe.

Dat host provides numerous hosting solutions that include shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server), and dedicated server hosting. 

But one of the best aspects of DatHost is their server’s compatibility!! You can enjoy any of your favorite games on their servers without any buffering or lagging! 



Features provided by DatHost’s hosting services are mentioned below:

🔶 High-performance servers: DatHost uses top-of-the-line hardware to ensure fast and reliable performance for its customers.

🔶 99.9% uptime guarantee: DatHost guarantees that its servers will be up and running 99.9% of the time, so you can be confident that your website will be available to visitors.

🔶 Easy-to-use control panel: DatHost provides a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily manage your hosting account and perform everyday tasks such as creating email accounts, installing software, and managing databases.

Pros and Cons

  • DatHost uses Top-of-the-line servers for ARK, CS: GO, Valheim, V Rising, TeamSpeak, TF-2, etc., featuring unlimited slots that come with a 7-Day money-back guarantee to ensure fast and reliable performance for its customers.
  • DatHost facilitates customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing an individual with any stumbling block with the hosting account.
  • DatHost provides a user-friendly control panel that concedes anyone to easily manage their hosting account and perform everyday tasks such as creating email accounts, installing software, and managing databases.
  • DatHost does not provide any live support, as it only works through the ticketing system. Because of this, DatHost could not offer quick support to its users, which became its Achilles heel.
  • Depending on the hosting plan you choose, you may need more storage, bandwidth, and CPU resources available to you.

 6. PingPerfect – Provides Highly Secured Servers

Pingperfect is a game server provider which also features other hosting services. The company claims to provide high-performance servers with low latency.

Pingperfect provides servers for over 150 games.

Moreover, PingPerfect provides highly secured servers. For example, they have equipped their servers with full DDoS protection to ensure the maximum availability of your website.

pingperfect about


We have listed some of its key features to help you understand whether it will suit you or not! 

🔶 Dedicated Servers: Pingperfect provides dedicated servers for multiple popular games, including Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Garry’s Mod. These servers are reformed for performance and give the players a secure, lag-free experience.

🔶 Control Panel: Pingperfect’s control panel allows its user to easily manage their game server and make required changes to settings, such as the number of players allowed on the server, the game mode, and the difficulty level.

🔶 Server Hosting Locations: Pingperfect has servers worldwide, including the United States, Canada, and Europe, allowing you to choose a location closest to your players for the best possible connection. Mod supports are available on Pingperfect servers, allowing users to customize the gameplay experience for players.

Pros and Cons

  • Pingperfect facilitates dedicated servers for various popular games, which can provide a stable and lag-free experience for players.
  • It makes it easy to oversee the user’s game server and make changes to settings.
  • Pingperfect has servers located in multiple locations worldwide, helping to ensure a good connection for players.
  • Pingperfect enhances the use of mods on their servers, allowing for greater customization of the gameplay experience.
  • Game server hosting can be expensive, and Pingperfect’s prices may not be competitive with other providers.
  • Pingperfect only supports a limited number of games, so if users want to host a game outside their list, they will need to search elsewhere.
  • There have been various complaints of performance issues and high ping.
  • Various clients have reported substandard experiences with Pingperfect’s client service, which contains slow response time and deleterious responses.

7. Roxservers – Reliable Valheim Servers Providers

Roxservers is a hosting provider offering abundant hosting solutions, featuring an easy-to-use control panel, shared hosting, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers (VPS). They also provide its users with multiple payment methods.

Roxservers about


We have listed some of its key features to help you understand whether it will suit to you or not! 

🔶 Multiple Hosting Options: Roxservers offers various hosting options to suit different needs and budgets, including shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

🔶 Server Management: Depending on the hosting plan chosen by a client, Roxservers may offer server management services to help them maintain and update their server.

🔶 Backup and Restoration: Roxservers provides backup and restoration services to help protect client data in case of unforeseen events.

Pros and Cons

  • Roxservers presents various hosting options to suit different needs and budgets.
  • Roxservers gives backup and restoration services to help protect client data in case of unforeseen events.
  • Depending on the hosting plan chosen by the clients, Roxservers may offer server management services to help them maintain and update their servers.
  • Roxservers offers spam protection to help keep customers’ email inboxes clean and free of unwanted messages.
  • Unlike other hosting providers, Roxservers does not offer a free trial period to test their services before committing to a plan.
  • While Roxservers aims to provide high-performance hosting, there have been some performance issues and server downtime reports.
  • Some users have reported negative experiences with Roxservers’ customer service, including slow response times and unhelpful responses.

8. Broccoli – Easy-to-Use Valheim Server Hosting

Broccoli offers game server hosting and rental services that provide top-notch computer power and minimize lag, latency, and complexity.



We have listed some of its key features to help you understand whether it will suit to you or not! 

🔶 Demo trial: Indifferent Broccoli facilitates a demo trial helping their clients evaluate the product’s quality and suitability.

🔶 Smooth server experience: The quality and specifications of the server hardware, bandwidth, and connectivity are top-notch.

🔶 Customer Service: Very efficient customer service support is provided by Indifferent Broccoli.

Pros and Cons

  • At Indifferent Broccoli, Clients’ servers are automatically installed within minutes after clients purchase their plan.
  • It facilitates a very effective and efficient backup facility for its clients.
  • If an Indifferent Broccoli server does not satisfy a client’s needs, they provide a service with a seven-day refund policy; clients can contact customer support and get their money back.
  • Users using this server complained about the low-security factor it provides, which may lead to data breaches and other security issues compared with its other rivals.
  • Its server quality is different from other big names in the industry.

9. Gameservers – Blazing-Fast Gaming Server

Gameservers is a hosting supplier specializing in hosting game servers for online multiplayer games.

Gameservers offer various hosting options, including dedicated servers, VPS, cloud servers, and a range of tools and services to help users set up and manage their game servers.

The facilities and services that Gameservers includes are mentioned below:



We have listed some of its key features to help you understand whether it will suit you or not! 

🔶 Various game support: Support for a wide range of games, including popular titles like Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Rust.

🔶 Custom Panel: Custom control panel for managing game servers and settings.

🔶 High-end configuration: The high-performance hardware and network infrastructure and 24/7 customer support and technical assistance.

Pros and Cons

  • Gameservers hosting offers tools and services that help clients quickly and easily set up and configure their servers.
  • It also uses high-performance hardware and networking equipment to ensure the servers run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Gameservers often scale servers up or down as needed to handle traffic spikes or other changes in demand.
  • Using Gameservers is more expensive than other server hosting companies in its league r on clients’ hardware.
  • Gameservers providers have limited options for customizing the hardware and software configuration of clients’ servers. This can make it more difficult to tailor the server to specific needs or requirements.
  • Gameservers experience technical issues or outages, which can impact the availability of clients’ game servers.

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10. Nitrous Networks- Best For Dedicated Game Server

Nitrous Networks is a hosting company with cloud hosting solutions for diverse objectives, game hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers.

Nitrous Networks provides high-performance hosting game servers for Minecraft, Rust, Valheim etc.

Nitrous Networks


We have listed some of its key features to help you understand whether it will suit you or not! 

🔶 High-performance hardware: Nitrous Networks uses top-of-the-line hardware to ensure that its servers are fast and reliable.

🔶 Scalability: The company’s cloud hosting platform is designed to be scalable, allowing users to add or remove resources as needed quickly.

🔶 Multiple locations: Nitrous Networks has data centres worldwide, allowing users to choose the most convenient location.

Pros and Cons

  • Nitrous Networks consist of fast servers that can handle a high traffic volume.
  • Nitrous Networks offers various hosting options, including shared, VPS, and dedicated servers, allowing customers to choose the best solution for their needs.
  • Nitrous Networks presents competitive pricing for its hosting resources, making it an appealing choice for small businesses or individuals.
  • Nitrous Networks has servers located in only a few countries, which may not be suitable for websites with a global audience.
  • Nitrous Networks does not provide an uptime guarantee, which means that customers are not guaranteed a precise level of availability for their websites.
  • Nitrous Networks gets mixed customer reviews, with some applauding the company’s service and others reporting negative experiences.

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FAQs – Best Valheim Servers

What is Valheim?

The PC Gaming Show in 2020 was the first time Valheim had been shown off, and attendees were instantly captivated by it. There was a lot of excitement surrounding the game during its development. Among various excellent survival games, Valheim stands out for its Viking lifestyle and gorgeous world, which turns out to be both unforgiving and welcoming at the same time.

Can I host Valheim Servers for free?

Yes, one can host Valheim servers for free using their computers. Valheim is a multiplayer game server platform consisting of a stalwart server. 

Does ScalaCube offer a free trial?

ScalaCube does not provide free trials on their paid plans, although one can test an accessible single-player server.

Why do we use Valheim Server Hosting?

There are numerous reasons why clients choose to use Valheim server hosting:

Customization: When hosting this server, users have absolute control over the game settings.

Reliability: A dedicated server hosting platform can provide players with a more sturdy and dependable experience.

Ease of use: Many Valheim server hosting providers offer easy-to-use control panels and tools for managing and configuring the server.

Is ScalaCube better than Apexhosting?

 The best Valheim server hosting provider for a user depends on the specific needs and preferences. Apart from this, Scalacube does not provide a money-back guarantee and has limited location coverage, whereas Apexhosting offers a seven-day money-back guarantee and broader location coverage.

Is there any free trial of Best Valheim Server Hosting?

Some providers of Valheim server hosting facilitate a free trial or a money-back guarantee. It is worth checking with discrete hosting providers to see if they provide such options.

How many Players are in Valheim?

Valheim is a survival game played alone or in a group. This game grants ten players access to join a server and play simultaneously.

Is Valheim Sever's security level good?

The security of a Valheim server depends on its setup and maintenance by the server host.

Conclusion- Best Valheim Server Hosting

For a fun gaming experience, choosing the right Best Valheim server hosting company is essential. After thorough research, we highly recommend ApexMinecraftHosting or ScalaCube, two of the top Valheim server hosting companies on the market.

ApexMinecraftHosting offers affordable pricing plans and exceptional support services. It is an excellent choice for novice and advanced gamers due to its intuitive control panel, DDoS protection and simple mod installation.

ScalaCube offers an intuitive interface and fast, reliable server performance. ScalaCube’s round-the-clock customer service, automated server backups and one-click installation of mods further enhance the gaming experience.

ScalaCube and ApexMinecraftHosting offer a wide range of features that cater to gamers’ diverse needs. They offer Valheim gamers an unparalleled gaming experience with affordable pricing plans, high-performance servers, and outstanding support services.

ScalaCube and ApexMinecraftHosting are our top choices for Valheim server hosting. We highly recommend them for all of your gaming needs.


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    Best Valheim Server Hosting In 2024– Top #10 [Reviewed]

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