7 Best VPS Hosting in Russia🇷🇺 June, 2024[Reviewed]

Do you want to attract Russian visitors to your blogging/business website? Even more, do you require Separate Dedicated Resources such as CPU/RAM/Storage for your upscaling websites that too at a fair price? Do you have an e-commerce website and wish to expand into the Russian economy? 

Try Using the Best VPS Hosting Services from Russia, where you can easily receive Greater Security Standards + Reduced Risk of Downtime Due to 24/7 Electricity Supply + Compliance with Russian Law Enforcement Regulations and a lot more advantages that we’ll go over further on this page.

Do you want to discover the top 7 Best VPS Hosting in Russian in 2024? We have listed the VPS hosting services from Russia that you may select based on the needs of your website below.

Prior to going any further, let’s define VPS Hosting in Russia and why, and for what reasons, people pick hosting services from Russia. So, to learn more about all of that, continue reading the article for juicy facts. 👍

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What is VPS Hosting in Russia?

VPS Hosting in Russia simply refers to the Purchasing of VPS hosting services from hosting companies with Data Centers in Russia

Users with Blogging/e-Commerce websites that aim to attract Russian audiences or who want a flood of Russian visitors backed by a higher level of safety and shorter latency for their website at a very low cost can blindly rush for VPS Hosting services from web hosting providers with data centers in Russia.

Furthermore, VPS hosting in Russia offers constant 24/7 local assistance in the event of an issue via Live Chat Ticketing and Phone assistance.

VPS server Hosting

From what we can see, there are several advantages to purchasing VPS Hosting services from hosting providers with data centers in Russia.

Let’s get started to learn about the #7 Best VPS Hosting in Russia, its key benefits, various plans and costs of the hosting services. 

Top #7 VPS Hosting Providers in Russia 🇷🇺 2024

We have specifically listed down the #7 Best VPS hosting in Russia 2024 for you to conduct an in-depth study of each and every hosting in Russia before making an attempt to order the VPS hosting services from it.

So, let us begin the discussion with QloudHost, Highly secure and 100% Data Privacy VPS hosting services, at the top of the following list:

⏰  TL;DR:

1. QloudHostOverall “Best” VPS Hosting Russia
2. Kamatera Overall “Reliable & Support” VPS Server
3. Cloudways Overall “Fast” VPS Hosting Solutions
4. ImprezaOverall “Affordable” VPS Hosting Provioder
5. LiquidWeb Overall “Fast & Reliable” VPS Server
6. DigitalOceanOverall Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Platforms
7. KnownHostOverall “Fully Managed” VPS Server

1. QloudHost – Overall “Best” VPS Hosting Russia

Wanting upgraded security for the Data of your Website?

Try DMCA ignored servers of QloudHost, provides Next-Gen offshore VPS hosting services with Advanced DDoS Protection, FireWall Protection + Overall Complete Protection to ensure privacy of users data. Moreover, User friendly interface, near to zero downtime, Consistent server monitoring makes QloudHost the Right VPS hosting choice for professionals. 

QloudHost Hosting [Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting]


Craving to know more about the specifics offered by QloudHost? Here, are the features that VPS users get:

🔶 Offers Easy to use Interface for the users who have no technical knowledge about handling the configurations related to the website.

🔶 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime shows the availability of your website available  on the internet round the clock.

🔶 Provides Full DDoS Protection to secure your website from unwanted and harmful DDoS attacks saving your website from crashing.

🔶 Users are given Full Root Access to the servers in order to enable them to control the resources and make necessary configuration of the website.

🔶 100% Privacy Protection is offered to the Data of your website with the Latest security Firewall to avoid any sort of online threat.

🔶 Latest SSD NVMe Storage Drives ensure the lowest page loading time thereby improving the performance of your website.

🔶 Weekly Backup enables the users to restore the data of the website as and when required.

📌 You can also check out the QloudHost review to ensure you make a wise decision. 

Pros and Cons

The merits of using the VPS hosting services from QloudHost are as follows:


  • 14 Days Money Back Policy
  • DMCA ignored VPS hosting 
  • Free Website Migration 
  • Free SSLs to all your Domain
  • Offers Complete Security to your Data 


  • Delayed Customer services response time 

Plans and price

The various VPS hosting plans and its related Pricing policy are been tabulated as follows:

Plan and its Features RAMStorage CPUMonthly Price
VPS Entry4 GB RAM50 GB NVMe SSD Storage2v CPU$18.99 per month
VPS Value8 GB RAM120 GB NVMe SSD Storage4v CPU$46.99 per month

2. Kamatera – Overall “Reliable & Support” VPS Server

Kamatera, founded in 1995, is a cloud based VPS hosting provider, offering top notch storage technology to its users for better page loading time of their website.

The VPS hosting solutions offered by Kamatera are Flexible and Scalable in turn helps you to build the website as per your need backed by User friendly Interface. Furthermore, with excellent and consistent round the clock Customer support services it provides a comfortable hosting environment to the users.

Kamatera About


Wanting to study more about the Features of Kamatera? Here are the following specifics that Kamatera gives to its users:

🔶 User Friendly and Ease of use interface enables the VPS users to customize their website easily with One Click installation features as per the needs of their website.

🔶 Faster Page loading time due to the Latest SSD NVMe Storage drives improves the website performance.

🔶 Guarantees 99.9% of committed Uptime thereby ensuring the availability of the users’ website on the internet 24/7 without any technical glitch.

🔶 Server SetUp in minutes without any unnecessary delays thereby helping the users in focusing more on the growth of the website.

🔶 Instant Scaling and Flexibility if the users think of customizing their website to meet the growing demands.

🔶 Users are given Full Root Access enabling them to scale and control their servers as per the need of their site.

🔶 Backups and Monitoring to ensure the users can restore the data of the website as and when required.

📌 We will recommend you read Kamatera reviews to understand everything about its services in detail. 

Pros and Cons

The Merits of using VPS hostings from Kamatera are as follows:


  • 30 Days free Server Trials 
  • 18 data centers located all across the Globe
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • The Email support is non responsive at times, however the users can avail the round the clock Chat Support.

Plans and price

The VPS hosting plans offered by Kamatera are displayed in a very easy to understand tabular manner with its Key Takeaways and its related Pricing policy.

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
Simple 20 GB SSD Storage 1v CPU1 GB RAM$4 Per Month
Customized 30 GB SSD Storage2v CPU2 GB RAM $8 Per Month

3. CloudWays – Overall “Fast” VPS Hosting Solutions

Looking for Fast, User-Friendly and TrustWorthy cloud VPS Hosting services?

Then, Try to Go for CloudWays, as not only it has its data center in multiple locations across the Globe but also it has advanced cache and cloudflare(CDN) ensuring highest website performance thereby resulting in faster website growth as well. Moreover, Cloudways also provides guaranteed 99.99% uptime with 10X faster page loading time. 

cloudways about


Desiring to learn about the specifics about CloudWays Fully managed VPS Hosting Services? Go through the points listed as under:

🔶 Cloudways’ Web FireWall Application, Advanced DDoS Protection, and Free SSLs give a secure hosting experience.

🔶 Latest SSD NVMe Drives provide a breakthrough in website speed, lowering page load time.

🔶 Optimized Advanced Caches such as Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis provide faster response times.

🔶 Flexible VPS hosting servers, allowing you to enhance the VPS’s resources as needed due to rising website demand.

🔶 Free and easy to use c-Panel and one-click instant Setup with Cloudways give a user-friendly hosting environment.

🔶 Cloudways provides 24/7 monitoring of your servers to ensure the security of your website thereby protecting it from various online threats.

🔶 Restore your data using the One Click Backup tool to get your website’s vital information.

📌 We have tested its server’s quality with results in the Cloudways review. Consider reading it carefully to understand whether it will suit your website or not. 

Pros and Cons

The merits of using the VPS hosting services from Cloudways are as follows:


  • Free SSL Installation to all your Domain.
  • Free Website Migration
  • Over 25+ Data Centers to choose your server location
  • All VPS hosting Plans are Managed


  • No Refund Policy and No Free Trials before buying the Premium VPS hosting plans

Plans and price

Want to know about the Plans and its related pricing policy? Look at the table to get the information as under:

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice per month
DigitalOcean (Plan1)50 GB SSD Storage 1v Core CPU2 GB RAM$28 per month
DigitalOcean (Plan2)80 GB SSD Storage 2v Core CPU4 GB RAM$54 per month

4. Impreza – Overall “Affordable” VPS Hosting Provioder

Looking for VPS Hosting services that run on RAID technology + cPanel for easy configuration of your VPS server providing an easy to configure VPS Hosting ground?

Then Impreza will be the Perfect choice for your VPS hosting service for your website where you can also get an incredible server Monitoring thereby protecting the sensitive data of your website. It also gives by giving 30 Days money back Guarantee increasing the performance of your website.

Impreza About


Want to have a look at the seamless web hosting features provided by Impreza? Here, we have contemplated the following points:

🔶 Latest web application softwares ensures Superior Performance of the website.

🔶 One click Easy Installation of the web applications.

🔶 Full Root Access to your servers for self control function in order to customize your website as per your need.

🔶 Raid Technology ensures lowest page loading time ensuring quick availability of the website to your visitors.

🔶 Scalable and Reliable servers for easy upgradation of your dedicated server resources of your website.

🔶 FireWall Protection + Advanced DDoS Protection secure the relevant data of your website.

🔶 User Friendly Interface for those users who are having zero tech savvy and have no pre experience how to control and handle websites.

Pros and Cons

The following are the merits of using VPS hosting services from Impreza:


  • 24/7 Support services via LiveChat and Ticketing
  • Free SSLs for all Domain
  • Free Website Migration


  • No Free Domain
  • Email support lags at times. 

Plans and price

The VPS hosting plans offered by Impreza are displayed in a very easy to understand tabular manner with its Key Takeaways and its related Pricing policy.

Plan and its Features RAMStorage CPUMonthly Price
VPS 1 (2TB Bandwidth)4 GB RAM40 GB NVMe SSD Storage2v CPU$18.99 per month
VPS 2 (3TB Bandwidth)8 GB RAM80 GB NVMe SSD Storage4v CPU$46.99 per month

5. LiquidWeb – Overall “Fast & Reliable” VPS Server

Wanting to learn what LiquidWeb has reserved for the VPS users seeking for VPS hosting services in Russia?

Fully Managed Next-Gen VPS hosting services in Russia with the Latest 10gbps network, Top-Notch Processor and Memory + CPU optimized plans is what LiquidWeb has for you. If you are running an e-Commerce store or having a Gaming platform, then LiquidWeb holds a better chance of being the Right VPS Hosting services for you. 



Kindly, look out for the features that LiquidWeb Provides to quench the greater requirements of your website:

🔶 LiquidWeb provides the most recent SSD NVMe Storage Technology, guaranteeing that your website’s page load times are as short as possible.

🔶 Free daily backup for speedy website restoration Data allows you to obtain information when needed.

🔶 Highly Scalable, allowing you to upgrade and Downgrade your managed VPS resources as per the need of the website.

🔶 A user-friendly hosting environment is provided by the free c-Panel and one-click setup.

🔶 LiquidWeb provides Free website migrations and Zero Costs SSL certificates for all of your domains.

🔶 LiquidWeb offers 100% Guaranteed Power and Uptime assurance assuring near to zero downtime for your website.

🔶 Round-the-clock customer assistance through live chat and ticketing system provides consumers with a very seamless hosting experience.

🔶 Standard DDoS Attack Protection to shield your website from sudden malicious online threats.

🔶 Enjoy full Root Control over your VPS servers with Full Root Access feature offered by LiquidWeb.

📌 You can go through LiquidWeb review to understand the complete picture of their service’s quality. 

Pros and Cons

The merits of using the VPS hosting services from LiquidWeb are as follows:


  • Reliable, Secure and Full Data Privacy
  • 24/7 Customer support via LiveChat, Ticket Support and HelpDesk
  • Free Website migration
  • Free SSLs to all your Domain


  • Limited Data Centers for your VPS server hosting
  • No Domain Services 

Plans and price

The various VPS Hosting Plans and its related Features + Pricing Policy are given as under:

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice per month 
Essential10 GB SSD NVMe Storage2v Core CPU 2 GB RAM$20 Per month
Advanced60 GB SSD NVMe Storage4v Core CPU 4 GB RAM$30 Per Month

6. DigitalOcean – Overall Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Platforms

Discuss video streaming, gaming platforms, e-commerce stores, and simple blogging.

DigitalOcean comes into play because it provides quicker disk performance, advanced CPU infrastructure, and a consistently faster page loading rate, all of which improve the speed of your website. DigitalOcean VPS servers offer the Linux operating system, delivering a user-friendly hosting environment.

DigitalOcean About


MouthWatered to know more specifics about DigitalOcean VPS Hosting Services? Give a read to the followings points:

🔶 Zero Cost Website Migrations and Free SSL certificates to all your domains are provided by DigitalOcean.

🔶 New SSD NVMe Storage Technology is offered by DigitalOcean ensuring lowest page loading times of your website.

🔶 Free Daily Backup for quick restoration of the website Data enables you to retrieve the information back when required.

🔶 Highly Flexible, letting you scale the resources of the VPS as and when required due to the greater need of the website.

🔶 Free c-Panel along with one click installer giving a user-friendly hosting atmosphere to the user.

🔶 99.95% of guaranteed uptime is assured by DigitalOcean thereby ensuring near to Zero Downtime of your website and availability on the internet 24/7.

🔶 Customer support services via live chat and ticketing system round the clock gives a very smooth hosting experience to the users.

📌 Want to know more about it? Check out the DigitalOcean review!! 

Pros and Cons

The merits of using the VPS Hosting services from Digital Ocean are as follows:


  • Use Cloud technology for providing VPS hosting services
  • Instant SetUp in Minutes
  • Reliable services
  • Top Notch Security
  • Automatic BackUp system


  • Lacks Free Domain
  • Email support lags at times.

Plans and price

Here are the various Plans and its related features with their Prices presented in a table format.

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
Droplets 10 GB SSD NVMe Storage1v Core CPU 512 MB RAM$4 Per month
Kubernetes60 GB SSD NVMe Storage2v Core CPU 2 GB RAM$12 Per Month

7. KnownHost – Overall “Fully Managed” VPS Server

Browsing for cloud VPS hosting in Russia that is swift, , and trustworthy?

Then choose KnownHost, which not only has data centers in many places across the world, but also has seamless dedicated resources to ensure maximum website speed, resulting in quicker website growth. Furthermore, KnownHost guarantees 99.99% uptime, RAID-10 SSD Technology and 10X quicker website loading time. 



Kindly, look out for the features that KnownHost Provides to quench the greater requirements of your website:

🔶 KnownHost uses cutting-edge SSD NVMe Storage Technology to ensure that your website’s page load speeds are as fast as possible.

🔶 Daily free backup for quick website repair Data enables you to acquire information when it is required.

🔶 Highly scalable, with the ability to upgrade and downgrade your managed VPS resources based on the needs of the website.

🔶 The free c-Panel and one-click setup give a user-friendly hosting environment.

🔶 For all of your domains, KnownHost offers free website migrations and zero-cost SSL certificates.

🔶 KnownHost provides 100% Guaranteed Power and Uptime, ensuring near-zero downtime for your website.

🔶 Customers receive round-the-clock customer service via live chat and a ticketing system, resulting in a highly frictionless hosting experience.

🔶 Advanced DDoS Attack Protection to shield your website from sudden malicious online threats.

🔶 Utilize Full Root Control over your VPS servers with Full Root Access feature offered by KnownHost.

📌 You can go through KnownHost review to understand the complete picture of their service’s quality. 

Pros and Cons

The Followings are the merits that are provided by KnownHost:


  • Free SSLs for all your Domains.
  • Free Website Migration 
  • 24/7 Support services via Live Chat


  • Ticket support and phone support lags at times.
  • No free domain 

Plans and price

Here are the various Plans and its related features with their Prices presented in a table format.

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice
Basic VPS Server75 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage1v Core CPU 4 GB RAM$43.25 Per month
Standard VPS Server150 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage2v Core CPU 8 GB RAM$63.25 Per Month

Tips for Choosing the Best VPS Hosting Provider

Want to Choose the Right VPS hosting Provider in Russia to target  the Russian audience, obtaining the best performance, advanced security, and dependability? Then keep the following Tips in your mind while selecting the Best VPS hosting providers from Russia:

Highest Uptime and Greater Consistency

Pick the VPS Hosting Provider who assures a consistent 99.99% Uptime (Negligible Downtime). Now that all hosting companies on the market offer zero downtime, how can you know which one to trust? As a matter of fact, a VPS service with several Data Centers especially in Russia may be extremely dependable.  

Dedicated server Resources

Choose a VPS hosting provider that provides a plethora of resources like Dedicated server resources like RAM, and CPU series to fulfill the needs of your websites. 

Note: Choosing SSD Storage technology over HDD Storage technology allows for faster data accessibility for your website’s visitors while also providing higher performance.

Reliability and Scalability

Among the most significant elements to keep in mind before selecting the right VPS hosting service is the rate of scalability provided by the VPS hosting company in Russia. The greater the amount of Scalability provided by the hosting firm, the better for your website performance.

Round the Clock Customer Support Services 

Pick a VPS hosting provider in Russia that provides smooth customer service, such as faster response times and Multiple help channels, as well as 24/7 Customer assistance.

Pricing and Monetary Value

Remember to consider the Price Structure, which includes any setup prices, auto renewal fees, and other fees. Consider enticing discount offers and seasonal discounts like BlackFridaySale, CyberMondayOffer, and others.

If you analyze the aforementioned factors before acquiring VPS hosting services, you will be able to select the Perfect VPS service Provider in Russia, where you will not only enjoy Zero Downtime and Reliability, but also 24/7 support services at a lower cost.

FAQs -Best VPS Hosting in Russia

Why should I consider VPS hosting in Russia?

If you have a Professional e-Commerce website targeting Russian audience and having greater Dedicated resources requirement, then you should Blindly go for Russian VPS hosting services where you’ll get Lowest Latency, DMCA Ignored Servers, Highly Reliable VPS servers, Friendly interface, and a lot more features as well. 

What are the most reputable VPS hosting providers in Russia?

QloudHost, Cloudways and Kamatera to name a few are Russian VPS hosting providers that are known for offering DMCA ignored servers, Free SSL, Free Website migration, Advanced DDoS and other Security Protection applications + Top Notch SSD NVMe storage technology offering a seamless VPS hosting atmosphere to the users.

What is the average cost of VPS hosting in Russia?

First of all, the cost of purchasing VPS hosting services in Russia is absolutely Zero. Try, Kamatera. Second of all, the minimum cost of running a VPS server in Russia is $4 onwards with DigitalOcean.

How do I host a website in Russia?

It’s very easy. Follow the steps given below to get your website hosting in Russia:

  • First determine the precise requirement for your professional website. 
  • Then prepare your minimum Budget.
  • Look at the 7#Best VPS hosting service providers in Russia mentioned in this post.
  • Give it an in-depth analysis keeping in mind the website need and your budget constraints.
  • On choosing the Right VPS hosting provider from Russia, Go to the official website of that VPS hosting provider. 
  • Place your order by choosing the Perfect VPS hosting option + by making payment.
  • Your hosting provider will carry out an instant SetUp.
  • Lastly, Enjoy! Hosting your professional website 

Is there any free VPS hosting in Russia?

Kamatera offers VPS hosting backed by the Latest Cloud Technology for absolutely no cost. The basic 1GB RAM, 20 GB SSD NVMe Storage and 1v Core CPU are all available at free of cost.

How to Get the Best Russia VPS Server at Cheap Price?

It’s very Simple! Kamatera, QloudHost, Cloudways to name a few are the VPS hosting providers from Russia mentioned in this article that provide VPS hostings at a very Cheaper rate.

Where can I get high-quality cheap VPS Hosting solutions in russia?

With QloudHost, Kamatera and DigitalOcean you not only get High Quality VPS hostings in Russia but also at a very cheaper rate.

Conclusion – Best VPS Hosting in Russia

Here we have the 7 Best VPS Hosting in Russia that provides you with the highest uptime +  reliability, the lowest latency + fastest page loading time, and a plethora of other VPS hosting services that provide users with a smooth hosting experience. 

Choosing one of the #7 Best VPS Hosting Providers may give you huge benefits, allowing you to maximize your revenues by targeting the Russian viewers.

To summarize, these are the Best VPS Hosting in Russia 2024…

RankProvider Server Uptime GuaranteeMoney Back PolicyStarting Price Visit 
1QloudHost100%14 Day$18.99 per monthFine More
2Kamatera99.95%30 Day Free Trial $4 per monthFine More
3Cloudways99.999%$28 per monthFind More
4Impreza99.99%7 days $44/moFind More 
5LiquidWeb99.98%30 Day$105.99/moFind More 
6DigitalOcean99.99%$79.99/moFind More 
7KnownHost99.99%30-Day$134/moFind More 

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