7 Best VPS Hosting UAE, Dubai 🇦🇪 2024 (Top Picked)

Habibi! Want to Grab a Heavy Influx of Middle Eastern Traffic to your Website? Then, Get VPS Hosting services from Dubai!

Engaging the audience (mostly Arabs) from UAE or nearby Middle Eastern countries requires one with a website to Get VPS Hosting Services for website hosting providers that have Data Centers in UAE, mainly in Dubai.

Why is it necessary to buy VPS hosting from those providers who have Data Servers in the UAE? Lastly, Who are the Top Best VPS Hosting UAE? 

The above few questions are the ones that we’ve contemplated and are going to decode in this article Exclusively for our Readers.

For those who have no idea What VPS hosting actually is, So, VPS hosting is a type of Web hosting service that offers Independent Web Resources like RAM, Storage, CPU, Processors, and Bandwidth from a virtual Server of an entire physical server Using Virtualization Technology to your website.

Note: For greater UAE website Requirements, always Buy the Best VPS Hosting to handle Greater UAE Traffic, Get a greater SEO advantage, and Smoothen the Server Management. 

Let’s Embark on the journey to know the Best VPS providers in UAE without wasting a single minute now!

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The 7 Best VPS Hosting Providers in UAE June,2024

Below, we have listed the 7 Top Best VPS web Hosting Providers in UAE that not only give SEO advantage to your website targeting Middle Eastern Audience but also help to Fully manage the Servers as well.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. YouStable – Overall Best VPS Hosting in UAE
2. Kamatera – Fast, Secure, and Flexible Cloud VPS Solutions
3. AEServer – Best UAE VPS Hosting Providers
4. A2Hosting – Overall 20* Faster SSD Hosting Server UAE
5. Bluehost Lightning Fast and Secure VPS Hosting Provider
6. Tasjeel Simple and Affordable VPS Hosting UAE
7. Temok Fast & Flexible VPS Hosting UAE

1. YouStable – Overall Best VPS Hosting in UAE

YouStable is a renowned Web hosting service Provider that offers a wide range of VPS services, including CyberPanel VPS, DirectAdmin VPS, cPanel VPS, and a lot more to come in the future.

YouStable’s VPS servers are highly Flexible, and a User can easily Upgrade and Downgrade the web resources as per the needs of the website.

From a Dedicated IPv4 IP address, the latest Storage Technology to TopNotch FireWall SetUp for greater security of the website, YouStable offers every possible service required to Upkeep your website.

YouStable About

Key Features

🔶 Get Multiple Control Panel options from cPanel, DirectAdmin, and many more to handle the web files and do easy server management.

🔶 To manage your VPS servers 24/7, YouStable offers Full Root Access to the VPS server feature in order to enable users to have Complete Control of the web servers.

🔶 Users get Guaranteed web resources like Storage/ BandWidth/ CPU and Processors to handle the greater needs of the website.

🔶 Servers are highly secured with Advanced DDoS Protection, Imunify360, and BitNinja Security to protect the Data of your website from malicious Online Threats. 

Plans & Pricing

Various VPS Plans and Pricing Schemes offered by YouStable are stated as Under: 

YouStable uae plans

2. Kamatera – Fast, Secure, and Flexible Cloud VPS Solutions

Kamatera is an Enterprise-Grade Best Managed Cloud VPS provider that offers top-notch web solutions like Windows VPS servers, Cloud Servers, Cloud FireWall, Load Balancers, and a lot more web-related products at a 30-day free Trial and very affordable rates.

From Remote desktop Servers to VoIP Servers for advanced Telephonic services, Kamatera offers everything.

Along with that, Kamatera ensures 24/7/365 Customer support services via LiveChat and Ticketing system. Enjoy Fully Managed VPS server hosting services Exclusively from Kamatera.

Kamatera About

Key Features

🔶 Secure your Data from malicious online threats with Cloud Firewall and other enhanced cloud networks of Kamatera. 

🔶 Servers can be easily self-configured and self-provisioned through the simple management portal offered by Kamatera.

🔶 Web resources of Kamatera can effortlessly be Upgraded and Downgraded as per the requirement of the website.

🔶 UAE websites remain available 24/7 and easily accessible by website visitors due to 99.95% of Guaranteed Uptime. 

🔶 Kamatera helps to distribute the server traffic and workload by Cloud Load Balancer ensuring Zero point of Failure of your website.

Plans & Pricing

Kamatera offers an incredible Price Calculator to let users choose web resources as per their needs.

Kamatera VPS Plans

3. AEServer – Best UAE VPS Hosting Providers

AEServer, popularly known as Arab Emirates Server, is a UAE web service platform that offers local web-related products like Web hosting, Domains, Servers, and a lot more web solution services as well.

AEServer offers Reliable DELL Hardware with Nex-Gen SSD Storage Technology for faster website loading speed, thereby ensuring low latency as well. 

Moreover, AEServer also offers Local Customer support in Middle Eastern Languages (English, Arabic), helping the users troubleshoot issues as quickly as possible.


Key Features

🔶 VPS servers offered by AEServers are easy to manage and do not require Rocket science to effortlessly manage the web servers.

🔶 The Latest Redundant DELL Servers offer highly reliable website hosting services, and the result of Using SSD Storage Disk for Faster website loading speed is incredible.

🔶 AEServer allows users to choose the Top OS (Windows/ Linux/ Debian/ CentOS/ Ubuntu) for VPS servers as per the need and likeness of the website user. 

🔶 Offers Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 for greater server single control and regular monitoring of the servers around the clock.

Plans & Pricing

The various Cloud VPS plans and their Pricing Policy are provided as under:

AEServer Plans

4. A2Hosting – Overall 20* Faster SSD Hosting Server UAE

A2Hosting is one of the Best VPS hosting services providers that offers AI-enabled Performance optimization and Fully Managed VPS hosting services at a very affordable Price.

The web servers are Turbo-backed 20Times faster VPS servers enabling the user to take High SEO advantages.

Furthermore, the website remains online with A2Hosting 24/7 due to 99.90% Guaranteed Uptime, and for resolving issues, Guru Support Services are almost next to excellent too.

A2hosting VPS Hosting

Key Features

🔶 Guru Support Crew is always ready at the users’ stake to help them out 24/7 via LiveChat and Ticket options.

🔶 The web servers of A2Hosting are not Fully managed but also offer Server monitoring round the clock for securing the sensitive data of the website.

🔶 Website loads at a much Greater speed with the latest SSD storage Technology and Turbo-backed web servers.

🔶 Users planning to shift their Website’s VPS hosting services to A2Hosting from other hosting providers get Free Website Migration.

Plans & Pricing

The various Top Managed and UnManaged VPS plans and Pricing Policies of A2 Hosting are provided as under:

A2Hosting VPS Plans

5. BlueHost – Lightning Fast and Secure VPS Hosting Provider

BlueHost is a web hosting platform that offers True Web solutions to the High Traffic influx Websites need. Users having Zero knowledge about handling server issues can get the Multi-Server Management portal for effortless server management.

BlueHost even lets you Generate Strong Passwords to ensure specific access, thereby Protecting the Owner’s Information.

BlueHost provides Unlimited Bandwidth and Single Easy to Use Dashboard, in order to help users manage web files smoothly.   

Bluehost Hosting

Key Features

🔶 Resolve the server-related queries with Consistent customer support Services of BlueHost via LiveChat and the Ticket support system.

🔶 SSD Storage Backed web servers from BlueHost help the website load faster, further offering Low latency and Boosting the SEO of the Website.

🔶 With BlueHost, users can create unlimited File Transfer Protocol accounts to upload, download, and modify files on the VPS servers.

🔶 Free Easy-use Control Panel (cPanel) helps the users manage web files and Host Unlimited Domains with the VPS services of BlueHost.

Plans & Pricing

The Various VPS plans and Pricing policies of BlueHost are given under

Bluehost VPS Hosting

6. Tasjeel – Simple and Affordable VPS Hosting UAE

Tasjeel.ae is one of the Best Local VPS hosting that offers Blazing fast, Secure, and 100% Emarati.

Users wanting to rank their website in UAE can blindly Choose this hosting service provider as it offers local VPS servers with 99.90% committed Uptime that not only reduces the Latency to its minimum but also offers the highest regional redundancy as well.


Users do not need to worry about the amount of traffic as it can host websites with Unlimited traffic and also offer TopNotch security services to keep the data secure as well.

Key Features

🔶 Get WhatsApp support along with LiveChat and Ticket support system for troubleshooting minor queries arising out of server issues.

🔶 Tasjeel offers UAE-based Domain Registration services for absolutely Zero Charge (For a Year) that help users get an audience from the Middle East 24/7.

🔶 Host Unlimited websites with Cloud VPS servers and also get Faster SSD Storage Technology for greater website loading speed.

🔶 Tasjeel offers Full Root VPS access to handle and monitor the server and administer servers as per the requirements.

Plans & Pricing

The various plans and pricing policies offered by Tasjeel are provided as under:

Tasjeel Plans

7. Temok – Fast & Flexible VPS Hosting UAE

Temok, one of the Best Windows VPS Hosting service providers, offers a wide range of website hosting services giving users a seamless website management experience.

Temok even provides an excellent option for Full Root Access and Complete customization options for the hardware and software of the VPS servers. 

Along with the above friendly features, Temok offers 100%optimum performing VPS servers that not only work 24/7 for the users but also are highly secure platforms for web files.


Key Features

🔶 Lightening-fast UAE connectivity for optimal Best Windows VPS performance helps the users to keep the website online and running with Zero lag 24/7

🔶 Users facing troubleshooting issues or server-related problems can get their doubts resolved with 24/7 Consistent Customer support services.

🔶 Iron Clad security and Advance FireWall Protection help to keep the data of your website secure at all times.

🔶 Users wanting to choose Windows over Linux OS can easily do so by Selecting the OS as per their choice for the Control Panel.

Plans & Pricing

The various Temok VPS servers and the pricing policy are offered at an affordable price given as under.

Temok VPS Plans

Factors Need to Consider While Using UAE VPS Hosting

With so many VPS service web hosting Providers in UAE, which one to choose for the website hosting? 

If this is the question that’s troubling you, then Below are the Key factors that users need to look for in order to choose the Best Managed VPS hosting services from UAE.

  • First off, make sure that the Data servers of the VPS hosting Provider are located in Dubai or somewhere in UAE, in turn helping the visitors of your website access your website quickly.
  • Local VPS hosting providers in UAE should have a Local Customer support service option in the Local Language i.e. Arabic or English.
  • Ensure that the VPS service provider has SSD storage-backed web servers in order to offer quick website loading speed.
  • For quick and consistent website availability, also look for 99.99% guaranteed Uptime that simply makes sure that the website runs online round the clock.

Who Needs VPS Hosting in UAE?

Users who have UAE-based websites or online Stores and are consistently targeting UAE audiences Need VPS hosting services for the following reasons:

  • To handle an increased influx of web traffic seamlessly.
  • Zero points of Failures and to make the website run online 24/7 in the UAE network.
  • For offering Local Arabic VPS Support services.
  • Lastly, to Get high SEO advantages, ensuring the highest Search engine Ranking.

FAQs – Best VPS Hosting UAE

Which is the best vps hosting server in UAE?

YouStable, Kamatera, and AEServer, a few of the Best Arabic VPS hosting service providers in UAE, help to get maximum SEO advantage to further help in growing the performance of your website.

Is VPS hosting suitable for e-commerce websites operating in the UAE?

Absolutely True it is! VPS server in UAE are the Best Managed Web service for e-commerce or Online stores targeting Middle Eastern audiences.

What is the starting cost of a VPS Server in UAE, Dubai?

AED 25.00 per month is the basic price for buying the VPS hosting service from Dubai that is offered by YouStable. It offers a minimum of 1 vCore CPU, 1 TB Bandwidth, 4 GB RAM, and 50 GB SSD storage that is enough for website influx with heavy Middle Eastern Traffic.

Do local UAE Dubai servers provide an SEO advantage?

Absolutely Yes, Local UAE Dubai VPS servers with Data servers located in Dubai offer Faster website Loading speed, top-notch security to sensitive Data, SSD storage, and other SEO advantages as well.

Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade my hosting plan?

Yes, All the VPS hosting services from the UAE offer highly Scalable VPS hosting plans that allow users to easily Upgrade and Downgrade web resources as per their needs.

Conclusion – Best VPS Hosting UAE

Here, in this article, we have cohesively arranged the Best VPS solutions providers from the UAE. Users can Blindly Go for the 7 Best Top VPS hosting service Providers in UAE that not only help them to get local-related advantages but also help your website in improving the performance of your website in Dubai.

Readers can post their valuable comments for wanting more tech related articles.


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