8 Best VPS Hosting Romania May, 2024 🇷🇴 (Top Picked)

Sometimes due to the website’s heavy Romanian visitor traffic and greater web requirements, it’s obvious to rent a server for a secured hosting environment. To this, comes the Best VPS hosting Romania that offers dedicated hardware and reliable web resources unlike Shared hosting and is even cheaper than renting an entire physical server.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all that you require to know about the Top 8 Best VPS hosting services in Romania, its key features and various plans & Pricing Policies.

For those running out of time, Go for UltaHost, Kamatera and QloudHost, as their Incredible virtual server hosting services, cheap dedicated web resources, Developer-friendly environment and Responsive Support services make them stand out as few of the Best VPS hosting providers in Romania.

Let’s get to the details, Quick! 👍

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8 Best Romania VPS Hosting Providers in 2024

Craving to learn more? Below, we have catalogued the Top-Ranked 8 Best Romania VPS Hosting Providers in 2024 that offer Virtual servers with dedicated web Resources like RAM/ Storage/ CPU to host websites and run applications plus ensure websites’ Overall availability on the internet 24/7. 

So, let’s start our Romania VPS hosting journey from UltaHost 👍

⏰  TL;DR:

1. UltaHost: Overall Best VPS Hosting Romania
2. Kamatera: Best Romania VPS Hosting
3. QloudHost: Best Affordable VPS Hosting
4. HostArmada: Best Budget VPS Hosting Romania
5. Chemicloud: Best Reliable & Secure VPS Hosting
6. A2Hosting: Best VPS Hosting Service With 20X Speed
7. Interserver: Affordable Unlimited Cloud VPS Hosting
8. Navicosoft: Best Romania VPS Server Hosting Providers

1. UltaHost: Overall Best VPS Hosting Romania

As far as UltaHost is concerned, with its incredible security technology like Advanced DDoS protection & IP whitelisting and Reliable Virtualization hardware, it offers one of the best cheap VPS hosting services in Romania.

UltaHost’s round-the-clock support services via LiveChat and Ticketing system ensure that none of your technical issues go unresolved.

Gamers and Web Developers, requiring instant server configuration and testing ground for applications can blindly go for VPS hosting plans with UltaHost as it offers Full server access and a staging environment.

Ultahost Best VPS Hosting Romania


🔶 Free Domain With Annual Plan: UltaHost offers Free Domain with Yearly Plans + Free SSL certificate for all the Domain encrypting the connection of your website with the visitor.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Other than LiveChat Support and Ticketing system, UltaHost even gives the users access to Free tutorials and KnowledgeBase giving more resourceful information.

🔶 Highly Scalable Plans: Developers wanting hosting resources as per their application requirement can easily upscale or downscale the VPS resources of UltaHost instantly during the subscription too.

🔶 Instant Setup at Zero Charges: As soon as the VPS order is placed, UltaHost ensures quick SetUp with Zero charges required for installation, making UltaHost the Cheap Romania VPS Hosting provider.

Pricing and Plans

VPS Basic $5.5 per monthVPS Business $9.50 per monthVPS Professional $16.50 per month
1vCore CPU + 1GB RAM2vCore CPU + 2GB RAM3vCore CPU + 4GB RAM
30GB NVMe SSD + 1IPv4 Address50GB NVMe SSD + 1IPv4 Address75GB NVMe SSD + 1IPv4 Address

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2. Kamatera: Best Romania VPS Hosting

Users wanting an Isolated cloud environment, can buy VPC, Virtual Private Cloud, exclusively from Kamatera.

Virtual Cloud servers of Kamatera can be self-configured through Kamatera’s Simple management portal and users can customize the settings as per the requirement. Hourly payment of Kamatera lets new users opt for resources for a particular period.

Within a matter of minutes, developers can upscale or downscale the cloud server capacity depending on the application or website’s needs.

Kamatera About


🔶 Incredible Cloud Technologies: Kamatera works with amazing hosting technologies like Cloud Remote Desktop, to access virtual server resources from distant locations, Cloud load balancer, Block storage and many more as well.

🔶 Security Services: From malware scanning and cloud server monitoring to Daily BackUp plans, Kamatera offers incredible security services, ensuring 100% protection of the data of the website.

🔶 Easy Pricing Policy: The Cloud server plans are hourly billed plus they are highly scalable letting the user choose the resources and the period they need in just a few clicks.

🔶 30-Days Free Trial: Newbies, who fear paying a lump sum on the first purchase, can make use of the 30-day free Cloud server trial with 1TB cloud storage and $300 credit as well.

Pricing and Plans

VPS#1 $4 per monthVPS#2 $6 per monthVPS#3 $12 per month
1vCore CPU (2997MHz) + 1GB RAM1vCore CPU (2997MHz) + 2GB RAM2vCore CPU (5333MHz) + 2GB RAM
20GB SSD + 1IPv4 Address20GB SSD + 1IPv4 Address30GB SSD + 1IPv4 Address

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3. QloudHost: Best Affordable VPS Hosting

One of the greatest VPS hosting companies, QloudHost, has DMCA-ignored VPS servers that provide 100% protection of your data against copyright violations.

The company has a data centre in Europe, close to Romania. Select your preferred operating system (Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, RockyLinux, and AlmaLinux) using QloudHost.

Get industry-leading server hardware that performs very well, such as SSD NVMe storage technology for faster website loads, and an integrated 100% server protection system.

QloudHost Hosting


🔶 DMCA-ignored Offshore VPS servers: The DMCA-ignored VPS servers from QloudHost are fantastic for shielding the content of your website from copyright violations.

🔶 Complete Root Access: Users are granted total control over web servers, enabling them to customize or administer them according to their needs.

🔶 Extremely Scalable Plans: Choose from adaptable plans that enable you to increase or decrease the features, hence scaling the servers’ web resources.

🔶 Weekly Backup and Screenshots: Weekly Backup enables you to access your data in an emergency, and Weekly 1 Screenshot guarantees consistent server monitoring.

Pricing and Plans

VPS Entry $18.99 per monthVPS Value $46.99 per monthVPS Business $55.99 per month
2vCore CPU +4GB RAM4vCore CPU + 8GB RAM6vCore CPU + 12GB RAM

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4. HostArmada: Best Budget VPS Hosting Romania

HostArmada uses KVM virtualization technology to provide the Best Managed Cloud VPS hosting services.

HostArmada provides a Fully Managed VPS server for beginners with no experience configuring servers. In addition, HostArmada’s VPS servers are always up and running because of their 99.90% Guaranteed Uptime.

Additionally, HostArmada provides free daily backup options that enable you to access your website’s data whenever needed.

HostArmada About


🔶 Security Technology: To protect the content of your website, HostArmada provides Regular Malware Scans, Malware Removal, and Web FireWall Application services.

🔶 Newest Storage Mechanism: For rapid and easy webpage loading, take advantage of enhanced caching and the newest SSD NVMe storage technology.

🔶 Engaging Applications for Customizing Websites: HostArmada provides Drag&Drop SiteBuilder, an efficient tool for creating captivating websites that will draw in Romanian visitors.

🔶Attractive Add-Ons: In addition to VPS Hosting options, HostArmada offers Unlimited Database, Emails, and SubDomain hosting services.

Pricing and Plans

WebShuttle#1 $29.95 per monthWebVoyager#2 $35.73 per monthWebRaider#3 $46.73 per month
1vCore CPU + 2GB RAM2vCore CPU + 4GB RAM4vCore CPU + 8GB RAM
2TB Network + 50GB SSD Storage4TB Network + 80GB SSD Storage5TB Network + 160GB SSD Storage

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5. Chemicloud: Best Reliable & Secure VPS Hosting

Chemicloud is a top-rated managed VPS hosting option that provides free cPanel and managed software upgrades.

This allows users to concentrate just on expanding their websites. Chemicloud provides a range of Cloud VPS options at different cost ranges.

Chemicloud offers managed services in an intuitive VPS hosting environment, making it simple for customers to configure the server even if they have no prior knowledge of server management.

chemicloud about


🔶 Reliable CPU Processor: SSD NVMe Storage Technology with AMD EPYC Processors improves your website’s speed and guarantees continuous online availability.

🔶 Support Services: Live chat and the ticketing system provide clients with round-the-clock assistance in resolving server issues.

🔶 Extremely Scalable Plans: Users can customize the quantity of web resources to meet their requirements because of the VPS plans’ excellent scalability.

🔶 Simple Interface: Chemicloud provides an intuitive, customizable User-Friendly cPanel for web file handling and server administration. 

Pricing and Plans

Cloud#1 $29.95 per monthCloud#2 $49.95 per monthCloud#3 $89.95 per month
2vCore CPU + 4GB RAM4vCore CPU + 8GB RAM6vCore CPU + 16GB RAM
80Gb NVMe Storage + 4TB@Net160GB NVMe Storage + 5TB@Net320GB NVMe Storage + 6TB@Net

🔔With Chemicloud, get flat 45% OFF on Cloud VPS Hosting services. Grab one month of Free VPS hosting offer on a 12-month billing cycle.

6. A2Hosting: Best VPS Hosting Service With 20X Speed

A2Hosting is one of the top VPS hosting providers with data centres close to Romania, which is well-known for offering Managed VPS and UnManaged VPS hosting services to users (Bloggers, SMBs, Developers, and Gamers).

Customers can cancel their membership at any time and receive a refund if they decide that A2Hosting does not meet their needs.

Additionally, 99.90% assured Uptime is provided by A2Hosting, guaranteeing that visitors to the website may access it at all times. Users can transfer to A2Hosting for free even if they currently have their website registered with another hosting company.

A2 hosting


🔶 Free SSL Certificates: SSLs use encrypted technology to safeguard the user’s connection to the website. Free SSLs are available from A2Hosting for all domains.

🔶 Extremely Scalable Plans: A2Hosting offers very flexible VPS plans that allow users to scale up or down website resources in accordance with their needs.

🔶 Full Root Access: A2Hosting offers VPSs to developers and gamers who want total administrative access to the servers so they may configure them as needed.

🔶 Free Pre-Installed Linux OS: A2Hosting’s Managed VPS servers come with a pre-installed Linux operating system. Additionally, customers have the ability to choose from a variety of OS alternatives, such as Windows or CentOS.

Pricing and Plans

TakeOff Plans ($35.99 per month)Soar Plans ($54.99 per month)Launch Plans ($2.99 per month) 
8vCore CPU8vCore CPU4vCore CPU

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7. Interserver: Affordable Unlimited Cloud VPS Hosting

Known for its single dedicated IP address, upgraded har4dware (such as a CPU processor and 1 to 10 Gbps network connectivity), and affordable Best VPS hosting in Romania, InterServer caters to businesses with larger website requirements.

Maximum regional redundancy and rapid website accessibility are ensured by a 100% power supply to data centres with a 99.90% guaranteed uptime.

For customers who lack the technical know-how to handle the server configurations independently, InterServer even provides Fully Managed VPS servers.

Interserver About

One of the less expensive VPS servers, InterServer, provides new customers with round-the-clock support.


🔶Instant VPS Deployment with Zero Setup Cost: Users get Quick deployment of the VPS servers on purchasing with No charge spent on VPS setup.

🔶 Integrated DDoS Protection: To save the website’s data and visitor’s personal information from malicious cyber attacks, InterServer encrypts the website connection with Advanced DDoS Protection. 

🔶 Managed & UnManaged VPS servers: InterServer’s Fully managed VPS servers assist the users, and have Zero technical skills, whereas unmanaged VPS servers are meant to suit the Developer’s purpose.

🔶 Full Root VPS access: Get Complete Root access to VPS servers in order to make configurations and customize a few server settings as per the requirement of the website.

Pricing and Plans

Plan#1 $6 per monthPlan#2 $12 per monthPlan#3 $18 per month
1vCore CPU + 2GB RAM2vCore CPU + 4GB RAM3vCore CPU + 6GB RAM
30GB SSD Storage + 2TB Network60GB SSD Storage + 4TB Network90GB SSD Storage + 6TB Network

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Free domain registration, free RDNs (important for IP reputation), site builder, and managed VPS hosting are all provided by Navicosoft, the Fast, Reliable, and Powerful VPS hosting service with Advanced DDoS Protection.

Get the opportunity to host an unlimited number of websites with Navicosoft. If you want to switch from another VPS provider to Navicosoft for your hosting needs, you can even receive free website migration.

With its 60-day refund policy, scalable plans, and reasonable prices, it’s the ideal risk-free VPS hosting option for beginners.



🔶Amazing Hardware: CloudFlare CDN and the Most Recent SSD NVMe Storage Technology guarantee reduced latency and faster content delivery and webpage loading times.

🔶One Gbps Uptime: Navicosoft guarantees the highest uptime possible with a one-gigabit uplink and unlimited bandwidth, so the website is always accessible.

🔶 Fully Managed VPS servers: For users with no prior experience managing a VPS server, this option is available.

🔶 User-friendly Control Panel: Navicosoft provides a cPanel/WHM/Plesk Control Panel to handle the web files and control other server-related parameters. 

Plans & Pricing

Bucharest#VI $12.60 per monthBucharest#V2 $16.80 per monthBucharest#V3 $25.20 per month
1vCore CPU + 512MB RAM1vCore CPU + 1GB RAM2vCore CPU + 2GB RAM
10GB DiskSpace + 500GB@1Gbps30GB DiskSpace + 1.5TB@1Gbps40GB DiskSpace + 2TB@1Gbps

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Why Should Use VPS Hosting in Romania?

Invest in a Romanian VPS hosting server to get unlimited SEO advantages, on-site technical assistance, and round-the-clock website accessibility. 

It not only increases the visibility of your website but also guarantees that Romania’s law enforcement agency will give you the best data protection possible.

  • Local support services in English or Romanian are provided by Romanian VPS providers.
  • Due to the strict implementation of Romanian data protection laws, the website’s data is protected.
  • Benefit from SEO by ranking well in local search results.
  • The Romanian website is always up and accessible to users because of its 100% round-the-clock power supply in the Data centres and highest guaranteed uptime.
  • Thanks to local web server hosting services, your website’s audience benefits from the lowest latency and maximum regional redundancy available.

How to Find The Right VPS Hosting?

Craving to know how to find the Right VPS hosting provider in Romania to specifically target the Romanian and European audience while ensuring the highest level of reliability, performance, and security?

Then, bear the following suggestions in mind when you choose the top Romanian VPS hosting companies:

  • Select the VPS hosting company that offers a reliable 99.99% Uptime (Minuscule Downtime) guarantee.
  • To meet the demands of your websites, pick a VPS hosting company that offers an abundance of dedicated server resources, such as RAM and CPU series.
  • One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best VPS hosting service is the Romanian VPS hosting company’s rate of scalability.
  • Select a Romanian VPS hosting company that offers seamless customer support, including several help channels, quicker response times, and round-the-clock customer support.
  • Don’t forget to take into account the Price Structure, which comprises any setup costs, fees for auto-renewal, and other charges.

Before purchasing VPS hosting services, consider the aforementioned aspects carefully. This will help you choose the best VPS service provider in Romania, where you can get 24/7 support services at a reduced price in addition to Zero Downtime and Reliability.


Who is the best VPS hosting provider in Romania?

UltaHost, Kamatera and QloudHost to name a few are the best VPS Hosting providers in Romania that offer incredible Data security against online attacks and reliable cloud VPS features like Balancer, Storage, and dedicated network as well.

What's the Best Romanian VPS hosting service?

As far as 30 days of Free Trials, Free 1TB Cloud Storage, unlimited Bandwidth and Remote desktops to handle virtual servers from a remote distance are concerned, Kamatera is the Best Romanian VPS hosting service.

How Much Traffic Can VPS Handle?

Romania’s Best VPS servers can handle Unlimited Traffic smoothly due to its incredible hosting features and dedicated web resources using virtualization technology.

What are the benefits of VPS Romania Hosting?

VPS Romania Hosting firstly offers data centres in or near Romania, giving 24/7 Power Supply guaranteeing Uptime round the clock and Local Support services via LiveCjhat and Ticketing system in English/ Romanian and other Local languages.

Is VPS hosting suitable for e-commerce websites operating in Romania?

Absolutely Yes! VPS hosting is available for e-commerce websites operating in or near Romania. Get various e-comm CMS installation options like Shopify, Magento, etc with One click installer Softaculous. 

What payment method do you accept?

VPS hosting companies in Romania offer PayPal, Crypto payments, Internet Banking, and Cards as means of payment options.


The best VPS hosting in Romania may be purchased by developers seeking a free staging environment in which to test their apps, by gamers seeking a remote gaming environment, or by users planning to upgrade their websites to accommodate a higher volume of visitors from Romania.

Users, confused What VPS hosting provider to go with? Choose QloudHost is a good option for those who are still unsure about which VPS provider may provide them with the most benefits since it provides 14-day free trials for those who are unwilling to spend a large amount upfront.

Users may get assistance with copyright concerns via DMCA-ignored VPS servers, and the website’s data is shielded from dangerous online threats by a malware scanner and firewall program.

Name PriceMoney back guaranteeStorageFind Here
UltaHost$5.50 / mo30 Day MoneyBack guarantee30 GB Visit Here
Kamatera$4.00 / mo30-Day MoneyBack guarantee20 GBVisit Here
QloudHost$18.9914 Days Money Back guarantee50 GBVisit Here
HostArmada$ 29.95 / mo45 Days Money Back guarantee 50 GBVisit Here
Chemicloud$ 29.957 Days Money Back guarantee80 GBVisit Here
A2Hosting$35.99 / moHassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee450 GBVisit Here
Interserver$6/moN/A30 GBVisit Here
Navicosoft$12.6/ mo30-Days Money-Back Guarantee10 GBVisit Here


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