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Nutty About Hosting Review

Nutty About Hosting is one of the most popular UK-based hosting service providers. It has immense popularity among business organisations and web developers. It serves its customers with full hard work and dedication. Its web hosting plans are relative to covering a wide range of audiences.

Hence, web hosting, which has become a business nowadays, is quite popular among those associated with developing web applications. It includes web designing, web outsourcing and website designing

About Nutty About Hosting 

Nutty About Hosting is a UK-based firm that provides customers with fast and secure enterprise servers

About Nutty About Hosting Review

This website very well manages the whole system of providing the services, and it offers to host services and domain packages at cheap rates. The company provides SSL certificates to users at reasonable rates.

Test and Analysis 

The various parameters on which a web hosting service provider is judged are listed here. We analyse the extent to which Nutty About stands on these parameters and then conclude what exactly makes it so special.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The user interface that Nutty About provides is quite interesting and, at the same time, very useful to the user. The whole interface is well equipped with different tabs of products and services so that the user may navigate through it easily and find out the information about the website very efficiently.

Nutty About Hosting Customer Support 

The website has its mobile number and email id displayed in the section under the heading Contact Us. However, that is all that’s available for customer support and the website essentially lacks a live chat support option which makes it quite difficult to reach the support.

Security Analysis  

The website has got some amazing security features. It has SSL certificates for the websites it hosts to keep up its security. It also has firewalls to prevent unauthorised access and these firewalls are updated from time to time to keep up with the security and protection they offer.

Key Features of Nutty About Hosting 

Below are some outstanding features that give the Nutty About Hosting web service provider an edge over other service provider companies.

  • Cheap domains

It provides cheap domains to its users and has a list of domains to offer its clients. The whole domain-providing setup is easy, and the transactions are also safe and secure.

  • SSL Certificates

The company provides SSL Certificates to its users at cheap rates and with very reasonable eligibility to keep up with the security and protection of the websites.

  • Nutty About Hosting Domain

The various domains that Nutty About provides are .uk, .ac.uk, .co.uk and many more. The domains provided are cheap and have no additional fees. 

Nutty About Hosting Domain

The services included in these are email and web forwarding. These domain names are fully DNS controlled.

Nutty About Hosting Pros & Cons 

The Nutty About Hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages. These are discussed below in brief. 


  • High variety among various domain names.
  • It has got package services at cheaper rates.


  • The customer support is not good and lacks live chat support system.

FAQs – Nutty About Hosting Review

Where is the base company located for Nutty About Hosting?

The base company for Nutty About Hosting is in Devon, United Kingdom.

What is the uptime guarantee of Nutty About Hosting?

Nutty About Hosting offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee for their web hosting plans except for planned or emergency server maintenance.

Is the lifetime domain really “free” with Nutty About Hosting?

No, the lifetime domain is not free with Nutty About Hosting. But, the service is provided at a very cheap rate.

Conclusion – Nutty About Hosting Review

Nutty About web hosting service provider is quite useful for advanced as well as novice users of web hosting services.

They need to understand that the main aim of providing cheap domain name rates is to ensure affordability to all users. The whole platform and company are well organised, and one should definitely choose this web hosting platform to design their website.

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