Protonvpn Review & Test: Is It Secure + Reliable? [2024 Report]

People with security as their primary need look for a VPN service provider. Since you are on this page, we believe that you are one of those who are looking for a reliable VPN that keeps your identity hidden at all times.

Here’s a VPN service provider who could do that. 

ProtonVPN is a VPN service provider offering its services while maintaining the best quality. This platform offers VPN plans such as Mac VPN, Windows VPN, Android VPN, iOs VPN, etc. 

Let us know more about its services and benefits in this ProtonVPN review. 

Protonvpn Overview

ProtonVPN has been around for about a decade, spreading its services to the world without compromising. This VPN platform is based in Switzerland, which, as you know, is the flagbearer of security. 

Protonvpn Overview

This VPN platform has servers spread across 63 countries that count over a thousand. You can access VPN plans here, such as VPN for Mac, VPN for Windows, VPN for iOS, etc. 

Test and Analysis for ProtonVPN

Let us now test the quality of service offered by ProtonVPN. 

Ease of Use and Interface

ProtonVPN has paid a good amount of attention while creating its user interface. This VPN platform offers you a detailed yet simple interface. 

You can navigate through settings with minimal effort required. Here you get a Proton VPN Application built to offer you an easy-to-use interface. 

Speed Test 

As we mentioned earlier, ProtonVPN has server locations spread across 63 countries with over a thousand servers.

So you can expect a strong and fast network with a minimum of 1 Gbps bandwidth. It works fast, and you will not experience any service delay. 

Server Network 

ProtonVPN has server locations across 63 countries with 1,779 high-speed servers. The data centers of this VPN platform are located in Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden and more. The connection has been maintained pretty well. 

ProtonVPN Key Features

Let us now list the key features of this platform in this ProtonVPN review. 

ProtonVPN Key Features

Adblocker- NetShield

ProtonVPN offers a feature that protects you from harmful content such as malware, ads, etc. Also, it prevents website trackers from following you around. This feature is NetShield which is one of the best ad blockers. 

No Logs Policy

To keep your data to yourself at all costs, ProtonVON takes plenty of steps, and a no0-logs policy is one of them. This VPN platform ensures that no data of yours goes to a third party’s hands. 

Kill Switch And Always On VPN

When the VPN stops working, your data no longer stay anonymous, and that’s when misfortunes occur. That is why ProtonVPN makes sure that as soon as the connection with VPN is brocket, it stops all the traffic and instantly establishes the connection.

ProtonVPN Pricing and Plans 

ProtonVPN offers a variety of VPN plans such as:

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  • VPN for Mac
  • VPN for Windows
  • VPN for iOS
  • VPN for Android
  • VPN for Linux

ProtonVPN Pro and Cons

Let us now consider the pros and cons of buying a ProtonVPN plan.


  • Free VPN
  • Fast services
  • Open-source and audited apps


  • Pricey plans

What VPN Protocol Does ProtonVPN Offer?

ProtonVPN offers the following protocols:

  • IKEv2
  • WireGuard

Why do you need a Virtual Private Network?

You need a VPN for the following reasons:

  • Keep your identity masked
  • Keep IP address safe
  • To get access to certain Netflix and other streaming platforms’ videos. 
  • Keep your data safe

Does ProtonVPN offer a good level of privacy?

Yes, ProtonVPN maintains good privacy for you and your data. This VPN platform offers several privacy and security features, such as no-logs privacy.

Also, it does not ask for personal data since it understands your privacy needs and keeps your identity naked. 

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FAQs – ProtonVPN Review

Is ProtonVPN trustworthy?

Yes, this VPN platform keeps your data security a priority and keeps your identity anonymous to give you trust and privacy. 

How good is ProtonVPN's Windows app?

The VPN for Windows offered by ProtonVPN is pretty good as it is specifically built for that operating system and is completely optimized. 

How good is ProtonVPN's Android app?

ProtonVPN offers a separate plan for Android apps and has also optimised it such that it works perfectly with Android applications.

How good is ProtonVPN's iOS app?

ProtonVPN offers a VPN plan that is specifically built for iOS. Therefore it understands the functionality and structure and works seamlessly. 

Can you get ProtonVPN for free?

Yes, ProtonVPN offers a free VPN plan. Most VPN platforms offer you a free VPN plan, but here you get the benefit of marvellous features, many of which are the same as the paid plan. 

Does ProtonVPN work in China?

ProtonVPN has servers spread across 63 countries but unfortunately, this VPN platform does not offer a server in China. However, there are servers available nearby in Turkey. 

Which is better: ExpressVPN or ProtonVPN?

It cannot be said which is better, but we could say that it depends on what your VPN needs are.

Can I cancel ProtonVPN anytime?

Yes, you can, but the benefit you will receive on the cancellation is only applicable for 30 days as this VPN platform only offers a 30-day refund policy.

Can you be tracked through ProtonVPN?

No, ProtonVPN understands your privacy requirements and does not ask for any of your personal information, and keeps your identity anonymous.

Does ProtonVPN work with police?

ProtonVPN does not mention working with the police, but it has security departments such as abuse, etc. 

What methods can you use to pay for ProtonVPN?

ProtonVON accepts a variety of payment methods such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, cash, and bank transfer.

Can ISPs and governments track you while you're using ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN is pretty strict with its privacy rules and does not let anyone track you. However, if there is a security issue, the government departments might be able to track you.

Conclusion – ProtonVPN Review

Let us now conclude this ProtonVPN review so that you know the goods and the bad involved in buying their plan. This VPN platform offers a 30-day refund policy which works great in your favor. 

Also, here you get access to plenty of server locations all across the globe, which ensures fast connectivity. The privacy features that keep your identity anonymous are another plus one. However, the prices might seem a little above average.


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    Protonvpn Review & Test: Is It Secure + Reliable? [2024 Report]

    Protonvpn Review & Test Is It Safe Reliable