Top 10 VPN Service Providers In India 2024

The digital landscape of the world is constantly changing and the importance of online privacy, and security is also being looked after. As of this year and onwards, powerful countries like India are also working on strengthening their systems to maintain online privacy. 

One of the significant technologies that emerged and took the world by storm is Virtual Privacy Network (VPN). This technology is used as a layer to protect and secure devices. The VPN does more than just secure devices as they have multiple functions. 

A VPN is supposed to protect, change the server location, and bypass geolocations. It encrypts the IP address and all activities on the internet to keep your identity under a layer while hiding where are you browsing from. A number of businesses are severely using VPNs to locomote without any unnecessary surveillance. 

The Rising Importance of VPNs in India 

A state like India has millions of people living and is among the most populated countries. Digitally, India is way ahead of time, but governmental restrictions and cyber threats have created difficulty. 

In 2022, The VPN data law in India introduced a new law that required VPNs to collect data from customers and keep it for at least five years. However, VPN services working in India are rather than going to invalidate it rather than complying with the law. 

Moreover, the Indian government has not put any ban on VPNs. Many VPNs like FastestVPN and ExpressVPN are working in the state. Looking a year back, it is noted that India was the world’s largest market, and exceeded more than $11.6 million, followed by China and Indonesia. 

VPN market worldwide in 2023

Understand Your VPN Needs

Since it is the need of time and required for security purposes, however, you need to understand the VPN needs. If you are an individual or a business there are some specific needs that differ from each other and are important in choosing a VPN service. Take a look at some of these questions, 

  • Do you need a VPN to protect your privacy? 
  • Do you need it for bypassing geo-restrictions? 
  • Is it for protecting sensitive business data? 
  • Are you a frequent user of public Wi-Fi?

It will help in solving where you need it the most, and the features you are required the most. For instance, if you are integrating a VPN for private use strong encryption and no logs in policy. If you are looking to unlock a restricted site, you will need the bypassing feature. These two are examples that help in understanding your VPN needs. 

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Types of VPN Services 

Moving on, let’s focus on some types of VPNs to gain clarity on how different VPNs are from each other and the purpose they serve.

  • Remote Access VPN
  • Personal VPN 
  • Zero-trust VPN 
  • Free VPN 

A Quick Look at the VPN Services in India

Here are the top 10 curated names in VPN services working in India. 

1. FastestVPN – Overall good for businesses and individuals
2. iProVPN – Reliable for online streaming
3. NordVPN – Good for connecting double VPN
4. ExpressVPN – Overall good in service
5. Surfshark – Good for gaming and streaming
6. IPVanish – Best for India
7. Private Internet Access (PIA) – A smooth VPN to use
8. ProtonVPN – Affordable and efficient in functions
9. CyberGhost – Best for streaming HD websites and videos
10. AtlasVPN – Overall good online security

1. FastestVPN 


FastestVPN has been on top due to its speed, security, and robustness in its operations. It is working as a top VPN in India and around the world due to its inclusivity. It creates a strong web of privacy between the internet and your device.

Some features are very custom to VPN. FastestVPN has an unhindered speed and has access to playing games in real-time with a stable speed and optimizes server speed of 10Gbps. 

Users can take control of their privacy after using FastestVPN, and changing their location as it is the most crucial factor of a VPN. One of the significant features of FastestVPN is device connection as it connects to 10 devices including gaming consoles.

So, whenever someone uses public Wi-Fi, you can secure up to 10 devices simultaneously. Many reasons to use FastestVPN as it creates a prompt way to block all kinds of hurdles such as bypassing geo-restrictions, no-logs policy, ad-blocker, 24/7 live chat, and more. 

SecurityNAT Firewall, WireGuard Protocol
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportChrome Extension, Windows VPN, Hulu VPN, Android VPN, Linux VPN, IOS VPN, Firestick VPN

2. iProVPN


iProVPN is created as a bridge to remove the gap between and allow more users to connect over a long distance. They commit to transparency and reliability while you are working online. They work ethically and also advocate for the ethical use of a VPN.

They have prioritized security above everything by introducing some premium features such as VPN protocols, malware protection, global VPN servers, and more. With the use of iProVPN, you do not have to worry about data limitations as it gives the option of unlimited server switching. 

SecurityNo logs policy, DNS/IP Leak Protection, AES 256-bit encryption
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportAndroid, Chrome Extension, Roku, Firestick, Linux, iOS, Mac

3. NordVPN


With no fear of being tracked and data being leaked NordVPN is a top name in VPN service providers in India. They are rated as the best VPN around and are also appreciated in India. They are double VPN services that are essential for torrenting services.

Moreover, in case of geo-location barriers users can access online streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. They take their origin in Panama and due to their strong features and security, it does not keep your active data.

They have integrated the feature of Meshnet that allows them to share files, access other devices directly, and also play LAN games.  

SecurityDNS Leak Protection, IPv6 Leak Protection, Onion over VPN servers
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportWindows, Ios: Phone and iPad, Edge, Firefox, Linux, macOS

4. ExpressVPN


To look more into VPN services in India, ExpressVPN is highly recommended by experts and users around India. It is due to their all-rounder service with a top download speed and working in 106 countries with 3000 servers.

It is also a good VPN to use for everyday use whether online gaming or streaming content. The jurisdiction of ExpressVPN lies in the British Virgin Islands. It is a top choice for 2024 as it excels in every single functionality and works without any hassles on every device. 

The reason why it is much liked is due to anonymity, and gaming. The VPN is highly secured and is particularly best suited for geo bypassing around the world. 

SecurityWireGuard, OpenVPN Protocols, Split Tunneling
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportiPhone OS, Android, Router, VPN Chrome Extension, Windows PC VPN

5. Surfshark 

SurfShark vpn

Surfshark is an affordable VPN service in India and is frequently used around. With unlimited services has a strong approach to connectivity, speed, and other robust security features. Surfshark is typically used for connecting to a secured device and improves privacy by routing web traffic to another location.

By connecting to Surfshark users can connect to two VPNs at first. They have obfuscated servers that hide the use of VPNs which is important for users to keep everything discreet. 

A pivotal feature among many Bypassers is a great feature that allows some apps and websites to bypass the VPN and is commendable for banking apps. 

SecurityIkEv2, WireGuard, Internet Key Exchange
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportMac OS, Android, iOS, Chrome Extension

6. IPVanish


IPVanish is a VPN service that creates a secure system by allowing one to connect to different locations while keeping IP addresses hidden. No third party can chase or trace any activity from the device once the VPN is integrated.

IPVanish is also appreciated for its anonymity features that keep everything a secret, protect online activities, and allow users to enter geo-restricted areas. With these features, users can choose different server locations and access restricted websites. So, whether it is Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or games they can easily be unlocked. 

IPVanish is mostly recommended for Android-based Kodi devices and is also well-known as a native app for Firestick TV. 

SecuritySOCKS5, WireGuard
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportRouter, macOS Apple TV, Chrome OS, Android

7. Private Internet Access

Top 10 VPN Service Providers In India 2024

PIA is a VPN that cannot be ignored in the list, in India users can easily connect to the VPN and enjoy its outstanding features. Although it has a smaller network it is powerful with its features. It is well-known for unblocking websites, and for using online streaming platforms.

Users can connect up to 10 devices without any interruption. Users can also browse games, and roam through online freedom. It is a trusted VPN when it comes to torrenting. 

They also have well-maintained servers that do not look through any kind of activity taking place. It is not as great as other VPNs but could be considered for personal use. 

SecurityAd Blocker, AES-256bit encryption, PIA MACE
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportAndroid, OS, Opera, Consoles, Smart TV, Firefox, Apple iOS

8. ProtonVPN


Let’s add a prestigious name to the list, by adding ProtonVPN. It is also a good name for people of India when they want to browse secretly. They work on three principles, Security, Privacy, and Freedom.

These are some of the most important elements in a VPN service and ProtonVPN ticks all the boxes of a good VPN. In their testing methodology, they have excelled in every area whether it is streaming, ease of use, security and technical features, speed, and bypassing censorship. 

SecurityWireGuard, ChaCha20, DNS Leak Protection
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportAndroid, Mac, Gaming Consoles

9. CyberGhost


Without any hassle you can connect to CyberGhost, it works without asking for so many personal details and is great to use for every basic thing. It unlocks American Netflix and is incredibly easy to connect.

It is cheaper than other VPNs and is strong with privacy and security features. They offer two different types of free trials on Android devices and a three-day free trial for iPhones and iPads. CyberGhost also has added another option for automatic WIFI protection which secures the internet when connected to a public domain. 

SecurityDNS Leak Protection 
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportmacOS, Apple tv, Chrome OS, Android

10. AtlasVPN


To protect an open internet connection AltasVPN can offer best-in-class protocol and service. It is great for online streaming, and creating an efficient browsing system. Users can log into several connections at once.

Moreover, it is considered to be used on a daily basis for optimized connection. After integrating AtlasVPN you can stream online games, and watch optimized videos while staying secure and private. Atlas VPN offers an affordable rate for subscription but is no less than any other VPN.  

SecurityWireGuard Protocol, Passwordless Login
No Logs Policy Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Device SupportMac OS, Android, iOS, Chrome Extension

Final Thoughts on VPN Services in India

VPNs are not going to be out of fashion for a long time now, it is the best fashion style the internet and digital world could follow. They are the best invention for security purposes in recent times. They serve the purpose of keeping away all devices from data theft, identity theft, and data leakage. VPNs are becoming more important as the world is more exposed to cybercrimes. 

Therefore, in this scenario, it is important to choose a VPN that could work best for the purpose. Like any other country India is flourishing in every sector so whether it is a business party or an individual they need to keep everything secure. 


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