7 Best VPS Hosting Finland 🇫🇮May, 2024 – Top Ranked

Are you targeting viewers from Finland for your Blogging or e-commerce website? Do you want to appear on the local search engines of Finland? If so, then purchasing the Best VPS hosting in Finland is the best option for you.

Here in this article, we’ll list the Best VPS hosting providers, starting from QloudHost, the Best DMCA-ignored VPS server provider, to VPS&Server, the best-performing VPS provider in Finland. 

We have also listed the key features and planned pricing schemes of each VPS hosting provider, giving readers a clear picture of the hosting companies’ overall picture.

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Top 7 Best VPS Hosting Finland 🇫🇮May, 2024

Exclusively for the Developers, Bloggers, SMBs and other users wanting VPS hosting providers in Finland, we have listed the Top 9 Best VPS hosting providers in Finland 2024 that offer data centres in or near Finland, Top-Notch Security mechanisms, Reliable Hardware and 24/7 Local Support services.

So, without any further delays, Let’s get started 👍

⏰  TL;DR:

1. QloudHost– Overall Best VPS Hosting in Finland
2. Kamatera– Best VPS Hosting in Finland
3. UltaHost– Best Flexible VPS Hosting in Finland
4. A2Hosting– Best Unmanaged/Managed VPS hosting in Finland
5. LiquidWeb– Best Fully Managed VPS Hosting in Finland
6. Contabo– Best Price Performance VPS Hosting Finland
7. VPSServer– Best for resources on all tiers

1. QloudHost- Overall Best VPS Hosting in Finland

QloudHost is one of the Best Offshore VPS hosting providers with a data centre in Europe, specifically near Finland. It offers DMCA-ignored VPS servers that ensure 100% Protection of your data against copyright issues.

With QloudHost, you can choose the desired OS from among the options (Debian/ Ubuntu/ Windows/ RockyLinux and AlmaLinux). 

Get Super-performing Industry-leading Server Hardware like SSD NVMe Storage technology for greater website loading speed and even get an in-built 100% server protection mechanism as well.

QloudHost Hosting

Key Specification

🔶 DMCA ignored Offshore VPS servers: QloudHost’s DMCA ignored VPS servers, which are amazing because they protect your website’s data from copyright issues.

🔶 Full Root Access: Users can get Complete access to the web servers to configure or manage them as per their requirements.

🔶 Highly Scalable plans: Get flexible plans that let you scale the web resources of the servers by allowing you to upgrade or downgrade the features.

🔶 Weekly Backup and Screenshots: Weekly 1 Screenshot ensures regular server monitoring and Weekly Backup lets you retrieve your data at times of emergency.

Plans & Pricing

VPS Entry $18.99 per monthVPS Value $46.99 per monthVPS Business $55.99 per month
2vCore CPU +4GB RAM4vCore CPU + 8GB RAM6vCore CPU + 12GB RAM

2. Kamatera- Best VPS Hosting Finland

Kamatera, with Scalable cloud servers, Cloud FireWall and Predictable pricing, offers one of the Best VPS Hosting services with a data centre near Finland. 

Along with 24/7 support services via LiveChat with a human to resolve technical server-related issues, Kamatera offers load balancers and block storage to ensure that the workload is distributed, resulting in a quick website loading speed.

Furthermore, Kamatera’s Cloud VPS servers are fully managed and let users with no coding skills totally focus on the growth of the website.

Kamatera About

Key Specification

🔶 App Server: Kamatera lets the developers build applications on VPS with reliable uptime and smooth performance.

🔶 RDP Services: Users can use Remote desktop services to access the VPS servers and manage them from a remote location.

🔶 Full Root Access: Developers get Full admin access to the VPS servers to make changes and configure them as needed.

🔶 Hourly Billing options: Users with a small or negligible Budget can even pay for their cloud VPS hosting services in an Hourly billing period.

Plans & Pricing

$4 per month$6 per month$12 per month
1vCore CPU1vCore CPU2vCore CPU

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3. UltaHost- Best Flexible VPS Hosting in Finland

UltaHost, one of the best VPS providers with 9+ data centres, specifically near Finland, offers industry-leading reliable web hardware with greater security technology that protects your website’s data from malicious online threats.

UltaHost’s LiveChat Support service and ticket resolutions are amazing due to its round-the-clock service availability.

Moreover, UltaHost’s IP whitelisting, BitNinja Security, Imunify360 and SSL certificates ensure that the user’s data are free from all sorts of bypass.

ultahost ABout

Key Specification

🔶 1 Dedicated IPv4 Address: UltaHost offers a dedicated IP address to ensure a separate hosting environment for the user, thereby securing the website’s performance.

🔶 Fully Managed VPS servers: UltaHost’s VPS servers are fully managed, allowing users to focus only on the website’s growth and content.

🔶 Developer Friendly SSH and SFTP access: Along with the Staging environment, Developers get SSH and SFTP access on all the UltaHost’s VPS servers.

🔶 Free Website Transfer: If any user wants to shift the website from another hosting provider to UltaHost, they can easily do so and that too at free of Cost.

Plans & Pricing

$5.50 per month$9.50 per month$16.50 per month
1vCore CPU2vCore CPU3vCore CPU

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4. A2Hosting- Best Unmanaged/Managed VPS Hosting in Finland

A2Hosting, known for providing Managed VPS and UnManaged VPS hosting services to users (Bloggers, SMBs, Developers, and Gamers) is one of the best VPS hosting services with Data Centers near Finland.

Users who find A2Hosting not up to their requirements can cancel the subscription anytime and can get Moneyback as well.

Moreover, A2Hosting offers 99.90% guaranteed Uptime, ensuring that the website is accessible to visitors around the clock. Even users having their website registered with other hosting providers can migrate to A2Hosting for Free.

A2 hosting

Key Specification

🔶 Free SSL Certificates: SSLs secure the connection between the visitor and the website using encrypted technology. A2Hosting provides Free SSLs for all domains.

🔶 Highly Scalable Plans: A2Hosting’s VPS plans are highly flexible, letting the user upgrade or downgrade the website resources as per their requirements.

🔶 Full Root Access: Developers and gamers who want complete Admin access to the VPS servers can Get VPSs from A2Hosting to make necessary configurations on the servers.

🔶 Free Pre-Installed CloudLinux OS: Get a pre-installed CloudLinux operating system with Managed VPS servers of A2Hosting. Moreover, users can even install from among the various OS options (Windows, CentOS)

Plans & Pricing

TakeOff Plans ($35.99 per month)Soar Plans ($54.99 per month)Launch Plans ($2.99 per month) 
8vCore CPU8vCore CPU4vCore CPU

5. LiquidWeb- Best Fully Managed VPS Hosting in Finland

LiquidWeb, a Nex-Gen Managed VPS hosting services provider, is one of the top VPS hosts in Finland.

With Plesk and cPanel for managing the website smoothly and automatic updates, LiquidWeb offers an incredible user experience to those who have zero knowledge in handling VPS servers.

Integrated FireWall ensures first protection from malicious online threats, and Complete Root access to the VPS servers gives users (developers) a secure VPS hosting environment.


Key Specification

🔶 Advanced Protection: LiquidWeb’s VPS servers are fully Protected with WAP (FireWall), a Malware Scanner, and Standard DDoS Protection to secure the website’s data.

🔶 Easy-to-Use Control Panel: Get an intuitive, simple and easy-to-use control Panel (Plesk and cPanel) that enables the users to handle the website as per the requirement.

🔶 HighlyScalable Plans: As your website needs upgrades, you can easily increase or decrease the web resources according to the performance of the website.

🔶 24/7 Customer Support Services: LivChat with an Expert and Ticket system ensures that every technical issue (about the servers and hosting) is resolved within no time. 

Plans & Pricing

$20 per month$30 per month$40 per month
2vCore CPU4vCore CPU8vCore CPU

6. Contabo- Best Price Performance VPS Hosting Finland

Famous for providing Cloud and storage VPS, Contabo is one of the cheapest VPS hosting service providers with data centres near Finland.  

This gives the website’s visitors a zero-lag experience. Moreover, each Contabo cloud VPS server comes with dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 to support the growing network demands.

In addition, Contabo offers WebUI for easy website management and provides a snapshot facility to ensure server monitoring and Regular backups.


Key Specification

🔶 Year-Round Support Services: Offers phone or email support to users facing issues while configuring the servers and even gets quick responses with Zero delays.

🔶 Core Security Technology: With 24/7 Data server surveillance, Advanced DDoS Protection, and high-speed private networking, your website’s data is always secure.

🔶 Lightening Fast Storage: All VPS servers of Contabo are backed by SSD NVMe Storage Technology, which ensures incredible website loading speed, thereby resulting in A zero-lagging experience.

🔶 Developer Friendly features: Developers can boost their development process with Custom Image, Cloud-Init, SSH key, and pipelines for quick development operations.

Plans & Pricing

$5.50 per month$12.50 per month$17.50 per month
4vCore CPU + 6GB RAM6vCore CPU + 16GB RAM8vCore CPU + 24GB RAM
100GB NVMe Storage200GB NVMe Storage300GB NVMe Storage

7. VPSServer- Best for resources on all tiers

With Top Teck KVM Virtualization, 1Gbps fast connectivity, and Superior Administrative access, VPSServer is one of the best VPS hosts in Finland.

With data centres located at the heart of Helsinki. Moreover, Get Reliable and branded Hardware that ensures smoother website loading speed. 

In addition, VPSServer offers 24/7 Support services via LiveChat and the Ticket Support system in local (Finnish and Swedish) languages.


Key Specification

🔶 Use RDP service to access Virtual servers: VPS&Servers lets you use RDP to access Servers from any place in the world to browse for domestic results.

🔶 Full Root Admin Access: Web Developers require full root access to run the application smoothly and resolve technical glitches issues at times, making VPSServers a perfect ground for them.

🔶 Different OS versions to choose from: Select from among various OS (Windows/ Linux/ Ubuntu/ RedHat) as per your requirement.

🔶 Incredible Security: With Dedicated IPv4, ensuring a separate hosting ground for the users and Malware protection, Advanced DDoS ensures Full safety of your website’s data.

Plans & Pricing

$20 per month (VPS Plan#1)$30 per month (VPS Plan#2)$51 per month (VPS Plan#3)
1Gbps + Unlimited Bandwidth1Gbps + Unlimited Bandwidth1Gbps + Unlimited Bandwidth

Why should I buy a Finland-based VPS Hosting Server?

Buy a Finland-based VPS Hosting Server to get immense SEO benefits, local tech support, and 24/7 website accessibility. It not only boosts your website presence but also ensures that you get the highest Data protection from Finland’s Law enforcement agency.

  • Get SEO benefits (appear among the Top searches in local search engines)
  • Finland’s VPS companies offer local support services in Finnish or Swedish.
  • It protects the website data due to stringent Finland’s Data Protection law enforcement. 


Can I find affordable VPS hosting in Finland?

Yes! Kamatera offers the most affordable VPS hosting services in Finland, starting from $4 per month. It provides Highly Scalable Plans, Hourly Billing options, RDP services to access VPS from remote locations, and many other things as well.

What about the control panel? Can I have it as my own choice?

Absolutely Yes! When buying VPS hosting services in Finland, you get a free, user-friendly control panel called cPanel/ Plesk. Choose according to the suitability and requirements for website management.

What level of customer support can I expect with VPS hosting?

Get Expert/ Professional level Customer Support services via LiveChat and a Ticketing system that offers you every inch of technical knowledge required to configure the VPS servers.

What payment methods do you accept for Servers in Finland?

Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin options, and Internet Banking are a few of the payment methods that the VPS hosting providers in Finland readily accept.


Developers who want a Free Staging environment to test their applications, Gamers who want to play games from a remote location, or users who are looking forward to Upgrading the website to handle the greater influx of visitors from Finland can buy the Best VPS hosting in Finland.

Users who are still confused about which VPS provider can land them greater benefits should choose Kamatera as it offers 30-day free trials to users who are hesitant to pay so much on the first purchase. Cloud FireWall protects the website’s data from malicious online threats.


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