7 Best VPS Hosting Cyprus 🇨🇾 Jun,2024 – (Top Picked)

Having a Cyprus-based high-traffic website and wanting to make it accessible online 24/7 among the visitors of your website? 

Are you a web developer from Cyprus, who wants to create a controlled, isolated environment for testing, websites, applications, and software? 

Then VPS hosting in Cyprus is the Right web Hosting solution you should go for!

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Top 7 Best VPS Hosting Cyprus 2024

Having that said, let us now list the Latest Top 7 Best VPS Hosting Cyprus 2024 that have Data Centers in Cyprus, thereby aiding your Cyprus-based website to handle the heavy influx of traffic and even offering Quick web page loading to ensure the lowest latency.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. QloudHost – Overall Best VPS Hosting Cyprus
2. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial
3. UltaHostOverall Managed SSD VPS Server
4. Impreza – Highly Scalable VPS Hosting Provider in Cyprus
5. Hostinger Suitable Host for VPS Hosting Cyprus
5. A2Hosting – Overall 20* Faster SSD Hosting Server
7. Navicosoft – Affordable and Reliable VPS hosting

1. QloudHost – Overall Best VPS Hosting Cyprus

QloudHost, Known for it’s Best-ignored Offshore VPS hosting provider in Cyprus, offers several web-related solutions that are required to run your high-performing website online 24/7.

Users can even choose from among multiple OS options (Debian/ Linux/ Windows). 

The VPS servers of QloudHost have built-in Latest SSD NVMe Storage technology for enhancing website loading speed.

QloudHost Hosting

Key Features

Cyprus VPS hosting services of QloudHost offer the following features to the users:

🔶 UserFriendly Control Panel cPanel/WHM for easy website management.

🔶 247 Local support services to the users in the Local language.

🔶 Minimum 1 TB BandWidth and SSD Storage technology for greater webpage loading.

🔶 14 Days Money Back policy to provide a free environment to the newbies.

🔶 Get CloudLinux OS, LiteSpeed web servers, and other Technical Specifications.

Plans and Pricing

Qloudhost VPS Plans

2. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial

Kamatera, an Enterprise-Grade Performance Cloud Service provider, offers Virtual Private Cloud services, creating an isolated private cloud environment and giving your website all the possible web resources (RAM/ Storage/ Bandwidth) that it needs to scale up on the internet. 

As far as Scalability is concerned, Kamatera offers a Price calculator to enable the user to increase or decrease the web resources as per the requirement of the website.

Kamatera About

Key Features

Below are the key features of Virtual private cloud services offered by Kamatera:

🔶 VPS servers of Kamatera are highly protected from cyberattacks and network intruders.

🔶 Offers Highly Scalable VPS plans enabling users to scale up and down the resources.

🔶 With Kamatera, Get Quick VPS server deployment just after the successful purchase.

🔶 VPS plans of Kamatera are hourly billed, letting users pay as per their needs.

🔶 Get Full Root access to your VPS server, ensuring user-friendly configurations.

Plans and Pricing

Kamatera Plans

3. UltaHost – Overall Managed SSD VPS Server

UltaHost, one of the Best Cyprus VPS server hosting providers, with Easy to Manage servers, 24/7 Support services, and Unmetered Bandwidth, offers a wonderful Hosting solution to the users along with a Dedicated Management team that works BackStage for users having zero knowledge about how to handle and manage the VPS servers.

ultahost ABout

Along with that, Ultahost offers a Dedicated IPv4 address to establish an isolated hosting environment for the users.

Key Features

The key specifications of VPS hosting plans offered by UltaHost are given as under:

🔶 VPS servers of UltaHost are Fully Managed, letting the users focus on the growth of the website.

🔶 Get Free Automated BackUp plans, to help you recover the data of your website at times of emergency at Zero Cost.

🔶 The VPS servers are backed by BitNinja security, Dedicated FireWall, and Free SSLs, to ensure secure connections with the visitors of the website.

🔶 To keep your website online and accessible 24/7, UltaHost VPS servers offer 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime.

🔶 Get Full Root Access to your VPS servers, enabling you to configure the server as per your demand.

Plans and Pricing

Ultahost buy vps with bitcoin

4. Impreza – Highly Scalable VPS Hosting Provider in Cyprus

With SSD-backed VPS servers and highly scalable plans, Impreza, one of the Most Affordable VPS hosting providers, offers the latest Advanced Hardware, supported software, and built-in security Technology, for your VPS servers.

Besides, Impreza’s Expert Staff offers Dedicated Local support services via LiveChat to troubleshoot server-related issues.

Impreza gives a wide range of OS options to the users to choose from, and powerful Processors to upkeep your servers 24/7.

Impreza About

Key Features

The key features that Impreza offers to its VPS servers are listed as follows:

🔶 All VPS servers have SSDs and Upgraded Hardware with Intel Xeon Processors.

🔶 Get Full Root Access to your VPS servers in order to make server-related configuration.

🔶 Offers Bitcoin as a Payment medium thereby giving wide options to users while purchasing.

🔶 Offers expert-guided Local Customer support services via LiveChat to the users having server-related issues.

🔶 Impreza’s VPS plans are Highly Scalable and allow users to easily upscale and downscale as per the requirement.

Plans and Pricing

Impreza VPS Plans

5. Hostinger – Suitable Host for VPS Hosting Cyprus

Supported by KVM Virtualization technology, Hostinger, one of the Best Cheap VPS hosting providers, offers advanced Hardware and top-notch security technology to secure the VPS servers from malicious online threats.

Moreover, SSD NVMe storage technology offers faster web page loading options as well.

For users having Zero knowledge about how to handle VPS servers to upkeep the website, Hostinger offers VPS servers with AI assistance and a Dedicated Server support team as well. 

hostinger about

Key Features

The key features and main specifications offered by Hostinger are provided as under:

🔶 Hostinger offers free-of-cost real-time snapshots and Advanced DDoS Protection to secure your servers from online threats.

🔶 Get a dedicated IPv4 Address to enjoy an isolated environment to test applications and websites.

🔶 Malware Scanner helps to secure your servers from cyberattacks.

🔶 VPS hosting plans of Hostinger are highly scalable, permitting users to increase or decrease the resources needed for the website.

🔶 Get an instant Server deployment soon after the purchase of VPS server hosting services.

Plans and Pricing

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

6. A2Hosting – Overall 20* Faster SSD Hosting Server

A2Hosting, the Best Cloud Linux VPS hosting Provider 2024, offers all sorts of web-related utilities like Domain registration, web hosting services, Website migration, and a lot more.

A2Hosting VPS servers are secured by Free Imunify360 SecuritySuite, Advanced SSoS protection, and Free SSLs for all domains from all possibilities of cyberattacks.

Moreover, A2Hosting also offers Turbo fast web servers in order to run swiftly and consistently.

A2hosting VPS Hosting

With 99.90% guaranteed Uptime, the VPS servers run with 24/7 accessibility.

Key Features

VPS servers of A2Hosting come with the following features as such:

🔶 SSD NVMe storage technology-backed VPS servers give faster page loading speed.

🔶 Full root access to your VPS servers ensures quick configuration as per the requirement.

🔶 The web servers are 20 times faster due to Turbo technology.

🔶 A2Hosting Expert Staff are always at your stake 24/7 via LiveChat to help you out in case of issues.

🔶 Get an easy to use Control Panel cPanel in order to handle the web files.

Plans and Pricing

A2Hosting VPS Plans

7. Navicosoft – Affordable and Reliable VPS hosting

Cyprus VPS Hosting services from Navicosoft, Swift, Trustworthy and Powerful VPS hosting service with DDoS Protection, include web-related solutions like, Free RDNs (important for IP reputation), Website Builder, and Fully Managed VPS hosting as well. 


It’s the ideal risk-free VPS hosting option for Newbies, thanks to its reasonable prices, scalable plans, and 30-day refund policy.

Key Features

Let’s take a look at the main features of the VPS server hosting services that Navicosoft provides:

🔶 For monitoring purposes, Navicosoft provides one dedicated IP address and full root access to the VPS servers.

🔶 Acquire Auto SSL, Comodo, and additional SSL encryption to guarantee an encrypted connection with your website’s visitors. 

🔶 Low latency is achieved through faster content delivery and web page loading thanks to the latest SSD NVMe storage technology.

🔶 Navicosoft guarantees the highest uptime and unlimited bandwidth, guaranteeing that the website is accessible 24/7.

🔶 Get fully managed VPS server hosting services if you have no idea how to manage VPS servers.

Plans and Pricing

Navicosoft VPS Plans

Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in Cyprus

Let’s now Read the list of benefits that users reap when Using VPS Hosting in Cyprus to acquire hosting services for their Cyprus-based high-traffic website.

  • First off, the VPS Hosting from Cyprus ensures minimum web page loading delays for the Cyprus-based website.
  • Website users can Grab the opportunity to enjoy Local Cyprus Support services and that too in the local Language, i.e., Greek and Turkish Support via LiveChat and Ticket support 24/7.
  • VPS hosting services in Cyprus may offer the convenience of transactions in the local currency (EURO) and also open a wide range of Payment options, including BItcoins.
  • VPS hosting in Cyprus ensures your online business or website complies with Local regulations and legal requirements concerning the content of your website.
  • Ensures your website is among the Top Local Searches of the European audience due to Improved SEO capabilities of your website. 

What Factors Are Considered While Using Cyprus VPS Hosting?

The points mentioned below will help you Grab the Right VPS hosting solutions from Cyprus. So, Keep in mind the listed factors when Buying Cyprus VPS Hosting services. 

  • Firstly, make sure that the VPS hosting provider has Data Centers in Cyprus or somewhere near Cyprus to ensure your website gets improved SEO Performance. 
  • Secondly, See to it that the VPS hosting provider complies with the Local Data Regulation Law to ensure your content gets a safe and secure online environment. 
  • Choose the VPS hosting provider in Cyprus whose VPS plans are Highly Scalable and offer top-notch advanced Hardware and other web resources at a cheaper rate.
  • Pick the Cyprus VPS Hosting provider that offers Local Support services in Greek in Turkish Language, and the technical Staff is accessible 24/7 via Live Chat and Ticket support.

Well, if you consider the above points before buying VPS hosting services in Cyprus, not only will you get the Latest VPS servers with 24/7 Power backup, but can also grab SEO advantages for your websites.

Why Cyprus VPS Hosting?

If you have a website targeting viewers from Cyprus and even want to cater to the greater needs of your high-traffic website, then you need a Cyprus VPS Hosting provider

It lets you offer the lowest latency to the visitors of your website, maximum Regional Redundancy and even lets you grab the opportunity to access all the other forms of SEO benefits as well.


Who is the best VPS hosting provider in Cyprus?

QloudHost, Kamatera, and UltaHost, to name a few, are the Best VPS hosting providers in Cyprus as they offer Highly Scalable plans, the latest Digital Cloud Computing Infrastructure that lets your website run smoothly 24/7 and offer local support service round the clock in local languages.

Where is Cyprus Cyprus-based VPS Located?

Cyprus-based VPS Servers are either located inside Cyprus or in some nearby country. The location of servers is such that it never fails to offer Maximum Regional Redundancy and the lowest latency to your Cyprus audience.

How much does a VPS Cyprus cost?

The starting price of a VPS hosting service in Cyprus is $18.99 per month offered by Offshore DCMA ignored VPS servers from QloudHost.

Is it possible to order an additional IP if the virtual server is rented abroad?

Absolutely Yes! VPS hosting services in Cyprus offer a Dedicated IPv4 exclusively for your websites, ensuring an isolated Hosting environment, thereby securing the content of the website as well.

How long does it take to deliver my Cyprus VPS?

VPS hosting providers in Cyprus, QloudHost, Kamatera, and UltaHost, offer Quick deployment of VPS servers right after the successful purchase, helping the user to focus only on the growth of the website.

Is VPS hosting suitable for e-commerce websites operating in Cyprus?

Vps Hosting in Cyprus is the best web solution option for your eCommerce websites operating in Cyprus as it offers a UserFriendly control Panel cPAnel/ WHM and multiple supported software to customize the design and the content of the website to make it look more engaging, has a swift payment option and a lot more services as well.

Can I buy VPS Cyprus with crypto?

Yes! There are VPS hosting Providers in Cyprus that accept payments in Crypto Currency i.e. BitCoins for VPS hosting and other web-related solutions.


Users from Cyprus looking for a highly efficient and Fully Scalable web-related solution for their high-traffic website should Go for the Right VPS services to provide hosting services to the website, keeping it accessible 24/7.

This post has listed the Top 7 Best VPS hosting providers in Cyprus that not only offer Local Support services but also provide Top Notch Web hosting infrastructure like CPU/ RAM/ Storage, helping your website remain online at all times.

We sincerely hope the piece of information provided in this article is worthy of Spending Time and giving a Read.


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