7 Best VPS Hosting New Zealand 🇳🇿 2024 – (Top Picked)

Targeting visitors from New Zealand for your Blogging or e-commerce websites? 

If yes, then Go through the article and Choose the best VPS Hosting New Zealand that offer low latency, Regional Redundancy, and the Highest SEO Advantages for your website.

E-business has engulfed the entire Globe, especially in the Post Covid era! The want for online business and 24/7 running Websites is at its peak. 

This, in turn, increases the need for VPS Hosting services at the heart of commercial areas, i.e., New Zealand.

If you have a website that targets an audience from New Zealand, then VPS hosting in New Zealand is the Perfect choice that you should go for.

Exclusive for our Readers, in this article, we have presented the Top #7 VPS hosting services that users can go with to grab ultimate website hosting services

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7 Best VPS Hosting Providers in New Zealand 

Read the article further to know the #7 Best VPs hosting services providers from New Zealand, its key features and Plans and Pricing policy as well.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial
2. UltaHostOverall Managed SSD VPS Server
3. ScalaHosting Overall Best Cluster VPS Hosting
4. Liquidweb Best VPS Hosting Provider
5. A2Hosting – Overall 20* Faster SSD Hosting Server
6. HostPapa Powerful VPS Hosting in New Zealand
7. WebHosting NZ Cheapest VPS plans in New Zealand

1. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial

Kamatera offers fast, Secure, and Flexible Cloud Solutions in New Zealand that even provide enterprise-level Cloud VPS hosting services for Startups, SMBs, Web Developers, and SaaS Providers.

Newbies, especially Startups, can use Kamatera’s 30 Days Free Trial services to get a taste of the cloud server services.  

Kamatera offers 24/7/365 Server monitoring, thereby providing a secure hosting ground for the new user’s website.

Kamatera About

Key Specifications

Go through the list of features given below to learn the services offered by Kamatera Cloud servers:

🔶 Load Balancer helps to prevent server overloading, thereby maximizing server performance.

🔶 Get Unlimited Scaling, letting users easily scale, i.e., upgrade and downgrade the web resources.

🔶 Kamatera’s Price Calculator helps you choose the required RAM/ Storage/ Processor as per the requirement.

🔶  Cloud servers of Kamatera are Self-provisioned and Self Configured through a simple management portal.

🔶 Enjoy Kamatera’s diagonal scaling i.e., horizontal and vertical scaling strategies solution to meet unpredicted spikes in demand.

Plans and Pricing

Kamatera offers an incredible Price Calculator letting the users pay only for the VPS services they need as per the requirement of the website.

Kamatera Plans

2. UltaHost – Overall Managed SSD VPS Server

UltaHost is the world’s leading website hosting service provider that offers ultra-fast Storage mechanisms for greater website loading speed.

VPS servers of UltaHost are highly protected by Anti-DDoS Application and Free Malware Scanning to protect the data of your website.

UltaHost allows you to host Unlimited Websites stuffed with heavy traffic in a single server at a very affordable rate. 

ultahost ABout

Key Specifications

Eager to know more? Read the list of key features offered by the VPS hosting service of UltaHost.

🔶 UltaHost VPS servers can easily provide hosting services to the GameServers having online multiplayer Games.

🔶 Get 24/7 server monitoring, Two-factor authentication, and SSL certificates, thereby letting the users focus on the growth of the website.

🔶 Built-in Cache mechanism, Varnish, Memcached, and Reddis enhance the speed of the website.

🔶 UltaHost Servers are powered by Ultra-Optimized 14th-generation Dell servers, in turn offer maximum redundancy in terms of smooth network.

🔶 Obtain Full Root VPS server Access in order to configure and monitor the servers as per the requirement.

Plans and Pricing

Price of UltaHost’s Managed Servers with a minimum of 1 vCore CPU and 1 GB RAM starts from just $5.50 per month. See the screenshot given below to learn the other VPS plans as well.

Ultahost buy vps with bitcoin

3. ScalaHosting – Overall Best Cluster VPS Hosting

ScalaHosting is one of the best web Hosting providers in New Zealand that offers Fully managed VPS hosting services with cutting-edge cloud computing technology.

Not only for Store owners but also for web developers and SMBs, Scalahosting offers easy website management and top-notch storage infrastructure for faster loading times.

ScalaHosting offers round-the-clock Customer support services to help users troubleshoot technical server issues via LiveChat and Ticket system.


Key Specifications

Read the bullet points mentioned below to know the VPS hosting services features offered by ScalaHosting:

🔶 Scalahosting provides over 250+ web application software with One Click Installer to your VPS servers.

🔶 Have your website hosting services with some other company? Easily Get your website migrated to ScalaHosting for absolutely zero cost.

🔶 Keep your website accessible and online 24/7 over the internet with 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime offered by ScalaHosting.

🔶 ScalaHosting-developed-sPanel, NexGen ControlPanel created especially for easy management of VPS servers, blazing fast loading times as well.

🔶 Keep your website protected all the time with SShield, an innovative security solution that helps block 99.98% of web attacks on your website.

Plans and Pricing

Go through the Price information given below to know all the VPS plans and Pricing schemes offered by ScalaHosting:

ScalaHosting VPS Plans

4. LiquidWeb – Best VPS Hosting Provider

LiquidWeb is one of the Most Affordable VPS servers that offer Fully Managed Cloud servers for newbies to let them focus on the Growth of their website.

LiquidWeb delivers 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime, which means the VPS servers suffer near Zero Downtime, making the website accessible 24/7 on the internet.

LiquidWeb Support Team offers Instant assistance to the users via LiveChat and Ticket support to resolve technical server issues.


Key Specifications

Let’s go through the key features of the VPS hosting plans offered by LiquidWeb. The points are stated as under:

🔶 LiquidWeb delivers AMD-EPYC-built processors and Faster 10Gbps Network, offering high Performance of the VPS servers.

🔶 Protect the Data with Advanced DDoS protection and Retrieve the data of your website anywhere and anytime with Acronis Cyber Backup plans. 

🔶 Enhance the performance, protection, and speed of the website with a secured Dedicated IP address and Integrated FireWall.

🔶 With InterWorx cPanel, Enjoy centralized VPS Hosting management and Full server control for all the websites.

🔶 Keep your websites online all the time on the internet and ensure your e-business remains online with 100% Guaranteed Power and Network Uptime.

Plans and Pricing

Eager to see the VPS hosting Plans offered by LiquidWeb? Below are the plans and the Pricing schemes mentioned:

Liquidweb VPS Plans

5. A2Hosting – Overall 20* Faster SSD Hosting Server

A2Hosting is the oldest VPS hosting service that offers Pre-installed CloudLinux OS and also provides seamless BackUp plans to help the users retrieve the data of the website.

A2Hosting also offers cPanel for easy website management and a User-friendly interface as well. 

A2Hosting provides Fully managed VPS servers and even 100% WorryFree HostGuard Server Management. USers can also Choose the OS and can Enjoy Instant VPS server Setup too.

A2hosting VPS Hosting

Key Specifications

See the points given below to learn the features of the VPS hosting services delivered by A2Hosting:

🔶 Protect the VPS servers with Imunify360 Security Suite and Get a Dedicated IP address to increase the security of the website.

🔶 A2Hosting Staff offers Guru Support Services to the users trying to resolve issues 24/7 via the LiveChat option.

🔶 For Better SEO ranking and high conversion rates, A2Hosting offers VPS servers backed by 20X Faster Turbo Technology.

🔶 A2Hosting servers are 100% Reliable among new users running a Blogging or an eCommerce website due to Highest Guaranteed Uptime.

🔶 With Full Root VPS server access of A2Hosting, users can also customize and manage their servers to meet specific needs.

Plans and Pricing

The various VPS server plans and their Pricing Schemes offered by A2Hositng are mentioned as under:

A2Hosting VPS Plans

6. Hostpapa – Powerful VPS Hosting in New Zealand

HostPapa is a web hosting service provider that offers premium VPS servers, incredible security, and the best eCommerce web applications for the Online store, is the best VPS hosting ground for Startups and SMBs. 

Users cannot take their eyes off the SSD Hard Drives that offer seamless storage technology for greater website speed. Moreover, install over 100+ web applications with Softaculous and customize your website as per the need.

hostpapa about

Key Specifications

Go through the points provided below to learn the VPS hosting services features given by HostPapa:

🔶 Manage all the web files and customize the server as per your own need with the Easy to use cPanel offered by HostPapa.

🔶 Get in Touch with HostPapa IT experts to learn and handle everything that the VPS servers offer, whereas Get support services as well via LiveChat and Ticket system.

🔶 VPS servers of HostPapa come with DDoS Protection, BruteForce Detection, RAID Redundancy to offer maximum security to the data of the website.

🔶 The visitors of your website enjoy the lowest latency when surfing your website with the Latest SSD NVMe Storage technology.

🔶 With a VPS server plan of HostPapa, host Unlimited website and Domains, making the hosting ground perfect for designers and developers who build sites for customers.

Plans and Pricing

The plans and Pricing of the VPS hosting services of HostPapa are mentioned in detail as under:

HostPapa VPS Plans

7. Webhosting NZ – Cheapest VPS plans in New Zealand

WebhostingNZ, is one of the Best affordable web hosting companies that offers VPS hosting services Exclusively in New Zealand.

It offers Swift, friendly interface and a knowledgeable support 24/7 for users who have zero skills about handling VPS servers.

WebhostingNZ has its Data Center in a secure location in Auckland as it has 100% power supply thereby keeping the servers secure and online round the clock.

Webhosting NZ

Key Specifications

Lets see the Main features that WebhostingNZ offers to the users purchasing the VPS server plans:

🔶 Latest Version of easy to use control Panel, cPanel offers advanced features to manage the servers without any issue.

🔶 WebhostingNZ offers 99.50% of Guaranteed Uptime in an entire Month providing near to Zero point of failure and keeping the website online 24/7.

🔶 Recover the data of your website with Offshore BackUps and Get Free SSLs for all your domains to encrypt the connection between the visitor and the website.

🔶 Newbies on not liking the quality  of the VPS services can Cancel the plan right away with 30Days Money back policy.

🔶 Manage the VPS servers and Customise it as per the need with Complete Root Server Access.

Plans and Pricing

Go through the screenshot given below to learn the plans and prices of VPS hosting services of WebhostingNZ:

Webhosting NZ VPS Plans

Why Choose New Zealand VPS Hosting Servers?

Bloggers, Startups, SMBs, Web Developers and Enterprise with Heavy influx of traffic on the NewZealand Based website should go for NewZealand VPS hosting services due to the following reasons:

  • VPS hosting services in New Zealand has its data centers located in the territorial boundaries of NewZealand (Auckland) giving the visitors of the website low latency.
  • Choosing VPS hosting services in NewZealand helps to get maximum regional redundancy and 24/7 website availability, increasing its SEO ranking as well.
  • Due to round the clock electricity supply and UPS backed Data servers in NewZealand, the VPS hosting keeps the website everytime online on the internet.
  • Even users can get Local Expert Support via live chat and Ticketing system in English language.
  • NewZealand, known for its incredible IT Infrastructure, offers excellent Processors and Storage Technology for greater performance of the website.

FAQs – Best VPS Hosting New Zealand

Which are the Best Cheap VPS Hosting providers in New Zealand?

Kamatera, offering 30 Days Free VPS Trials; UltaHost and ScalaHosting, with 30 Days Money back Guarantee, are the Top Cheap VPS hosting service providers in NewZealand as it offers greater performance of the website starting at a  very affordable rate ($5.50 per month).

How do VPS hosting providers in New Zealand handle customer support?

VPS Hosting providers in NewZealand offer Customer support in English via LiveChat, Ticketing system, Knowledgebase and Tutorials to help troubleshoot the technical issues faced by the clients.

What is the average cost of VPS hosting in New Zealand?

The average Cost of VPS hosting plan in NewZealand in which the user gets a minimum 1 vCore CPU, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB NVMe Storage and Managed servers, is $5.50 per month.

Can I upgrade my VPS plan as my needs grow?

VPS hosting plans in NewZealand are Highly Scalable, as it allows users to Upgrade and Downgrade the web resources of the server according to the need.

Do I need technical expertise to manage a VPS?

Well! it Depends. Users having technical knowledge can Grab the Unmanaged VPS hosting services, whereas, the users having Zero web hosting skills can buy Managed  VPS hosting package, helping the user to handle the configuration of the servers.

How do I migrate my website to a VPS hosting provider in New Zealand?

Its very Simple, Contact the Technical Team of the VPS hosting provider where you require to migrate the website. Make sure to point the VPS hosting provider nameservers to your domain after completing the transferring process. 

Conclusion – Best VPS Hosting New Zealand

Craving to get TopNotch smooth VPS hosting services? Make sure to Choose the Best VPS hosting service providers from the list above. With Data centers based in NewZealand, get maximum SEO advantage for your eCommerce or Blogging website, in turn grabbing maximum benefits as well.

Please Stuff the comments section with your ideas and suggestions and we’ll make sure that we stand by it too.

CompanyGoogieHost Review RatingStarting PriceUptimeFind Here
Kamatera 4.9$4.00/mo99.95%Visit Here
UltaHost4.8$5.50/mo100% Visit Here
ScalaHosting4.7$29.95 /mo99.9%Visit Here
LiquidWeb4.1$20/mo99.95%Visit Here
A2Hosting4.9$4.99/mo99.98%Visit Here
HostPapa4.2$19.99/mo99%Visit Here
WebHosting NZ3.9$9 p/m99.50% Visit Here

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